President Of The Free World Calls Springsteen “A Couple Times A Week”

Ok – so in the midst of worsening Middle East violence, a stagnant economy, and a fast approaching fiscal cliff, President Barack Obama repeatedly calls a music entertainer and whines he doesn’t have “a campaign song”.  Almost as pathetic as that scenario is the actual song Springsteen put together.  This is now truly a campaign running on spent fumes…

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      • PerpWalkThemThruTheRoseGarden
      • Good one! As a back up there’s always “The Fool on the Hill”

        OT: For anyone who hasn’t seen this red headline on Drudge:

        “International monitors at US polling places draw criticism”


        United Nations-affiliated election monitors from Europe and central Asia will be at polling places around the U.S. looking for voter suppression activities by conservative groups, a concern raised by civil rights groups during a meeting this week. The intervention has drawn criticism from a prominent conservative-leaning group combating election fraud.
        The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a United Nations partner on democratization and human rights projects, will deploy 44 observers around the county on Election Day to monitor an array of activities, including potential disputes at polling places.

        Liberal-leaning civil rights groups met with representatives from the OSCE this week to raise their fears about what they say are systematic efforts to suppress minority voters likely to vote for President Obama.

        The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the NAACP and the ACLU, among other groups, warned this month in a letter to Daan Everts, a senior official with OSCE, of “a coordinated political effort to disenfranchise millions of Americans — particularly traditionally disenfranchised groups like minorities.”

        The request for foreign monitoring of election sites drew a strong rebuke from Catherine Engelbrecht, founder and president of True the Vote, a conservative-leaning group seeking to crack down on election fraud.

        “These activist groups sought assistance not from American sources, but from the United Nations,” she said in a statement to The Hill. “The United Nations has no jurisdiction over American elections.”…(continued at link)
        UM, can u seek some insight from your friends on the legality of these “foreign overseers”?

        • AmericaTheBeautiful
        • We don’t need no stinkin’ UN…they had best stay out…We are not Globalising…this stinks of the rancid Communist Obama…who has spent 4 years trying to kill our constitution….Does he think he’ll be passin’ out the hollow points…Think again

          How do we kick SCTYL out

    • Essa
    • Or something along the lines of London bridge is falling down, replaced with, America is falling down, falling down, falling down…..

    • VTX
    • I believe him; Springsteen probably gets more Intel briefings than does the President.

      Speaking of Intel, it’s pretty obvious that when Susan Rice protests – as she does often and oftener these days – that she received Intel on Benghazi, she probably is thinking of her cell service. She’s gone with Intelos, which is how she gets her Intel briefings these days, mostly calls from Barbara Steisand and Matt Damon and Senn Penn. Did I mention that Jonathan Livington Seagull rang her up just the other day?

      I hear from inside sources that the President and his cabinet are given special Intel Coloring Books, with the Good Guys dressed one way and the Bad Guys dressed another. There was a problem when President Obama kept interrupting the Intel Coloring Class instructor, insisting the the Bad Guys were actually the Good Guys, and the Good Guys were really Bad Guys. That was a painful thing to endure, and everybody was confused by the end, particularly James Clapper. It didn’t help that Secretary Rice kept getting Intel calls from Babs and Matt, and it made the entire day nearly intolerable.

      But Bruce isn’t in on the Intel stuff nearly as much as he’s Obama’s Investment Guru; Obama reasons that a guy with a name like Springsteen must know how to invest, right, so off he goes! Spring-STEEN! Windmills and Solar – though Bruce initially thought Solar was a circus act, and was itching to go to the show to see the lions and tigers and pretty circus girls. Once he got his bearing, though, he really gave the President some solid investment advice: if it has SOL in the name, write checks, checks, checks!

      So it isn’t a surprise that the two men commune regularly. I hear that Obama is in regular contact with Joy Behar, too, though it’s through a crystal ball. Which kind of makes Behar’s face look funny – or funnier – as her nose swells up like a pineapple and her lips look like red slimy salamanders in an act of copulation (they’re an actual species, by the way.) Her eyes, as usual, are painted like a Turkish whore, so nothing changes there.

      It’s no wonder that the President also meets with his Vice President, but only once a month – mostly to give him a physical – and tge President usually decides that Smilin’ Joe needs his meds adjusted. For that, the President calls Charlie Sheen, no stranger to off-label pharmaceuticals. While it looks like they’re juicing poor old Joe with the wrong stuff lately, the last set of “meds” they had him on caused him to begin stalking Britney Spears, who had to obtain a restraining order. The stuff they had him on for the debate actually gave him gas, and that was what caused him to make those Robert Tilton-like faces.

      It can’t be helped that the President doesn’t want to talk with Bill Clinton, though, because they have absolutely nothing in common, except their dislike of Hillary. Bill keeps wanting to set Barry up with one of his paramours, and keeps hinting at a threesom, but Reggie Love is gone, never to return, and Barry really isn’t into normal sez with women anyway, much like what Dick Morris said about Hillary and men. There isn’t any romance in the air between those two, Bill and Bary, nor anything else in common, though George Stephanopolous is one who has kissed both men’s behinds (though not at the same time) while wearing a flaming pink lipstick. George would be flattered, if asked, if he could find a platform to stand upon of the right height. (He has a man-crush on the similarly diminutive Chuck Norris, but Chuck doesn’t swing that way, and in reality, neither does George, who is just a Metrosexual and only pretends to be into men.)

      In any case, it’s gonna be good for the Pres to leave the Oval Office, if anyone is interested in returning his calls. I see a very sad man – but who can be sad with all that high-potency Hawaiian weed growing everywhere? Who needs a phone?

      • VTX
      • Jus so’s ya don’t thunk I’ze plagiarizin’…

        Think I’d heard the one about what Obama and Bill Clinton have in common – (as well as Charlie Sheen’s use of off-label pharmaceuticals.) It came out too fast to remember that I’d heard those somewhere else.

        Robert Tilton was the disgraced televangelist who squinted his eyes as if he was struggling to pass wind…funny vid of that years ago.

        I stand by my statement that Susan Rice thinks Intelos is the same thing as Intel. Doodle-brain. Happens when ambition exceeds talent.

      • PerpWalkThemThruTheRoseGarden
      • I think the Obama admin’s foreign policy manuals were pop-up books. I also think Obama thinks Benghazi-Gate is part of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series. He keeps choosing a different storyline trying to get to the “you-live-happily-ever-after-in-the-White-House” ending. Instead he has reached the “you-get-in-big-trouble-in-the-debate-and-throw-up-in-your-pants” ending.

        • VTX
        • Pop-up books – very good! Not far from the truth. Remember when WHI said that Obama couldn’t even run a staff meeting – that the Bat Faced One had to run them for him? That “ah-shit” moment, when WHI finally realized what a mistake he’d made?

          And they were going to make a Raid on Entebbe movie about Barry? He couldn’t rescue a stray bit of paper wedged in his bum!

    • truthandjustice
    • How about “Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)”?
      OT but…………

      BREAKING (again) — Remember the story I posted about negotiations between Obama & Iran about agreeing to sanctions, their nukes? Just came out on Fox — sayng now Romney will have to answer at the debate, etc. BUT Israel hasn’t agreed to it though.
      Just before that, read where Dick Morris had predicted it:

      Political guru Dick Morris predicted Saturday that the White House will announce an “October surprise” — a deal with Iran over nuclear inspections before the Nov. 6 election.
      Citing an Internet report on WorldNetDaily, a conservative website, Mr. Morris said a deal between the White House and the Iranian regime is in the works to ease sanctions on Iran in return for concessions on the Iranian nuclear program.

      Such an agreement, announced before the election, would represent a big foreign policy victory for the president, who has been under pressure from Israel to take a more robust stand against Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

    • Anna
    • Didn’t Bruce say at the end of the clip that Obama didn’t really call him? You have to let the clip run all the way to the very end . . . and then he says it.

    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • One would think with all Barry’s connections to the Rap Music world, he wouldn’t have trouble getting a song. Maybe Jay-Z could write him a campaign song. Don’t think Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” would be a good fit. But “Beautiful Liar” would.

      • VTX
      • PapaSparky,

        “Tally ban man tally his bananas!”
        Hahahahahahaha! Great, great, great!

        Obama’s Chitcago theme song is Take a Walk on the Wild Side: “Doo-doo-do-dee-doo-do-do…and the colored girls sing…; hustle here and a hustle there…” It’s a wonder Lou Reed hasn’t been invited to the White House while Moochelle was out scarfing burgers at Burger King.

    • VTX
    • The administration keeps calling the wrong agency – CYA is not a spook agency. To whit CYA is now Cover Your Assgate.

      Meanwhile, Lamecherry has gone off the reservation, now putting out bizarre Jimmy the Greek versions of racial heritability. The pictures are still nice, though! That’s how ISI was bought, but now that everyone in ISI wore blisters right on through – (well, let’s just say that it resembles an adult cirumcision) – the tactic isn’t as valuable anymore. The novelty has worn off. Remember when Google said the Pakis had the most demand for porn searches, until someone pointed out that most Pakis don’t have computers? Ooops.

      As I said: the Raid on Entebbe moment for President Men’s Club came and went when it was clear that the Ambassador was using banned terms and was not in accord with the administration’s Muslim Brotherhood Speech Code. The Ambassador’s covert name never was Ben Dover, anyway; he had a mind of his own. It looks like he was flustered from his cables, and wasn’t about to keep his mouth shut. Perhaps his diary was left for CNN for a reason?

      Gotta wonder if Huma had anything to do with the slack security. Did she intercept the emails that would have reached Bill’s wife? This Whitehouse is flying a black flag – and all the while, we thought they were flying a white flag! Go figure.

      Well, CYAgate isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Some might be going underground, to be dealt with in private – like in the Iran/Contra hearings with Jack Brooks. Private justice happened, it’s rumored, and so it shall.

    • silverdust
    • Looks like I made it back to the board.

      This is one to go viral. Trevor Loudon explains the goal of Obama, Jarrett and Panetta, and it’s not economic collapse (though they’re not averse to that). Please post this, UM, and if our commenters would send it on to everyone they know, we may get Romney a landslide — if they don’t take him out.

      • truthandjustice
      • Great summary about what has really been going on !!!! I urge everyone to please help it go viral!!! It’s about 25 min. long, but worth the time.

        For all who have thought about moving to New Zealand if Obama is elected…might want to think again…..

        Re Panetta, whom we (I have anyway) have also been suspicious of — more facts on his history connected to the “Dem Socicialists of America) and friendships with Marxists/Commies, etc. He is in on the main objective of destroying our military — which we have been commenting on here a lot. He, along with the Commies of Russia and China have their main goal of doing that b/c that would be the “end” of us & they could take over…economy collapse, Obamacare all just parts of it.
        So Panetta has been working with them to do this.
        You will learn of more people you might not have known about from the past involved.

        A Must Read book: “Barack Obama & The Enemies Within” by Trevor Loudon (New Zealander).

        Also please pray that those that have the power & authority to do something get all this info — especially the Romney camp!!!! WSI, WHI, UM – please do what you can !!!!!!!!!

      • truthandjustice
      • Loudon’s intro:

        “I recorded this video a couple of weeks ago. It is my message to America. In it, I attempt to explain the global implications of the upcoming US elections.
        This election is the most crucial in modern American history. It is not primarily about jobs and economics, it is about national security and, to be blunt, national survival.

        America, and indeed the entire Western World, faces destruction if communist sympathizer Barack Obama is returned to office.

        This video is being distributed all over the United States. Please watch it, and if you agree with the basic ideas expressed, send it out through your networks, to as many people as you can, conservative, liberal, undecided, it doesn’t matter.

        Sometimes it takes an outside view to clarify important matters. I hope this message will serve that purpose.

        From a very grateful New Zealander.”

    • VTX
    • Susan Rice just got some new Intel; it’s a Smartphone, though you wouldn’t know it – it’s connected to a very, very dumb person.

      I hear she’s upset at the characterizations of her; she has cried herself to sleep. Perhaps she’ll join the mothers and fathers of the four men? She has just lost her reputation: they’ve lost sons.

      Does the Bat-Faced One have a soul? Apparently she doesn’t. But she has an I-Pad, which she confuses for Intel like Rice. “Of course I’ve had Intel briefings – I have an I-Pad! What does I stand for anyway?”

      We were wondering the same thing, dearie; we were wondering the same thing.

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