Fast and Furious Update – Inspector General Report Concluded. Report In “Lockdown”

Media just now indicating the Inspector General’s investigation into the failed and deadly Fast and Furious scandal has been concluded.  This investigation was initiated as far back as 2011.  Here is how Townhall describes the current situation:


According to sources, the long awaited Department of Justice Inspector General Report on Operation Fast and Furious has been delivered to DOJ “shot callers,” including Attorney General Eric Holder, this morning. It will be reviewed today and in the coming weeks. No cell phones, Ipads or computers are allowed in the review room. After it is reviewed, it will be released to the public in 30 days.  LINK


So no public/media access to the report for another 30 days.  What will Mr. Holder and the Obama administration be doing over the course of that 30 days to deal with any damaging information to come from the investigation?  Will Republican continue to push their legal challenge against the Obama administration for its use of Executive Privilege that is allowing them to refuse turning over documents to Congressional investigators?

We shall see…



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14 Comments to Fast and Furious Update – Inspector General Report Concluded. Report In “Lockdown”
    • CHHR, VA
    • I do find this very interesting

      Did you happen to notice McMahon’s double dipping with none other than who? Yea, JP Morgan… remember the bailouts?

    • 57th State
    • Looks like Gallup is not reporting the polling the way O wants. Now Holder is suing them….Back in line!!!

      Justice Department officials joined a whistle blower lawsuit and alleged that The Gallup Organization, a major polling firm, intentionally overestimated the amount of time it would take to complete a job for the government and was paid accordingly.

      “Contractors who do business with the federal government must honor their obligations to provide honest services and products,” said U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. in a statement on the lawsuit. “Working with relators and federal investigators, we will do all that we can to act against those who illegitimately bill the American taxpayers.”

      Gallup, known as one of the premier polling firms with respect to presidential politics, had contracts to conduct surveys for the U.S. Mint and the State Department in addition to other government agencies.

      “According to the whistleblower’s complaint, Gallup violated the False Claims Act by giving the government inflated estimates of the number of hours that it would take to perform its services, even though it had separate and lower internal estimates of the number of hours that would be required,” the Justice Department explained. “The complaint further alleges that the government paid Gallup based on the inflated estimates, rather than Gallup’s lower internal estimates.”

      The latest Gallup daily tracking figures show Mitt Romney leading President Obama 47-45.

        • Aussie
        • Does the government pay the organization in advance? I would have thought that the estimate just allows the drawing up of a purchase order, not for the payment of the account. I would have thought that Gallup or Roy Morgan Research Centre (assuming it is Morgan in your country as well) would create the actual invoice after the work is completed. Or maybe I just think like an accountant!!

    • Perceptible Future
    • “I fear all we have done is to waken a sleeping giant…

      …and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

      - Rear Admiral Yamamoto, Navy of Japan- December 1942

      Yes Bari, you have removed the sleep from our eyes and now you will feel the heat from the angry Americans that who you hate so much, and who will remove your Manchurian ass from OUR White house come November, that is if you are not removed and arrested before then, along with your gang of commie thugs, in and out of our government.

    • ReadyorNot
    • Well, I just read a column posted via Drudge indicating a Lubbock, Tx judge fearing an upcoming civil war if Obama re-elected. I think Obama, with his billions in bullet purchases will be having UN troops invade our country…

    • PerpWalkThemThruTheRoseGarden
    • What do you think of these threats to white people in Tampa from the New Black Panther Party? Maybe they want civilized, clear thinking people to feel threatened enough to retaliate? If so, please let’s keep our powder dry & not take their vile bait.

      Here is a sample of the transcript from their daily radio broadcast (the rest is available at the link below)

      “WE ARE UNDER SEIGE IN TAMPA BECAUSE OF THIS Republican National Convention.”

      “The Republicans hate black people.”

      “You better believe I’m going to put my God damned boot on their motherf****** necks!”

      If that woman’s voice, Michelle Williams, sounds familiar, it’s because it is familiar. Williams called for a Red Sea of violence and bloodshed back in April.

      They also have plans to put King Samir Shabazz, the man who was caught on video intimidating voters outside of a Philadelphia polling station in 2008, in charge of a NEW MILITIA DEDICATED TO KILLING WHITE BABIES AND SKINNING WHITE PEOPLE.

      “If you want to be free you’re going to have to get out here and kill some of these God damn peckerwoods (SP.) You’re going to have to KILL SOME OF THESE BABIES JUST BORN THREE SECONDS AGO. YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO GO INTO THE GOD DAMNED NURSERY AND JUST THROW A DAMN BOMB IN THE NURSERY AND KILL EVERYTHING WHITE IN SIGHT.”

      “I want nothing more than to come home with a cracker’s head in my book bag.”

      Audio LINK:

    • truthandjustice
    • I had read and posted here weeks ago from the Canada Free Press DHS Insider that Issa & others connected to this F & F scandal had been “compromised and threatened”. I saw him last night with Greta and I always get the feeling that is true. He seems to be one of the more decent guys who wants to do the necessary justice but has been “paralyzed” by the thugs. But he does get in his thoughts in the interviews about how the “government” is corrupt and needs to have much reform but we need a NEW PRESIDENT. Probably about all he could say “safely” since he’s a Repub.& not threatening when he says that.

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