If you are increasingly upset over the Mainstream Media’s refusal to honestly cover the Benghazi Massacre and cover-up in order to insulate Barack Obama and his failed administration from rightful blame, for the deaths of four Americans, I urge you now to let your feelings be known by those who control the networks.  This process can begin today with your collective emails and phone calls specifically to COMCAST and NBC News.  (Thank you to longtime UlstermanReport reader AmericaTheBeautiful for the idea) This contact information is now provided to you here.  MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD AMERICA.  LET THEM HEAR YOUR THUNDER.


COMCAST  Brian L. Roberts CEO  http://blog.comcast.com/contact_author.html?mailTo=Brian%20L.%20Roberts

NBC Phone   (212) -664-3720







And if you wish to contact other news media, here is that information as well:

ABC Phone (212) 456-7777

CBS Phone (212) – 975-4321

CNN Phone (404) 827-1500

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    • BigTexas
    • Sent email message to Comcast. The first link didn’t work but looks like UM updated it with a new one that does. I will suggest finding out some of their biggest sponsors and contact them also. Or tell Comcast you will cancel your subscription with them if NBC keeps ignoring this story. That will get the phones ringing from the big dogs at Comcast to NBC for sure. Without subscriptions Comcast dies off real fast.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • This election is for We The People to decide ….Not a corrupt press to hide… and corrupt the truth that is Obama.



      NBC Phone (212) 664-3720

      ABC Phone (212) 456-7777

      CBS Phone (212) 975-4321

      CNN Phone (404) 827-1500

      AFRICOM General Ham made to step down and replaced by Rodriguez within minutes of refusing to “Stand Down” NOT to help fellow Americans

      Admiral Gouette carrier strike commander, replaced by Shoemaker… for refusing to Stand Down and NOT Help Americans in need

      We are the ROLLING THUNDER…let’s make ourselves heard…melt the phones in Washington DC too….Those who died for us deserve our voice.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • To those in the position to do so…like our good friend WSI…please consider letting them hear us ROAR in more than one way…Here is another vehicle to make them hear us….

      Those at ABC! CBS! NBC and CNN can have their hearing improved in more than one way…. stock value means a TON to them…and it has an effect on their hearing…..

      I would like to rally all Republicans, Conservatives and other smart aware people to sell their stocks – individual holdings, IRAs,401k, pensions and direct their friends and family to do the same all on a single day with the announcement that NEVER AGAIN will you see our money until you speak the truth about Benghazi. (anybody wishy washy can always repurchase the stock when the price tanks).

      Here is some information to help – I was putting it together last night and didnt finish but it’s a start…
      The NBC Television Network is a division of NBC Universal LLC, a joint venture between Comcast (51%) and General Electric (49%)

      General Electric – Stock Ticker: GE
      GE Key people Jeffrey Immelt (Chairman & CEO – GE)
      Comcast – Stock Tickers: CMCSA, CMCSK
      NBC Network Key People:
      Steve Burke, CEO
      Bob Greenblatt, Chairman, NBC Entertainment
      Mark Lazarus, Chairman, NBC Sports
      Steve Capus, President, NBC News
      Do not support these business Units:
      NBC, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, NBC Universal Television Group, NBC News, NBC Sports Group, USA Network, Syfy, Chiller, G4, CNBC, MSNBC, NBC.com, NBCNews.com, iVillage, PictureBox Movies, Bravo, Telemundo Television Studios, The Weather Channel, ShopNBC, Hulu
      The CBS Television Netwok is owned by the CBS Corporation. Sumner Redstone (born Sumner Murray Rothstein), owner of National Amusements, is CBS’s majority shareholder and serves as executive chairman. Redstone is also a majority stockholder in CBS Corporation, Viacom, MTV Networks, BET, and the film studio Paramount Pictures.

      Sell stocks in the CBS Network – Stock Ticker: CBS, CBSA
      Leslie Moonves
      (President & CEO)
      Sumner Redstone
      (Executive Chairman)
      National Amusements is a privately held company, so you cannot sell their stock but you can sell the stock in the and refuse to support their business units whick include: CBS Corporation, Viacom, MTV Networks, BET, and the film studio Paramount Pictures, and are equal partners in MovieTickets.com.
      Multiplex Cinemas, Showcase Cinemas, Cinema de Lux, KinoStar
      The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is owned by The Walt Disney Company and is part of Disney-ABC Television Group

      Sell stock in the The Walt Disney Company – Stock Ticker: DIS
      Key People: Robert Iger (Chairman & CEO)
      go after the advertisers as they pay the bills. If you can get enough people to boycott the products being sold via Comcast channels and NBC then you will get their attention, maybe make Rush aware of this to get it to go viral

      We cannot have a Corrupt media deciding this election ….this is for WE THE PEOPLE to decide


    • VTX
    • The link is of a video of Pepsico’s brand cheif, paying prostrate homage to Obama in 2009, as he defends the similarity of their logo with Obama’s. As the narrator/expositor states, the brand chief, Frank Cooper, barely disguises his adoration of the One in the Whitehouse.


      I saw the Pepsi ad this evening while watching a football game. It was obvious now – as it was obvious to people back in 2009. We should let Pepsi know, too, that we don’t appreciate their support of Obama and their obvious plagiarism of his campaign image, which his campaign stole from Peter Max.

      I also would like to propose a separation of Church and State; Obama has made himself an object of worship, and thus combined his Obamachurch with the State: I propose that we separate Obama from the State, and return religion to the churches and synagogues where worship of the Almighty deservedly occurs. Amen.

    • VTX
    • As ATB mentioned in another thread (right?) he’s putting the network’s numbers on Facebook. For those of us not on Facebook, it won’t work – but that is an excellent suggestion. I have a friend who posts a lot of information about Comrade Odumbo on Facebook – links and posts etc.

      I don’t watch ABC in the morning anymore – mostly because of the patronizing, conceited, emotionally stunted Stephanopolous; anything to do with the dimwitted, diminutive troll-doll is a signal to turn the channel. He should farm himself out to MSNBC and play with Rachel Madcow and Chris Tingles. He’d fit right in.

      But back to the network nitwits: this is a story that shows that they’re part of the coverup. They should know that we know.

    • cobra
    • This is a great idea.
      In order to have the critival mass to be succesful, I propose we call all the major talk shows, Beck, Laura, Rush, Hannity,Levin and Savage.
      I suggest to be honest with the call screener, otherwise you may be dumped.
      In calling the shows, we would be reaching millions, who may call the major “media” companies.

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • Great thought…..will do. It will be nice to hear Ulsterman’s Army go live…

        .Use the app Wunder radio to get all the stations in markets across the country…cross reference those call letters with Google…

        Rolling Thunder….Hear us ROAR.

        God Bless the United States of America…Land that we love….

    • CapitalG
    • Called this morning and before I could explain why I was calling the operator asked ‘Benghazi?’ so they are hearing from people in large numbers.

      Keep it up!

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