MSNBC IGNORES Artur Davis – Maybe It Was Racism?

Former Congressman Artur Davis, who also happens to be an African American who was an advocate for Barack Obama in 2008, gave a rousing and informative speech last night outlining the reasons why Americans can no longer support the failed and dangerous policies of the Obama administration.  For those watching MSNBC, you would not have seen one minute of Davis’ speech.  Not one comment was made about Davis by the (nearly all-white) MSNBC hosts.  Perhaps racism is acceptable if an African American declares themselves a Republican?  At any rate, here is the speech by Artur Davis – it was among the highlights of the GOP convention so far…

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16 Comments to MSNBC IGNORES Artur Davis – Maybe It Was Racism?
    • Ebysan
    • I believe Congressman Davis was cought up in the Hope & Change of Obama’s 2008 platform only to be disillusioned by Obama’s actions once he was in office.

      This takes tremendous courage to admit you were wrong to have voted for Obama because you believed in his promises.

      I hope others will see the light!!

      • Redwine
      • Figures that he racist CBC went after Davis (just like they go after the great Allen West). Davis delivered the best speech of the evening. The CBC doesn’t tolerate blacks who leave the plantation. They just want to keep them oppressed and on the government dole. Thank goodness, Davis knows exactly how to repudiate their pressure. What a great guy. He spoke truth to abusive power.

    • VTX
    • The honorable Mr. Davis is like a survivor of the Tuskegee Experiment, having escaped after losing faith in Nurse Rivers (Obama,) and finally recognizing that Obama is deadliest to those who consider themselves people of color (except for Elizabeth Warren, AKA Fauxahontas.)

    • Paloma
    • Bravo, Artur Davis – you tell it like it is! Glad you are with “US” now. The CBC is livid, but we are delighted to have you on our side. Great Speech!

      Speaking of the CBC – just read a few days ago that the last time they held their monthly luncheon, Alan West was the host, and obliged to provide the food, which he did – in grand style He had Chick Fil A delivered for the group.

      • SallyAl
      • But the thing is, that happened 6 MONTHS ago. And now they (CBC) have decided to “be” offended! What idjits! Oh right, congridiots.

        We in Alabama were afraid for a while that Davis would become our new guv. It was said that he attended Haahvad w/jugeared jackass and they were great friends so that kind of made it sound like a done deal. Turn 1 southern state blue and the rest may follow? I really thought there was a “nefarious plot” afoot. Guess Mr. Davis got smart. Thank God.

        • Rebel Yell
        • Sally, there is no way us Georgians would allow our friends next door to turn into a blue state. Our effort needs to be making Florida a long term red state… in spite of all the displaced yankees that reside there. God Bless America

    • lovelypeace
    • I loved his speech. I kinda felt like I was listening to a live White House Insider interview (w/o all the swearing, of course! hehe).

      I saw the halo, but now I don’t. I made a mistake in 2008, but I’m not going to do it again in 2012.

      It was really cool. I love our community.

    • Marlowe
    • Davis gave a fantastic speech. I heard him speak when he was in Congress several years ago and I said to myself, man this guy is in the wrong party!

    • Charlotte
    • I hope Artur Davis isn’t playing a double game…. We are all so enamored of anyone who breaks with the Obama camp or whose eyes suddenly open. Just saying.

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