Wanna See A Creepy Joe Biden Pic?

Man, sometimes you know you shouldn’t look, but just can’t help yourself.  Now check out this bizarre photo taken today of Barack Obama’s Vice President sitting with a group of bikers – including a female biker who has been allowed to “sit on Uncle Joe’s lap”.  You know the creepy factor is off the charts when the face of the biker to Joe Biden’s left is an odd mix of both disgust and fear.  He is clearly thinking to himself – “How in the hell did this day go so bad so fast?”

Look for yourself.  And take a moment to note the guy in trench-coat smile on Joe Biden’s face.  Ugghh.

Vice President Joe Biden's talks to customers during a stop at Cruisers Diner, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, in Seaman, Ohio. | AP Photo


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22 Comments to Wanna See A Creepy Joe Biden Pic?
      • Obeline
      • While some claim the footage has been tampered with – spliced – edited – and is, therefore, unreliable, Barack Hussein Obama’s ACCENT IS JUST TOO GOOD, TOO AUTHENTIC . . . and that’s got to be real.

    • werbaz neutronName
    • I guess old Bite-Me gets really “saucy” when he’s away from home…….

      The looks exchanged by the two guys alongside must have given the secret service detail pause……….hahahahahahahaha.

    • Charlotte
    • Now they are investigating Hillary supporters. They’d better be careful. The Clintons have a long list of dead “friends’ He’ll be Vince Fostered.

    • Charlotte
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    • Obeline
    • Where’s Dr. Jill?

      The Crazy Old Fart routine is beyond the pale.
      Joe’s courting the biker women’s vote?

      UNdignified. UN-Vice Presidential.

      Dirty Old Men in the Republican party are slayed by the media.
      Where’s the outrage?

    • Jules
    • I don’t think she is on his lap. Look at her chair. He is sitting behind her and leaning in to say,

      “Hey, baby, I’m a big effing deal. Which one of these guys are you with?” Then he sat back and held forth:

      “Let me tell you something. And I mean this. My dad was a biker. I come from a long line of proud bikers. My mom used to say, ‘Joey, if your bike falls over, pick it up and hold your chin high. if you’re lucky nobody noticed.’

      “Listen, I mean this. Bikers make the world go round. And mark my words, one a day a Hell’s Angel will be President. Look at what he have now right? [aids and security frantically gesturing for ol' Joe to stop - pointing to their watched etc., but he continues, oblivious]

      “Nobody can say Barack and I don’t support you guys. We love you and your women! Listen, I have to go, but if you need anything – I mean this – if you need any help, for anything, always ask a biker.”

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