Fewer Voters In 2012 Than 2008 – Or 2004????

The numbers coming in from yesterday’s vote simply don’t make sense.  I’ll concede I’m looking at them from the viewpoint of one whose candidate lost the election, but still, even forced objectivity is revealing very odd results that quite simply, “Don’t add up”.

Take this quote from an article this morning via kypost.com:

A drop in voter turnout in Tuesday’s election didn’t keep President Barack Obama from winning a second term.

Preliminary figures suggest fewer people voted this year than four years ago, when voters shattered turnout records as they elected Obama to his first term.

In most states, the numbers are shaping up to be even lower than in 2004, said Curtis Gans, director of American University’s Center for the Study of the American Electorate.

“This is one of those rare elections in which turnout in every state in the nation went down,” Gans said.    LINK


And yet, despite reduced voting numbers, which should have directly harmed Barack Obama’s re-election hopes, and prior data that confirmed over and over again voter enthusiasm was strongly in favor of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama managed to win re-election in nearly every battleground state he needed.

Is such a thing really possible?  Yesterday’s results suggest so – in the Age of Obama at least.

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15 Comments to Fewer Voters In 2012 Than 2008 – Or 2004????
    • 57th State
    • A lot of things make absolutely no sense. I refuse to believe that every battleground state save NC went for 0. How is this possible? Are people really this stupid? Commons sense says there is something gravely wrong.

      See you all in hell.

      • Diane Wright
      • I agree. I could not agree more.I studied the numbers of WI.and surrounding states,county by county,for early voting,and more.Something seems to be a little off,,,, very off.I keep coming back to something they said”pay no attention to the exit polls”.Clearly THEY (Dems) EXPECTED to loose,yet,did not. Doesn’t add-up.

    • ShainS
    • Although CA is not a swing state, I can tell you that voter fraud here — particularly voting by illegal aliens — is rampant.

      I assume that’s mirrored countrywide …

    • InTheKnow
    • Interesting. It will be intriguing to hear what WHI has to say about this, when and if we hear from him.

      I understand his lack of contact at this time, though. I can imagine what he is feeling now. Best wishes to him.

      • ebysan
      • Remember Scytl counted 1 in 6 States electronic ballots

        As Stalin said : He who votes decides Nothing

        He who “counts” the votes decides everything!!

        Most of the Military did not get their absentee ballots….. Plane Crashed with all the ballots on board!!!!

    • Patcairn
    • If accurate, this truly makes no sense. Report after report from voting sites mentioned never before seen crowds or used adjectives like “massive.” Yet the turnout was down? NY and NJ, sure, but elsewhere? Logic requires that if the overall vote was down and Republican vote up (by anecdotal evidence), Democrat votes had to be down. Yet Obama wins even more states that expected? Verrrry interestink…

      • SallyAl
      • Exactly! Take Virginia for example, they had so many voters that they extended the voting hours. My state had record turnout. Florida had lines around the block. No, Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore and something is rotten in Denmark!

    • Ben
    • I don’t like believing it, but I do. If I remember correctly, there are a bunch of state and national polls showing Romney with a slim 1 to 2 point lead in the last couple days that are exactly flipped or a little worse in the returns.

      I don’t know whether to be disgusted by half of this country, the people holding office, the media, those counting votes, or all of the above. I suppose it does matter which is the culprit here, but at the moment the result is exactly the same: disgust, and a deep anger that I’ll need to squash in order to retain composure.

    • Rurik
    • For over two decades the GOP has been willing to ignore electoral faud. “Just so long as it didn’t keep me from winning my seat”. Think of the evident fraud in 2000 which was not challenged, the numerous races in 2008 where fraud was recognized, but swallowed, because, “we still control the House”, even if by an unreasonably narrow margin. The GOP short term tactics legitimized multiple voting and ineligible voting, while permitting the enemy to perfect their machine. Observe that they expended no effort on trying to steal states which would not matter.

    • NameBM
    • Can somebody explain to me how the entire country voted for more republicains in the House and yet voted for Obama on the same ballot?????

      Or is it because the HOuse races are much more difficult to rig because some are over two counties operating with different voting machines and local by design so much more personal and verifiable, while the Senate and Presidential are numbers and not totals locally?

      This stink. Ohio was neck and neck all night and then the last two percent votes went nearly all for Obama. Same thing for Virginia. The results on all fronts are contradicting the forecasts. Rasmunssen found that Republicain registration was bigger than the Dems for the first time in decades, and yet all these people who took time to register before the elections did not go, or voted Obama???? Really?

      Jarrett: “By all means necessary”.

      • Patcairn
      • Dems have already picked up two seats in the House and may pick up more, in addition to the seats they are picking up in the Senate. Bad night all around for Republicans.

    • sartana
    • Someone needs to account for eighteen point five million voters.

      That’s how many fewer voters came out last night in comparison to ’08. They say Obama won the election. I say prove it. Can they? Will anyone even attempt to explain the vastly diminished turnout given the choice and the character of the two men competing? The most consequential election of our lifetime, possibly even the most consequential in the history of this Republic?

      In 2010 we saw a massive landslide victory for Republicans just after the final defeat of that party was heralded with Obama’s We Are All Socialists Now mandate. Pundits then said that the US was a Center-Right country and Obama misjudged his mandate by pushing a far Left agenda, resulting in a historic loss a the polls, the loss of the House and a large new GOP majority, several losses in the Senate including the election of Republican Scott Brown to replace Liberal Lion Ted Kennedy which the entire nation including the Leftist media acknowledged as resounding “no” on Obamacare- the signature legislation proposed by the new President with his historical mandate.

      Yet last night, the very same pundits have re-christened America a demographically transformed Left Wing nation for having re-elected Obama with less votes than he earned in 2008.

      At which point in the last two years did America suddenly switch on a dime from Center-Right to Far Left?

      It doesn’t add up. The numbers from last night make no sense. Is anyone going to pin this down? Or will this be like the “death” of Andrew Breibart- an incident everyone knew to be foul-play, but just kept quiet about and let it go forgotten?

    • Lindandy
    • What was the final outcome of the military vote? Last I heard, the military vote wasn’t going to be allowed (or something like that). Gotta’ run for an appt but wanted to throw this out there since we know the military is 2/3 against Zero.

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