SHOCKING DNC Video – Anti-God and Anti-Semitism On Parade

Following a barrage of public outrage after the Democratic National Committee removed both the mention of God in the Democratic platform as well as denying Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – a highly contested vote is held upon the floor of the DNC convention which has Democrats actually booing and hissing against God and the Jewish nation.  Has such open hostility toward faith and the Jews ever been so openly expressed at a political event of this magnitude?  Certainly not in the last 50 years of this country’s history.  Watch the video below – the votes begin at around the 2:00 mark. A truly sad and shocking testament to the fractures now inherent within the Obama Democratic Party…

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    • Essa
    • Talk about shooting yourself in the foot and sinking the ship. If this does not wake America up to what the God hating, anti American communists have in store for us all, then I don’t know what will.

      Certainly the final nails must have been put into the demon-crats coffin by now when you also take into account the you didn’t build that comment.

    • namehelenk
    • Godgate might overtake the empty chair as a symbol of the democratic party.

      were your guys on the planning committee of this debacle??

      rain, bedbugs, root canal, twisted ankle, can not give enough free tickets, so speech moved indoors, no balloons, having Monica Lewiski’s rabbi speak after Bill Clinton, deny God 3 times and get a video while doing so, insult Israel, have an Illegal immigrant as a speaker.


    • AtlasShrugged
    • Thankfully there were no such divisions at the RNC. Romney has proven he can unite the Republican Party for the good of the nation’s future. Look at his VP- a true grassroots Conservative. He even gave his strongest opponent, Rick Santorum, a speaking spot at the convention. Truly a gracious man even in the winner’s circle.

      As for the platform change, that guy saved their butts because without God and Jerusalem to appeal to the religious left they would have had no chance whatsoever, though the booers will never know or appreciate it.

      • silverdust
      • Mark Levin said the platform is approved by the candidate before it moves forward. There’s no way Barky Odowngrade didn’t know about the exclusions. He was the one that ordered them.

        • Obeline
        • T&J: excellent post – thank you . . . full text is so important:

          Democrats = Communists?

          It appears that the Democrats are just one step away from an admission that they are a full-fledged communist party. The Democrat party removed from the convention platform the mention of God (it is rumored that Allah will replace God at the next Democrat convention’s party platform) and it also removed the policy statement that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel which also happens to be God’s capitol too. When government replaces God we have tyranny. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany both denied the existence of God and they are no more but not until millions perished under the yoke of their oppression.

          It is now the official policy of the “Democrat” party that they fully endorse tyranny.

          I hope Jewish Democrats – at least the ones who still believe in God – understand the implications of such a political move. The removal of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, from the party platform is an even bigger disaster for Israel; the stalwart that is a united front of support for Israel by both Democrats and Republicans is vital to deterring Iran and other countries in the Middle East that wish to isolate and destroy her.

          Jewish voters (especially in New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida) need to consider carefully the implications of Obama’s policies. This administration’s track record of empowering the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, across North Africa, and the rest of the Middle East should prove Obama’s endorsement of tyranny and the dire threat to Israel with war being much more likely as the President strengthens the grip of tyranny across the Middle East.

          To further make the case to Jewish voters… Not only is Obama denying Jerusalem is the capital of Israel but he also called for the removal of the language that called on the international community to isolate Hamas. This means that Obama, if reelected, will recognize Hamas as a legitimate negotiating “peace partner” so he can complete his goal of forming the Caliphate for his Muslim brethren; the fruits of his policies seem to be coming together nicely. Remember, Obama consults regularly on the phone with prime minister Erdogan of Turkey. It is quite apparent that the policies of Turkey are now the policies of the United States when it comes to the Middle East. The United States has, in reality, withdrawn its influence in the Middle East and has essentially left it to the fundamentalist Muslim country of Turkey. Turkey is more dangerous than Iran as it knows how to play politics in order to achieve its goals while Iran prefers sabre-rattling which only further isolates them. Turkey has the same goal as Iran, i.e. power in the Middle East along with the complete destruction of Israel. U.S. foreign policy with Obama as its leader – along with the shady influences within our own government of the Muslim Brotherhood and the far left anti Israel socialists – provide challenges for moderate Democrat voters who value freedom over blind loyalty to the party line.

    • cobra
    • The country gets a fully deserved cold shower.
      People needed to see this to understand what they have done by electing Obama and the commies in 2008.
      Let’s hope the American people learned their lesson and will boot his sorry ass out of the office.

      • Ward Dorrity
      • I used to think of the Democrat convention as something akin to the Star Wars bar scene. Now it looks like something out an H. P. Lovecraft novel. These people are monsters. Death-worshiping, will-to-power driven monsters. All of them.

        • Jules
        • Their god is the government.

          For now, the government says it is legal to murder babies, encourages it, in fact. If that god of theirs is allowed to grown still bigger and demand more and more tribute and obeisance, it will not merely encourage, reward, and suggest (nudge, if you will) sacrifice, it will DEMAND a it. The vulnerable, the helpless, the innocent, will be sacrificed, fed to The Beast – or else.

          The history of this world shows this.

          • cobra
          • If the monster is re-elected, people will not believe what will happen.
            His agenda will go in overdrive and the country will be pushed to the brink of destruction (not by accident I might add).
            I see the seeds of very bad civil strife and I truly believe the society will break down.
            Just remember Yugoslavia.
            It was less divided than our country along ethnic, religious, political and ethical lines.

    • CHHR, VA
    • I’ve been saying for years that the so called “sexual revolution” is the worst thing that can happen to a woman… boys never need to grow up and women are totally exploited in the name of “normal.”

      Then I see this…

      I am sick.

    • Haditwgov
    • At first I wanted to cry at the lowest display I have ever seen. This is how Democrats view America and just observe the way they rammed it through. Yep just like Obamavare. Now I choose to laugh for the silent majority is stirring and shall make their voices heard load and clear very soon. Landslide baby, irrefutable. After the 7th of November we have to wage war on this minority of America haters. Obama encouraged the left to come out into the open, they got nothing, no ideas, no morality. It’s time Americans pick the winners and outcast the losers.

      • silverdust
      • Flame away, but I don’t see how this is much different than the RNC jamming rule changes down state delegates’ throats while said delegates were yelling “no” at the top of their lungs DIRECTLY IN FRONT of John Boehner, who banged his gavel and said, “Hearing no dissent, this meeting is adjourned.”

        I might be forced to vote for Romney to save the country

    • megapotamus
    • Anyone who has exposed themselves to commie crowds knows, these freaks hiss like rabid cats. It is the stupidest, craziest thing you ever saw, like a damn monkey troup. They also hoot. Yep, just like orangutans and not those well behaved ones in the movies, either. They hoot and will be throwing their own excretions, at each other this time, before this thing is half over. Man, am I ever lovin’ it!

      • Sallyal
      • That was hilarious! She wa so upset that God and Jerusalem wer taken out of the platform it curled her hair. ROFLMAO! And the reader comments were out of this world. Even ole Coop said she was on an alternate universe. Guess when he “came out” it lifted a great burden from him and made him finally able to see through the liberal haze and idiocracy.

    • Kathleen
    • I read about this on another site. I cried for all those souls I seen lost at this convention. It is sad seeing people willfully shaking their fist at God in defiance.

      • VTX
      • Three times! Three times, they rejected Him! It was no accident that the nays got louder and louder. It was a chance for the “Ayes” to shout louder and overwhelm the place – but they didn’t. Three times!

        This is far beyond a mere political problem for Democrats. This is terrifying.

        • truthandjustice
        • I kept thinking there is something to that number – 3 — you’re close but it was:

          “Jesus said to him (Peter), “Assuredly, I say to you that this night, before the rooster crows, you will DENY Me THREE times.”

          But agree with VTX too – the kiss of betrayal…..

          All I know is it doesn’t bode well for the “nays”…..

    • E.A.B.
    • The Republicans need to do with this moment what the Obama campaign tried to do with Clint Eastwood’s speech. Make this the defining image of the DNC.

    • Lonni
    • Well, it looks as though Obama has had his name attached to the Democrat Platform agreeing that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel whether he likes it or not. All the boos notwithstanding it is now a legal part of the DNC. I’m lovin’ this!

    • Ace
    • The Romney team sure know what they’re doing—just stay classy and let “Obama” bury himself like he has since the day he entered the White House.



    • USA4ever
    • This is the wailing and gnashing of teeth as the evil is being cast out of our midst.

      I’m not surprised at the utter chaos the Democrat Party is in. Yet it’s extraordinary to watch unfold. It’s as if they are being compelled to expose who they really are. Make no mistake about the spiritual aspect of what we’re seeing. Most Americans are watching and saying, “Enough. This is not who we are.”

      Always knew good and evil were at war, just didn’t expect to see it on cable TV, in living color, like this.

    • Ace
    • A working list of who the “Obama” campaign have offended at their convention this week:

      Jews, Palestinians, Christians, Native Americans, Muslims, their own Liberal base, the Occupoopers, even Anderson Cooper!

      And there’s still one day left.

    • VTX
    • Sounded like the “nays” out shouted the “ayes” to me.
      Clearly, they were rejecting G0D. And they were rejecting Israel. President Haman’s plan is about to unfold – if he gets a second term.

      I’ve thought of the Book of Esther ever since Obama was elected. Haman was sneaky and similarly delusional, thinking about how much he deserved to be honored; when he didn’t get the fawning and grovelling he expected from Mordecai, he plotted against all the Jews of the land. One man offends him, and he plans to murder all of the exiled Jews! All of them! Hitler had nothing new in his plans – but we had no Mordecai, no Esther.

      I see Netanyahu as a kind of Mordecai. We are Esther. There is a King, but not of this earth. Haman is exposed for what he is.

    • VTX
    • So DWS says that the omissions of G0D and Jerusalem were “essentially a technical oversight.” Yes, and scheduling the trains in Germany in the 1930s was mostly a bureaucratic function. Such cold, indifferent language!

      “Essentially a technical oversight.’ (Debbie Wasserman Schultz)

    • Ylem
    • After the 3rd vote, did you notice the woman holding a sign at the 3:05 mark? The guy next to her stood up and loudly yelled ‘NO’ at the vote and she was shaking her head, unhappy with the passing of the amendment. The sign she held read “Arab American Delegate”.

    • Charlotte
    • Before anyone gets too ecstatic, about the Democrats “putting G-d and Jerusalem back into their platform”, watch the video of the vote closely. They tried a voice vote 3 times, and when it didn’t work, they declared that it was passed anyway. That’s why there was booing. This also means that the update is meaningless and will be dropped as soon as ObAmalek and his gang feel that it’s safe to do so!!

    • SpeakingOut59
    • The WH position on the Jerusalem question is not news to those of us who have been paying attention. The Obama WH has refused to identify Jerusalem as the capitol for some time now. (It could be Jerusalem, or Israel, but not “Jerusalem, Israel.” There can be no doubt about the intent of that. Obama’s “Hope and Change” is NOT something I can believe in!

    • Jules
    • They thought they had finally aborted the Democrat party. Barry said, “Let it die!” Someone spoke to him; he said, “Fine, try to revive it, but after the election, we’re pulling the plug.”

    • truthandjustice
    • New book coming out by Bob Woodward re behind the scenes stuff about dispute of raising the debt ceiling:

      “A combination of miscalculations, ideological rigidity and discord within the leadership of both political parties brought the U.S. government to the brink of a catastrophic default during the 2011 showdown over the federal debt ceiling, according to a new book by journalist Bob Woodward…

      Cantor warned Biden that many new House Republicans were willing to risk a default in their zeal to reduce government spending, telling the vice president: “We really have members who don’t get the need to raise the debt ceiling.”

      “So you’re looking for Democrats to be more responsible than you?” Biden said. “You can’t use the irresponsibility of your own members to get your way.”

      Cantor is quoted as replying: “Why don’t you just say it’s the crazy Republicans made you do it?”

      I had my suspicions about Boehner & Cantor of course but this really seals it.
      See in print how they truly feel about the Tea Party/newbie Constitutionalists that came in in 2010. They can’t stand them – spoiling their Establishment fun. I hope that gets spread far and wide.

      Also note “A combination of miscalculations, ideological rigidity and discord within the leadership of both political parties brought the U.S. government to the brink of a catastrophic default .”
      Think that pretty much describes and confirms what I’ve said in the past that those kind of things (plus incompetence) will also no doubt mess up their future evil plans …

      They (Dems) also were utterly STUNNED by the 2010 elections enough to where they didn’t even have Boehner’s phone number to call him and give a fake “congrats”. Well, pray that they will be even more STUNNED at our victory over them for good soon !!!!!

    • lovelypeace
    • I continue to be surprised that others are surprised by these people.

      Their true colors are shining brightly for people to see. The real question is how many people are keep pretending they don’t see what they see.

      I really wasn’t too surprised when I heard that they took God out and put God back in because that’s what they do.

      They tell us that what we believe is old-fashioned and not ‘cool’. Then, they get arrogant and do these trial balloons and then when they get the blow-back; they act play stupid and act like they didn’t know anything. How many times have we seen this show now?

      Sorry, but the President is the head of his Party. Nothing would be included or excluded from the platform w/o his approval. These people leave nothing – and I mean – nothing to chance at this level. It’s not like Obama is running for PTA president in some little hick town (sorry to little hick towns everywhere, I actually love small town America and grew up in one!).

      I’m sure that WHI will give us some fascinating tidbits/insights as to what they were thinking, but in the end, we all know this was about watching the reaction.

      It’s supposed to say to all of us out here “see, we really relate to you crazy, weirdo God-people”. Sadly, it just makes them look more inauthentic than I already think they are. And after watching the Republican convention, I seriously have to wonder what kinda crack these Democrats smoke to think that they are going to win anything….especially when you compare the two side-by-side.

      I’m actually taken aback by how unorganized the Obama team seems to be. They really just don’t seem polished and this whole God thing is just hilarious to watch because, as a Believer who lives in a country where 80% (or so) people say they believe in God – it just strikes me as really odd that they’d even go down that road. Yet, God (in His clever and ironic way) always knows how to reveal the truth and I just love how He’s using this event to show how Godless the Dems really are. (Not all, but a lot of them really hate people of faith and they are proving it. It’s there for everyone to see and hear on National Television! National Television on all the major News stations!) Personally, I wouldn’t even touch Israel or Jerusalem given how much God loves them, but these people just don’t know when to shut their mouths about these things either. It’s like they can’t help themselves. It’s like they know what God hates and then, they say that they are for it – as if it’s a good thing.

      It’s like the bad car crash that you know you shouldn’t gawk at, but you still end up staring long and hard at it in disbelief…..because you just can’t believe what your eyes are seeing.

    • VTX
    • They can have their convention inside – hiding from the Hand of G0D…
      Perhaps they never heard of a man called Samson?

      I’m not asking for a Samson – but they certainly are Philistines.

    • InTheKnow
    • We are in real trouble now. Real trouble.

      The DOJ suit against Gallup seems to have had the desired effect.

      Between August 31 and Sept 2, the approval and disapproval figures of Gallup for Obama were 45 and 48.

      Before that, they were 43 and 49, I believe.

      Suddenly, the numbers are 49 and 45 between Sept 3 and Sept 5. If you think Obama got a 6 point bounce from Michelle’s speech, I have some landfill land to sell you. This smells like Gallup trying to do what they might think Obama wants them to do, so they don’t have issues with the DOJ. I could be wrong about that, but I think something is amiss here.

      The Daily Caller has a piece on this today, Gallup and the DOJ.

      The numbers likely aren’t real, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the press going on about a “huge” Obama convention bounce, that will be used to try to get more people among the masses to join Obama’s side.

      I would imagine that between Scarlet Johannson, Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd, we will see at least one joke directed at Clint Eastwood tonight. Look for that. The left hates to be in 2nd place on the celebrity front.

      The biggest development of all is the apparent stealing of Mitt Romney’s taxes. This could be gigantic, and turn the race.

      Notice this allegedly took place during the Democratic convention. They want it to go as little noticed as possible. And they are letting a few weeks go by so that people can forget the theft and focus on the materials when they come out. And they will come out, it seems, right before the debates. None of this, I think, is an accident. This looks to be determined, willful thuggery.

      It smells like the 2008 Palin hacked emails.

      You release the tax records a few days before the debates so that the press has time to trump them up so they become THE focus of the public before the debates. Then the debates can focus a lot on those tax records, not a lot else. We know how the debates will be moderated, I would think, so the media will be happy to assist.

      Michelle Obama set this up the other night. Yeah, Barack is rich, but he knows how you feel because he started not rich. But that evil Romney, he’s a wealthy fat cat. And that narrative goes right into the cherrypicked tax return leaks, and right into the debates.

      We have to get through tonight, the Sept 11 Osama is dead celebration, the tax record-tinged debates and, also, a potential staged event (notice the arrested man in Charlotte today for threatening Obama; just like the supposed military conspiracy to kill Obama like a week ago) yet to come.

      Romney has a huge money edge, but I’m not sure that will get the job done. Fewer people are watching TV right now. The campaign better work the internet side of things heavily, that would be my advice.

      I want to win this election as much or more than anyone on here, but I am now pessimistic. The media is as ginned-up as they were in 2008, outfits like the Huffington Post are gearing up after being somewhat dormant, and this tax record supposed stealing is looking, to me, a lot like the Jack Ryan divorce records coming out in 2004 and the Palin emails coming out in 2008. I have seen this movie before and know how it ends.

      I sincerely, sincerely hope that WSI and WHI and their like-minded friends have several more aces up their sleeves. If they do not, I do not like where things are heading now.

      I am not writing this to demoralize anyone. I am just sharing what I see. I will be in the push to defeat Obama all the way through the election, and beyond, if necessary.

      But, things are shifting rapidly now, and they are shifting away from our side. Do not be fooled by confirmation bias as regards the God & Jerusalem flap, or information being leaked to Breitbart or The Daily Caller. That is not enough. That will not keep Obama from winning in November, in my opinion.

      There are many powerful people watching all of this play out. If Obama is able to make a strong advance in the next several weeks, then you will see power players begin to back away from helping Romney because, possibly, they might fear retaliation from Obama and his possibly-2nd-term DOJ.

      Keep your eyes open, and stay safe. We are in for one heck of a bumpy ride now, and we have to be prepared with contingencies, I feel, if things do not work out properly in November. Safe, legal contingencies, of course. But contingencies nonetheless.

    • InTheKnow
    • I want to apologize to some other commenters here for not being able to respond to them in other threads. I am sorry for that. I am just extremely busy right now, as I am sure many of the rest of us here are. All patriots are at attention now. Godspeed.

    • InTheKnow
    • And, of course, Gabrielle Giffords is being rolled out tonight.

      This is being done for several reasons, I believe. One, appeal to women. Two, remember this was a case of gun violence (anti-gun ploy).

      Finally, and this is very important, they are rolling out Giffords to trade on the false narrative that her assailant was a nutty right winger. Which, of course, he was not. But it doesn’t matter that he was not, it only matters that the media ran with that story for a few days, much as they ran with the “Paul Ryan is a liar” meme after his speech.

      This kind of talk affects the easily manipulable. It works.

      And, it is part of the continuing “right wing violent freaks” narrative that has been being built up the last few weeks. The supposed military conspiracy against Obama. The arrest in Charlotte today. And Giffords tonight.

      This is all for public consumption purposes, and also to help set the stage for a possible staged event before the election.

      The one thing you have to give the Obama team, or probably the people behind them deserve the credit, is that they understand the method of how to do this, how to move public opinion. They are expert at this. And, of course, they control much of the media and entertainment sectors (including the internet), so they can put them into practice.

    • VTX
    • I Kings 18 – the contest between the prophets of Baal and Asherah and Elijah.
      The DNC rejection (on voice-vote) bore a strange resemblance to that story.
      I quote Elijah’s words – as those false prophets’ prayers and gyrations were ignored by dead gods of wood and stone, who neither see nor hear:

      “And at noon, Elijah mocked them and their gods, saying: “cry aloud, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and needs to be awakened.” (English Standard Version)

      The story doesn’t end there, but the resemblance is clear enough: the Democrat Convention bears a striking similarity to those whom Elijah taunted.

      Modern version: There you are, Democrat Party: worshippers of New Age gods and goddesses; worshippers of idols and Molech, on whose alters babies were murdered in Gehenna, and ARE murdered in your Planned Parenthood clinics of death, especially for people of color; there you are, pantheists and delusional self-worshippers – (especially the man who calls himself Obama;) there you are, G0D-haters and followers of the false prophet who practiced pedophilia and is an oppressor to Israel. There you are! Assembled like the 850 prophets of Jezebel, shouting and hooting and dancing and showing yourselves for who you really are! Dance harder! Shout louder! Scream obscenities and bare your bosoms and backsides, and expose yourselves – a freak show! Make more signs!

      G0D is not mocked.
      Judgement is coming.

    • VTX
    • Sorry to be so persistent (and ugly – but that photo? Combined with his known heart condition? It’ll take more than six to carry that bulk to his final hole. However many, they’ll probably’ll demand comp-pay and overtime. (They’re union, y’know?)

      Fortunately for Leo, it isn’t in my hands. It’s all in G0D’s. He still has time to repent – but if I were him, I wouldn’t waste 3 seconds doing it.

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