Father of SEAL Killed In Benghazi On Meeting Obama – “Like Shaking Hands With A Dead Fish”

The indifference Barack Obama communicated to the grieving family of slain SEAL Tyrone Woods is simply stunning, shocking, and worthy of the nationwide outrage of the American public.  Please take the time to listen to the conversation Charles Woods had with radio host Lars Larson.  The conversation begins at approximately the 1:40 mark of the audio link.  Again – PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN TO THIS CONVERSATION.  It speaks volumes regarding the lack of character and caring that permeates the Obama administration.  There is simply no way these people deserve four more years.  -UM

Charles Woods, Father of Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods Who Gave His Life in Benghazi

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4 Comments to Father of SEAL Killed In Benghazi On Meeting Obama – “Like Shaking Hands With A Dead Fish”
    • Kathleen
    • I listen to audio of Charlies Wood. The more into the audio I couldn’t but think we have a sorry piece of work of a president. He has no soul our president. This is the first time in my life I have a total lack of respect of our president

      • VTX
      • Charlotte – saw that, thanks for the link.

        Something about that comment, where she blamed the video to a grieving father, makes me think Hillary is every bit as bad Obama – disgusting, reprehensible, but most of all, cold like a bloodsucking vampire, undead. It doesn’t prove she was part of the conspiracy, but it makes damned sure she’ll never run in 2016 without the stink of this attached to her.

        “Dead fish.” Mr. Woods, I pray that you get justice for your son – and that these evildoers, whomever they are, who set up your son and the Ambassador and the others are made into…your words.

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