Now Obama Administration Caught Lying About Investigation Into Benghazi Attack

A great clip of Obama White House Press Secretary Jay Carney clearly upset at having to actually try and answer a question from an almost aggressive member of the media regarding the deadly attacks in Libya that killed four Americans including a United States ambassador. 

Note Carney’s repeated assertion the Obama administration is undergoing an investigation into the attacks.  THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION IS LYING ABOUT THIS SUPPOSED “INVESTIGATION” INTO THE BENGHAZI ATTACKS.   Check out these recent headlines:

Sources: 15 days after Benghazi attack, FBI still investigating from afar

FBI agents staying away from Benghazi for now

Why isn’t the FBI investigating the Benghazi terrorist attack?

What Barack Obama has done is run to Eric Holder, the very same man who recently was found in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to the failed and deadly operation that placed thousands of weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, and asked Holder to oversee the investigation into the attacks at Benghazi.  See a pattern here?  Just like Fast and Furious, which had Eric Holder and the administration waiting over a year to even present any kind of investigative findings, so too is the Benghazi investigation now being delayed.

Barack Obama did not need to turn to Eric Holder’s FBI to “investigate” the Benghazi killings.  The NSA, DoD, Secret Service, CIA, CID, USMCP, etc., could have initiated an investigation.  Perhaps Barack Obama does not trust these agencies?  Instead he turned to Eric Holder and the FBI.  And now over two weeks after the attack it is known that NO investigation has yet been initiated in Benghazi by the Obama administration.

A United States ambassador and three other Americans are killed in a terrorist attack almost three weeks ago and there is still  NO investigation underway?

A non-existent investigation that the White House is telling the media IS underway?  The Obama administration lied about the actual motives of the Benghazi attacks.  Now they are lying about the investigation into those same attacks.


Here is Obama spokesman Jay Carney speaking about this non-existent investigation one week ago – an investigation that reports from yesterday and today indicate HAS NOT YET STARTED.  Carney falsely describes it here as an “ACTIVE” investigation:

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24 Comments to Now Obama Administration Caught Lying About Investigation Into Benghazi Attack
    • Jules
    • “…bad actors, extremists who have taken advantage of, and exploited different situations that have developed…”

      Yeah, well, you should know, Jay Spokespuppet.

      • Perceptible Future
      • Gosh, the media is a joke! All these supposed “Journalists”sitting on their collective hands timidly looking around hoping that Jay “The truth I can’t say” Carney doesn’t call on them for a question. What miserable louts this lot of propagandists truly are. I guess they have been on “Vacation” while Manchurian Bari Shabazz has been occupying the Oval Office and they will definitely “Get back to work” once Romney takes over in January…

    • VTX
    • You heard it from me first! The same planner of the Libyan protests was the architect of Fast and Furious. The M.O. is too similar to be otherwise.

      I didn’t think Holder was dumb enough to put his feet into this seething, boiling cauldron, though. Maybe I overestimated him, or underestimated his capacity for evil.

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • Indeed FAST and FURIOUS LIBYA …part II

        The murdered Seal Team Six members (CIA now) at the safe Benghazi safe house were only there to get back certain armaments provided to Al Qaeda by Obama used to take down Khaddfi and Libya…problem was they could take down commercial airliners with the launchers used to take over Libya by the Communist, or IslamoCommunist Muslim Brotherhood who received an assist from Obama….thus making Libya …not an Arab Spring project but rather a takeover by Communism…as is Egypt….

        This was to be a wag the dog, kidnap of the Ambassador and fake negotiate to get him back hosanna moment for Obummer but they got caught up in their savagery of torture and rape…didn’t work out as planned…

        Very dangerous dirty work Obama…let the “folks” know your in bed with the PLO too.. another communist group

      • Aussie
      • Along those same lines, and not disagreeing with your thoughts – who really put up the money for that terrible documentary in the first place?

        I have been thinking along the lines that the scenes in the Middle East came a month too soon to be useful.

    • VTX
    • Didn’t Carney work for the Tobacco Institute? Or do work on Al Gore’s Fauxementary, Inconvenient Lies?

      Carney reminds me of the lead character in the movie “Thank You For Smoking” – except for the fact that the character in the movie was clever, funny and handsome – and was believable. Other than that, Carney is a perfect fit!

    • shakedowncrews
    • Fast and Furious. They sold weapons to drug cartels and then covered it up when it backfired. Remember that the SEAL had stated in an interview that he was working to gather dangerous weapons. My theory: Like F&F, they sold dangerous weapons to the Libyan rebels, and those were the same weapons that were used in the attack. They know that, and want to drag out a bogus investigation until after the election. This is probably F&F Part Deux.

      • Aussie
      • Here is another likely scenario. The weapons that they are chasing are the same ones listed as missing at the very beginning of the conflict. These possibly included chemical weapons that Gadhafi had hidden even though he claimed that such weapons had been destroyed.

        Gadhafi had a vast store of weapons purchased from the Russians and the Chinese. These weapons were hidden everywhere. Once the genie was out of the bottle, some of the weapons went missing.

        The Libyan rebels (I am talking about the ordinary citizens, not the Salafist factions) used mostly light weapons. There were weapons drops in the mountains by the French. Those weapons were used to take Tripoli. One unit gathered up the weapons for return at the end of the conflict. Other groups did their own thing.

        I think you will find that the weapons being sought are those missing chemical weapons. In the hands of Al Qaeda they are very deadly.

    • VTX
    • Now Rep. Peter King is calling for Susan Rice’s resignation. That’s a start; her ineptitude was demostrated repeatedly in her flurry of press encounters – her demeanor was not that of a professional diplomat; she seemed more like a student representative from a high school SGA, meeting with a School Board.

      Contrast her rush to sell the administration’s lies – and lies is what they were and are – with Panetta, who said nothing publicly until the idiots in the White House had finished humiliating themselves.

      Rice should resign. She is a sophomoric imbecile.

    • n8
    • For someone that talks about the need to not make suppositions about what happened, they sure had no problem running UN ambassador Susan Rice to all the Sunday talk shows that week to tell the world it was a spontaneous event caused by a 6 month old obscure YouTube video.

    • VTX
    • James Clapper is falling on his (very short) sword and taking responsibility for the misinformation that Obama and his Three Stooges kept pimping. That’s actually even more unbelievable than Obama’s Muslim-outrage story – that Clapper has that kind of clout.

      It’s even worse for Obama, that he’d believe a single source – while nearly everyone else in the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern world got the message: this was a 2001-memorialization that didn’t have a damn thing to do with any video. It is perhaps too much to ask that the President check the calendar?

      So while Clapper was a boob in 2010 – missing the news about 12 terrorist plotters in GB, he then claimed in March 2011 – inexplicably – that the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular.” While Clapper is not the Muslim-apologist and Israel-hater that Chas Freeman was (and is,) the idea of anyone actually listening to his advice is…well, ridiculous. Is he the Lone Wolf that DHS fears? The Lone Wolf of Intel?

      Which is worse, you might ask: a tone-deaf President who can’t comprehend even the most obvious of current events, including of course the date of infamy, or a lumox in the White House who is such a poor manager that he keeps Inspector Clouseau on his staff and relies on his judgement alone?

      Whichever it is, it still falls on Obama.

      While it may be suspected that Clapper is merely a masochist, and that he doesn’t mind being beaten for something that’s the President’s failure and responsibility, I have to reiterate something I posted on UM recently: if someone in Intel (Clapper) wanted to damage the Idiot in Chief’s image, all he would have to do is to let Obama continue to believe his own chosen metanarrative.

      I believe that Obama hired someone who is of equivalent competence. Except that Clapper is actually likeable – and he isn’t the damn President.

    • VTX
    • Forgive me for utilizing Wikipedia, but this is just too rich:

      Obama said that Clapper “possesses a quality that I value in all my advisors: a willingness to tell leaders what we need to know even if it’s not what we want to hear.”

      Come again? This is why I doubt that Clapper is responsible for providing Obama with bad Intel – Obama kept claiming, against all evidence, what he DID want to believe! I doubt Clapper said a word to the Idiot in Chief; logs should show any interaction between the two.

      Clapper is, above all, a good sport – taking a buggering for the team and all that! Nary a protest!

      Wiki further noted that Clapper was someone who would “provide oversight into the CIA’s use of predator drones in Pakistan.” (What-the-eff?) Does this mean that THIS is the man responsible for putting the Predatorized version of an X-box in Obama’s fair little hands? Seems unlikely – but possible. Who else would have made it happen (or allowed it to happen?) Someone needs to ask.

      Too many good questions opening up with this ‘operation.’ One thing is for certain: we have a President who can tell neither friend from foe, reality from delusion, truth from fiction.

    • I.M.
    • Gibbs was a bad press secretary; he’d get up there and spin, spin, spin, anything to make his boss look good. Hard to get anything substantial out of him, but it’s hard to say he was so much worse than your typical political mouthpiece.

      Carney makes Gibbs look honest. Carney doesn’t just spin. He attacks reporters for daring to ask questions. He blatantly lies right to their faces. If he’s called on one lie, he either doubles down on it or replaces it with a new lie. The man is downright vile and easily the most contemptible press secretary I’ve ever seen. Fits right in with his vile and contemptible boss.

    • SteveM
    • Is Carney beginning to look tired? Seems all the lies he is saying is wearing him down. Any bets on how long he lasts as PS? I’d hate to be him and have to wake up every morning knowing that all day long I can’t tell the truth. His life must really suck.

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