Obama Unemployment Rate Going Back UP

Once again America, you have to ask yourself how a man who has done so little with so much of your wasted tax dollars deserves any consideration for another four years to do so again.  Time for a change…



EXCERPT:  (via White House Dossier)

Unemployment Rises to 7.9 Percent

The Labor Department today reported that the economy created 171,000 jobs in October and that the unemployment rate rose a tenth of a point to 7.9 percent.

The slight increase in the unemployment rate is not helpful to President Obama, but not nearly as harmful as if the rate had risen to 8 percent, a symbolic number that would have signalled more strongly that Obama’s economic policies are not working.

Nevertheless, the unemployment rate moved in the wrong direction, and this may at least provide a good talking point to Republicans and may add to the sense that the country itself is not moving in the right direction either.  LINK


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5 Comments to Obama Unemployment Rate Going Back UP
    • VTX
    • The First Chupacabra said we were in a roaring recovery – I think the word she used was “huge.” Huge, her behind! (Which, by the way…)

      I don’t know anyone who thinks we’ve ever left the recession, not unless they think the high unemployment rate is the “new normal” that we should all accept. We are still stuck in reverse, with mud up to the wheelwells.

      I am, however, looking forward to the Obama’s unemployment.

    • ShainS
    • I wonder how many net federal employees and czars Obama’s administration has added to the government payroll these past four years (and by extension, state and local governments — even bankrupt ones like California) … helping to get that bogus U-3 number just under 8%?

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