Obama DOJ Attempting To Alter Fast and Furious Investigation Report

The Inspector General’s investigative report on the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican civilians as well as U.S. Border Agents was to be released today but due to delays associated with Obama Department of Justice officials attempting to alter that report, that release is now scheduled for next week.


Issa ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About Fast and Furious Report

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa says he’s confident an inspector general’s report will seek to hold the Justice Department accountable for the Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The report was supposed to be released today at a committee hearing, but Issa told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Monday that Inspector General Michael Horowitz was getting some “push back” from the department. As a result the hearing has been rescheduled for Sept. 15, when Issa said he’s been assured that Horowitz will be ready to testify, despite department officials “objecting to things that are in the report and asking to have them redacted.”

…Issa’s investigation into the Fast and Furious operation led to President Barack Obama asserting executive privilege over some documents in the case. The oversight committee has sued the administration hoping to gain release of everything related to Fast and Furious, but the lawsuit is still pending in federal court.   LINK


Remember the days when Barack Obama promised his administration would be the most open and honest administration ever?

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11 Comments to Obama DOJ Attempting To Alter Fast and Furious Investigation Report
    • VTX
    • To rephrase the quote of Joe Wilson, the male counterpart of an outed former CIA so-called operative: I can’t wait to see Barack Obama “frog-marched out of the Whitehouse.”

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • IG Michael Horowitz should talk now or become very concerned for his life…once Obama is reelected there will be no going back

      People are starting to tell the truth such a the Dean from U of C Law School…he was never a professor and never offered a Professor position tenured or otherwise..


      Now before America goes into the darkness of Communism and anarchy …perhaps those with information on Obama and his wife will come forth…if Jack Ryan’s sealed divorce records could be accessed so too can the Obama’s loss of Law Licences…their Illiois Bar gades..if they ever took the Bar Exam…their College records and grades… birth certificate…, parentage…. radicals records…

      Someone has information that could save America and the globe from the ravages of violence and loss of freedom and the darkness of Global Communism….We can only pray they will come forth

      • Whistleblower
      • ATB

        Issa knows what Fast and Furious is about, he always has. Take a good look at DLA Piper. previously, Piper Rudnick of Chicago. Tony Rezko’s partner Daniel S Mahru’s law license was parked there before he lost it. DLA Piper represents HSBC , who recently got caught laundering Mexican drug cartel money.

        (Rezko and Mahru where also parners with Valarie Jarrett in slum housing)

    • Ebysan
    • @ AmericaThe Beautiful

      Thank You for the Link!!

      I too Pray that people with information come forward to expose this “FRAUD” in our WH!!


      Did Obama teach constitutional law? No, says Epstein

      Obama taught one two-hour seminar each semester and had no scholarly publications, Epstein said, noting what he called a lack of interest on the future president’s part. He saw Obama as having one eye fixed on academia and the other on politics.

      Professor John Yoo of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, who was a visiting professor on the University of Chicago campus in the fall of 2003 while Obama was employed there, never recalls seeing Obama, though his office was across the hall.

    • Francesca
    • UM: I saw a comment on another thread about the light gray font on this site being hard to read. I diidn’t realize you were able to control this; I thought it was my computer. I second that poster’s complaint and ask that you darken the font used for comments if possible.

      Thank you.

    • Lonni
    • If Obama is deemed to be a liability to the PTB this information is invaluable. And, from the “expose’s” coming out against him, i.e. “Where’s the real birth certificate” and, say, the NYT article on Frank Davis being his father, it appears that the Media has been granted more freedom to “vet” him. One never knows but Obama can’t be a happy man about all of this. Even his “cool” won’t put out all the fires popping up all around him.

    • GotFreedom
    • Why is this investigation even still going on. . .the Congress has been dragging it’s feet (I give Rep. Issa credit for trying but I truly believe that Boehner has been a road block to wrapping this thing up). This should of/could have been finished already and all the traitors in our govt thrown in jail!

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