Obama Job Approval Plummets

A near unprecedented drop of 7 points over three days for Barack Obama’s approval numbers points to increasingly likely re-election doom for the incumbent president…

(The Obama Campaign cannot be pleased at Gallup’s latest job approval ratings for the president showing a a 7-point drop over the last  three days.)



In the most precipitous decline it has seen in more than a year, President Barack Obama’s job approval rating has dropped 7 points in three days,according to Gallup.

In the three-day period ending on Oct. 23, says Gallup, 53 percent said they approved of the job Obama was doing and 42 percent said they did not.

On Oct. 24, that dropped to 51 percent who said they approved and 44 percent who said they do not.

On Oct. 25, it dropped again to 48 percent who said they approved and 47 percent who said they do not.

On Oct. 26, it dropped yet again to 46 percent who said they approved and 49 percent who said they did not.

In May 2011, Obama’s approval dropped 7 points in four days, sliding from 53 percent on May 24 to 46 percent on May 28.



Could it be that even as most in the Mainstream Media continue to give little attention to such important scandals as the Benghazi Massacre, the growing power of the new media is now taking over the job of informing the American public on what is really going on inside the Obama White House, and the resulting negative impacts of the Obama presidency upon  America?



Latest Obama Campaign Theme Song?

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14 Comments to Obama Job Approval Plummets
    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • It was one thing for some folks when Obama was just a redistributionist …quite another when he’s a cold blooded murderer.


      My children, Analgate is one flatulent fiasco away from blowing the anus of the Obama regime to hemorrhoid hell, because the CIA is openly bringing down 1600 Penn Avenue after their people were left to be murdered there.

      Bill Kristol has it right in his short blurb in the CIA has thrown Obama under the bus, but the revelations in this are manifold as B. Hussein Obama now has not just been caught lying, but has now been caught allowing people to be murdered to cover up his crimes in instigating this “hostage crisis” involving Chris Stevens and other Americans to assist his 2012 election theft as was exclusively broken here first.

      It is the key in this that an Executive Decision took place, literally meaning as Kristol has been informed, that Sec. of Defence Leon Panetta would not have alone decided not to send in military help to rescue these Americans in Benghazi, but was warned off from doing so, and it is what is behind his “Monday morning quarterbacking by critics comment” as Panetta is sweating bullets literally at this moment as the evidence is there in the communications that he asked the White House what should be done, and 1600 Penn waved him off.

    • VTX
    • The Cirque de Bama is in town! The Ringmaster, Jugears…wait, he’s not the Ringmaster; the Bat Faced One is the Ringmaster, as well as a part of an exhibit! Come enjoy the freakshow at the circus! (gotta lighten up from time to time.)

      The Des Moines Register, to it’s great credit, has endorsed Romney; remember what WSI said about print, and on to other, more visual mediums? The print is running a lot of ink in the direction of Mitt. Now for the show!

      Anyone got any popcorn?

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