Michelle Obama To Be Guest Editor On Sex Themed Website

In a clumsy and obvious attempt to try and further promote the “war on women” theme that has become a foundation of the “please re-elect me” Obama campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama is publicizing her role as a guest editor on a sex-themed website that includes sex tips from prostitutes and information on how to use technology to enhance one’s love life.  No joke – this is where the Obama White House is willing to take the office of President of the United States.


Michelle Obama ‘Guest Editor’ for Website Featuring Sex Tips–Including from Prostitutes

First Lady Michelle Obama this week is serving as guest editor for iVillage.com, NBC’s “community of online women” that offers sexually explicit material, including graphic sex tips from prostitutes, “20  kinky things you SO can do,” and a list of “naughty” apps for mobile devices.

…One of iVillage’s “Love & Sex” pages includes includes advice on sex positions, complete with illustrations and detailed explanations on “how to do it” and “why you’ll love it.” A separate quiz allows visitors to find out “What Kind of Lover Are You?”

A second “Love and Sex” tab includes “Sex Tips From the Bunny Ranch Girls” (the Bunny Ranch is a legal brothel in Nevada)  and a quiz where you can “Test Your Sex Terms Knowledge.”

…In one of the iVillage clips, played Tuesday on “NBC Nightly News,” Mrs. Obama tells iVillage’s chief correspondent Kelly Wallace about speaking frankly with her daughters Malia and Sasha about everything:

“We discuss all the time — we talk about drugs, we talk about sex, we talk about smoking — we talk about it all.  We’ve had all the talks there are to have,” Mrs. Obama said.

She added that when her children ask questions — “our reaction — how open and how comfortable we are with the topic — really affects their willingness to share.”    LINK






The timing of the First Lady’s willingness to lend her name to a sex-themed website follows soon after this story published on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon – which Barack Obama himself indicated on national television that Michelle was reading:

Fifty Shades Of Grey – Pedophilia Hiding In Plain Sight


Likely just a case of bad timing by Michelle Obama, but nevertheless…troubling.

And of course, we cannot forget this disturbing tale regarding a young Barack Obama:


Sex and Murder in The Land of Obama?


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13 Comments to Michelle Obama To Be Guest Editor On Sex Themed Website
    • CHHR, VA
    • With all due respect, I must correct your opening paragraph.

      “No joke – this is where the Obama White House is willing to take the office of President of the United States.”

      It should read:

      …the office of EX- President of the United States.

      According to most of what I’ve been reading, the lack of class in these two is really becoming a tipping point for many.

      • Name Noah
      • I really never ever ever want to read about the Mooch and the Pooches love life with whomever or whatever they sleep with.. Never in my life did I wonder about a Presidents or First ladies views were on sex.

        It’s a private matter and NOTHING WE SHOULD BE FORCED TO KNOW ABOUT!!!.
        God these two are so revolting.

    • BigTexas
    • I don’t know how you do it UM. Your timing is spot on. I thought you might have gone down a wrong track with your earlier 50 Shades story. Now here comes the First Lady going all in on sex advice website and I’m thinking you did it again! And I did see that vid of Obama saying he would have to ask Michelle about that book. Creepy WH we got in this country right now huh? And thanks for putting up that link to the Sex in the land of Obama story. I had forgotten all about that one. Again major creep factor. Ugh.

    • SueK
    • Nothing like lowering the position of First Lady into the sewer.

      Nice job, Mooch; now get out of Our House and take The Fraud and your porn with you. Don’t let the door hit you in your massive arse on the way out.

    • Obeline
    • On the subject of Zero’s supporters, a couple days ago ‘abba’ posted this on UM article about Obama’s Panic Attack. The article is long, but definitely worth reading – as it answers many questions we’re still grappling with today. It’s incredibly well written and eerily relevant, if not timeless.

      The Wolfe article earned praise from both Werbaz and VTX – and they’re right. Everyone, take the time to read this. Thanks, abba.

      (UM: article might be worth it’s own header as it’s sure to inspire some interesting discussion)

      August 21, 2012 at 8:53 pm
      Please everyone, if you have never seen this, give it a read. It is hilarious, scary and spot on about Liberals by Tom Wolfe


      Radical Chic: That Party at Lenny’s

      “. . . It’s a tricky business, integrating new politics with tried and true social motifs . . .”

      By Tom Wolfe
      From the June 8, 1970 issue of New York Magazine.

    • VTX
    • Ugh. Just putting the words “sex” and “michelle Obama” together in one sentence is enough to make me blow my dinner out on my keyboard.

      Laura Bush, we miss you more than you will ever know.

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