Oh My – Iowa Publication Clearly Pushing For Voters To Support Mitt Romney

This is the kind of overlty favorable photo contrast Barack Obama enjoyed time and again during the 2008 campaign.  Now it’s 2012 and Iowa’s  Des Moines Register is clearly making a strong point to voters regarding which candidate now has the positive vision for America’s future, and which candidate has devolved into an angry, bitter, and dare I say – WASHED UP politician.

Check out this front page contrast for yourself – and if you are a Romney voter, I bet you can’t help but smile…

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11 Comments to Oh My – Iowa Publication Clearly Pushing For Voters To Support Mitt Romney
      • maggie
      • Landslide for Romney. Like people at that rally in Michigan, I can feel it. Since the 2nd debate I’ve felt it. And if it’s Gods will for Romney to be President, well, he will be, and there’s no way even Chicago scumbags can change that.

      • luxuryoption
      • If WHI is correct and BHO is only carrying eight states, that only 111 electorial votes for O….and 427 for Romney/Ryan. Yep, is WHI is right, this is the making of a landslide.

      • VTX
      • Randall,
        I’ve been saying 70-30 for a couple of months – Romney. I figured that would be a lot of people who lost loved ones and associates who were eager to reveal the monster in the Whitehouse. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

        The press is livid at the incredible lies this administration was trying to get them to peddle. (Some shite, they will not eat.) Even “moderate” Conservatice columnists are raging with anger at the crap they’re expected to try to sell; it’s like being hired to sell John Wayne Gacy as a clown for your kids party – after it was known what he was. Notice how sick Axelrodent looks these days? There’s a certain look – it borders on fear.

        70-30 popular voe, Romney. Obama either resigns early, loses his henchmen and has to sublet the Whitehouse to someone in the DNC, or he begins his sabotage tour and is thwarted in an ugly manner.

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