WALL STREET INSIDER: Beware The First Presidential Debate – Obama Will Cheat

A brief written message from a longtime Wall Street Insider clarifies an earlier message from WHI, as well as gives a strong warning of how the Obama campaign cheated during the first presidential debate in 2008, and will likely do so again in 2012.


I found your latest interview informative, albeit somewhat innacurate at certain points, namely those times -name deleted- deemed it necessary to include myself in their discussion with you.  They did not have my permission to do so.

Let me simply state that I have given absolutely no consideration to quitting this fight against the man calling himself Obama.  Such a possibility has never been voiced by myself to anyone involved in this effort of ours.  What I did indicate, very briefly, was my decision to re-allocate needed resources from the internal battles within the FED, to more direct involvement in certain swing state education efforts of voters.  As the saying goes, one cannot be in all places at once, and myself and those I trust to carry forth certain directives, must exist within that reality.

So with that said, any mention of “closing shop” had to do with efforts pertaining to Bernanke and QE3, of which I had warned you of some time ago.  There was considerable conflict behind the scenes regarding that situation, as the FED minutes will likely disclose.  I remain convinced Lagarde is playing perhaps the most influential role in twisting the arm of Bernanke in relation to his seemingly suicidal action.  Please note the latest news coming from Europe, namely Germany.  Merkel continues to wage a battle of epic proportions.  She is, at this time, among the very few world leaders I would consider legitimate toward the cause of financial reason and freedoms.  Perhaps the only one presently of any significance to successfully slow the still rising tide of Lagarde’s purposeful intent to finalize centralized global governance.

As for what plans I may have initiated regarding my own family, -name deleted- knows better than to share that which I should decide upon.  Making such a thing public to you was both unwise and disrespectful to both of us as it placed you in a the middle of what is now what I shall simply call a much needed “re-adjustment” of our mutual friend’s present understanding of their own place in all of this.

And therein we come back to this American election of 2012.  I wish to warn you of something rumored from the 2008 campaign, a rumor I will leave for you to decide whether or not to confirm.  I made no such attempt to confirm myself as at the time, the political machinations of this or any other country held little interest to me so long as the prepaid outcome was ultimately finalized.

It is my understanding that during the first debate between “Barack Obama” and Senator McCain, the Obama campaign was successful in implementing a planned question and answer segment within the debate format.  By that I mean to say they cheated.  This rumor first came to my attention approximately three days prior to the debate.  There were communications, plural not singular, between an operative from the Obama campaign and an associate or associates for that first televised presidential debate in 2008.  The Obama campaign wanted to make certain of a very particular question and answer segment in relation to the economic conditions of that time and the still ongoing attempts by the Bush campaign to deal with those challenges.  This segment would then finalize the view of McCain’s incompetence and “Barack Obama’s” own brilliance. There was to be a line used by the man calling himself Obama, “orgy of deficits” that would pin Senator McCain to the Bush administration, which of course was at that time reviled by most of the electorate.  The timing of this line’s use was to be signaled by the moderator himself to candidate Obama.  I did not watch that first  debate in 2008.   I have not verified this well sourced rumor.  I simply recall now what was told to me then with the growing concern a similar attempt will be made by the Obama administration yet again during this first debate to inflict harm to Mitt Romney as they did so to John McCain.

It should be simple enough for you to go back and find the use of that line by Obama from 2008.  From there, I would urge you to ask our mutual friend about it.  Ask them who among the Obama operatives of 2008 would be responsible for prepping the media for future appearances by the then-Democratic candidate?  Did such a thing occur – outright collusion between the Obama campaign and the architects of that first presidential debate in 2008?  And how heavy the hearts of those responsible for orchestrating such a thing if they now look back upon Obama’s victory as such a dangerous mistake for America.

Ask our friend of this.  I will be very interested to see if they provide any meaningful answers to you, though regardless, they most certainly will have already provided those answers to me, whether they intend to or not.


In Friendship,



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48 Comments to WALL STREET INSIDER: Beware The First Presidential Debate – Obama Will Cheat
    • InTheKnow
    • Never doubt the resolve of WSI.

      This individual lived through Hitler.

      Never again.

      I don’t care what family line you come from, you don’t achieve the kind of power and influence WSI has achieved unless you can stand on your own merits.

      Clearly, WSI can very much do that.

      Good to hear from you, WSI. We have a war to win, old friend.

    • MEL


      AS FOR OBAMA CHEATING. WELL DUH. GUY IS AS PHONY AS A YOU CAN GET. ABO 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Xeno
      • UM, I’d like to suggest you attempt to arrange something further with your military-related contact.

        Firstly, because of world events regarding the Middle East. There is some, shall we say, sensitive traffic making the rounds, which is under the media radar. Very much so. They might like the opportunity to voice some relevant concerns.

        Secondly, because they hinted at particular subjects there was not sufficient enough time to elaborate upon. Having read your apologetic tone when the previous interview was published, they may now be willing to be more forthcoming.

    • BigTexas
    • There was def. a tone with that message to UM. Think we just got a glimpse of the darker side of WSI right there. That is one guy I would not want “re-adjusting” my place in things. Yikes. Would YouTube have a that first debate in 2008? Curious to see if that line was used.

    • Obeline
    • “Orgy of deficits” = even more relevant today than it was four years ago. Debates should definitely pick up right where the old ones left off – with the shoe on the other foot, of course.

      Dear Leader cheating = no surprise to anyone. However, as it relates to the UPCOMING debates, there’s no question it must be stopped in its tracks, IMMEDIATELY.

      • Libertylady
      • Well said, Obeline… The minute that the deficit issue comes up, Romney needs to tag that on Obama himself, mercilessly, going for the jugular. Put him right in “George Bush’s shoes”, and show what a failure and an unmitigated hypocrite he has been.

        Mitt MUST develop a killer instinct, It;s not natural to him. But he MUST do it.

    • reader
    • WSI is very smart here. This is actually a message to the media. He knows what they did and is telling them not to do it again. I’m starting to get the hang of reading between the lines of their messages. They always seem to be sending a message to someone else. Not to UM. Not to us the readers. They are using UM to do this. UM is kind of like a human mule. Don’t mean that in a mean way UM. Just am pretty sure that is how WSI is using this format.

    • bill o'rights
    • Whoa! I think I understand what WSI is driving at. Insider indeed!

      Hopefully, lesson learned, WHI?

      Anyway, I’ve been thinking a great deal about the debates lately. I’m deeply concerned, given the MSM’s ability and willingness to edit, skew, obfuscate and, in all other ways, stack the deck.

      I would love for Romney to be given the opportunity to pose a question or several questions to Obama…

      You know, things like:

      ‘Are you an American citizen? And, if so, why did you claim to be a foreigner while attending Occidental?’


      ‘Why has your Department of Homeland Security purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, considering that the entire U.S. military used a total of 70,000,000 rounds of ammunition in the Gulf War in 2003?’


      ‘Were you personally involved in the shipping of arms to the drug cartels? If not, why did you invoke executive privilege?’

    • Cheryl
    • WSI,

      I know you will not quit fighting the good fight !

      WSI made an error in judgement in what he revealed to Ulsterman
      but I am confident you will remain united with him in your endeavor
      to oust “Obama”.
      We all make errors we regret and we must forgive and march on united!

      We must all remain united to expose and be rid of “Obama” no matter what it takes !

      I pray that your health is improving and that you and your family are safe .

      Thank you for this update.

      We know the MSM is The Obama PR machine unfortunately .

      The American public is wising up to the fact they cannot trust the MSM.

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • Thanks Cheryl.

        Though Obama is known to have cheated in every election he has ever run…. please note he gets nervous, calls John McCain “Jim”, and has to look at his notes to read the words “Orgy of Spending” and look again to use his cheat sheet for the reminder to use the directed word “lead.”

        Amazing as he as led at nothing…and coined the ludicrous phrase “leading from behind” ….unless of course we speaking of a gay conga line….

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • The Dem primary debates of 2008 were pure Kabuki…as I have mentioned here before..Hillary was asked the debate questions first …so Obama could restate her answers…as in dumb boy sits next to smartest girl in class to cheat off her paper….trying to inform and enhance The Wons performance..

      My belief has always been the entire 2008 campaign was Kabuki…distract the voters with a People magazine type campaign with all the intrigue of a soap opera…Barack hates Hillary, Hillary hates Barack….Pure rubbish…Pure Kabuki….

      The man who calls himself was always intended for the office of President…as he told the Ayers’ mailman so as a young man in his 20′s….
      It had to be a Black man or they could not have pulled this off and used the race card to yell racist when ever called on absolutely anything…It gave The Obammunist free reign for over two years… as they knew it would to make radical communist changes and set up their shadow government and Gestapho regulators over a people silenced, muted by Politically Correct language.. hindering their outrage over their loss of freedoms.

      Hillary was always meant to be the arsonist of the Middle East with an able assist by her Muslim Brotherhood, IslamoCommunist assistant…Huma.

      Khalidi Al Monsour has been a key player from way way back…and managing and assisting Obama into Harvard law…and in Chicago where his agents Auchi and Rezko managed and assisted Obama..
      The .IslamoCommuinst has come to conquer America.

      Please consider that the meme of …”it was the awful Christian man’s video that brought about the Ambassador’s murder and the riots across the world”…..a meme Obama and Hillary hold steadfast to…a meme that was and is the precursor, the setup for Obama and Hillary to sign onto our loss of freedom of speech, signing on to the United Nations agreement of no negative words allowed toward Islam….Islam is meant to control…Obama and Hillary stand ready to throw Americans to the wolves…to the international courts and prisons. IslamoCommunism is here in America and Obama was its evil shepherd ..

      • Jules
      • Yes, AtB, 2008, and even now, theater, planned, all of it. WSI referred to , “…the prepaid outcome…”

        For some reason, I find it a kind of funny when WSI is a little riled up as he seems to be in this latest Sept. installment – In which WSI Gets Annoyed

        ” I would urge you to ask our mutual friend about it…
        “Ask our friend of this. I will be very interested to see if they provide any meaningful answers to you, though regardless, they most certainly will have already provided those answers to me, whether they intend to or not.”

        Well. Well, well.

        Also WSI confirms what we all know is La Gargoyle’s plan: ” Lagarde’s purposeful intent to finalize centralized global governance.”

      • Jules
      • Yes, theater, then, now, on-going. There was, as WSI said, “the prepaid outcome.”

        He also confirmed what we knew about La Gargoyle in referring to, “Lagarde’s purposeful intent to finalize centralized global governance.”

        His slight annoyance with WHI is kind of funny. “I would urge you to ask our mutual friend about it. Ask them who among the Obama operatives of 2008 would be responsible…” Well. Well, well, well.

    • Essa
    • All the debate moderators are liberals from the MSM networks (a.k.a. The Ministry of Truth.) therefore they are already cheating. I hope Romney and Ryan will be able to overcome the tripwire.

      WSI is correct to mention the centralized global governance coming down the pike. It is the only explanation for the indefinite QE3 which is nothing short of a kamikaze mission to facilitate the engineered global collapse, timing it so all countries collapse in unison.

      We could literally wake up tomorrow to a transformed America where freedom, liberty and rights are no more. Even now the DHS is planning to hijack the internet through executive order, as always using the phony reason of safety, just as all other dictators throughout history have done.

      • bill o'rights
      • Absolutely right.

        The real problem is, I, and most everyone else are only going to feel safe with our Constitution back.

        Black Jesus and his pinko-commie clan can floss with my a– hairs.

        While I am alive, I will keep my God and my guns.

    • E.A.B.
    • Reading between the lines, I almost get the impression that WSI is saying it was WHI himself who aided the Obama campaign in cheating during the debates.

      I hope this kind of cheating can be prevented or at least prepared for this time. The debates are our last chance to win this thing.

    • truthandjustice
    • Debates? What debates?
      Let’s put it this way…..if they have the first one and Obama does badly, don’t be surprised if those “October” surprises don’t start happening or some other unexpected issue, false flag that will prevent him from doing the rest. Personally, I think Romney will win handily & not worried about that.

      Or….maybe they’ll decide to do them if they aren’t triggering their biggie yet and they just don’t care how he looks b/c they are confident they have it “in the bag” whether it’s before or after the elections, whether he wins or not. They sure have increasingly been doing a lot of things that seem like they don’t care but they have to “appear” to be doing the regular election process until they pull the trigger that will ensure his staying in power. Sorry, I can’t put ANYTHING past them and know they will not leave voluntarily……
      WSI – happy to see you back and clarifying….strange – after I read the WHI interview, I figured you’d contact UM and be back here…was waiting. Happy to see you are staying to “hold the fort” but I would rather that all could do this outside of NYC b/c I think it is a target that is likely to be hit “big time” in the very near future.

    • 57th State
    • Am I the only one that thinks the debates will be almost entirely non-impactful? At this point, you are either for the possibility of a turnaround or you are for another round of shit sandwiches. The same people that will be swayed next Tuesday night are the same people who will decide not to vote in November. Very few people are changing their mind at this point. Romney is not a perfect candidate, but he was pretty good in the Republican debates and will do fine. In the end, however, it doesn’t matter how well he does do or how bad O is, the MSM will always say O got the better of him. The sooner people start realizing this the less heartache there will be.

    • NameBM
    • It always amazes me to see successful people surprised at the obvious. But then again sucessful people are trained not to see the human component of things just the numbers. So they miss the human bias of ascent and descent.

      That said DUHHHHH. Of course the debates are going to be rigged! The questions have already been written by Axelrod and Plouffe and are in the hands of the “Moderators” ready to be asked.

      When oh when has the field not been rigged in favor of O ever????

      So why would it not be this time?

      The commission deciding on the debates and choosing moderators is entirely staffed of super RINOs and MAJOR Obama buttlikers. What would be very surprising? a fair debate.

      Debates have been rigged for a while. I remember a very interesting photo of Bush during one debate, showing a very suspicious buldge under his collar near one of his ear…

      But may be this time, WSI is issuing a warning to whoever is sponsoring this behavior: Not this time or revenues might decline even more….

    • megapotamus
    • Okay, I wouldn’t put this past Team O or Romney either if there were someone from a non-commie outlet on the moderator list, but so what? Obama had command and control of the media against McCain as he does now, the best they could do is the “orgy of deficits”? Which, if that was a big PR push, I cannot recall the phrase. I was amused at that time by the Democrats’ running against deficits and debt. Mostly this was done on the Clinton record, dubious as that is. Well, he can’t exactly do that now, can he? What question and answer could possibly be so beneficial? Nothing, really. Obama already has the luxury of writing the questions for the Press Corpse. I just hope Romney knows what he is getting into and doesn’t think Obama and his communards are going to play by any rules except those of the jungle.

    • VTX
    • “And how heavy the hearts of those responsible for orchestrating such a thing if they now look back upon Obama’s victory as such a dangerous mistake for America.”

      IF they look back; IF they see Obama’s victory as a mistake?

      Chris Tingles (Chris Matthews) openly questioned why Obama should be reelected – and then went back to being his bugger-boy. I wonder if he sees Obama’s victory as a mistake? WHI stated that there aren’t any men with working “parts” in Washington anymore. Where did they go? IF they see his victory as such a mistake, why aren’t they doing anything about it? Why did Chris Tingles go back into the state of pussyhood (sorry, but that had to be said.) Same with Clinton. Ad nauseum.

      Obama can’t kill all of us, can he? Unless he uses foreign adversaries to carry it out, he can’t! And all the thugs in Chitcago can’t kill all of us, not even one-by-one. And as for me, I will give my life for my country, if neccesary. Don’t read anything into that – it’s just a fact. And I am not alone.

    • Chunkdog
    • According to CNN transcripts, the last thing the moderator, Jim Lehrer said to either candidate, before Obama brings up the “orgy of deficits” is, “LEHRER: Before we go to another lead question. Let me figure out a way to ask the same question in a slightly different way here. Are you — are you willing to acknowledge both of you that this financial crisis is going to affect the way you rule the country as president of the United States beyond the kinds of things that you have already — I mean, is it a major move? Is it going to have a major affect?

      Obama answers, then Mccain says something about healthcare costs and financial restraint.

      That is followed by Obama’s, “OBAMA: I just want to make this point, Jim. John, it’s been your president who you said you agreed with 90 percent of the time who presided over this increase in spending. This orgy of spending and enormous deficits you voted for almost all of his budgets. So to stand here and after eight years and say that you’re going to lead on controlling spending and, you know, balancing our tax cuts so that they help middle class families when over the last eight years that hasn’t happened I think just is, you know, kind of hard to swallow.

      So, if it was a verbal cue, it was in that Leherer question.

      Actually I would be surprised if Obama DIDN’T cheat.


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