Food Stamps vs Jobs In The Age Of Obama…

Even for those of you who have long known the widespread failures of the Obama presidency, this graphic manages to startle.  There has never been a president with such a dismal record of incompetence re-elected to a second term.  Will Obama manage to break that trend – or will America relegate him to his rightful place in the scrap-heap of political has-beens?

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5 Comments to Food Stamps vs Jobs In The Age Of Obama…
    • Jules
    • Diabolical disorientation. That is what the regime specializes in.

      Sung to the tune of “Adeste, Fidelis”

      O, come all ye slothful, doleful and repugnant!
      O come ye, o come ye, to Obamaville
      Come and behold him, born to be your downfall….

      Better stop. I most certainly do not mean to be even obliquely blasphemous.

      Yes, heavens yes, we’ll “relegate him to his rightful place in the scrap-heap of political has-beens!”

    • Essa
    • Sadly, if Zero is given four more years to finish the fundamental transformation of America, there will not be enough people employed to sustain those who are on government assistance. We are very close to the 50% threshold now as it is. A lot of us who are still working are wondering, how much longer before we lose our jobs too due to the staggering lineup of new EPA regulations in the hopper just waiting for Zero’s signature should he steal another term.

    • VTX
    • The Age of Obama

      When the dope is in the White-a-house
      And Mooslums align with Comms
      Then shrieks will round the planet
      And queer will be the stars

      This is the damning of the Age of Obominus
      Age of Obominus
      Obominus! Obominus!

      Terrifying misunderstanding
      Idiots and lies abounding
      Multiple falsehoods and delusions
      Golden shower dreams of Barry
      Cryptically fulfilled Revelation
      Perdition-liar’s new liberation
      Obominus! Obominus!

      When the end is in the Seventh Seal
      And Earth’s end aligns with now
      Then screams will fill the planet
      And G0D will clear the stage.

      This is the dawning of the Age of Obominus…

        • VTX
        • OK…

          But it won’t work without being coarse – I know myself too well: I’d better let that temptation pass! Thanks anyway, though!

          My reference was serious, even though it might not seem to be: the breaking of the Seventh Seal (Rev. 8:1) will lead to the Seven Trumpets, and what most of us hope not to have to witness and to bear.

          I’d heard many people say that Clinton prepared us to accept liars – but I sense that we’re learning how to spot liars and to challenge them (almost like identifying vampires or trolls or something!) It may be that the Day of Our Lord will not come for awhile – and I hope that as many can be Saved will be, and that all who will hear are able to hear.

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