Russia Buys Up Vast Gold Reserves – What Is Putin Up To? (WSI Related)

Many months ago, a longtime Wall Street Insider warned both of an imminent Euro collapse, followed by the possible collapse of the United States, ongoing and increasingly aggressive maneauvering by both the Russians and Chinese, and the growing (and anti-American) influence of the International Monetary Fund and its lesser twin, the World Bank.  A just published report by the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch suggests those warnings are now truly taking shape.

(Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin.  Who looks to be the stronger leader?)


As Barack Obama and the Federal Reserve prepare to unleash yet billions more in near-worthless printed dollars, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin – the same leader Obama promised in a now infamous whisper much more “flexible” cooperation from America, is making an aggressive move to buy up more of the world’s gold reserves.  Perhaps the former KGB officer is now banking on an Obama second term that will collapse the world monetary markets?


Why is Putin stockpiling gold?

According to the World Gold Council, Russia has more than doubled its gold reserves in the past five years. Putin has taken advantage of the financial crisis to build the world’s fifth-biggest gold pile in a handful of years, and is buying about half a billion dollars’ worth every month.

…As was first reported here in April of last year, according to International Monetary Fund calculations, the U.S. is on track to lose its status as the world’s biggest economy—when measured in real, purchasing-power terms—to China by 2017.

…What will happen as the U.S. loses its pre-eminence?

Maybe this will turn out better than similar episodes in the past. Maybe the Chinese will embrace an open society and the rule of law. If you believe that, there is probably no reason to hold any gold.

On the other hand, we may be about to enter a much more turbulent and dangerous era of power politics and international competition.  LINK


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38 Comments to Russia Buys Up Vast Gold Reserves – What Is Putin Up To? (WSI Related)
      • Vyxen
      • My thought exactly. Carter was simply incompetent. Obama has other goals, and I would not rule out “dictatorship.”

        Or, as the liberals will spin it, smiley face fascism.

    • VTX
    • We should be producing gold of our own: energy.

      By the way, Putin only had one goose follow him on his flight. Symbolic. (yeah, I know it was a crane, but the goose sounded funnier.)

    • NameBM
    • In financial collapse, having gold is good, but having ammos is better. Having skills to grow food and survive with minimal consumerism intervention for several months is best.

      • Diane Wright
      • Having “Goods”,of any kind during Hyper-inflation or an Economic collapse,would be strongly suggested. These items,(i.e.,water,food,meds,seeds,ammo,anything that could be of value for an ordinary house-hold,that often gets overlooked)although they are mundane,will be in high-demand and can be bartered for.I have saved an enormous amount of such items,including plastic glasses,plates,remember there will be no extra water for such things as washing dishes.All items you would never think of using if the world were normal,are the ones you need to set aside,even if it is only a small amount.

        • AmericaTheBeautiful
        • …and cannot imagine confiscation will not include antique coins this time …Obama is no Woodrow Wilson…he is much worse ….and like Malcom X loathes his white genetic side….One might extrapolate from that ….the redistribution of not only America but especially white America who if Pigford has been followed was payment for all Blacks from the taxpayer…just a start

          Jim Rogers last week said not to buy gold but rather silver..China has purchased as much gold as the total holdings of the ECB in just the first seven months of 2012…..Wonder what this week will bring….Regardless things get more dicey and the public becomes increasingly more skittish…seeing the government this week confiscate a family’s 80 million worth of gold… stating they had no papers thus illegality must be attached refused its return of the 80 million worth of antique gold coins that predates Wilson’s confiscation…. thus now government confiscated and owned proclaims US judge…

          All feels rather Alinsky…a collapse of the US system…where Obama will have all the FLEXABILITY of a Stalin…his friendship with Putin should make our blood run cold…

          While Dinesh and Klein in their respective reveals of Obama…neither went anywhere near far enough…too much of their personal views were attributed to Obama…therefore diluted the evil of the man who calls himself…

          China and Russia stockpiling Gold is our clarion call….

          • VTX
          • You wonder: based upon the SCOTUS decision affecting the Ohio farmer – Wickard v. Filburn, will these Nannycrats eventually ban home gardens? Because, you know, what we produce at home might affect interstate vegetable growers?

            And then we’ll have to have EPA permits, local permits, documentation of fertilizers and pesticides, inspections from state, county and municipal officials? Then we’ll need water-use permits, too, of course.

            I’ve wondered about this ever since the EPA tried to declare a Colorado couples’ property “wetlands” and ever since this talk of government owned gold and ever since Obamacare.

            All of these add up to the opposite of the WWII “Victory Gardens.” Just wait. Of Obama is re-elected, this WILL come to pass.

        • Perceptible Future
        • Yes, that’s if your stupid enough to give it to them. Look, in 1933 Gold was $26.80 an ounce and that fascist wannabe-Dictator FDR confiscated people’s right to own their Gold and incredibly people lined up to turn it in. Well, shortly afterward when our government had ceased everyone’s Gold they re-valued it at $35.00 an ounce thereby effectively stealing around 40% of their potential wealth over night!

          In fact, they (our government) 79 years later have again confiscated 10 privately owned 1933 $20.00 Gold Double Eagles from a citizen who found them in a family-owned safe deposit box at their local bank and took them to a Mint to verify their authenticity and Lo and behold! They swooped in and took them away from their owners! This time our government just didn’t steal $134.00 (5X26.80) Dollars from them they stole $80 MILLION IN TODAY’S VALUE FROM THEM!!!

          Friends, these criminals are NOT your friends. These criminals are really only here to enslave us. And the sooner you realize this, and by waking up your family and friends, the faster we can put an end to this tyranny.

      • ITYS
      • I’m here, thank you! We have to do everything in our power to get the word out b/c the corrupt media not only forgoes any due diligence with the man who calls himself Obama but they have cleary engaged in Cover-ups….such as Fast&Furious, the Rezko, Blago, Ayers, Obama council of miscreants and misfits, etc….!! CBS grilled Paul Ryan about his running time comparing that to Gore’s internet lie but bama is never questioned and everything he says are LIES!!

        These ridiculous poll numbers are incomprehensible especially after those despicable people all gathered together last week for their alternate universe CONvention!

        Any thoughts on hillbuzz report about Mrs Robinson bragging to Chicago friends that she will be moving to Hawaii in January 2013!!?? Apparently there will be an update tonight on the site, listed below.

        • truthandjustice
        • Yes, no doubt all of us here are trying also…I sometimes see others who post here on other sites…another I remember is WHISTLEBLOWER. Anyway – re the house, I noticed the writer refers to it as their “post Pres.” home. I don’t see it that way at all. Most Presidents have their “other” homes elsewhere. It doesn’t mean they are buying it (if it’s true) that they think they won’t be re-elected. So I’m not “excited” about it at all. I heard they both HATE living in the WH though (the WHI has said so too I think). Probably b/c it has all those huge portraits and symbols of our Founding Fathers, great patriotic Presidents & Constitution, etc. — everything they HATE. LOL Never thought of that before – but how I love that!!!!
          They (at least Michelle & girls) will probably just be staying there more and more to avoid having to live in the WH. But who knows what other reasons are behind it also…(like maybe they would prefer not to be living in the “ststes” when their planned Commie takeover happens or something.?) All I know is it probably isn’t b/c they think they won’t be “ruling”.

    • usapatriots-shout
    • Heads up!

      Our US dollar is about to depreciate by almost 50%or more proabably this month. There is talk of the US returning to the gold standard–which isn’t a bad idea evenually. Russia isn’t the only country buying masses of gold. China is, too. I still want to konw where all the gold in the basement of the World Trade Center went after it blew up?

    • R. J.
    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is no way out of the financial Disaster that is coming no matter who is elected. $200 trillion plus (for the US alone!) in derivitives are not going away. All of our large banks are completely insolvent zombies being propped up by the Fed. There is no place to put your money to make any kind of return as all of the markets are rigged against you. You can’t get any interest in your savings account and the money you are holding is being utterly destroyed by Bernanke and his printing Insanity. There is no solution. Period.

      This election is about taking the country away from someone who hates it (Obama) and turning it over to someone I, believe wants the best for it and the American people. if we fail to get rid of this cancerous growth called the Obama administration, it’s over. America, as we knew it is finished. With Romney, we will still suffer greatly, but we have the opportunity to rebuild our great nation and restore our founding principles that made us great in the first place.

      • R. J.
      • Buy food, water, a way to defend your property and loved ones, and PMs while you still can. We are going to go through a hyper inflationary collapse similar to Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe…the rest of the world is too with the exception of maybe China. China is loading up on gold by thousands of metric tons (much of it ours). They may force a return to a gold standard whether we want one or not. The problem is, we not have any…

          • VTX
          • I’ve thought a lot about that. His administration needs to be sequestered – kind of like when Nixon left office, with talk of a protectorate in case…

            While the Clintons left office with a kind of classless exit, Obama may do exactly as you say: burn his way out. The fact that he is now blaming his party for his own ineptitude – (kind of like Hitler blaming the German people as the walls came crashing down) – bodes poorly.

            There should be a promise – by the President-elect and Congress – that any measures that harm the US on Obama’s way out will result in charges and prosecution for treason. This does not have to be done publicly, nor spoken in public places – it just has to be communicated and with all appropriate seriousness.

            Sedition, instigated by the outgoing Obama, should be treated as such.

    • Seen
    • “Perhaps the former KGB officer is now banking on an Obama second term that will collapse the world monetary markets?”

      I thought that I read; the Republican platform added reinstating the US Dollar peg to Gold. If this actually occurs, it may slow the mounting pressure towards dissolving the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. If this doesn’t occur, the remaining purchasing power of the US Dollar effectively destroyed, the US Dollar will lose too much confidence resulting in a massive US Dollar surpluses around the world flooding back into the country through imports effectively slinging the inflation created from not only the credit boom-bust but also the easing measures taken in effect on top of the surpluses via trade agreements like oil. The Sterling tried pegging itself to oil, and it didn’t work out too well.

      Moscow and Beijing and others are simply moving to better their position for the reinstatement of a Gold and Silver Standard (No peg, kiss world’s reserve currency status buh-bye).

      US politicians are largely complacent to the US Dollar being the world’s reserve currency and ‘the inexpensible nation’; however, it’s economic and military actions are increasingly blatant and aggressive. Obama’s own Iranian sanctions actually accelerates the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status into becoming dissolved. US Politicians are banking on that since there is no viable present alternative will slow or halt that inevitable discouragement to the ultimate repudiation. US Politicians and central planners spend so much time fighting against the Gold and Silver standard also fails to consider that such expansions of gold reserves by not only Russia but China and others as well inevitably offers an old alternative to the US Dollar.
      1). Iranian sanctions include nation’s central banks that continue to conduct international trade with Iran’s central bank. By possessing large surpluses and a variety of individual trade treaties removed of the Dollar, these nations sustain trade mobility. Despite the Iranian sanctions also sanction nation’s who continue to trade with the Iranian government and central bank.
      2). Any form of Gold and Silver Standard will require gold and silver on hand to be redeemed or accepted in place of paper currency especially the US Dollar.

      • R. J.
      • The problem with that is, how much gold does the US actually have? Officially the number is 8000 metric tons but I’m betting it is much less or even zero. No one has been in Fort Knox since the seventies. Even then, the one room opened for inspection was a small one and it was not even full. If anyone does bother to audit our gold, I’m afraid they wil find we are far more bankrupt than anyone can imagine…

        We once had a stockpile of something like 6 billion onces of silver as well. Today, it is zero and 90% of all silver ever mined has been destroyed, used up by industry and not worth recovering due to it’s insanely low price. It will prove to be more scarce than most people can imagine and could equal or even surpass the value of gold due to both scarcity and utility.

        The dollar (and all monies of the world) needs to be pegged to something for sure to prevent the kind of abuse that has been and continues to be done in it’s debasement. The average American citizen is being robbed blind.

    • truthandjustice
    • Speaking of “coins”….kudos to Romney re “God”:

      “On Saturday, Gov. Mitt Romney talked about resistance at the Democratic National Convention to re-inserting a mention of God in the party platform. “For me,” said Romney, “the Pledge of Allegiance and placing our hand over our heart reminds us of the blood that was shed by our sons and daughters fighting for our liberty and sharing liberty with people around the world. The pledge says ‘under God.’ I will not take God out of the name of our platform. I will not take God off our coins and I will not take God out of my heart. We’re a nation that’s bestowed by God.”

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