After weeks of lying and repeated deflection, it now appears the Main Stream media is finally poised to demand answers from an Obama administration that literally watched and did NOTHING as an American ambassador and three others were killed during a terrorist attack against the Benghazi consulate on the anniversary of September 11th, 2001.

Emails make it ‘difficult’ to conclude Benghazi attack ‘spontaneous’
Senate Intel vice chair: We’ve been demanding these e-mails since the Benghazi attack
Emails detail unfolding Benghazi attack on Sept. 11


With the growing proof now coming from mulitiple media sources, look back on Barack Obama acting defiant regarding the possibility of anyone questioning his response to the Benghazi Massacre – and then ask yourself if a man so easily lies about the most sacred duty of a President of the United States, what more is he willing to lie about? What more is he willing to do to try and secure a second term?

Barack Obama DID mislead.  He DID lie.  He IS playing politics with the death of four Americans.  Among the most disgusting public displays of any American president.  Utterly deplorable.

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    • ThroughtheLookingGlass
    • If he’s desperate enough to LIE and do NOTHING, he’s desperate enough to be too dangerous to have the red button so close at hand.

      And yet…he’s laughing it up, mucking it up and making jokes against Romney as though Benghazi didn’t happen.

      He can’t laugh off 4 dead American citizens!

      • patcairn
      • This is the story that should be grabbing more of our attention and energy in the coming days. Congress. Where are they? They’ve stood by when court orders have been ignored, policies instituted that attack Americans, patently biased (and therefore unconstitutional) application of laws by the DOJ, 900+ executive orders have been issued undermining further separation of powers, suing over state laws that Obama/Jarrett don’t like, failing to enforce immigration laws, gun running, undermining our energy production, foreign policy that not only emboldens the Muslim Brotherhood, but enables them, and on and on.

        Apparently there are 300 some names in the email address chain and no one spoke up until now? Some of those names had to have been in Congressional intelligence positions. (Side note: Beck apparently had an insider call that reported that Hillary had ordered increased security, but that it didn’t happen. Not sure of the timing, but why would an order by the Secretary of State not be carried out by her department unless it was overridden higher up?)

        Nature hates a vacuum and so does politics. Congress has abdicated its constitutional responsibilities and has shown itself, in ever greater relief, a failure as the expression and protection of the people. Widespread corruption has made too many there opponents of the people. Now the pressure – heat – needs to be turned on them too. Right now, too many seem more afraid of Obama/Jarrett than the American people. That needs to change.

    • VTX
    • Pssst. Main Stream Press. Got a lede story for you.

      Iran Contra X 30,000 portable launch pads, missiles that can take down airliners and sink cruise vessels. In the real Iran/contra, the stuff we sold them was dummy-stuff. This is real.

      By the way – your Auntie Bev, and her neighbor Hilda? Heading to the Mediterranean? Better cancel that trip – for maybe the next 10-20 years? Thanks to Barry. Not one safe mode of transportation 6 months from now, maybe earlier – maybe Christmas.

      First one to this story has a shot at a Pulitzer, or having a movie made about them, like All the President’s Men. Don’t rush too slowly! You may be last in line when this thing gets going.

    • Jules
    • Speaking of mainstream and all, where is Little Debbie Cakes WashSomeMoreSheets? Who is the spoilsport who clamped a hand over her mouth?

      She can always be counted on to repeat a lie over and over and over for the Totalitaricrats. And it was such fun for a while seeing even Vulfie Blintzeater point out her contradictions.

      Okay, that’s rhetorical. They always stuff Biden, Mooch, and any other loose cannon in the closet when it gets down to the home stretch.

      • SallyAl
      • I mentioned to my hubby the other day that I hadn’t seen her in a while, at least since she made headlines about being pushed out of her position. Then, lo and behold, she was back, spitting and lisping her way through the next bunch of lies. And she came back with a vengence! She is now on show after show telling lie after lie. Oh please Lord save us from this wench! Please let her loose her seat in this election cycle. Please, please? Amen

        (Love your names! You always come up with the best.)

          • Sallyal
          • Nope, I use axelfraud. But Axelrodent is good. The best I can come up with is congridiots. I rather like that. But usually when I post, it’s because I am so fired up I just almost can’t think straight.

            BTW, everybody should try to catch KT McFarland on Lou Dobbs tonight. She was FABULOUS talking about the MURDERS.

            Some day, when we wake up from this nightmare, we should all meet somewhere and relax and have some fun for a change. Would love to meet you all.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Lamecherry talks about Turkeygate…

      “The Obama regime has denied supplying Syrian extremist al Qaeda with advanced weaponry, but these radicals tying to murder the Baathist Assad forces, have now gained access to Stinger Missiles from the US arsenal.

      These Stingers were sent in with full wink and nod approval from Obama to the Muslim Turks, which is in direct violation of NATO and United States policy concerning gifting weapons to secondary sources.
      Turkey started this Syrian front to pressure Assad for their boy Obama. They have fired on Syria and now are dumping weapons with Saud funding.

      This is another impeachable criminal offense by Barack Hussein Obama as this Syrian machination has 30,000 Syrians murdered, Syrian Christians in jeopardy as Obama moves on his “legacy” vision of forcing Persians and Jews to get rid of all their nuclear weapons, which of course means death to Jews and Persians as the Muslim radicals will still have hundreds of nuclear bombs starting with Pakistan which is convulsing under Obama jihad there.

      Another in the continuing sequence of exclusives found only here.”

      • Randall
      • US supplies into Qatar and KSA. Sold to buy arms. Arms go in through Turkey. Sounds about right.
        Turkey, duh, is a Brotherhood proxy. Assad is Alawi. The Turks are on a Holy War against Assad, and (by proxy) those evil Persians/Shia. Guns come in from Libya to Turkey and other Brotherhood affiliates. Scandal about Amb. Stevens re: gunrunning? Eh, isn’t this the administrations policy?
        Gets worse, much worse.
        Brotherhood (and Taliban) operating now on behalf of al Qaeda and ISI. Kingpin of it all, Ibrahim, runs Bollywood. Little to no ideology left there – all for profit. Drugs, human trafficking, illegal foresting, counterfeiting, sex slavery… a criminal empire that circles the globe, from the Philippines to Pakistan to (now) Egypt to Guinea-Bissau to Venezuela and the rest of ALBA.
        Only such a nefarious and heartless (non-ideological) criminal insurgency could align Israel on the side of Russia and Hezbollah.
        There’s credible information on this. See Doug Farah’s report on Transnational Organized Crime.

      • truthandjustice
      • Turkeygate – just in time for Thanksgiving. Hope by then we can all be very, very thankful we have successfully gotten rid of this Osam….uh….Obama Admin. !!!!!!
        (and majority in Congress)

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Obama’s meme and the BS he was missing his National Security meetings was simply cover for what was to come…Benghazi…..KABUKI

      There was no video …but the president was offering up our Constitutional Rights to Free Speech…six times at the United Nations…”the Future does not belong to those who would slander the prophet of Islam”

      Stinger Missiles…ours…are showing up in Syria…treason as far as our NATO agreements go…not allowed to be sold or transferred

      Fast and Furious Missile Runner…Stinger runner

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Who ordered the Drone over Benghazi to watch ?

      Who ordered the Security out of Benghazi??

      Who was the Turkish Counsel? Why was he there ?

      Who was in the situation room with Obama watching our people get slaughtered??

      Why did the president lie about the video and the protests??

      Who is the sociopath in the Oval Office ? What are his LIES meant to cover?

      Questions Glenn Beck posed …

      • west1890
      • I’m hoping that people are waking up to the fact that Obama is not just a threat to the continuance of the U.S. as a republic- he is a threat to the entire free world. It’s apparent he has facilitated providing weaponry to Al Qaeda. But consider this: Obama has had access to all the top secret information of the U.S. With whom has he shared that? What will they do with it? He has peppered our government with people of like mind and motives. At the speed with which Obama’s lies and deception are coming to light I expect him to be deemed an unacceptably high liability to those who are behind him. His under the radar actions are now becoming visible for public scrutiny and I’d bet we have only seen the tip if the iceberg.

    • VTX
    • ATB,

      “The Drone Over Benghazi.”
      Hmmm. Sounds like a Sting tune.
      But this is no joke.

      Big question is: if they can send an unarmed drone, how long would it take to send up an armed version? And don’t tell me they don’t have any of those in that theatre, not after we sent hundereds of cruise missiles into Libya.

      • VTX
      • Rurik,
        I can see Neil Young comin’ back from the Harvest After the Gold Rush, Old Man that he is, to write this with your Words and his tunes.

        Too bad he’s on the wrong side of Ohio.

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