Tears Being Shed For ” Bronco Bamma ”

If Bronco Bamma is re-elected,  there’ll be a whole lot of us right there with her shedding tears too…

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    • ebysan
    • Ulsterman,

      Than You, for bring us information that the MSM refuses to bring to “We the People”

      Here is a Great ad:

      Vote For Leadership
      Posted on October 31, 2012 by TheTamminator // Hillbuzz

      Excellent new ad from the RNC. One of the things I’ve noticed about their campaign for Romney is the “upbeat” nature of all of the ads.

      Americans are yearning for leadership and positive ideas and REAL hope. Romney makes you feel inspired about taking our country in the right direction. Every time I see one of these kinds of ads I want to jump up and get to work for Romney.

      The Obama campaign is about pettiness and negativity and “gotcha” moments. The ads are negative and sour, and make me feel shame for my country.

      I’m heartened to see so many former Democrats post here on Hillbuzz. I’m glad you woke up to the fact that your former party has been hijacked by leftists who want to destroy our country and turn it into a socialist cesspool the likes of Europe.

      America is not like any other country in the world. We thrive and grow because of our independent spirit and freedom.

      Obama wants to make all of us union mules or government teet-suckers, and now that more Americans are awake to that fact, they are turned off by “the One”.

      This is an excellent ad to start your day. Pass it on to all of your eeyore friends and naysayers. Romney is going to win, and he’s going to win BIG. Don’t you feel it in your core?

      Read more http://hillbuzz.org/

      • Perceptible Future
      • Here would be another great AD:

        Obama’sPublic Military Endorsements:

        General Wesley Clark, USA, (Ret)
        General Colin Powell, USA (Ret)
        Major General Paul Eaton, USA (Ret)
        Admiral Donald Gutter, USN, former JAG of the Navy, (Ret)
        Admiral John Nathman, USN, (Ret)

        Mitt Romney’sPublic Military Endorsements:

        Admiral James B. Busey, USN, (Ret.)
        General James T. Conway, USMC, (Ret.)
        General Terrence R. Dake, USMC, (Ret)
        Admiral James O. Ellis, USN, (Ret.)
        Admiral Mark Fitzgerald, USM, (Ret.)
        General Ronald R. Fogleman, USAF, (Ret)
        General Tommy Franks, USA, (Ret)
        General Alfred Hansen, USAF, (Ret)
        Admiral Ronald Jackson Hays, USN, (Ret)
        Admiral Thomas Bibb Hayward, USN, (Ret)
        General Chuck Albert Horner, USAF, (Ret)
        Admiral Jerome LaMarr Johnson, USN, (Ret)
        Admiral Timothy J. Keating, USN, (Ret)
        General Paul X. Kelley, USMC, (Ret)
        General William Kernan, USA, (Ret)
        Admiral George E.R. Kinnear II, USN, (Ret)
        General William L. Kirk, USAF, (Ret)
        General James J. Lindsay, USA, (Ret)
        General William R. Looney III, USAF, (Ret)
        Admiral Hank Mauz, USN, (Ret)
        General Robert Magnus, USMC, (Ret)
        Admiral Paul David Miller, USN, (Ret)
        General Henry Hugh Shelton, USA, (Ret)
        General Lance Smith, USAF, (Ret)
        Admiral Leighton Smith, Jr., USN, (Ret)
        General Ronald W. Yates, USAF, (Ret)
        Admiral Ronald J. Zlatoper, USN, (Ret)
        Lieutenant General James Abrahamson, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Edgar Anderson, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Marcus A. Anderson, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Buck Bedard, USMC, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral A. Bruce Beran, USCG, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Lyle Bien, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Harold Blot, USMC, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum, USA, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Mike Bowman III, USN, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Mike Bucchi, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Walter E. Buchanan III, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Richard A. Burpee, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General William Campbell, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General James E. Chambers, USAF, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Edward W. Clexton, Jr., USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General John B. Conaway, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Marvin Covault, USA, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Terry M. Cross, USCG, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral William Adam Dougherty, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Brett Dula, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Gordon E. Fornell, USAF, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral David Frost, USN, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Henry C. Giffin III, USN, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Peter M. Hekman, USN, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Richard D. Herr, USCG, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Thomas J Hickey, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Walter S. Hogle, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Ronald W. Iverson, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Donald W. Jones, USA, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Douglas J. Katz, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Jay W. Kelley, USAF, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Tom Kilcline, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Timothy A. Kinnan, USAF, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Harold Koenig, M.D., USN, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Albert H. Konetzni, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Buford Derald Lary, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Frank Libutti, USMC, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Stephen Loftus, USN, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Michael Malone, USN, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Edward H. Martin, USN, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral John J. Mazach, USN, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Justin D. McCarthy, USN, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral William McCauley, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Fred McCorkle, USMC, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerney, USAF, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Joseph S. Mobley, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Carol Mutter, USMC, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Dave R. Palmer, USA, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral John Theodore “Ted” Parker, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Garry L. Parks, USMC, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Charles Henry “Chuck” Pitman, USMC, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Steven R. Polk, USAF, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral William E. Ramsey, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Joseph J. Redden, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Clifford H. “Ted” Rees, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Edward Rowny, USA (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Dutch Schultz, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Charles J. Searock, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General E. G. “Buck” Shuler, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Alexander M. “Rusty” Sloan, USAF, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Edward M. Straw, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General David J. Teal, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Billy M. Thomas, USA, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Donald C. “Deese” Thompson, USCG, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Alan S. Thompson, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Herman O. “Tommy” Thomson, USAF, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Howard B. Thorsen, USCG, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General William Thurman, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Robert Allen “R.A.” Tiebout, USMC, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral John B. Totushek, USNR, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General George J. Trautman, USMC, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Garry R. Trexler, USAF, (Ret.)
        Vice Admiral Jerry O. Tuttle, USN, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Claudius “Bud” Watts, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General William “Bill” Welser, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Thad A. Wolfe, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General C. Norman Wood, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Michael W. Wooley, USAF, (Ret.)
        Lieutenant General Richard “Rick” Zilmer, USMC, (Ret.)
        Major General Chris Adams, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Henry Amos, USN (Ret.)
        Major General Nora Alice Astafan, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Almon Bowen Ballard, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General James F. Barnette, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Robert W. Barrow, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral John R. Batlzer, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Jon W. Bayless, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General John E. Bianchi, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General David F. Bice, USMC, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Linda J. Bird, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral James H. Black, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Peter A. Bondi, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General John L. Borling, USMC, (Ret.)
        Major General Tom Braaten, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General Robert J. Brandt, USA, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Jerry C. Breast, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Bruce B. Bremner, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Thomas F. Brown III, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General David P. Burford, USA, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral John F. Calvert, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Jay A. Campbell, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Henry Canterbury, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral James J. Carey, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Nevin Carr, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Stephen K. Chadwick, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral W. Lewis Chatham, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Jeffrey G. Cliver, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Casey Coane, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Isaiah C. Cole, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Stephen Condon, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Richard C. Cosgrave, USANG, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Robert Cowley, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General J.T. Coyne, USMC, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Robert C. Crates, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Tommy F. Crawford, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral James P. Davidson, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General James D. Delk, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General Robert E. Dempsey, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Jay Ronald Denney, USNR, (Ret.)
        Major General Robert S. Dickman, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral James C. Doebler, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Douglas O. Dollar, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General Hunt Downer, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General Thomas A. Dyches, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Jay T. Edwards, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General John R. Farrington, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Francis L. Filipiak, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral James H. Flatley III, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Charles Fletcher, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General Bobby O. Floyd, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Veronica Froman, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Vance H. Fry, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral R. Byron Fuller, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral George M. Furlong, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Frank Gallo, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Ben F. Gaumer, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Harry E. Gerhard Jr., USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Daniel J. Gibson, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Andrew A. Giordano, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Richard N. Goddard, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Fred Golove, USCGR, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Harold Eric Grant, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Jeff Grime, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Robert Kent Guest, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General Tim Haake, USAR, (Ret.)
        Major General Otto K. Habedank, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Thomas F. Hall, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Donald P. Harvey, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Leonard W. Hegland, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral John Hekman, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General John A. Hemphill, USA, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Larry Hereth, USCG, (Ret.)
        Major General Wilfred Hessert, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Don Hickman, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Geoffrey Higginbotham, USMC, (Ret.)
        Major General Jerry D. Holmes, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Weldon F. Honeycutt, USA, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Steve Israel, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General James T. Jackson, USA, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral John S. Jenkins, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Tim Jenkins, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Ron Jesberg, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Pierce J. Johnson, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Steven B. Kantrowitz, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral John T. Kavanaugh, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Dennis M. Kenneally, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General Michael Kerby, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral David Kunkel, USCG, (Ret.)
        Major General Geoffrey C. Lambert, USA, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Arthur Langston, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Thomas G. Lilly, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General James E. Livingston, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Al Logan, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General John D. Logeman Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Noah H. Long Jr, USNR, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Don Loren, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Andy Love, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Steven Wells Maas, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Robert M. Marquette, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Larry Marsh, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Clark W. Martin, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General William M. Matz, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Gerard Mauer, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral William J. McDaniel, MD, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral E.S. McGinley II, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Henry C. McKinney, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Robert Messerli, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Douglas S. Metcalf, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral John W. Miller, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Patrick David Moneymaker, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Mario Montero, USA, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Douglas M. Moore, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Walter Bruce Moore, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General William Moore, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General Burton R. Moore, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral James A. Morgart, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Stanton R. Musser, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral John T. Natter, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Robert George Nester, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General George W. Norwood, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Robert C. Olsen, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Raymund E. O’Mara, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Robert S. Owens, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral John F. Paddock, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Robert W. Paret, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Robert O. Passmore, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Earl G. Peck, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Richard E. Perraut Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Gerald F. Perryman, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral W.W. Pickavance, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral John J. Prendergast, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Fenton F. Priest, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General David C. Ralston, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General Bentley B. Rayburn, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Harold Rich, USN , (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Roland Rieve, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Tommy F. Rinard, USN , (Ret.)
        Major General Richard H. Roellig, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Michael S. Roesner, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral William J. Ryan, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Loran C. Schnaidt, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Carl Schneider, USAF , (Ret.)
        Major General John P. Schoeppner, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Edison E. Scholes, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Robert H. Shumaker, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral William S. Schwob, USCG, (Ret.)
        Major General David J. Scott, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Hugh P. Scott, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Richard Secord, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral William H. Shawcross, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Joseph K. Simeone, USAF and ANG , (Ret.)
        Major General Darwin Simpson, ANG , (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Greg Slavonic, USN , (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral David Oliver “D.O.” Smart, USNR, (Ret.)
        Major General Richard D. Smith, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Donald Bruce Smith, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Paul O. Soderberg, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Robert H. “Bob” Spiro, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Henry B. Stelling, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Daniel H. Stone, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General William A. Studer, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Hamlin Tallent, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Hugh Banks Tant III, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General Larry S. Taylor, USMC, (Ret.)
        Major General J.B. Taylor, USA, (Ret.)
        Major General Thomas R. Tempel, USA , (Ret.)
        Major General Richard L. Testa, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Jere Thompson, USN (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Byron E. Tobin, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General Larry Twitchell, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Russell L. Violett, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General David E.B. “DEB” Ward, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Charles J. Wax, USAF, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Donald Weatherson, USN, (Ret.)
        Major General John Welde, USAF, (Ret.)
        Major General Gary Whipple, USA , (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral James B. Whittaker, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Charles Williams, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral H. Denny Wisely, USN, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral Theodore J. Wojnar, USCG, (Ret.)
        Rear Admiral George R. Worthington, USN, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Arthur Abercrombie, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General John R. Allen, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Loring R. Astorino, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Richard Averitt, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Garry S. Bahling, USANG, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Donald E. Barnhart, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Charles L. Bishop, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Clayton Bridges, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Jeremiah J. Brophy, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General R. Thomas Browning, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General David A. Brubaker, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Chalmers R. Carr, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Fred F. Caste, USAFR, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Robert V. Clements, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Christopher T Cline, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General George Peyton Cole, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Richard A. Coleman, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Mike Cushman, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Peter Dawkins, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Sam. G. DeGeneres, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General George Demers, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Howard G. DeWolf, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Arthur F. Diehl, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General David Bob Edmonds, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Anthony Farrington, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Norm Gaddis, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Robert H. Harkins, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Thomas W. Honeywill, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Stanley V. Hood, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General James J. Hourin, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Jack C. Ihle, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Thomas G. Jeter, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General William Herbert Johnson, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Kenneth F. Keller, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Wayne W. Lambert, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Jerry L. Laws, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Thomas J. Lennon, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General John M. Lotz, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Robert S. Mangum, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Frank Martin, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Joe Mensching, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Richard L. Meyer, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Lawrence A. Mitchell, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Michael P. Mulqueen, USMC, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Ben Nelson, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Jack W. Nicholson, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Maria C. Owens, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Dave Papak, USMC, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Gary A. Pappas, USANG, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Robert V. Paschon, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Allen K. Rachel, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Jon Reynolds, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Edward F. Rodriguez, Jr., USAFR, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Roger Scearce, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Dennis Schulstad, USAFR, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General John Serur, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Joseph L. Shaefer, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Graham Shirley, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Raymond Shulstad, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Stan Smith, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Ralph S. Smith, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Donald Smith, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General David M. Snyder, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Michael Joseph Tashjian, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Richard Louis Ursone, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Earl Van Inwegen, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Terrence P. Woods, USAF, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Mitchell Zais, USA, (Ret.)
        Brigadier General Allan Ralph Zenowitz, USA, (Ret.)

        Pretty much speaks for itself…

    • MJM
    • Well, I don’t know if Bamma is a Bronco or not, but he is definitely half of a horse. I’ll let you figure out which half.

    • VTX
    • We can’t afford to cry; we must fight, instead: for now, at the voting booth.
      We must think like Winston Churchill as the precipice grew nearer, and plan for victory while preparing for otherwise. We shall not surrender – neither to the United Nations, nor to the Muslim Brotherhood nor to Communist Russia or China, nor to looming bankruptcy. Never, not upon our bones!

      A call to Veterans:

      In 2008, there were those veterans who voted for Obama because McCain was bad on veterans affairs issues; there were those veterans, especially Vietnam vets, who voted for Obama because they were sick of seeing young men sent into war. This was, perhaps, understandable from their perspective.

      Vietnam Vets had twice the horror that other American Warriors faced: they faced an enemy overseas and an enemy at home (the press and politicians and radicals like Barack Obama and William Jefferson Clinton.) And when – if – these vets managed to get home, they were spat upon.

      They were spat upon by those same types who are running this nation now – the administration itself; they were reviled by people like Bill Ayers, friend to the President along with others in the press who didn’t give a rip for our returning heroes. The press spat then – and it is now joining Obama in doing a different kind of spitting: they’re all spitting into the faces of active duty personnel, people who must shoulder the danger all over the world to make us and keep us safe, by not telling the story of homegrown traitors who lead our men to death and misery and who aid and abet the enemy of our Constitution and our people.

      We have a President who may not be openly spitting upon them as they come home – but perhaps he is, after all, with Hillary telling the father of a hero in a casket that her administration would get that bad person “who made the movie!” That is as much a glob of spit – you can interject your own word here – as anything anyone has thrown on the bodies of our American dead. With that lie, Hillary spit right in the face of that grieving father.

      The rules of engagement, too, are like protesters at the airport – except the protesters usually didn’t kill our returning soldiers; Obama can openly revile our troops by exposing them to unneccessary dangers, and his aim, in this case, is deadly: 38 dead, which included many members of a heroic SEAL team. Insane rules of engagement are far worse than spit, especially when it is a requirement to tell the enemy where you’re going, when you’re leaving and who is accompanying the mission.

      So don’t count on any Afghan vets to vote for Obama; Obama has already crashed the vote-carrying aircraft for our men and women in Afghanistan – one has suspicions about intent, given everything else. Given the spit.

      Don’t let them spit on our men any longer – we owe our four dead in Benghazi and the mass-murdered SEAL team in Afghanistan something, as well as those who continue to serve in dangerous places; don’t let Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton do vile things to our people – let us honor our Heroes in uniform as they do their work to keep us safe from foreign enemies.

      It is now up to us to save ourselves from domestic enemies.

      Feel free to copy this and distribute it.

      PS: (I don’t have a website)

      • Rurik
      • I am a Viet Nam Vet (Army 10/69-10/70), though I was active in opposing McCain’s nomination, in the final election I voted straight GOP. I don’t know any other Viet Vet who voted for Obozo either, maybe some of the “Soul Bro’s” (whose tribe voted 97%). I suspect some of the old WW II vets who still dream they’re voting for FDR or their wartime ally Uncle Joe.

        As for now, a lot of us Viet Vets have taken a second oath “Never will one generation of veterans again turn its back on its successors. We are still in service – VETERANS! To the front rank. NOW!

    • ebysan
    • @ VTX


      Thanks, for your support of our real Heros!!

      The UM’s Army needs to spread the Truth about what’s happening to our wonderful Country…Home of the Free & Home of the Brave…. “God’ Bless America!!

    • SueK
    • Just received from a fellow blogger via Twitter:


      We are giving the President every opportunity to present his information, deadline is noon tomorrow.

      Have the CCP and Donald Trump really gotten the goods on barky? A November surprise? Let’s hope and pray….

    • truthandjustice
    • TEA PARTY GETS OWN NEWS SITE — this is great news. I wish we had had one before for this election, but better late than never. For all those hearing that the Tea Party is “dead” – wrong. Just not publicly “seen” as at the beginning with the large group protests, etc. Were very active and helped bring in the Wisconsin victories which were not much short of miraculous (not to mention 2010 elections). It may prove to be very helpful in getting the truth out and keeping elected ones accountable, etc. Hopefully, God will bless this effort and be highly beneficial to our restoration process.

      “Tea Party conservatives are getting their very own news site.

      The Tea Party News Network, self-described as “the only trusted news source and the antidote to mainstream media bias,” is already live but will announce its launch tomorrow morning, with plans to start live video on election day. TPNN claims to have a “war room of 40-plus volunteers” who will operate out of the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, and has established partnerships with the Talk Radio Network and radio host Rusty Humphries, who will be co-anchoring the election night coverage.

      “There are plenty of news websites out there, but there isn’t one that caters directly to Tea Party conservatives, providing activists with coverage and opinion that matters to them. The Tea Party News Network changes that,” Todd Cefaratti, editor of the Tea Party News Network, said in a statement for the forthcoming press release.

      As with many right-wing news sites, TPNN puts heavy emphasis on the anti-mainstream media message: “We don’t need our supposed betters in the mainstream media telling us which stories matter or what we should think. We don’t mindlessly mimic the talking points of Washington leaders. The Tea Party movement now has a home for news it can trust.”

      (Truth be told, it’s not as though Tea Party conservatives have been homeless on the web. Most right-wing news and opinion sites, including the Media Research Center and the Breitbart network, cater to those who would label themselves members of the Tea Party. But this is the first site of its scope to apply the branding and assert itself as “the voice of the Tea Party.” Cefaratti is also promising to be “a vigilant watchdog on Washington’s leaders regardless of the outcome of the November election.”

      “TPNN is not going to be just any other conservative backwater on the Internet,” said Keith Urbahn, who heads the PR firm promoting the site and recently served as chief of staff to former Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

      Election coverage will be co-hosted by Humphries and TPNN News Director Scottie Nell Hughes, with a particular focus on Tea Party-backed candidates like Ted Cruz, Allen West, Michelle Bachmann, and Mia Love.”

      • truthandjustice
      • In July:

        “Grass-roots groups, cut free from the turncoat national leaders, have reorganized and are building stronger statewide coalitions. Some are abandoning their applications to become 501(c) tax-exempt organizations in order to be free of IRS harassment.

        Tea Party members are getting inside local and national campaigns, doing the grunt work of calling, mailing, organizing and rallying for candidates.

        They’re getting involved in issues like propositions, bond sales and tax increases. Across the board, there seems to be a move away from demonstrations and toward concrete results.

        The Supreme Court’s inexplicable and unforgivable decision to uphold Obamacare as a tax has become a rallying cry for the troops. In the past month, repeated anecdotal evidence suggests a huge groundswell of support for the Tea Party.

        As one local leader quipped, you can always tell the government’s done something bad when you exceed meeting capacity at the local Denny’s. By all reports, there have been a lot of meetings exceeding capacity lately.

        King Obama’s troops may be better equipped than the Tea Party, and they may even be more numerous, but here’s fair warning.

        The Tea Party is reloaded and ready, and the Left will not see it coming.”

        Read more: http://politicaloutcast.com/2012/07/under-the-radar-tea-party-shaping-election/#ixzz2AvBKNOdh

          • AmericaTheBeautiful
          • Drudge reporting …said to involve powerful Senator…Daily Caller plans late night release…See LameChery

            DiFi with the long knives…if so may Kam rest in peace…

            Go DiFi….
            Catherine Herridge…releases Benghai specific cable release…insiders got info to her…and Jennifer Griffin..”very specific, very detailed cable…cry for help …17th Feb Brigade not sharing info as has been and had been infillatrated ….”alQaeda here, we’re next….growing body of evidence Stte Deoartment as culpability” Greta, god frien to Hillary I’d the story with Herrige….Jason Chaffetz, as classified info, confirmed with unclassified material

    • SueK
    • VTX,

      Not sure what it’s all about, but a pic of Obama magically appeared under Drudge’s ‘developing’ story about a sex scandal; the next story under the pic is about polling.

      I know we’ve been let down before but with less than a week before the election, I think Trump and the CCP have something. Could it be a little blackmail on Trump’s part; release your records, Obama, or we sing….and here’s 5M for your favorite charity, to boot.

      As we have been doing for nearly four years, we wait.

    • VTX
    • The ring – the Magic Muslim Decoder Ring Obama wears – is prominent, too. Perhaps Obama once “wed” his Paki boyfriend years ago?

      (I posted this in haste, using your name instead of mine and it didn’t bounce – I wonder what the…?)

    • Adam
    • I’m trying it without the links hoping it’ll post.

      There are three photos (on the official White House website) showing President Obama in the Situation Room monitoring Hurricane Sandy.

      Now, what is important is that these photos prove what WHI was saying about the Bin Laden raid and Obama not being there. Look at where Obama is sitting at the table. He’s at the head of the table, there is paperwork and ‘debris’ from being in a meeting (coffee cups, water, Obama in a suit, etc). If you look at the Situation Room photo of the Bin Laden raid none of that is present. Obama was in golfing clothes and was sitting off to the side of the table while everyone else at the table had normal meeting remnants around them.

    • Gerard
    • Glenn Beck earlier today mentioned that highly placed sources are telling him that two media outlets( one is a network) have information regarding benghazi cable that will expose that barry and his team refused to send help. Beck says that if these two outlets do not reveal this info before election day that him and his staff will expose them.


      Me thinks…

      • VTX
      • Watching the entire link, you hear Beck saying that the administration’s Benghazi dealings are “impeachable” and “possibly criminal.”

        Impeachable usually does mean criminal – and that could mean criminal as in “prosecution of a crime,” not just removal from office.

        Another thing: if this involves treason or some other high crime – (and there are good reasons to think tha treason is involved at some level) – then the press that withholds this information is not exempt from being charged with the same; this isn’t the equivalent of hiding the name of a source: this is hiding a crime and abetting a fraud.

        Does the network and the other group really want to take that risk?

    • VTX
    • Drudge says sex scandal a high ranking US Senator – a powerful Senator.

      Inouye…top of the heap.
      Reid, Durbin, Shumer, Murray – these are at the top of the bill, too. Dems control the Senate…so…

    • Gerard
    • Does the network and the other group really want to take that risk?

      This is something to ponder.

      I’m sure if they release info before Beck exposes them they will say something along the nature of ‘ trying to make sure this info was accurate, vetting the source, we were planning on releasing it eventually’ etc etc

      I believe that their credibility being broken in the eyes of the public could be a worse punishment than doing burpees in san quentin

      or maybe not

      • VTX
      • Newt said almost what Beck said, except Newt stated that two networks had emails confirming the stand-down order.

        “Newt Gingrich appeared on Greta van Susteren’s Fox News show Tuesday night, and related a rather astonishing rumor – which he was very clear is only scuttlebutt he’s heard – that “at least two networks have emails from the National security Adviser’s office telling a counterterrorism group to stand down.”

        “This group was “in real-time trying to mobilize marines and C-130s and the fighter aircraft, and they were told explicitly by the White House stand down and do nothing.”

        Newt doesn’t blather, doesn’t threaten; neither does Beck.

    • Gerard
    • Can you picture Matthews kickin’ it with the Aryans in one section of the courtyard, Toure with the ‘brothas, warren with the natives, A. Wagner with the triads.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful

      Spoke to Brian Roberts (Comcast CEO) assistant today re Benghazi…and the dump of their stock and GE stock….Jesse Jackson is not the only one that can boycott…an enraged public is about to play hardball..

      ..Got Hedge fund friends? Call them…tell them Comcast and GE support a corrupt media that hides the murder of our Military heroes….Dump their stock….NOW….Cancel Comcast cable…The media cannot steal the people’s right to be informed with all the news…not just the propaganda from a corrupt media…for an important election….Complain to FCC…airwaves belong to the people…Post it on FaceBook….The terrorist is inside the house!

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