“The Taliban Is On The Inside Of The Building”

Perhaps the most lasting take away quote of today’s sometimes heated and accusatory hearing on the Benghazi Massacre was when former Libyan Security Officer Eric Nordstrom indicated to Congress that for him the greatest fight was not in Libya, but rather in dealing with the politics of the Obama State Department – the seeming true enemy against the safety and security of Americans both at home and abroad.  A remark stunningly open and on record that leaves little doubt as to the contempt those in the security and intelligence communities have toward the Obama administration:


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40 Comments to “The Taliban Is On The Inside Of The Building”
    • Perceptible Future
    • With the way this Administration is imploding and flailing wildly about looking for a scapegoat to blame, I’m surprised they haven’t blamed “Big Bird” for the Benghazi Consulate fiasco which four Americans, including our Ambassador, were brutally butchered to death. It is still early, give them time…

    • Libertylady
    • The anger is finally surfacing, all at once, and people are getting brave. They are now understanding the true nature of our ruthless foe in the White House and of his corrupt sycophants.

      The parents of one slain SEAL were on Hannity tonight, and the father cut Obama no slack, he told it the way it is. people are finally beginning to see the consistent horror of this Hitler in the making, and his utter and consummate callousness, along with that of Moochelle. I expect to see more and more people speaking out.

      Let us pray and this will route him and his minions out of office.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • 20,000 -30,000 missing surface to air missiles in Libya = Fast and Furious II Libya

      That they were on the phone listening as the Ambassador and Seals took fire for 6 hours…sent no help…refused them a plane…Did they just sit and listen as the Ambassador was sodomized and tortured…

      Who are the savages inside the Obama Administration !
      One might think we Americans are their enemy…after the discovery today of Obama ring and the inscription ” there is no god but Allah”…how mucho more evidence is needed?
      Must we watch Obama sever a head?

      • VTX
      • Lyons is on to something vis a vis the Libyan debacle – but the piece on Alex Jones shows that she has limited judgement on why administrations – all administrations – don’t want the press to run the show.

        For example the country she mentions is hardly in a league with Iran for torture – she blathers on about Iran as if they’re picknickers in Central Park instead of a nation controlled by a Thuggocracy.

        Intel has to be managed to be useful. CNN is merely a useful idiot, indiscriminate on the whole, and CNN’s stories are not only managed by Obama’s people – they’re more than eager to prostate themselves in order to better serve their Muslim Master in the White House.

    • patcairn
    • Though it wasn’t always so, State has long been a ship under its own captaincy seemingly corrupting everyone that walks into the Truman Building (yes you, Condi). If State Dept. insiders are starting to talk, something must be making people very angry – or nervous.

      With weapons to Syria and whatever weapons we’ve supplied in north Africa that are turning up elsewhere, it almost seems like Nicaragua in reverse.

      After Nixon, it seemed like one of the big lessons was that it wasn’t the crime, but the cover-up that got you. With crime after cover-up after crime after cover-up, I’m still waiting for the “got you.” Soon, I hope.

      Beside throwing out the traitors in this adminstration (I’d rather they be tried), I want the spotlight shown brightly on the abomination that is Hillary. She is no better than Obama in many ways.

    • Publius
    • Looking past the tragic and senseless loss of our diplomatic personnel, it will be fascinating to see how this all plays out politically. There is no escaping Hillary Clinton’s culpability in the Libya disaster. SecState sets the tone and policy, particularly when it comes to staffing and security at foreign posts. They can try to deflect all of this onto the hapless Pat Kennedy, a consummate professional who doesn’t make his own rules, but the Clintons may have finally reached the end of their political journey.

      In “The Amateur,” Edward Klein told a story about how Bill Clinton and some of his closest advisors tried to convince Hillary last year to resign and pursue a primary challenge to Obama. Hillary declined, citing her loyalty to the president who appointed her. When the dust settles on the Benghazi debacle, both Clintons will have to conclude that Hillary should have followed Bill’s instincts back then.

      Hillary now wears Benghazi as an albatross around her neck. She must have realized as soon as the ambassador’s murder was confirmed that her political career was over. Her refusal to play along with Obama’s desperate ploy to lie to the American people about what really happened, and what it all said about his bizarre and dangerous policy in the Middle East and North Africa, forced Obama to throw Susan Rice under the bus (not that she didn’t deserve to be there already).

      From Obama’s perspective, he needs to be nice to Hillary until election day because if he starts to hang her out to dry before then, Bill might just turn around and plant a big wet political kiss on Mitt Romney.

      If I were advising Hillary right now, I would tell her to salvage what is left of her reputation by asking to testify, under oath, this week, to a joint House-Senate fact-finding committee. In that forum she can spell out for the American people and the media exactly what happened in Benghazi, what led up to the terrorist attack, who made the decision not to provide the level of security requested by the ambassador, when she and the president were told by intel officials about the nature of the attack, and who ordered the entire U.S. foreign policy/national security team to push the lie about the attack being a spontaneous reaction to a crude YouTube video.

      • VTX
      • Hillary went along with the story – she mouthed the same lines as everyone else. She may have been the first among them to use the word “terrorist,” but it was too little, too late.

        She’s effed, but there is no remedy.

    • SpeakingOut59
    • Wake up Minnesota! Michelle Bachmann serves more than our state in Washington, DC! She has the willingness and the bravery to tell the truth to Washington and to the nation! Another bit of proof that the fox is in the henhouse! Allen West and Michelle Bachmann deserve our gratitude as well as re-election!

      • truthandjustice
      • I don’t live in those states but yes, I’ve been trying to get the word out to please support them — they are having a tough fight b/c they’ve been targeted for removal b/c of their firm no-fear stance on consitutional issues and calling people out, etc. We have SOOooooo few of them – these are two — it is beyond necessary to have as many of these in the Senate as we can get in order to be restored. Please support them and anyone else like them and spread the word.

      • Kay112
      • Michele bachmann was right this past Summer when she expressed concern for Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration in the higher branches, departments of the US government.
        She deserves an apology.

    • SallyAl
    • Way, way OT but this is something that has been on my mind for a while and would appreciate some feed back (and this includes UM, WHI and WSI).

      Does anybody else think it odd that the Senator who was ELECTED to jugears former seat, Mark Kirk, has suffered a severe and debilitating sroke? So far his seat is being kept as he goes through rehab but how long does anybody think that will last? I just find is disturbing that a seemingly healthy, relatively young man would just out of the blue have a stroke. You know it must have been a slap in the face to jugears and rambo to have a ugh-republican win this seat. Breitbart anyone?

      He had been working on tighter sanctions for Iran when he was taken ill.

      • Jules
      • Oh, yes, someone else does think it is, as you say, “odd,” SallyAl.

        And the someone is rightchere in Mayberry.

        Does anybody else think it unlikely we’ll ever get the truth on what happened to the unfortunate Mr. Kirk? Is anyone else even trying to find out?

        This is by no means trying to diminish your curiosity, Sal, only let me say, “good luck with that,” as they say.

        • SallyAl
        • Thanks Jules. I just wondered why none of the other “Reynolds Wrap Chapeau” wearers (somebody here called them that, can’t remember who) have brought it up but I guess I’m just more suspicious that others. I have reached a point where I trust NO ONE!

          Yeah, I know we will never know the truth just as we will never convince anybody that Judge Roll was the intended target in Arizona

      • truthandjustice
      • Thanks! Yes, that’s a very good sign that this has come out on WND, which is quite popular. Yes, might have been WHI – sounds like the same thing we read and I noted they mention it:

        “Miniter reported it was Jarrett who kept urging Obama to cancel plans to get bin Laden.

        The Ulsterman Report blog earlier said Obama did not make the attack decision.

        That blog said, “He can say he did and the people who really know what happened are inside the Pentagon, are in the military and the military isn’t allowed to speak out against the commander-in-chief so his secret is safe.”

        But it also could be another who has had it with these people – either way, great!
        I was hoping something more would come out before the next debate which will be about foreign policy & him touting his part in his killing. I hope it’s on Drudge, Breitbart, etc. but who knows. Yes, Brennan is yet another evil traitor. But I’m wondering about Petraeus now too (have been for awhile actually). Just heard on Fox that he has come out to say the Obama guys were correct to say the Benghazi thing was b/c of the video! (unless I mis heard – it was just a few minutes ago)
        He & Panetta, Hillary – all may have same end goals (NWO), even though they all hate Obama, etc. ??????

    • VTX
    • There is no mistaking Brennan now – as the article reminds us of his false claim about Obama’s participation in the event:

      Obama made ‘one of the most gutsiest calls of any president.” Besides the grammar – (how’d this guy ever learn Arabic?) – this is one of the worst lies ever promulgated by any “intelligence” expert.

      Brennan should be retired to a safe place where he can be monitored closely.

    • VTX
    • There is a reason the tide is turning, in the press and elsewhere, and it has a lot to do with the threats the Obamathugs have made and the the fear of retribution. The bully is no longer a bully, though – he has no capacity to generate fear. This bully in the Whitehouse has become a national joke.

      Shift to Gallup, under threat, but now seems to be reporting numbers a bit more in line with the truth. They’re taking a risk – as a lot of people are: Obama will pay people back with their own blood for betraying him, and everybody knows it. Or knew it.

      But now, with Benghazi, it’s clear: this hapless, toothless administration can nail a few stragglers, a few loudmouths, an ambassador or two – even the SEALs who disobeyed the administration’s order to keep UBL alive – but they’ve only energized everybody to run in opposite direction. Kind of like when al Qaeda bombed a Jordanian wedding party – everybody turned on them, including Iraqi tribal leaders who were suspicious of Americans. Which is why the Surge worked, and why this Surge is working against Obama.

      The Big Turning came when Obama (or someone very close to him) did a Uriah on Stevens; Stevens knew something damaging to a certain individual or individuals in the administration, and he was set up. His protection was effectively withdrawn, and it was no error: it was murder.

      It’s now obvious to far too many people, including the press, that this operation was planned by someone in this administration; the press saw how transparent the operation was, and how ham-handed Carney and Rice and Obama and Clinton and others have handled the deal. The press sees an opportunity to escape from its master.

      In historical terms, when the King found out that you his enemy, he made you pay, often in gruesome ways. Even if he finds something…irregular in your support, like Bill Clinton’s nice words for Bain, for example – then you find yourself in a pickle. Once out, rebels need to go all-out; they have no option; it’s defeat-or-die; there is no squishy middle ground.

      Some in the press are changing sides, as most will eventually; then it’ll be a rout.

      Wait until the story of how Stevens was set up is revealed in-full; someone knows, and someone may be angry enough or patriotic enough to reveal it publicly. Most likely in closed committee.

      How does this story end? November may bring more than a lost election for Obama; he will be effectively neutered, and the powers-that-be will ensure that it stays that way – Jarrett will be removed, leaving the Amateur to try to run things by himself. He will have lost his ability to bring us, our nation, to our end.

      The End

    • mustang
    • There are so many things about Benghazi that I don’t understand and no one seems to have addressed them. Here are two:

      What happened to the staff that was rescued? At one point I heard there were 37, then 33. Then a fleeting reference to one (or more?) recovering in a hospital. Who are these survivors? Where are they? How were they saved and not the ambassador?

      Did I miss the state funeral for Ambassador Stevens? Was there any funeral at all? Contributions to the Obama campaign in lieu of flowers?

      • Publius
      • mustang asked: “What happened to the staff that was rescued? At one point I heard there were 37, then 33. Then a fleeting reference to one (or more?) recovering in a hospital. Who are these survivors? Where are they? How were they saved and not the ambassador?”

        They were in a more secure annex about a mile from the consulate, and had time to prepare after the consulate attack. Who they are and where they are is not something you will know, nor should you know – unless Obama decides to destroy even more of our national security infrastructure.

        Obama did a great job outing SEAL Team 6 and putting a target on that helicopter in Afghanistan. Biden’s attack on the intel community last night may finally spell the end of this treacherous presidency. Inshallah!

        • Publius
        • Well – I guess Obama HAS decided to destroy even more of our national security infrastructure, after all. Reuters is citing “sources” who have described the function and inhabitants of the Benghazi annex. Gee, I wonder who those “sources” could be!

    • VTX
    • Let’s look at this as a criminal investigation:

      - There was a murder
      - The victim repeatedly requested help from authorities
      - There were threats from the murderers and their friends against the victim
      - The authorities not only did not increae security, they withdrew it
      - The authorities lied to questioners repeatedly

      Ask an investigator what this implies, and they’ll tell you that the liars are likely covering up for their particiption in the crime. They’ll ask for motives…

      - What is the motive for withdrawing support and security?
      - What is the motive for lying? Not just to cover incompetence – they could have covered that by ordering a whole army of private security professionals to rush to the scene. Did they?
      - Motive for murder? That’s speculation, TBD.
      - Motive for failing to secure the crime scene? Points to at least an accomodation of the murderers.

      No, this is not a mere coverup; any investigator worth his salt in a murder investigation would ask these questions, and more. Thinking like an investigator, one can only conclude that there was Whitehouse participation – if not direction – in Ambassador Stevens’ murder.

    • VTX
    • The video is also evidence: whomever it was who first claimed the video was a part of the assassination is the chief suspect.

      As they say: he who smelt it, dealt it.

    • Obeline
    • Thinking about the context of the whole Libyan debacle – 9/11/12 – foreign/illegal campaign donations, etc and the realities of the present appeasing, weak administration and things that do and do not add up.

      Our enemies have a vested interest in keeping BarackHUSSEINObama empowered. Our enemies would not want to weaken him or undercut his un-American foreign policy. Our enemies would not want to compromise his re-election.

      Begs the question of who really was behind the September Surprise . . . Again, just a little food for thought as the Jerk with the Smirk reinforced the illegitimacy of this entire administration during the debate last night.

      While not a Lame Cherry advocate, there are occasional bits of insight and revelation:

      “Barack Obama is a Vichy President, an appointed puppet of the Nazi Germans. He is a faux fag smouldering as an appointment by the English in the Duke of Bedford for King Henry of England. Obama has been a bowing puppet of the world appointed elite, and his mission was to install a NeoRoman empire in the west managed out of Europe, a New Asian Order managed out of Peking and sandwiched in between the Islamocommunist Caliph terrorists which Obama manages out of 1600 Penn Avenue to rule the world.”


      Libyagate is Zero’s albatross.

      • Jules
      • I wish WSI’s Military Intelligence dude, a.k.a., “MI,” would have a little pow-wow with UM for our benefit.

        It’s unlikely, I know, but I like to imagine that after the chiropractor got him all straightened up after he got bent out of shape earlier, MI decided to befriend UM. He could be a krav maga coach to UM with a little chess thrown in or something.

        Just as WHI is also and drinking buddy and disc jockey, and WSI is a travel agent and tour guide, MI could be another mentor to our UM – unless he’s still mad.

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