BREAKING – Why is Obama Using Chicago Police At South Carolina DNC Convention?

A Fox News reporter just shared information regarding a considerable contingent of Chicago police inside the DNC convention center in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Yet another Obama related act that makes one go hmmmmm…



Below is a note I was just emailed by FNC’s Chad Pergram




And just an interesting note.

There are lots of police here from other organizations. But at the convention center, Chicago Police are here….not just folks from across the state or South Carolina.   LINK


As has so often been said regarding the Obama regime – all roads always seem to lead “Back to Chicago” ….

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41 Comments to BREAKING – Why is Obama Using Chicago Police At South Carolina DNC Convention?
    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • Police as seat-fillers? Unlikely, but then you never know with the Chicago Thugocracy. Just when you think, naaaaaaaaaw, they wouldn’t deliberately cause a “fatal distraction”. Or would they?

      This has to have something to do with their False Flag, their created crisis, especially if their numbers by Thursday are not favorable. With the jobs report coming out Friday, there is no telling what desperate people will do ‘by any means necessary’…even if it involves sworn law enforcement officers.

    • VTX
    • Not many days ago, some fruitcake – think it was Chris “Tingles” – said that using the word “Chicago” was racist. In present times, I would agree that the name has become symbolic of something, and is therefore misspelled – (but not racist.) Should be spelled Chitcago.

      But I have another suggestion for the Convention: maybe someone can send in a contingent of LA police; I hear some of them are really good at beating nurses. (Maybe that beating we saw on tape was just an audition for a place in Obama’s Civilian Corps?)

    • usapatriots-shout
    • Today on Weaselzippers

      OBAMA: “Vote for me or “Romney Doesn’tcare”—Will replace Obamacare.”

      72% of America does not want Obamacare, has called, written and demonstrated to their Senators and Congressmen and the best Obama can come up with is a vote for Romney means we will lose Obamacare.


    • AquaStar
    • When you need to crack some heads and bust some knees no one gets the job done like THE MOB.

      Nothing says THE MOB like Chicago. So where else to go to rustle up some rowdies and ship them south to rumble with the unruly.

      Throw in Occupiers for a highly combustible mix.

      LOVE IT!

    • usapatriots-shout
    • Last year about this time the Smooth Operators were trying to promote that the Empty Chair was unbeatable. That was the last idea that should be locked into the mind’s of Americans—especially all the Progressives, and Acorn members. So I wrote the following. With only 64 days counting from today to learn America’s future, I thought I would publish it again. If any one should agree with it, please feel to use it.


        • AmericaTheBeautiful
        • Worthy of James Bond or Mitch Rapp…Wouldn’t surprise me…Oh Mr. Auchi…Calling Mr. Auchi…

          Who will have the guts to run this down? One of Breitbart’s Generals….those who dug up and exposed ACORN,…ShoreBank…or Fitzgerald? We’ve been deeply compromised…we now know that….and the brave and tenacious journalists like UM, Nolte and those at the Daily Caller…the rock ‘em sock ‘em hero journalists that have risen to the defense of their beloved country…and the incredible citizen researchers here and elsewhere …
          We will win…it’s in our blood- our DNA is about Freedom…and these left over radical pimps from the 60′s with their Communist and IslamoCommumist backers may have broken our banks and stolen our last penny…but we will rebuild …without them…and never forget to keep our employees (politicians) in check again…never to be silenced by the scourge of Political Correctness again…or the weight of crushing entitlements on our workers….0r allow the press, the main stream media to distort and destroy truth…and those corrupt elites had best understand their days are short…and if in their collusion the result of which is a country damaged and crippled …we will make certain they bear more than their fair share of the loss and the misery …

          Cindy, you out there? Terrific researcher that you are…

          Thanks Whistleblower…I can vet one piece of this with the appropriate source tomorrow. I’ll get back to you

    • Obeline
    • This is rich, too: Zero’s losing the INDEPENDENTS

      “Carville and Greenberg have just released a new poll, and it’s devastating for Obama. Among independents — the precious, eagerly sought, oh-God-everybody-loves-them independents — Romney leads Obama (this is a poll this week) by 15 points, 53 to 38 in independents. This is remarkable. This is a Stan Greenberg and James Carville poll. “Independents disapprove of Obama’s job performance 56 to 40%. And when looking at intensity, disapproval is greater than two to one, 47 to 20%.””

      Read more (link below) : Zero’s losing ground in New Mexico, # of registered Republicans reaches all-time high, Romney Landslide per Boston Globe predictive model, and due to a lack of money the Dem’s convention will be scaled back!


      • Obeline
      • And the icing on the cake: Valjar may be squealing real soon . . .

        “Finally, I’m even seeing signs of conservatism emerging at The New York Times. No, not by the editors and reporters. But if the comments at the Times are any indication, Barack Jarrett Obama is in deep, deep trouble.

        I refer, of course, to the New York Times’ stunning expose of Barack Obama’s puppeteer, a classic, inept Chicago political apparatchik named Valerie Jarrett. Some of the highlighted comments include: (see link)

        Floodgates are opening . . .

    • InTheKnow
    • Democrats are getting desperate: They have made a petition to have Betty White speak at the DNC.

      If there is one thing that the Obama team hates, it is being beaten on propaganda. The Eastwood empty chair skit was great, so now the Democrats are scrambling for Betty White to try to counter and one-up the GOP.

    • slamo
    • Maybe someone can enlighten me in law enforcement but how can Chicago cops have jurisdiction in Charlotte? The only explanation is that they are there as “enforcers” to punish wayward democrats that don’t kowtow to the administration…and isn’t that against the law? Charlotte cops need to tell the thug Chicago cops to go home.

      • R. J.
      • I believe this is pretty common at large events to bring in officers from other agencies to cover while the local cops work their beats. I believe Chicago was brought in due to their effective handling of the NATO protesters earlier this year. ‘Sides, how you gonna have a replay of ’68 without Chicago cops? It would be like going to Disneyland and all the Disney characters had been replaced by the Muppets. It just would not be the same.

        Also, because Chicago is there, it means they are expecting trouble whether real or contrived…

        In either case, have your popcorn ready, this could be good. Does anyone wonder if the SEIU thugs will have any reservations about trashing a major city in a right-to-work state? It’s probably why they chose it in the first place….

    • Name Nancy
    • An acquaintance of ours states that he knows lots of people who want BO out of the White House, BUT they DO NOT VOTE. It’s important to get these folks to either vote absentee or DRIVE THEM TO THE POLLS (like the Democrats do for all elections – they even resurrect the dead.) Stop off for coffee & before u bring these senior citizens home. Make a day of it for these senior non-voters, & it will “make your day” on Wednesday, Nov. 7th.

      • VTX
      • I know a few folks who didn’t vote last time. They hated McLame – and who could blame them? I implored them: if you can’t vote for McLame, at least vote for Palin. (That ALMOST got them there.)

        If you think people aren’t energized – including people who haven’t bothered to vote in the past? Chik-Fil-A was a kind of poll – and people were voting with their pocketbooks. It had almost nothing to do with gays and almost everything to do with oppressive mayors and government officials.

        How’d you say “fired up!”

    • American Patriot in KY
    • 1. The headline is in error. Should read NORTH Carolina not SOUTH.

      2. I do question the Chicago police being in Charlotte. Isn’t that an insult to all the various city police, county sheriffs and state troopers of North Carolina? I’d love to see the local police tell the Chicago cops that they have no jurisdiction therefore suggest they wear civilian clothes and not uniforms. That would stir up some kind of something.

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