President Obama Can’t Spell “OHIO”

You would think a swing state with 18 electoral votes that appears to be slipping from his grasp would be important enough for Barack Obama to know how to spell it correctly.  Apparently not…

( A word of advice to @BarackObama: it’s “O-H-I-O” that has 18 electoral votes, not “O-I-H-O”  )


A college student sent the photo of the hapless president acting as the letter “H” and placing himself as the third letter in Ohio.  The photo was then sent to Romney’s Ohio communications director, Christopher Maloney, who sent the above tweet.

The Washington Post quickly came to the president’s defense, claiming the tweeted photo to be doctored.  This was quickly indicated as false.  The photo of Barack Obama incorrectly spelling Ohio is legit.  Obama and his handlers eventually realized the error and had the president make act out the correct letter and placement, and THAT is the photo the campaign included on its own website, to which the Romney campaign replied with this message:

“I’m sure President Obama would like a do-over of his first term as well – Ohio isn’t going to let that happen.”


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18 Comments to President Obama Can’t Spell “OHIO”
    • Publius
    • Just an anecdote from heavily Democratic South Florida – yesterday I had two people tell me they voted for Obama last time, but would definitely not do so again. One was a stranger who chatted me up while browsing books, after she noticed my small Romney lapel pin. She then volunteered that she was trying to convince her elderly mother not to vote for Obama again. The other is a long-time friend who has definitely seen the light and won’t make same mistake again.

      Also, have seen several Romney yard signs in my neighborhood – none for the other team. The sleaze and slime administration may be in for a big surprise in the Sunshine State.

      • Publius
      • Huff-and-Puff-Post just put up an article that states that 2 University of Colorado Poli Sci Professors, Bickers and Berry, who have correctly predicted the electoral college winner in every presidential election since 1980, are now predicting an overwhelming victory for Romney in 2012.

        They say Romney will win every state now considered a swing state – Ohio and Florida included. Their prediction is Romney 320, Obama 218 – pretty much a blowout.

        Model they use relies heavily on economic data in all 50 states, 5 months before election day. Huff-Puff seems beside itself, consoling its readers by commenting that model will be re-tested once new economic data are available in September.

        If Bernanke’s getting ready to play the QE3 Fed card in September, it may be too late to help BHO.

      • ITYS
      • There is a book out looking at presidential races with an incumbent over last 30+ yrs and in order for the incumbent to win they have consistenly won by a larger margin than the 1st time around…….we all know people who voted O/B ’08 who are NOT voting for him again. I seriously doubt the previous McC/P voters are switching sides so here’s to not hope but a MUST WIN for the country!!

        BTW: can we ask the “one” to do his moronic (with apologies to morons everywhere) spelling in Mississippi?? Oh I forgot those southern bitter clingers don’t warrant a visit from the would be dictator.

    • CHHR, VA
    • Publius, I had the same thing happen to me just a couple weeks ago!

      Last cycle, I had a broker argue the goodness of Obama and universal health care. A couple of weeks ago, we met for coffee. As we were leaving, he said almost sheeplishly, do you think Romney will win?

      I answered yes and he told me to include him in any activity I am involved to help make sure it does happen.

      Coming from him, that was a very strong buyers remorse. It’s really, really good to see – even if it is frustrating that he and others like him didn’t see the truth then.

    • silverdust
    • That’s news that Ohio is slipping from Ebola’s grasp. I just watched Pat Caddell on Cavuto and he said Ohio was Romney’s biggest worry even though everywhere else is falling into place. Do you have a linky re the Ohio situation?

      • E.A.B.
      • There’s absolutely no chance this photo was reversed. Notice the buttons on the shirts–the fabric on each wearer’s left side overlaps on top of the fabric on his right side. Reversing the picture would have screwed that up.

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