Even Biased Polling Cannot Hide Obama’s Troubles…

When a poll conducted by the Washington Post with a cooked in +9 Democratic Party advantage fails to give Barack Obama a comfortable lead, you know the nation is now pushing for a one and done scenario for the current president.

Here is the Washington Post headline that attempts to paint a more competitive picture of the race for president:

Romney edges Obama on economy, overall race deadlocked


The poll shows Mitt Romney with a 1-point advantage over Barack Obama 47% – 46%.

Of course, the very last question in the multi question poll, and one which is not mentioned in the headline, shows that what the Washington Post has actually done is reinforced just how difficult re-election is becoming for the Man Calling Himself Obama:

Q: Generally speaking, do you usually think of yourself as a…

Democrat:      31%

Republican:    22%

Independent:  39%


So Barack Obama cannot win a poll that oversamples Democrats by a whopping 9%!  Or, look at it this way.  If this same poll had a more evenly divided split between Democrats and Republicans polls, the end result would be that Mitt Romney would be leading Barack Obama by nearly DOUBLE DIGITS.

Remember that internal polling data Insider indicated a couple weeks back?  It’s now starting to find its way into the mainstream polling data as well.

Big trouble for Obama…



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17 Comments to Even Biased Polling Cannot Hide Obama’s Troubles…
    • CHHR, VA
    • I’ve also noticed how the media and Democrat hacks are focused more heavily on Obama’s “likaability and use that to spin his “success” on policy and direction.

      Notice, in those polls they say they like Obama but usually on evry question he polls below Romney.

      I get the feeling, that in order not to be called racist, Uncle Tom, or even traitor, one will say they like the guy, but don’t like his policies or direction.

      • ITYS
      • Likability is just another media created canard and distraction! Exactly who likes a Nasty LIAR?? The country needs competent leadership. It’s so tiresome how these “narratives” repeated so often become part of a continuum despite being FALSE……it’s just shows the media completely ignores FACTS and substantive issues in their ongoing COVER-UP of the MWCHO!!!

        • CHHR, VA
        • I went to see 2016: Obama’s America… good movie, but, as usual, the book is better. If you haven’t read it, please go get “Obama’s America” it has a lot of really, really good info in there. In fact D’Souza even changes a couple of his views as expounded upon in the original book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” as a result of the research for this movie.

          So, of course, one must know that the left is all about damage control. Sure enough, Beth Fouhy to the rescue!


          BTW: has anyone heard of the Citizen’s United movie – ” The Hope and The Change?” It’s all about Democrats and Independents that voted for Obama last time and are disappointed. As we might have guessed, it’s being premiered at the RNC convention… but, according to the writers, it’s also being previewed at the DNC next week! I can’t get my arms around that one… I know, Clinton is the key note speaker, and we’ve heard from the “insiders” that the Dem party is “cleaning house,” but so openly?

      • mustang
      • Problem is that the air-headed dimwits who read Glamour won’t see articles in WSJ, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, etc. (too many words, not enough pictures) so nothing will alter their perceptions.

    • E.A.B.
    • I recomputed the polls using exit polls other elections as a baseline:

      If the 2012 partisan breakdown matches that of 2010, the final result would be Romney 50, Obama 44.

      On the other hand, if the 2012 partisan breakdown matches that of 2008, then the final result would be Romney 47, Obama 46.

      Most expect the partisan breakdown in this election to be somewhere in between the 2008 and 2010 extremes.

      In any case, it is pretty clearly that Obama would have to *outperform* his 2008 turnout (likely his ceiling) in order to have a chance at defeating Romney according to this data.

      • Haditwgov
      • That is great work! I won’t let my guard down. How is a guy who put half his base out of work and the other half homeless supposed to exceed 2008 performance? Just look at his desperate fundraising letters. Hey dumbo ear Barry, they have no money left thanks to you. I guess you really have not a clue about economics.

      • ITYS
      • Brilliant!! There are many 2008 Obama voters w/buyers remorse who will not vote for him and surely that’s not true for ’08 McCain voters!! Book out on re-elections and every incumbent that has won over sat 30yrs has had an increased % of the vote froths 2nd time around. I just DO NOT see that happening…….

    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • Regardless of what the polls are saying (and I’ve stated time after time that numbers don’t say anymore than what the ‘interpreters’ want them to say), the likeability issue will be what Barry will play…just like with Hillary. “Oh she’s likeable enough”–as he turned the knife in her back repeatedly.

      It bugs the hell out of me that the media keep repeating a tired old meme of “we don’t know Romney”. My answer is: After 4 years of Barry Obummer, do we really KNOW him? Pffffffftttttt. Mitt has been running for president for 8 years–we know more about him than we know of Barry, especially since what the media put out about Barry in his early days, and continue to grind out, has been proved to be lies, lies and more lies. This hypocrisy is so blatant, and yet no one says a word. That’s what makes my blood boil.

    • Name Nancy
    • R U repeating the media’s talking about BO & his “likeability?” I went to school when they used to teach you to separate fact from fiction. I marvel that the TVs have so far remained with unbroken screens when BO tells his lies in a mock Chicago black accent.

      That phony accent reminds me of his pretend academic prowess. The man can’t add. AND I don’t like his un-American cheater attitude toward the Republican Convention -U don’t wear a white revealing dress at a wedding – it’s the bride’s day to shine. BUT how would Obama or ValJar know about American traditions & customs?

    • Aussie
    • If what I saw on Facebook is an indication, there is a groundswell against Obama. More than 1 million have liked the Mitt Romney Page and ditto for Paul Ryan. One of those pages had more than 2 million likes. The Obama pages are in the small thousands.

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