For days now the Obama administration and supporters in the mainstream media have claimed the attacks on American embassies in the Middle East were not attacks on America – or the policies of the Obama government.  These reports have also attempted to suggest Libyans, once they found Ambassador Christopher Stevens, attempted to save him by transporting the ambassador to a nearby hospital.  Video evidence now paints a very different and far more disturbing picture.  The body of a man who appears to be the ambassador is shown being dragged upon the ground as those gathered around cheer.  If Barack Obama so willingly lies about details of a U.S. ambassador’s death, what else is he lying about?  How deeply into the administration does this now growing scandal go?  And will the American people allow the president to get away with this deception?  A final note – readers should be reminded that after being made aware of the death of Ambassador Stevens, Barack Obama flew off to Las Vegas for yet another political fundraiser.  Remind yourself of that fact – a fact even more disturbing than the footage in this video.  (WARNING:  GRAPHIC CONTENT)

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    • Doug
    • You seem to be about a half day ahead of the regular media UM. Keep it up. This video blows away the Obama lies about how they found the ambassdor and tried to save him. Bullshit. They killed him and dragged him around and cheered and high fived. And it seems like they knew exactly where to find him. Even the safe house that was in a different location got attacked. This whole thing was planned out. I hear the Obama people saying it all “just happened” by accident because of some stupid video? Bullshit.

    • MEL

    • Kat
    • You make a good point Mel. I can’t believe all the media are not screaming at this White House about why Obama chose to fly to Vegas during this crisis. How in the world do they let him get away with that? I also want to say that I hope tomorrow the Romney campaign starts coming out on this a lot tougher. People are starting to get the real story thanks to the alternative media and are not happy about it. This morning I was talking to one of my church members and said how awful it was that Obama flew off to Vegas during this thing and she was like, “really?” She had not heard that! I explained to her the truth and she was sick by it. More people need to know this. A lot more!

      • Aussie
      • Your media are in the tank for Obama and they refuse to accept that it was an Al Qaeda attack.

        For pity’s sake the leader of Libya has identified it as an Al Qaeda attack.

        There is a lot more that we do not know.

    • NameBM
    • The King of the Internet fundraising, the Guru of Electronic Campaigning who does not know how to operate an Iphone, doesn’t seem to also know that there is always a video for everything nowadays and that it eventually ends up on the In-Ter-Net!!!

      It’s pretty clear from the video that what’s going on is no rescue operation. And that the bastards on hand are no paramedics..

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • We now know Ambassador Stevens was CIA…and he was gay. We have no confirmation on why he was sent to Benghazi, a hotbed of terrorists and arms dealers, on a 9/11 anniversary. Or why his security was removed…or why help was refused those in need of help in Benghazi. Think about that. An American Ambassador left to be savaged and murdered in Benghazi. No help sent. Stand down orders given. No Cross Border Authority signed–that can only be signed to go into another country by the President of the USA–and it was refused…refused help–no marines, no drones with arms, a stand down to a General, a stand down to an Admiral…and lie upon damnable lie from a President and his Secretary of State..and his acting CIA directorMike Morelli.

        Answers looking for questions…

        On Stevens stomach and chest there is a soot ring that matches the shape of his bidet. next to the bidet is his toilet that still has a full soot ring covering it, the bidet however has no soot, with rub marks showing that soot rubbed off… it appears the soot ring from the bidet only has been transferred to Stevens stomach and chest. i assume Stevens, our Ambassador, was put over that bidet face down and tortured, sodomized by the terrorists who yelled Ala Akbar upon finding Stevens alive. in the video one see Stevens has no soot ring on his chest, in later images as the parade his body through the streets, the soot ring is very apparent. Those investigating in Congress know Stevens was tortured and that his genitalia was cut off. Ask Frank Wolf…one of the few in Congress still with any decency and honor.

        Understand, weapons, stinger missiles and other arms…some say including 6 dirty bombs and WMD biological weapons/Saarin, were removed from Benghazi and given to al Qaeda that were working to take down Assad in Syria. Was that the Saarin that killed all those hundreds of Christian children? as the terrorists rush the Ambassadors they went directly to his secret safe room and directly to the cans of gasoline suggesting they’d been well informed exactly where to go to find the US Ambassador. Looking at what remains in the aftermath of the attack in the complex, its clear the only focus was on the building housing the Ambassadors safe room. Leading one to believe the terrorists knew and had been well informed in advance where to find the gasoline and where to find exactly where the ambassador was located. Security had been removed from the Ambassador two months before, though he had requested and been denied more security, not less, for months…say it had become increasinly dangerous and rife with terrorists in Benghazi particularly with the recent attacks on the British and the Red Cross…and that all others from the west had abandoned Benghazi.

        Consider the terrorists were recorded yelling “don’t shoot, Dr. Morsi sent us.”
        some of these were terrorists, al Qaeda from Egypt. Egypt with Obama’s Arab Spring was now run by Dr. Morsi, of the Muslim Brotherhood, supposedly Morsi was a CIA asset and a longtime friend of Hillary Clinton”s from the 1980′s. Dr. Morsi ran a reign of terror in Egypt where Christians were raped, murdered and beheaded and 500 of their churches, ancient churches, were burned and destroyed. never a single word was uttered by the Secretary of State or the President of the USA in all this time. Muslim had the tacit approval of the Obama regime for their evil holocaust. In the Middle East the saying was first the Sunday people…then the Saturday people. when they have the Christians out of the way, you are to understand they will come for the Jews. Obama who said he would stand with the Muslims should it come to that, never condemned this holocaust of horrors against Christians. Not a peep.

        The only help that came were from men who went against their stand down orders. Panetta gave no help. He lied to Congress to save Hillary and Obama–his fellow travelers. Petraeus told no truths. He appeared to be blackmailed with his Broadwell affair….covert threats apparently appeared in the Wash Post, Washinton Secrets column. Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey told no truths. He remained mostly mum and tried to kick the ball to Panetta. thats cowardice, more cowardice, at the highest levels.

        The Seals wrote and released their own report, Benghazi: The Definitive Report. They state John Brennan was running arms out of Benghazi, through Erdogan in Turkey to Syria. Perhaps the Turkish counsel was just confirming Stevens was where they expected him to be that night. Amazing with almost 100 terrorist waiting with RPG and missiles to rush the compound the Turkish Counsel simply walked past them. Turkey was now a Muslim Brotherhood Country, Egypt was in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, Libya taken down and run amok with Muslim Terrorists…and yet the president celebrated an Arab Spring. Perhaps Obama needs to explain his point of view when referring to fresh starts. outrageous amounts of arms flowed out of Benghazi…into the hands of alQaeda/Muslim Brotherhood related terrorists.

        it interests the information Megyn Kelly had and corned Mike Rogers with. She asked about his Intel Committee he chairs and the fact the attack, the fighting did not have and eight hour lull but ran a straight 8-10 hours of fighting..She asked why Rogers rendition varied so from his committee member Nunez’s version. Rogers appeared to choke…And then that little blond went in for the pin–Sir, Congressman Rogers, Is it true that you had Ambassador Stevens in to a secret meeting with the House Intel Committee? Rogers all but choked, sputtered and broke…”sir, isn’t that quite unusual to have an Ambassador in for an off the record meeting with the House Intel Committee Sir?? More sputtering…
        rogers wife company supplies security across the globe to places such a sBenghazi…but Benghazi not only got none but had their security removed. Odd…an FBI man, Rogers was/is recently announced he’ll not run for re=election. too bad he had seemed to be an honest man. Perhaps he didn’t have the stomach for it…But if not he, an FBI man–then who. Who can clean the hellhole that is DC? Shame

        We’ve seen the Middle East, the Arab Spring burn…Dr. Morsi has now been taken out in a military coup by those who could no longer tolerate the destruction of Egypt nor the evil bloodshed. Remember The Muslim Brotherhood was only 10% of Egypt’s electorate. CAn we assume with the help of Stern and Gerard, Obama’s union friends on the ground in Egypt along with his ACORN friends the creepy Radthke brothers, who were also on the ground in Egypt…that the election was stolen for Dr. Morsi? Morsi now sits in prison in Egypt, on trial. 500 of his Muslim Brotherhood cohorts have been sentenced to death. Oddly when the military removed Morsi, Obama threatened if Morsi not reinstated Obama would renig on his F fighter jets. Obama sent McCain and Graham to persuade the new power structure in Egypt to reconsider…After Obama’s threats and McCains hat in hand begging were made public, not more more hit the airwaves…except Morsi’s wife threatening she had recordings of Obama with Morsi and exposed her 35 year relationship with the Clintons..and Obama’s brother from Kenya position as the treasurer for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas (a terrorists organization. so many piece, so many loose ends…but a picture does begin to develop.

        As we see Obama, as the patron for the Muslim Brotherhood, one asks why? turning the Middle East over to the Muslim Brotherhood make the USA vulnerable to their petro prices…. Not drilling in the gulf, sending the rigs away for 11 years…refusing fracking, refusing the Canadian oil line into the USA—sending Canada’s oil instead to China, no Keystone Pipeline—sending the cask for clunkers, all of America’s junk steel to China…You might say we’ve been routed…The PetroDollar is being killed, our oil source inflated, our oil spigots turned off, unsustainable Nation killing debt run up, The same fine-grade scrap American steel FDR used to build our WWII war machine has been shipped off to China…and that Malaysian flight, that perhaps had the cargo that the Maersk Alabama Cargo Tanker had been carrying where two Navy Seals were murdered and the BS excuse tow men that had never so much as smoked a cigarette died of bad heroin???

        America is being set up for the slaughter. It is not just our economy and jobs Obama has outsourced…he has armed Russia and Pakistan, he has fired over 200 of our top military officers, suicide is at an all time high in the military-22 per day unless you care to consider the the best, strongest and brightest are being murdered…like the 24 of Seal Team 6 set up in Afghanistan…

        Why do you think Holder and Obama want your guns so badly…Why do they want to disarm Americans? The next time someone tells you Obama is only interested in the domestic issues…remember how he has weakened our dollar,-destroying the petrodollar that backs our greenbacks, weaken our military, remoulded the globe to his hearts content… destroying our alliances and the trust that used to exist with our once allies…you don’t really think Snowden was acting alone yet just landed in Mother Russia do you? you have checked out his mouthpiece the communist Glen Greenwald haven’t you? Every new nugget destroyed our alliances while Americans began to distrust their country…
        …While Brennan and Obama are Muslims with Muslims having all sorts of religious rights, your religious rights are evaporating yet hallel (reigiious Muslim food) foods will be served in the public schools. The wounded of Fort Hood–those soldiers have have been kicked to the dirt.


        New Alliances between Russia and China, new alliances between Russsia and Egypt, oil flowing from Russia to Europe, new pipelines to China, Russia, Iran and China dropping the Petro Dollar…

        When someone tells you Obama is only interested in domestic policy …You can call that juat another damnable LIE.

          • AmericaTheBeautiful
          • Further, understand the night of Benghazi…when in three years it’s been reported Obama had only spoken by phone ONE other time in 12/09…Obama had a call with Netanyahu at 3 AM Netanyahu time..
            Obama and Netanyahu had a MUCH publicized phone call, with Biden on the line, making notes, — as evidenced by the pictures released to the press…They spoke for an hour it’s been reported…Widely reported — as in the run up to the election Obama was loosing Jewish votes and Jewish donations ..

            If this call was preplanned and a propaganda moment —does that mean Obama, or someone, knew about the attack–the coming attack.. …..and thus the call would be widely covered as that’s what Obama was doing when he heard about Benghazi being under attack and an American Ambassador was kidnapped or murdered …for the first time in 30 some-odd years…Two birds with one stone…get a bit of free publicity from the moment… for ones contributors in the run up to an election where he’s lost a couple of percentage points–having lost or cuts steeply into the Jewish vote…

            Someone involved in that call had advance notice of what would take place in Benghazi…Obama? Netanyahu? Did Netanyahu set us up?? Was he angry that Obama left him cooling his heals in the waiting room while Obama went to have dinner…and didn’t even offer matza crackers to Netanyahu…

            Admiral Lyon thought it was a publicity stunt, a hero making kidnap moment…gone wrong.

            But doesn’t Ambassador Steven’s secret meeting with the House Intel Committee change that…Who knows…Apparently the rape and capture of America and her ambassadors is A_Ok with too damn many…
            ….I’ll bet they change their mind when the missing nuke or the biological weapons come sailing their way…

            Wonder what Jack Wheeler would say about that??? Don’t you wonder what that patriotic to the end West Point murdered hero would have to say about all that?? Don’t you?? Murdered, dumpster-diving military heroes…who wrote the book on the USA and her WMD and the USA’s nuclear capacity…and the USA biological warfare…Don’t you wonder ?? Keep wondering– We’ll probably find out the hard way

    • VTX
    • Never believe those who treat truth as a butt-wiped rag, unfit to touch or to smell, because they’ll also take your right to your own beliefs and subject them to the same indignities; your rights to speak as you believe will suffer even worse ignominies.

      Rescuing the Ambassador! Please! Perhaps we should one day rescue this administration, in the same manner and vein? Perish the thought! (src)

      • Aussie
      • What is reprehensible is that it was Hilary Clinton who told this lie about what happened. Oh yeah sure he was taken to the hospital, just not the way that she described.

        Clinton has been hopeless as the Secretary of State. Her time has caused a lot of chaos at far worse levels than the previous 8 years.

        • west1890
        • Hillary Clinton and Slick Willy Clinton are as much enemies of the U.S. as Obama. Her goals are no different than Obama’s. The only difference between them is that that she wears skirts in public and Obama wears his in the closet.

    • MEL

    • TX Boy
    • Sorry for this long post, but I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. This false flag thing that was talked about before — at the very least Obama playing a distraction game (regardless of who might get hurt) where WHI said that these guys are willing to sacrifice Americans to win.

      Well — to start off… the maker of this video… and it wasn’t even a video. It was a poorly produced set of trailers and it was released in July as best I can tell. Anyway — these guys already know how to get the Middle East fired up… it’s not rocket science. Just say or do something negative about their Prophet.

      Isn’t it a little bit suspicious that the following events occurred so rapid fashion in a “prepared sort of way”:

      1 – there’s a video done by someone using an alias that no one seems to know for sure who he is — but somehow they know that he’s an Israeli Coptic Christian. How in the hell do they know that if they can’t even really say who it is? The press had that prepared and it came out immediately that the maker was an Israeli Coptic Christian… hmmm. Just another thing to stir the pot perhaps?

      2 – the Administration says they had no prior warning that the attacks were coming… YET, the US Embassy in Cairo puts out a tweet BEFORE the attacks denouncing the video… and apologizing for it. The one that Romney criticized and the same one that was later pulled and deleted by the Administration… remember it was sent out BEFORE the attacks by the same Administration that’s saying they had no prior knowledge of a potential attack.

      3 – then… AFTER the attacks… DEAD SILENCE from the Obama Administration. Everyone kept asking (even some in the MSM)… why aren’t they issuing some kind of statement?? I think it’s because they were baiting Romney’s campaign to say something in their absence of a response — so that they could get their “state-run media” to then start attacking Romney for “politicizing the event”… which also led to the collusion of the press coordinating which questions to ask (and how to ask them that was accidentally caught on tape).

      4 – Isn’t it possible that Obama is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood… and that they coordinated the effort to get the uneducated Muslims fired up and attacking all around the world… but back to this video thing. Somebody translated the film with Arabic sub-titles two days before 9/11… and started broadcasting it in Egypt and began stirring it up.

      It just seems that this whole thing has been orchestrated… for what could be any number of reasons, but I submit mostly for the following reasons:

      1 – DISTRACTION, DISTRACTION, DISTRACTION… no matter who gets hurt. Because Obama needs the news cycle and Americans to be thinking about ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE ECONOMY. He’ll take the Foreign Policy hit because he thinks he can compete with Romney on Foreign Policy, but he CAN’T compete with him on the economy.

      2 – Setting the stage for riots in the US. Now they can just use Muslims as the fall guys and have their union thugs do it.

      3 – Was the coordinated attack in Libya a payoff to the Muslim Brotherhood… help us and we’ll tell you how you can get the list of names of all the Muslims who are helping our military. It makes more sense that this is what they were after — and guess what… that’s what’s missing now from the Benghazi attack. I’m not positive, but I don’t think that US Ambassador is even stationed in Benghazi… he was stationed in Tripoli… so why was he even there with high security documents that included a list of all the names of the Muslims who were assisting our military? Even the Libyan govt says it was a coordinated attack on both the embassy AND the safe house that nobody was supposed to know about.

      I sure hope this guy gets voted out in November… I just can’t fathom what will happen to our country if he wins.

      • west1890
      • I suspect that Obama is behind the Muslim mayhem and he and his cohorts are working under the theory that it will get Obama re-elected because the American people will not want to change horses mid-stream. I think the Muslim powder keg has yet to reach its worst point. Obama doesn’t give a damn how many Americans die, and it doesn’t matter how many innocent children are slaughtered. What counts for him is getting re-elected and that is the only thing that matters. I don’t think for a minute that he would hesitate to sacrifice those closest to him to ensure re-election.He is cold and calculating and to him the end justifies the means. How many people have “conveniently” expired on a very timely basis…. his grandmother, Donald Young, and how many others? I think the Obama inflicted nightmare has just begun for America.

        • Aussie
        • You could be describing the Australian Prime Minister. She is exactly the same… cold and calculating and only interested in her own power. She is a nightmare for Australians. She also makes sheep’s eyes at the usurper in the White House.

      • Aussie
      • The analysis is good up to point 3. Do not confuse Muslim Brotherhood with Al Qaeda.

        You might have a point about an agreement but only in regard to the protests and not the planned attack by Al Qaeda on the US Ambassador and his party. That was pre-meditated and was done in revenge for the death of Al-Libi who was no2 in Al Qaeda.

        To answer your question about why he was in Benghazi, I assume because one of his party was looking for the very weapons that were used to kill all of them. Not sure about the documents, but maybe someone who was in the Benghazi consulate had been gathering information relating to Ansar al-Sharia for the purposes of keeping an eye on their activities.

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      •      Whistleblower, stunning outlay of the politically driven, dirty US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald! Went after and destroyed the Bush Administration to usher Obama in…and protected Jesse Jackson Jr …and also DELIVERED THE LAST VOTE TO PUT THROUGH OBAMACARE

               From the article:

        The urgency to arrest Blago was manufactured out of whole cloth. The leak had to originate out of the DoJ. And, the closest outlet for the DoJ to the Chicago Tribune is Fitzgerald’s office. You connect the dots.
        In retrospect, we know now that Richard Armitage was the confessed leaker in the Valerie Plame Case. We also know that Fitzgerald knew of Armitage’s confession before undertaking a long and costly investigation that convicted a key staff member of Vice President Cheney of a crime not connected to the Plame leak. And, that this media event, upon which the foundation of the Untouchable myth was built by the main stream media, was politically-driven.
        The Plame “investigation” boiled down to a surrogate WWF-like wrestling match between two Big Beltway Boys: Armitage representing Powell – Libby for Cheney. With Fitzgerald as the biased referee. And, it will be so chronicled by unbiased historians in the future.
        The arrest of Blago was timed, not to stop a crime spree, or the selling of a Senate seat – since the latter notion is built on the myth that, once Blago got paid for appointing someone, the act was immediate and irrevocable. The arrest was timed to save Congressmen Jesse Jackson, Jr., from criminal prosecution for bribing a governor in order to receive a Senate appointment. Connect the dots. It was about saving J.J., Junior.”

        As we wrote back in October 2011: “The arrest was timed to save Congressmen Jesse Jackson, Jr. from criminal prosecution for bribing a governor in order to receive a Senate appointment. Connect the dots. It was about saving J.J., Junior.”
        Remember that Jackson was the ’08 Co-chair of Obama’s Presidential Campaign Committee.
        Conclusion…the book is about how dirty Fitzgerald is…politically driven by Democrats and serving his master Obama…wonder how Senator Peter Fitzgerald was made to appoint Patrick Fitzgerald…and give up his senate seat to nobody Barack Obama…there’s an investigation for you…more raw FBI files and blackmail?

    • Essa
    • To add insult to injury Obama tweeted about having sweatshirts on sale perfect for fall attire, just as the coffins with our murdered American citizens were arriving back in the United States from Libya.

      Let us not forget Hillary celebrated the end of Ramadan at State Department with the Libyan Ambassador after the murders. How about that for a slap in the face, yet we are still going to gift these killers and thugs more of our hard earned money. The United States government is essentially paying those who hate us and our values to kill us.

      Telling Israel they are on their own, refusing to meet with Netanyahu, blaming a film Americans have never seen or heard of as the reason for the uprising says one thing crystal clear, that Obama has green lighted Iran’s nuclear program in allowing the Muslim brotherhood to take a strangle hold on the middle east like a cancer that is metastasizing and cannot be stopped.

      Romney and his people better get with the program! It is time to fight to save America. The creep who calls himself Obama, the Muslim brotherhood, the unions, the banks, and the Chicago gang play for keeps, this is not Sunday school where we turn the other cheek and play nice.

    • Holly Martin
    • Can’t wait to read a translation of what they were saying during this video. But there’s no mistaking the cheering when they finally get him out of the building. It sounds just like football fans cheering a touchdown. I don’t think they were just happy to have recovered someone they respected from the building and getting ready to hustle him to a hospital to save his life!

    • Doug
    • Looks like they drop him on his head when they pass him through the opening. NO way they were trying to save him. He actually looks dead there. Then they scream out that allah akbar sp?? thing at the end when everyone is able to see him. And the other photos of him from a few days back when he is being dragged in the street looks like he was busted up in the head. Why no news of an autopsy report that would confirm how he died? Would take them about an hour to determine cause of death in this case. Would also indicate if he was raped as some reports have said he was.

    • BigTexas
    • Hadn’t though about that. Where is the autopsy report??????? Would that totally prove the reports Ambassador Stephens was murdered. Brutalized, etc? Or it would prove these Libyans did try and help him. Why has that report not been released???????? Has he already been buried? Or cremated???????? I hadn’t even thought about that until Doug mentioned it.

      • Lindandy
      • I heard early on that Ambassador Stephens is being (or was) cremated. Heard nothing about an autopsy but hard to believe there wouldn’t be one… except to hide something that exposes more about this despicable administration than we already know.

    • InTheKnow
    • From the Up Is Down department:

      There is a report out now that the video shows that the Libyan crowd was trying to ‘rescue’ Chris Stevens.

      Unbelievable, the lies the media will go to in order to try to save this president.

      Yeah, maybe rescuing him so that they could possibly defile his body and drag him around the city.

      The media is unbelievable.

    • Kim Leland
    • That poor man. WTF was the pResident’s Administration thinking, sending a gay man to a muslim(e) country? Was he sent there to serve this purpose, or what?

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