Voters failed to do right thing.

Up to us now.  We intend to try another option.

Watergate him.  Not waterboard him.  Watergate him.

Don’t contact me again.




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58 Comments to MILITARY INSIDER: “Watergate Him”
    • SheilaK
    • Won’t happen because the wussy republicans have no cojones. Also, only thing that will accomplish is to leave us with that Fool in waiting, Biden

    • BigTexas
    • Interesting. Goes with what my brother in law said last month. He’s NG. Told me the military “higher ups” were openly hostile to Obama and it was trickling down to the enlisted. Said seems something was brewing. I figured it was BS because he talks a lot of BS. But maybe this time there was something to it?

      • gena
      • I’ve been hearing same rumors for over two years, know many who belong to Oath Keepers and do believe there is MUCH discontent amongst the military regarding the intend or perceived intend of the Obama group. Do believe Obama is doing what he can to weed the military of those more loyal to country than to him. Also same exists in federal law enforcement, although again, Obama and Holder are doing their best to weed out those who take their oaths seriously.

    • Gigi
    • All we need is enough military to stand up and tell the same story of how Obama lied about Benghazi. Don’t need Congress. Can even go past most in the media. Just get that story out together and stand united. Watergate wasn’t an impeachment of Nixon. He quit in shame. Maybe they can get that to happen to Obama. Start picking them off with resignations. I do know everybody I talk to in the military hates Obama. That’s about 15 people in my circle of friends and every one of them say he is the worst president they’ve ever had.

    • drjarhead
    • Sadly, I am sensing a meltdown amongst our ranks.

      And at a time when pulling together has never been more important.

      We all sense what is happening to our nation but we haven’t the balls to put a stop to it and take our nation back, not to mention preserve our freedoms. This is exaclty why we are in more trouble with each passing week.

      What a nation and future we will leave our children….


        • drjarhead
        • I believe we are speaking of the same thing here.

          Of course, I’ve been telling people that since 1978.
          Nor am I too old to make a contribution. I have kept myself in excellent condition and have learned much to help the cause over the decades.

          Regardless, it will require teamwork, even if execution of our tasks is individual in nature.


    • CHHR, VA
    • So let me get this straight… you’re going to “watergate” a president the media loves and protects, the people elected, and congress is divided over… yea right.

      Quite honestly, last night was a repudiation of the establishment. Too many focused on party politics and stepped away not only from their oath of office, but their own moral compass. The result, rampid corruption and, without moral leadership, a population hell bent on sex and illusion.

      Just want to say thank you to all who were a part to all of this… my generation is very thankful. Our kids have no respect for themselves, let alone authority, and most of the players in this game are now too old to suffer the consequences when these illiterate anarchists get into a position to make decisions that affect my “golden” years.

      AND by the way, the stock market agrees with me… check out the sectors that have nose-dived today.

    • Patcairn
    • I hope this goes beyond a few people. We definitely need the military to stand up to Obama. It was bound to come to this if he was re-elected. More is coming if this doesn’t work, I think. Dark, stormy days ahead. If 2012 was turbulent, 2013 will be worse.

      It is too bad that MI feels the need to cut off contact. We benefit by his communications. It might not be possible now though. Who knows what the WH has the NSA doing these days?

    • truthandjustice
    • It’s not only Obama — if he was gone, you still have Biden and the rest of the Evil Empire carrying on. I think that applies also to his ineligibility issue – you still have the rest that has been doing all the planning, power, etc. & would continue. And then even if something happened to Biden, you’d have Boehner (RINO) that would do their bidding. ???

      • Patcairn
      • Yes, but cancers metastasize and compromise more and more cells. There are multiple scandals that could conceivably take Obama down. With them, others would be implicated, just like Watergate. It all falls under the wish list category given that no one has been willing to stand up so far, but the cancers are there to be exposed.

    • ebysan
    • @ Patcairn

      Perhaps there is a “covert” operation that he can not discuss with us until it is over!!…. Food for thought!

      Difficulty Posting!!

    • bill o'rights
    • I support anything that serves to put down this coup. Period.

      Am I skeptical about the success of ‘watergating’ Obama? Very.

      There is one solution that provides the greatest likelihood of success. However, given that so many are blissfully ignorant of the situation (apparently nearly half of the voters in the nation are functionally retarded), to act in this way would alienate many both domestically and abroad.

      Otherwise, we the people need an overt catalyst, because no one wants to take the first suicidal step.

    • VTX
    • “Watergate him.” Who was Deepthroat? An FBI agent. And who was/were the Press? People who wanted to get “that SOB Nixon.” So this is supposed to be advice?

      MI said that he had eyes and ears, no mouth. We’ve done our jobs – on the internet. But when you get even people like Breitbart who won’t touch the identity of Obama? When you have a black wall, blocking out real investigative stuff like Sheriff Joe provided? Now you have a conspiracy – and Watergate was an effing joke compared to the level of this one!

      LC is right: these are all off-the-reservation former CIA/former KGB/former-whatever…and they run things their own way. They have eyes, ears, mouths and they have guns (and munitions that aren’t quite munitions, like infrasound bullets and such, the same thing that got Andrew.)

      So if you want to ‘out’ Obama, you have to go way beyond Benghazi: you have to go to his masters, who got him started 30-some years ago. You have to see that his ghostwriter, Bill Ayers, is actually someone working for this particular brand of Intel organization. How else would he live – after bombing the Pentagon? If Colby can have an accident, so can Bill Ayers!

      Upper level Intel folks are the only ones in a position to interfere with this cabal – and they don’t have the press both threatened and purchased, and they don’t have pictures of shoe-tapping Senators playing Tootsie in steam rooms on Capital Hill with the boys. It’s an organization – deep, wide, and all over the place.

      This is 1984.

      • Patcairn
      • Watergate centered around the congressional hearings. So who will do the hearings? Issa? He hasn’t gotten very far on what he’s address thus far. If that is it, there doesn’t seem much reason for hope.

        On the other hand, Watergate started with the break in and theft of records. Is that what he means? Seems unlikely, but the visual is entertaining.

        Maybe it’s both. Who plays Haldeman? Liddy? Ehrlichman? I wonder if the Obama WH has the equivalent of the Plumbers? Hey, it took down Mitchell so maybe we could get Holder too, eh?

      • Jules
      • VTX, pal, first, glad you didn’t follow through with last night’s threat not to return to the ol’ UMR. Don’t leave us, ‘k?

        Next, of course it’s 1984. Why it’s been the novel 1984 since, before Eric wrote the book; and I do get it. So many, many of us do, but what are we to do?

        Do you know why they attack the Church?

        Yes, that was rhetorical, but in his heart of hearts (how’s that for a Nixon allusion?) everyone knows it is about Good vs. Evil.

        • M. Simon
        • “Do you know why they attack the Church?”

          Because the church – instead of healing souls has injected itself into politics. A very stupid move.

          • Jules
          • M. Simon, hi, I missed you.

            You ought not to presume to tell The Church what her role is. Who are you to proscribe her boundaries and define her rules?

            One is not a true follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, if he does not spread the gospel. By definition, Christians will “inject” themselves. That is why they get killed.

            And they do it for Love. God is love.

      • kinikia
      • I would assume that he means really going after him/the regime on Benghazi gate, fast and furious gate, arming terrorists and gun running gate, chicago pay to play gate, foreign donations gate, money laundering gate, bundler cronyism gate, election fraud gate, down low gate, under the influence of drugs gate…. Any or all of them that would stick; so many to choose from

        Get new media journalists, possibly members of congress, fed up military men, prior acquintances willing to become involved to bring all of the ugly details out to the public where it cannot be swept under the rug, even by MSM. Get Project Veritas involved to film acts, confessions or whistleblowers in shadows with voices altered for protection, maybe even Obama or someone else close to him in his own voice and in his own words. I’m sure there are a lot of enemies of the regime out there.

        Have someone who can get this film onto the television airwaves of all of the MSM outlets at once (during prime time shows that the people can’t miss; The Voice, American Idol, etc.)with the truth about Obama’s scandal(s)right there for all to see and hear). Hold a press conference about an intriguing subject,not necessarily completely about that subject but other scandal related subjects with MSM covering with cameras live(genius example: Andrew Breitbart going up to the podium and speaking just before Anthony Weiner spoke to the press about his scandal) The people would be mesmerized and for once really hear the truth of what is going on.

    • mustang
    • If there’s one trait MI will never run short of it’s arrogance. I resent the comment “the voters failed to do the right thing”.

      Pay attention MI. The voters tried; the fix was in and the voting process was emasculated by massive fraud.

      Go ahead and strut your ribbons. Are you telling us Obama will resign under pressure? OK then, let’s check that line of succession. After the Marxist Messiah comes Biden, then the gunslinger Boehner, then Inouye and then – GUESS WHO?

      The Alinskyite herself. Hillary Rodham Clinton. If I were any of the first three, I’d be darned nervous knowing Clinton was behind me in line.

      • truthandjustice
      • Ditto. That reminds me, forgot to say previously that it wasn’t that the “voters failed to do the right thing”. I still stick to my thoughts we had the votes, which makes it even more infuriating. And yes, you have the line of succession problem and all the while their Commie plans keep going from those that really run things. It’ll just be different “front men”.
        However, I do want their crimes exposed and justice done. We shall see……..

      • Anonymouse
      • mustang (November 7, 2012 at 10:05 pm) said:

        If there’s one trait MI will never run short of it’s arrogance. I resent the comment “the voters failed to do the right thing”.

        Mustang, did every voter do the right thing?  Given that Obama got elected, doesn’t that suggest that, even with the fix in, approximately half of the voters did NOT do the right thing?

        As for MI never running short of “it’s [sic] arrogance,” how do you characterize your “Pay attention MI” and your “Go ahead and strut your ribbons”?

        While you are talking/writing/criticizing rudely, MI is acting, doing, on behalf of YOU.

        If you have a problem with MI’s succinctness and communication shutdown, possibly you could keep in mind that if he says too much, his mission would be at greater risk of FAILING?

        As for the presidential line of succession, if MI’s evidence proves that Biden and Hillary were/are found complicit with Obama, no way are they going to be permitted to remain in office.

    • readyornot
    • MI…I feel your pain. I hope you get an opportunity to read this and read into this…by any means necessary.
      I love my US Military, they are the best, the greatest and have had to deal with the likes of Old Rich Politicians who change with the wind at the waving of money or power while MI and his kind provide the very safety net of security here and abroad so that they can turn around and brutalize this great country.

    • Ylem
    • That is the first thing I tweeted last night. We need to go “Nixon” on Obama. Watergate brought Nixon down and Benghazigate will do the same — with some inside help. It’s time for Conservatives to get dirty.

    • Randall
    • Paranoia strikes deep. LC may be right, but Occam’s razor is usually correct.

      More than likely Obama is not the puppet of some neo-Illuminati. More than likely he’s a puppet for the next person who walks into the room because he’s so inept.

      A military coup means we’re a 3rd world country. We can imagine what would come out if indeed this occurred. Personally I consider this the worst possible scenario, but what do I know.

      There are plenty of ways to fry the proggies. It’s not that hard, either. But when you have Rove et al running the party like it’s his own personal baseball team (oh yeah, I hear Rove is a switch hitter) effective opposition is all but impossible.

      Step 1 should be to clean up Republican Party and make it fearsome. My words, however, won’t stop men intent on a coup… and that prospect is terribly, terribly frightening.

    • lovelypeace
    • How bad do things have to get before the military will step in and defend us?

      I’d love to see Obama do a perp walk, but saying it and doing it are two different things.

      We did our part and we failed (and apparently, Obama stole the election….cheated….) and now it looks like MI wants to pretend that ‘we the people’ can oust Obama on our own. How exactly does that happen, Sir?

      Sorry, but sitting back and waiting isn’t good enough if this guy is really the traitor we know he is.

      Everyone gets that there is a risk to the military and those involved with a coup (I can’t believe I’m seriously talking about this); however, you have an army of ‘we the people’ behind you who would support this action if it was executed.

      The military isn’t about defending a treasonous government, but we, the people.

      If the military (and you – MI) chose to protect this president – then that’s on you and the rest of the military. That’s not on ‘we, the people.’ Don’t sit and blame us for your (and other people’s) desire to last long enough to retire and collect a pension.

      I get the need for an income, but I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that the military class is too chicken s-t to do the right thing after all they’ve done for America since 9-11.

      Is defending America from enemies foreign and domestic just something you say to make you feel good at night?

      What a sell-out.

        • Sallyal
        • I have stated several times over the last 3-4 weeks that in either situation, you just need to keep refreshing or even go to the “home” page. Your posts will show up. Be patient.

          • Ylem
          • In order for me to see the “Leave A Response” white boxes, I had to highlight your comment and then the white boxes appeared. And this was AFTER I refreshed a couple times, which didn’t work, so I went back to the Home Page and selected the article AGAIN but I still couldn’t see the REPLY “Leave A Response” white boxes. This has been going on for a while. Also, I have to wait such a long time for the pages to load… Doesn’t make me want to come back much.

    • RyanMN
    • I’ve wondered more than once as to what the breaking point is for the Military. Especially considering that what happened in Benghazi was not the first incident of its kind, just the first time it leaked out.

      MI, those of us here did all we could. We voted, we donated, we got others to vote. But that wasn’t enough and what we desperately need now is a Hero. I hope you’re the man for the job, MI.

      • bill o'rights
      • Ditto.

        I would add that acknowledging an administration-led coup is occurring won’t threaten national security more than it’s already been threatened.

        Our enemies’ intelligence agencies already understand the situation. The only group that doesn’t is the general public. For that reason, the general public supports the administration…here and abroad.

        Leak the intel that would bring these f-ckers down! Then, it’s open season. The patriots support the MILITARY, NOT THE REGIME!!!!!

        Fact is, we’re running out of time, if we haven’t already. Once sequestration kicks in, it’s OVER!!!!

    • I.M.
    • Sorry, MI, but there’s NO HOPE of “Watergateing him”. Even if the House of Representatives grew a real spine and impeached Barry, the Senate is still firmly in Democratic hands, run by that corrupt SOB Harry Reid. Barry would NEVER be convicted and removed from office, and you can bet that he KNOWS IT. Besides, the media just spent the last 7 weeks of the campaign covering Obama’s worthless ass on Libya; they’re not suddenly going to stop now that their boy-toy’s been reelected. Those two brave SEALs, who in a sane world would get Medals of Honor, died in vain, and in the coming weeks they will be fully flushed down the memory hole by the corrupt machine that now rules America.

      We’re stuck with the man calling himself Obama right through until 1/20/2017 and not one minute less, and it is fully too late to do anything about it. Such is reality this grim and dark day.

    • Essa
    • Yeah right! With lets make a deal Boehner in office, all we going to get is the sound of crickets as our wallets are ripped from our hands. It will be business as usual with all improprieties neatly packaged with a pretty bow and filed away with top secret classification.

    • Lindandy
    • MI’s brief message simply says, “Voters failed to do right thing. Up to us now. We intend to try another option. Watergate him. Not waterboard him. Watergate him.” Regarding the “voters failed” part, don’t take it personally unless you voted for Obama.

      I’m reading that as being something he (MI) and the military or some other group(s) he may be involved in are going to take charge of the Watergating. He’s not telling us or anyone else to do it or even to help. I don’t think it will be long before we hear of or see some results and, I assume, “they” have been working on it for awhile… probably waiting for results of the elections to know the next steps. Just keep your eyes and ears open, stay out of the way… and pray for the best possible outcome.

    • Anonymouse
    • mustang (November 7, 2012 at 10:05 pm) said:

      If there’s one trait MI will never run short of it’s arrogance. I resent the comment “the voters failed to do the right thing”.

      Mustang, did every voter do the right thing?  Given that Obama got elected, doesn’t that suggest that, even with the fix in, approximately half of the voters did NOT do the right thing?

      As for MI never running short of “it’s arrogance,” how do you characterize your “Pay attention MI” and your “Go ahead and strut your ribbons”?

      Do you perceive that while you are talking/writing/criticizing, MI is acting, doing, on behalf of you?

      MI’s succinctness and limiting further communication makes me believe he is trying to guard the mission from greater risk of FAILING.  Even his few words put him and the mission at great risk.

      Regarding the presidential line of succession, if MI’s evidence proves that Biden and Hillary were/are found complicit with Obama, how would they be permitted to remain in office?

    • Anonymouse
    • Apologies for the double post!  I kept refreshing the page and searching for my alias, and after several tries, concluded something I said must’ve triggered a ban.  Next time I’ll try to be more patient in waitng for my first attempt to appear.

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