Paul Ryan “Reaganesque”

Keith Koffler was impressed by Paul Ryan’s speech last night - awarding the rising GOP star the highest compliment for any conservative of the last 50 years – “Reaganesque”.   More important – Koffler is right.


…Tall, a little geeky, and youthful, Paul Ryan is one of those members of Congress you’d find around the Capitol – accessible, genial, eager to explain his various proposals – whom you’d never think twice about saying hello to.

…What Ryan did Wednesday evening, during a moment that entails more pressure than nearly any other in American politics – the vice presidential self-introduction to the country – was make clear to the nation that he is ready for the big time, is ready to take on President Obama and Vice President Biden, and prepared to enter the vice president’s office in the West Wing and begin comfortably working there his first day on the job.

What’s more, with his sense of purpose, he showed he’ll have no trouble or hesitation ambling down the hall to the Oval Office to make sure whatever’s coming out of there has his ideas written all over it.

…Ryan delivered a fast ball over the plate that nearly put a hole in the catcher’s glove. It’s a dangerous thing to exalt a Republican politician as Reaganesque, as I have already done with respect to Ryan. But last night he confirmed it.

Ryan’s remarks, imbued with principles in a way that only those profoundly familiar with conservative thought can achieve, and delivered with an sense of optimism about the future and disappointment in his opponents – as opposed to harsh anger – was indeed Reagan-like.

Finally, a candidate for national office unafraid to talk about real issues and respectful enough of the American people to deliver to them the harsh facts about our national predicament. Finally, a messenger unafraid of being shot.

What was most Reaganesque was Ryan’s understanding that a Republican candidate can sell the country conservative values, and voters will make the purchase and even pay a premium.

Voters, to paraphrase Chris Chistie’s speech Tuesday night, want to be respected as much as they want to be loved.

Obama is selling love – sugary sweets filled with electric vehicles, endless spending on entitlements, and money taken from the rich.

Ryan, with his empathetic manner and his commitment to telling voters the truth about what’s wrong and what needs to be done about it, is offering both love and respect.

And that’s Reagenesque.            LINK



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9 Comments to Paul Ryan “Reaganesque”
    • werbaz neutronName
    • And after Romney’s eight years are served, Ryan is ready for the eight after that!

      THAT is depth of candidates in the Republican Party! What depth do we see on the other side? Mrs. Clinton? Last years’ Sears catalogue.

    • E.A.B.
    • This goes for me too.

      I was skeptical of Romney’s choice of Ryan at first, but…this article basically explains How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Paul Ryan.

    • Redwine
    • Ryan is such a magnificent asset to the Romney team.

      Regime operatives are out there demonizing this honorable man. They’re all over the Leftist media spreading their lies and obfuscation of the facts. These mangy dogs are ardently supported by their sleazy, bootlicking, media propagandists. See how they manipulate not only written content, but photos as well. This from the Gray Lady of Leftist Propaganda: “NYT bias bleeds through photos of Ryan at RNC”

      Sinister stuff. Goebbels would be proud.

    • Abby
    • Rubio’s speech, brought me to tear. Reminds me, all of us that we are different. And in this world, that’s a good thing.

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