Liberal Media Taking Knives To Clint Eastwood Over Romney Endorsement

It appears liberals are none too pleased to have a Hollywood icon openly break ranks with other Hollywood elite and publicly embrace and endorse the campaign of Mitt Romney for president.

Clint Eastwood

Here is just a taste of what the Huffington Post had to say today regarding the possibility of Eastwood speaking at tonights GOP convention:

Play Ditzy for Me: The Hypocrisy and Deceit of Clint Eastwood’s Romney Endorsement

Eastwood’s announcement earlier this summer that he was endorsing Mitt Romney during a $2 million fundraiser at his vacation home in trendy Sun Valley, Idaho–where the likes of “Dirty Harry” Callahan would never be caught–was more than a bit self-serving and revealed that, perhaps at 82, Eastwood is little a out of touch with the wage-earning and beer-guzzling audiences that once gobbled up his cinematic fare.

Dare I proffer that Squirrely Squint–with his estimated net worth of $375 million–has become a one-percenter?

…If Eastwood is, indeed, the “mystery man” tonight, there will be no mystery in his remarks. They will be riddled with further hypocrisy and deceit. That you can count on. “A good man,” declares Dirty Harry in Magnum Force, “always knows his limitations.” Apparently, his creator does notLINK


Ah, so the fact that Clint Eastwood, a self made Hollywood icon, is very rich discredits him from voicing support for a political candidate.  Really?  It is that very premise by Big Government liberals in America that now has the tide shifting toward the Romney/Ryan ticket and away from the tired class warfare politics of Obama/Biden.

And note the jab at Clint’s age – as if being 82 also discredits Eastwood from knowing anything about America and what kind of politics are needed at this time to save her.  As they do so often in confronting conservatives, the Huffington Post goes back to their oft-used rhetoric of ridicule and division.  Old people need to just shut up and vote Democrat – right?

I am quite certain that even at 82 Clint Eastwood could easily kick most of the columnists for the Huffington Post off his lawn without breaking a sweat.  Liberalism has always been wimpy, while the hard won rewards of Eastwood’s brand of individualism have been and will always be….COOL.


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65 Comments to Liberal Media Taking Knives To Clint Eastwood Over Romney Endorsement
    • Perceptible Future
    • Those idiots couldn’t carry Clint’s jock strap let alone his “Machismo”. At 82 he still brings it and still has enough left in his tank to take down all those Metro-Sexual grass-eating Morphidites.

      • ITYS
      • These leftists must always jump to defend this man who calls himself Obama are constantly showing their special racism of lower standards/lower expectations while supporting command and control! However, Clint Eastwood really ticked them off…..especially with his indictment of Hollywood and obama’s disgraceful performance.

    • thatsitivehadenough
    • Snap out of it already. These attacks come from within the heart of communist Amerika. The fifth column. The cancer destroying the host. Make no mistake that this is what we are all up against.’

    • Concerned_American
    • I see, it’s OK for democrats to accept endorsements from those evil Hollywood 1%ers like George Clooney, Ellen Barkin, Cher and others; and a geriatric multi-billionaire like Warren Buffett; and just simply evil multi-billionaire, geriatric George Soros; but NOT OK for Republicans to accept the support of a successful patriot like Clint Eastwood. Sometimes you just have to shake your head.

      • Jules
      • Sure, ’cause they’re special [gag]. What do you suppose it sounds like when one of those uberlibs shakes its head, like pebbles in a can, or an empty Crackerjack box?

        Liberals, liberals everywhere and not a one can think.

        They’re just jealous.

    • VTX
    • Huffpo says he’s “out of touch with the wage earning and beer guzzling audience?” Really? I’m one of those “little people” economically speaking
      (though my beer guzzling days are way in the rearview mirror) The only ones out ot touch are those Huff-n-blow types who pretend to represent people like me. As I posted on another thread: they love bluegrass on NPR, but hate those who play it.

      The only thing positive I can say about Huffpo is the occasional medical article. Other than that, they just plain suck.

    • Ebysan
    • Thanks, Ulsterman!!

      I’d love to see Clint Eastwood as the Mystery guest speaker tonight!!

      Clint will tell it like it is …..HE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED!!!

      He is one tough honest man… @ 82 he still commands respect!!

    • usapatriots-shout
    • Obama’s Campaign Is a Sorry Arse Campaign to Date

      Could it be because after all that has been said and done, the only item that can be gleaned from a overly promoted packaged silver plated turd is more turds? Now American and the world is fed up with the empty package of turds. So if they can’t sell turds, then they all that is left is grasp at any straw weapons of lies, convolution and distortion to their adversaries with false information.

      Obummer’s campaign is so bad, it’s embarrassing for the Dems. Even the Dems want to distance themselves from this piece of turd. Why else would the Dems have to scrape the bottom of the cess pool and beg Muslims to fill seats to make it look like there are still people interested in the DNC?, IT’S BAD!

      While on that topic of Muslims—did you ever wonder why all the romancing of a group of people who represent less than 2% of the American voter population while they reject over 50% of Christian America?

      • BJ
      • The definition of a “nothing” is a “Turd” with the sh!t stomped out of it. So turd is a good term for them.

          • usapatriots-shout
          • Oh, NOES! Where goeth the two-hour Islamic prayer fest at the Democratic National Convention? (ORIGINAL STORY: MUSLIM JUMAH AT THE DNC)

            “Not only has all trace of the Jumah been deleted from the DNC website, the Jumah was slated to be held today, far from the DNC, at a location seven miles from the Convention Center.”

            How strange is this? First the turds announce the big Muslim invite and welcome now it can’t be found any where!

    • werbaz neutronName
    • If Obie, in desperation, gives in to ValJar’s orders to appear tonight at New Orleans and the major networks cancel on Eastwood’s speech, the fallout from that confluence will be a delight to look at over the next few days.

      Somehow, the vision of little Obie with his finger in the dike (spell it another way if you prefer) is roll around the floor laughing funny.

    • truthandjustice
    • “Head ‘em Up and Move ‘em Out” Rowdy!!!! (to vote for R & R !!)

      (For the younger ones – old popular Western TV series “Rawhide”, Clint playing Rowdy Yates)

    • werbaz neutronName
    • Mr. Eastwood’s speech at the convention had me thinking of Columbo and Will Rogers.

      The speech was a very subtle take down of the Obama Presidency and I will guess it will be roundly damned by the liberal sucker fish to the Incredible Shrinking Obama.

      Mr. Eastwood – as Columbo would – slipped the knife in deftly and cleanly and – at the end – reminded adults that, when a person fails at their job, it is time to fire them.

      He emphasized that by drawing a finger across his throat. And grinned.

      Very smooth.

    • Ace
    • Taking knives to Eastwood?

      I have to hand it to Romney—the guy is running a brilliant campaign.
      Don’t you folks see how he’s playing the corrupt media?
      He’s got them, the face of the “Obama” campaign, vomiting hate all over the American landscape, while he stands to the side looking so reasonable and NORMAL.

      Just like Reagan.

      It’s over.

    • Name Nancy
    • I constantly feared that the US could fall to become a totalitarian, fascist state. I based that apprehension on the little children in school singing the praises of Obama under the direction of their teachers. BO’s take-over of the student college loans, reminded me of an incident. We had a Rotary Exchange student from Germany over 30 years ago. I asked him if any member of his family had joined the Nazi Party. He replied,”Certainly. My grandfather wanted to be a vet, so he had to join the Nazi Party.” And BO used the word “Forward,” as the theme of his campaign, which was the anthem of Hitler’s Youth.

      Today the Barack the Leaker, sent out his pit bulls to go after the Navy SEAL who wrote a book that told the truth. (Notice BO is NOT going after the writer, Nicholas Schmidtle of The New Yorker magazine who revealed secrets in a short 3 months, about the Navy SEALS Team 6 taking down OBL which perhaps led to their massacre. (BTW, BO sent form letters to the families of Team 6 & had an electronic pen write his signature.)

      After I heard Clint Eastwood’s speech, I am filled with hope that Americans will NOT permit this repulsive crew in the White House to destroy our beautiful country that “We Own.” Clint :Made My Day.”

      • BJ
      • obama leaked every single detail of the SEALs mission in the first few weeks after to his movie crew. They had total access to everything. Why aren’t they going after him.

        • Obeline
        • Zero & Co.’s hypocrisy is astounding. Just when you think they’ve gone over the top, they demonstrate yet another NEW height of unethical, immoral and Un-American behavior.

          Eric Holder is a despicable, racist tool and deserves prison time.

          Prosecute the SEAL and ignore the security leaks from the White House?


    • Ben
    • “when debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser” Know who said that? Socrates, amazing huh? I wasn’t able to watch Dirty Harry’s speech tonight but I did read it. It sounds like Clint wrote it himself and he hit a freaking home run, I only pray that the DNC tries to answer with Barbra Striesand or Hanoi Jane Fonda. That way we could prove how far off the deep end the left has gone.

    • VTX
    • Time for MI and WHI to discuss a real issue: how the President (and Acting President Valerie Jarrett) are contiuously releasing classified information for political purposes – with no consequences – and the new SEAL book is going to land the SEAL who wrote it in hot water.

      The hypocrisy doesn’t just stink -

    • BJ
    • I watched it and Clint had it perfect. An empty chair for the empty suit. I loved it. No teleprompter, obama wishes he could do as good without one.

    • Jules
    • “It appears liberals are none too pleased to have a Hollywood icon openly break ranks with other Hollywood elite and publicly embrace and endorse the campaign of Mitt Romney for president.”

      It ticks the lib. off so much; and it’s what they deserve.

      Let ‘em get all worked up and keep showing everyone how truly nasty they are.

    • truthandjustice
    • Very encouraging night…..think there were many minds and hearts changed to voting for R&R, know him better and are reassured, etc. Clint made short, common sense statements. For a long time now, even though I wasn’t the biggest Romney fan and had my doubts – feel like God knows best and has chosen him and Ryan for such a time as this. We’ll probably have real Consvs. in the Senate & House that will help with important issues and Romney will listen even if he has other ideas & help vote them in. It isn’t only the President that runs everything. For more encouragement, read this and check out the painting:

      “Early signs emerging from Democrats during the Republican National Convention indicate the White House and influential activists are in a panic, fearing that Gov. Mitt Romney is increasingly likely to emerge victorious Nov. 6.

      The Obama campaign has sent out a fundraising email by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., warning Democratic supporters that Obama is in the process of being “Swift-Boated” by conservative PACs, while filmmaker Michael Moore has predicted in a Huffington Post interview that Romney will win.

      In an email letter sent today, Kerry wrote supporters:

      Consider this: Swift Boat Veterans for Truth spent about $23 million on smear ads against me in 2004.

      This year, the Romney campaign and super PACs have promised to spend more than $1 billion.

      What is Kerry’s plea? Donate $5 and, “Don’t let them get away with it.”

      Moore is concerned with Obama’s inability to raise money 2008-style.

      “Mitt Romney is going to raise more money than Barack Obama,” Moore told the Huffington Post. “That should guarantee his victory. I think people should start to practice the words ‘President Romney.’

      “To assume the other side are just a bunch of ignoramuses who are supported by people who believe that Adam and Eve rode on dinosaurs 6,000 years ago is to completely misjudge the opposition,” Moore said.

      Ryan lied?

      Conservative pundit Jennifer Rubin, writing in the “Right Turn” blog in the Washington Post, said the Democrats “are losing it, literally.”

      Rubin concluded Ryan’s speech Wednesday night at the RNC was so successful that the only thing Obama supporters, including partisans driving establishment media messaging, could do was to claim Ryan lied.

      The problem is, Rubin maintained, that despite the “fact-checking” flurry initiated by Obama supporters, Ryan did not lie.

      She pointed out Ryan’s claim about the Janesville GM plant was not that Obama closed it, but that he failed to keep his promise to keep it open.

      Rubin concluded that Ryan’s attacks stung Obama so badly that “the Obama team and its media allies are crazed to turn facts into lies and aspirations into distortions.”

      “It is a revealing moment, for the press and the Obama camp,” Rubin wrote. “For members of the Obama team, it means they are losing the race, and they know it.”


      Meanwhile, artist Jon McNaughton has produced a new painting, titled “Obamanation,” that shows more than 60 symbols he believes best depict the failures of the Obama administration”

    • VTX
    • Reuters is reporting that Obama is pushing for prosecution of the author of the UBL book. You should see the replies in the comments section!

      Mostly “will they prosecute the Hollyweirds who are making the movie?” and “when will Obama be prosecuted for leaking national security secrets?” and “go ahead and prosecute the SEAL – that will guarantee your defeat!” and other such comments.

      Ulsterman? Handing you a loaded weapon, pointing it in the right direction…up to you and WHI and MI to actually pull the metaphorical trigger.

    • Spartan
    • Want to play the age game? Alright.

      When it comes to a fight over choice of ‘old’ Hollywood? I will take Clint Eastwood. They can have Betty White!!!!!

    • cobra
    • I am very encouraged by the GOP convention.
      Everything was perfect.
      And Clint’s performance left the left discombobulated.
      We may be witnessing the making of a shellacking of historic proportions.
      Stay vigilant, my friends!!!

    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • Dear Lord, I just love the people who comment here! Some really great zingers, interesting and relevant information (links), and always right-on-the-money-comments–with few exceptions.

      The Eastwood movie with the chimp? Pink Cadillac? Don’t wanna waste time to google for certain…just a guess from my old brain.

      I was hoping that they would have run the same clip as above with Eastwood on the West Lawn at the White House, etc. Guess the shotgun would have been a little over the top, but you get the idea!!!

      Thanks for all the quotes, especially Socrates. That explains Barry’s counter-attacks and the media’s news malaise.

      I have nothing but outrage against the DOD attorney who CHOSE to ‘investigate’ the UBL book using a different and biased rule of measure that is not equally applied against those in this administration who can’t “Shut the &%$# UP!”

      “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” Hurry Novemner! Romney/Ryan!

    • USA4ever
    • Clint’s delivery was a bit rough and disjointed but his message that Obama is an absentee, do-nothing president still came through. I’m glad someone of his caliber stepped up to push back. Clint is an icon. People like Eva Longoria are D-listers no one takes seriously.

      • Vyxen
      • I’ve read a lot about Clint’s delivery, and some have pointed out that indeed, he is an actor. He is obviously able to memorize lines, and “act.” I think he did indeed put on a brilliant performance that fooled many. But many “got it” as well. No, it wasn’t what one would expect, but I think it was perfect. It drew people to the tv, and I suspect many stayed for Rubio and Romney

    • InTheKnow
    • DOJ has dropped its case against Arpaio.

      Something likely going on with that. My guess is that either Obama’s group thinks Arpaio has been contained, or they are worried about blowback before the election.

      Not sure which, if either.

      • VTX
      • It’s a Kenyazona standoff: one guy has the other by the parts, daring the other guy to so much as sneeze.

        Part of the art of war is knowing when you’ve won.

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • InTheKnow…the lies put forth by this bunch of communists and backed up by their willing accomplices in the MSM, has yet to be properly challenged. The news blackout of Obama’s very very very cool reception by the military in his speech yesterday was buried…Yet many Americans are informed and have a negative view of Obama and his thug-government …We’re sick of being treated like mushrooms, …kept in the dark and fed shit by Obama’s comrades

        I imagine the attention to Arpio wasn’t worth the noise as the good sherrif was fighting back and drawing too much attention to the brazen corruption of Holder and the DOJ…and in conjunction with the Seal Team Six member who is blowing the whistle on the fraud of Obama and his narcissistic claim of HIS kill of Osama…people are waking up and we may see morning in America yet…

        What has taken place of late is that Americans as they move toward this election have considered many different issues, have looked at the two diametrically different teams…Obama/Biden or Romney/Ryan…and regardless of what our media is trying to sell …the American people have decided it comes down to one lone issue…One…and Obama comes up short…TRUST….We the people do not trust Obama….Romney understood that and his choice of Ryan sharply underscores that…Trust is what this election is about…the DOJ, the EPA, the DOE, HS, State, Treasury…do not enjoy the trust of the American people …..time for the political class to understand Clint’s words resonated with constitutional loving Americans…”We own this country…the politicians are our employees”

        We do not trust the man who calls himself Obama…or anything he says and when he ASKS…asks for Putin to give him space…we’re appalled …that “This is my last election. after my election, I have more FLEXABILITY …On all these issues, but particularly missile defense…this can be solved but it’s important for him (Putin) to give me space.”…with Medvedev responding “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”…that conversation sounds like one a spy, a Manchurian president might have in reporting info to be transmitted to those he subversively works for and reports back to…

        Hamzi Bin Laden, the equally tall son of Osama has gone missing …perhaps Bhutto knew what she spoke of before her assasination.

      • InTheKnow
      • Thanks, ATB.

        Good point, VTX.

        My own thought, on reflection, is that they will deal with Arpaio on other charges and possibly drain him through the civil suit that is pending.

        I read a report of the decision to drop the one charge by the DOJ and it made sure to mention the case against Arpaio started under the Bush administration. Sounds like fear of blowback.

        This administration still got to Lance Armstrong even after the DOJ dropped their case. My guess is this is a political move with the election in mind.

        I am a bit more concerned about this election than I felt a week ago. The media is still largely for Obama and they are in full attack mode, seemingly lying at will.

        Obama and his team know how to play the propaganda game. They are mobilizing.

        There is still much for Romney and Ryan to do. They will have to mount a strong offensive through digital media. The declining TV numbers for the convention should make that clear.

        I hope they are ready to do so. Obama’s group is much more ready to fight on the digital battleground than is Romney’s.

        We definitely can still win, but there is a lot to do yet.

    • VTX
    • When Obama is leaving the White House, walking to the helicopter for the last time with that lame scarecrow-like pimp-strut, we’ll all be saying in unison:

      “Get off my lawn!”

    • Obeline
    • The money behind this thing must be investigated/exposed.

      A tsunami of litigation will follow Zero wherever he goes.

      (Is there a bedroom in the palace for Valjar or will she return to Chicago to exploit the remains of Rahm’s debacle?)

      ABO and Good Riddance

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