Obama Benghazi Massacre Cover Up Timeline…

Released by the stalwart Heritage Foundation just a few days ago and now gaining in recognition following today’s Congressional hearings on the Benghazi Massacre:



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17 Comments to Obama Benghazi Massacre Cover Up Timeline…
    • Ylem
    • It’s either political in nature and/or a knowledge that the attacks were coming and they made sure that nothing would be done about it.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • If Fast and Furious was about setting the stage to take away American’s gun rights…

      Then as The Obama Administration held tight to the narrative of “It was the video” meme…
      This was a setup to take away free speech and Internet rights…
      Confirmation was Obama going before the UN saying Mohammad and Allah cannot be disrespected.
      The ring outed at WND… confirms Obama is a Muslim…look at everything Obama has done while in office through that lens..and all his actions finally make sense.
      First Mulim Brotherhod President in our White House…may it be the last…

      • Patcairn
      • Agreed. It was all about free speech (or prohibition thereof) and the implementation of whatever else they could get away with.

        The ring is fascinating, but only confirms what has been obvious. Every time a choice had to be made involving Islam, Obama has favored Islam. Whether it be choices of friends or his treatment of Israel or association with the Muslim Brotherhood or his winking at the New Black Panther Party, his orientation has been unwavering. That didn’t automatically mean Obama is a Muslim, but a true Christian wouldn’t behave that way. Nor would a true Christian wear a ring that declare Allah as the true God.

      • Holly Martin
      • Bingo! No other web site that I’ve read seems to comprehend that the whole “It was the video” meme was the planned run-up to Obama’s speech at the UN the next week. That’s why Susan Rice had to keep floating that lie on Sunday talk shows, buying time before the UN appearance. Then, after his big speech, which was a set up for criminalizing free speech against “the Prophet,” they could drop the whole video stupidity.

        That’s why I believe BHO had a hand in the creation of the video in the first place.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • The State Department…Lamb, aptly named as Krauthammer stated…was on the phone with the Ambassador and the others…. while they were under attack for 6 hours!

      And then those filthy LIARS had the temerity to stand next to the dead body of our Ambassador….and lie some more!

      20,000-30,000 MSSING Surface to Air Missiles in Libya…

      • ebysan
      • @ AmericanTheBeautiful

        I still feel that this Attack was a “set-up” to make Obama look good before the election.

        As reported by UK news Sept 12th : A Helicopter of Marines was sent to “Rescue” the Ambassador in Benghazi…. The Marines were attacked & did not make it to Benghazi….. This was never told to the American people.

        Instead of a “Staged Rescue” of our Ambassador, our Ambassador was “Murdered”!!

        Some other comments on other articles by Ulsterman agree that this was a “Staged Rescue” to make Obama look good; but it ended with deadly consequences!!

        Obama & his Administration have ‘Blood’ on their hands!!

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Good God….Aaron Vaughn’s parents on Hannity were shocking. Their incredible Seal son was shot down, killed, in the largest loss ever, in our history…of Seals…where the Seals were plied onto one lousy craft….

      What they revealed that the military officials told them was..

      .No soldiers, seals, no Americans are allowed on a mission without first permission by the Afgan army, the Afgan police and an Afgan commission,…. and who must first turn over a FLUGHT PLAN to all three Afgan entities…And …when shot down other Americans that were there on site and well armed, were not allowed to fire to protect their fellow soldiers because they were over a tower…These are rules of engagement set specially by the f Obama…

      These losses could have been guaranteed the military told the parents…

      This must stop….Where the hell are military leaders with the honor and fortitude to stand up and tell the damn truth…rather than sit by as our sons and daughters …our best and our brightest..our most honorable …are slaughtered…

      To see this..to know our losses have quadrupled under Obama …and to say nothing is treasonous, heinous…and make you complicit!!!

      You military leaders swear an oath to the CONSTITUTION…NOT TO THE PRESIDENT…he is a traitor. What did you expect from a mam who lies about every aspect of his life, his parentage, his whereabouts…If he lies about being a Muslim ..you must acknowledge and assume it is because he is a RADICAL MUSLIM…

      • Patcairn
      • I didn’t see the show and that info is news to me. I’d write “unbelievable” if true, but this is the Obama administration we’re talking about. Our political and military leaders have always made policy decisions that have cost the lives of those in the field, but the antipathy of this administration for our military and sympathy for Muslims is callously costing life after life.

        Your point about oaths is one I have been making to people around me too. I was happy to find the website Oathkeepers which is dedicated to this principle.

        I believe there may well come a time when the police and military will have to make a choice, obey and order and act against fellow American citizens or hold to their oaths.

        Treason has historically been defined by armed opposition to one’s government or aiding an enemy. In American terms, treason is not about betraying government or people in power, but the Constitution. And in our case the head of the government is the one seemingly intent on aiding the enemy.

    • VTX
    • Historically speaking, a leader who dillies with Sally loses respect (unless he’s French or Italian, or is named Clinton, and then he has a bigger guest list for his parties) He still keeps his job. A leader who fails economically is put on notice, and isn’t much fun to be arouond; a leader who runs contrary to the will of the people continually is either brave or foolish – but a leader who loses militarily is effed. A leader who loses militarily and lies about it? They’re effen-effed.

      Obama is effen-effed. And he knows it.

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