A New Source – A New Direction (WHI Related)

I am excited by something Insider has put together to ensure this process of political updates and discussions continue,  though also saddened they have indicated they are themselves “stepping away” due in part to exhaustion, but also a growing sense they are simply no longer up to the task of providing as reliable and timely information as they would wish, or once believed themselves capable of doing.


To that I would first simply say thank you to Insider.  I have come to know them far better than before our journey in this project began nearly three years ago, and it was through them that I also came to know and greatly admire the figure we call Wall Street Insider – a man of incredible integrity and love of country who, at this moment, has far greater and difficult battles to wage.

Insider has graciously set up communication with an individual from within the Republican machine who was apparently in almost daily contact with them during the final months of the 2012 election.  I was unaware of this relationship, but also certain I was unaware of many other aspects to the work Insider was  so feverishly attempting to complete for the past several months.  I have been promised that the information coming from this Republican will most importantly prove  “honest and uncompromising” regarding their understanding of the failings of the Republican Party and the conservative movement, as well as a “much needed and more modern” understanding of how to defeat the Democratic Party.

This individual is well connected, though apparently was not in any kind of managerial position within the Romney campaign – a campaign I’m told they viewed as “competent but falling short of linking itself to the fundamental Conservatism that still has a home in the majority of Americans”. According to Insider this person “leans libertarian without the freaky”.  I am not quite sure what the phrase means but am looking forward to asking this new source directly.

Finally, when asking Insider why this new source would want to be a part of these still ongoing published  discussions, Insider simply told me to ask them myself.  Insider did state this new source has been closely watching what we were doing with increasing interest and approval, and they are completely convinced that the new media is going to continue to play a more influential role in educating the public on the issues of the day, and that this particular forum allows them to “say things they wouldn’t be able to say openly.”  They also apparently told Insider my own judgement was often more accurate of the modern political era than was Insider’s, and that some of the information contained in the comments of our published discussions was often even more insightful than the discussion itself.  While I don’t necessarily agree that I understand the complexities of the political world more than someone of Insider’s considerable experience, I do agree we have some incredibly smart readers who, as I like to say, “connect the dots” quite well.

We shall see.

And again, to Insider, I say thank you.  I hope once you are done with whatever personal process or re-evaluation you are going through now, you come back and share your insights.  You still have a story to tell.  You still have things to teach us.  You’re not “done and down” just yet.  Over the course of the last two years you have proven right far more than wrong.  You fought hard.  You lost. There is no shame in that.  Only perhaps, a bit of regret in not quite pulling it off.  That’s life, right?

So I’m going to end this by saying – Until We Talk Again.  Ok?  We WILL have future discussions.  I refuse to accept the alternative.

As for this new source, this Republican Insider if you will, I certainly am looking forward to hearing what you have to say.  You have some big shoes to fill.  And, given the results of this last election, a whole lot of work ahead.  Let’s see if you’re up to the task.  And let’s see if I’m worthy of your attention if in fact you are.




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    • Kat
    • You have always been a class act Ulsterman. Other blogs go very negative sometimes. You seem to stay above all that which I think is what the country needs. Tell Insider thank you for all their work. They must be really hurting right now and maybe scared too. The republican party does need to fix itself after this. We have lost 2 in a row now. Time to figure it out. So really looking forward to what this republican insider has to say about that. I’m already looking at the 2014 midterms. Hoping we can get back the Senate. Keep working for us. Thank you!

        • AmericaTheBeautiful
        • Blago will walk …Fitz is now Greg Craig’s partner ( Obama WH counsel) at Skadden, Jesse Jackson back in Mayo for effect as he cuts his deal for buying a Senate seat and where he may also have to step away from his newly re-elected seat as part of that deal…the tapes remain seal protecting Obama and Jarret and Michelle

          Fitz and Shapiro remain untouched as they repeatedly brown laws and terrorzed people …and the game goes forward…Without full exposure this corruption continues…and it will

          Chicago is only a piece…Stinger Missiles…hold the sting

        • molly pitcher
        • it’s been a while since we lived in Chicagoland, and your IP2P postings are interesting and informative. I have no doubt Blago’s term will be cut short – he’s been cooperative. Of course, when you’re warned “nice family you’ve got there – be a shame if anything happened to them” you tend to keep your mouth shut and play along.

      • ITYS
      • IMHO…..the GOP did not lose 2 presidential elections in a row – they were fraudulently stolen. The numbers just do NOT add up!!! How isobama could not fill a stadium except for a gym with a capacity of 4000 where he previously held rallies in the same Ohio area with 80K people?? Could not fill the NC stadium during the DNC??? And had 65K people less for a event with Springsteen compared with John Kerry!!! Come on this does not compute. Romney camp was very confident….they had their own internals, reord crowds, etc….interesting the Senate had debates where the candidates were set up and of course they stupidly took the bait!!

        Sadly the GOP’s biggest Problems are the inability to call out the LIES and distortions of the LEFTISTS and to articulate the conservative principles of liberty, personal responsibility and limited government. Its conservatives that win, not moderates! The GOP needs to learn how stop allowing the crushing personal destruction of good and righteous people while the democrats have foul, dishonesty and corruption as resume enhancements.

        Elizabeth Warren a proven LIAR wins an election and the press calls the Tea Party extremists!!??? Which brings me to my final point……Obama wins by a small margin with 85% of the press on his side, COVERING UP the corrupt, atrocities and LAWLESSNESS of this man and we’re supposed to believe this is a GOP problem and a re-affirmation of the messiah…..I. DO NOT THINK SO. As all things Obama its NOT legitimate.

        • bill o'rights
        • This is what a Marxist coup looks like…a very sophisticated one in which the players carefully placed their pawns over decades.

          Were it a less sophisticated Marxist coup, we would be rioting in the streets. The reason that’s not occurring is because the regime has complete control of the apparatus.

          If we do not get the military’s support, we’re on our own. Better start making choices now…

          Do you want to live under tyranny, or are you willing to die for freedom? My family will not live under oppression, but we’re willing to die to defend liberty.

          I have little faith that the states that haven’t already pushed for, or strengthened their state militias will do so. That means partisan warfare. It’s a losing proposition, but it is what it is. It also means f-ck the Geneva Convention.

          This is where we’re headed.

    • Jerry
    • Longtime reader. First time commenter. I love every one of the insider updates. Hope he comes back. And am a big fan of this blog and share it with everyone. Just wanted to say thank you to teh insiders and ulsterman. America is going to come back. This isn’t over.

    • ramcclain
    • I agree with Kat, UM. You and the Insiders have been a huge source of news to all of us, and have definitely put yourselves ‘in harm’s way’ by doing so. I was pretty bummed yesterday, and think there was most definitely voter fraud, which, hopefully, can be proven. Meanwhile, I, too, think that the 2014 elections need to be focused on now, as that is one way to slow down the destruction from the regime, for the last 2 years, at least. The GOP needs new blood, and conservatives that are in touch, and not RINOs or a part of the DC establishment. Here is a good link sent to me from a friend today:


      Thank you again, UM et al, and watch your backs!

    • bill o'rights
    • I Thank you more than I can express in words, WHI and WSI!!! I am truly forever grateful!

      Welcome, RI!

      “Libertarian without the freaky”…no further explanation required.

    • BigTexas
    • Anyone else notice the painting UM used to end this update? I sure did. Makes me appreciate Insider even more. Guy was really sticking his neck out there. And also makes me wonder who this Republican insider is who is now coming to the table. Could he really be a she???? Love your stuff UM. Keep rocking. You are one of my must reads every day.

    • silverdust
    • readyornot, right on, right on, right on. I quit the R party after their horrendous treatment of Sarah Palin. It’s a party of Good Ole Boys like Boehner, McConnell and Cantor — TOTALLY USELESS and in it for themselves. Further, those louts as well as McCain are in bed with Soros progressives as well. Read David Horowitz’s “Shadow Party.” McCain is specifically named as taking contributions from Soros.

      I also believe they’re all in with the Progs to loot the American taxpayer. As Rush once said, “Congress is the only place you can enter with an average American net worth and come out a millionaire with a pension for life two years later.

      If Palin heads up a third party, I’m there.

      • truthandjustice
      • Yes, I’m a Palin fan from “day 1″ – even bought a t-shirt, bumper stickers back in 2009 that said “Palin 2012″ and really thought she’d run. First woman President? Now I have no idea what will happen. I’ve heard she was threatened and that’s why she bowed out. Right now doesn’t look so good – but then you never know what God will decide and do. So I continue hoping.

      • Essa
      • Amen! You are so right about the good ole boys. Enough is enough. Maybe when Zero is done with us, people will realize they waived their rights when they voted to give up liberty and freedom.

      • truthandjustice
      • Great! I’m thinking – maybe this election was meant to wake us up enough to get passionate, eccited and active in pushing THIS ISSUE — we MUST end this machine voter fraud flipping votes !!! It’s a NECESSITY. Everyone – make this your new endeavor for our country. This is something we can do. I liked the comment under it:

        “I am an American and proud Tea Party “terrorist.” I stand for the unalienable rights of the individual, limited government, a strong defense, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, truth, justice, honor, God, country, family and apple pie. In short, I’m an “extremist” like the Founders.”

        P.S. To the NEW Repub. INSIDER — please take this on !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lonni
    • Like the others, I also appreciate the work of UM and the Insiders. I will particularly miss the ascerbic and colorful language of WHI. Sometimes anger is the only thing that motivates. As for Romney losing, I really was taken aback. I knew it was “tight” and very close but was thinking that Romney might pull it out of the hat. He didn’t. Personally, I don’t suspect voter fraud to be the reason for his loss. I think it’s far more nefarious than that. Everything that is being done since way back is in the alignment of the North American Union. Obama had to be re-elected for that to move forward. It’s not a Republican/Democrat thing, it’s an “elitist” thing. The face of it, so far, is Obamacare, which links us to Canada; the non-inforcement of illegal alien laws and “amnesty” for aliens from Mexico, is the link to Mexico. It just all makes sense of what doesn’t make prima facia sense. Because it is neither a Republican nor a Democrat plan but a totalitarian one, it will succeed. We can know that by how the media covers for both sides when it is necessary. Even if Obama were to have lost, Romney is just as viable as one who can pull it off….ie, Romneycare. As soon as he promised to enforce immigration laws and encourage illegal aliens to “self-deport”, he was done. Now, we just have to watch the mechanism be put into play to a greater degree.

    • readyornot
    • Yes, truth, if you’ll notice, she seemed to quit making endorsements. She either saw the writing on the wall or had some threats her way. I don’t know. If it is laid out already, they’ll push for Madame Clinton to be at the helm in 2016. That’s why I want to see a push for Benghazi, she was complicit in that whole affair.

    • Lynda Fox
    • It sounds to me as if these folks believe there is still hope for the progressive repug party. Good thing that many of us have woken up to their treachery and deceit…3rd party is the only way out.

    • truthandjustice
    • Well, understand. Insiders – don’t keep beating yourselves up about it – you helped a lot and what was humanly possible under the circumstances. Appreciate and good that you admit maybe you may not have access or correct ifo we need to know & tried to get someone else for us. Learn from your “lessons” and move on – which goes for the rest of us as well.

      Welcome new RI! Thanks for volunteering to do this. Hope and pray it brings very badly needed results. If you haven’t before much, suggest you try to make time to read these blogs and check out the links (as well as other dependable Consv. sites). I’ve noticed that it seems that so many who are supposed to be working to represent us and do what they can to stick to the Constitution and protect the Republic are not aware of what even the “peons” know with our research. Too much relying on what the staffers, consultants tell you? Please don’t overly trust them and be sure they are trustworthy as much as possible – do not assume they are, no matter how much extra time and effort it takes.
      We shall see what we shall see……..

    • USA4ever
    • The past 36 hours have been a whirlwind of despair for me. I’ve questioned nearly everything, cynically or not. I’ve wondered if both sides are really working together to deceive us all, and even considered that WHI, WSI and MI are simply made up like characters in a book, the product of imagination and they never existed (no offense meant UM)

      I’m still not on solid footing emotionally over this. The re-election of Obama is no different than a terrorist attack. I feel drained exactly as I did after 9/11. The country had Mitt and Paul – two brilliant, good, decent, honorable, patriotic men – in front of it and chose evil instead. I can’t process that. I understand why the moochers tipped the scales but it will continue to defy all sane reason.

      I do hope MI does exist and that there is plans to prosecute the Obama Administration on Benghazi et al. Goodness knows there are enough scandals here to sink a thousand presidents.

      • MJM
      • >> I’ve wondered if both sides are really working together to deceive us all

        If you haven’t already, watch Alex Jones’ film “The Obama Deception” – it may open your eyes.

        For years (going back to at least Bush 41 in 1988 – maybe even into the ’70s), I’ve been trying to make sense of things. The Democrats always seemed to stick to their principles and rarely compromised. If they did, it was to only eliminate the one or two extreme things they put in a bill as red herrings or throwaways. But the GOP always seemed to want to compromise and “reach across the aisle”, and usually gave in to the Left.

        Bob Dole, Trent Lott, Mitch McConnell – all of these always seemed to be wimps and never the strong take-no-prisoners types that rose to the top ranks of the Left. And McCain obviously did not want to win in 2008 – which is why Palin was branded a “rogue”, because she obviously did not get the memo and campaigned like a person was supposed to.

        Once I got “The Obama Deception” in March 2009, everything finally made sense. And I realized that we had all been played for years.

        The fact that the GOP tried to fight Obamacare by choosing as their candidate the very person who was the architect of it in the first place, and that Romney didn’t touch Bengazi at all convinced me that the whole thing was a staged event. I hate to tell WHI but I think he was being played too – make the staff go through the motions, but an Obama second term was the grand plan of the puppet masters all along.

      • bill o'rights
      • If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 41 short years, it’s that truth is nearly always stranger than fiction. Once you’ve come to that realization, things tend to shock less and become more managable.

    • cobra
    • WHI and WSI, we OWE you a great deal of gratitude.
      Regardless of the outcome, you are great patriots.

      As for the future, it will be quite turbulent. We must steel ourselves.
      I feel the same way as I felt in the old country, under the constant watch and threat of the security apparatus working for the internal ENEMY.

      “libertarian without the freaky” means probable NOT of the Lew Rockwell colour…

      • RyanMN
      • “libertarian without the freaky” means probable NOT of the Lew Rockwell colour…”

        As a small “L” libertarian, I definitely get the “libertarian without the freaky” lol. I suspect there’s a lot more libertarians than Libertarians. And yes, Lew Rockwell is scum.

        RI, this fellow libertarian without the freaky welcomes you and is looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

    • jane
    • This is good news…but I also still want to hear from White House Insider, after he takes a much-deserved break!

      And a request: Ulstermann, can you PLEASE organize your blog a little better? Please create categories for WHI and WSI so we can easily go back and look through archives. This would be very helpful. Thank you!

    • MJM
    • “According to Insider this person “leans libertarian without the freaky”. I am not quite sure what the phrase means but am looking forward to asking this new source directly.”

      Let me explain it for you:

      “Normal” Libertarian – Ron Paul. Highlights of campaign: Follow the Constitution and return power to the States, eliminate the Federal Reserve, eliminate foreign aid, reduce our military interventions overseas.

      “Freaky” Libertarian – Gary Johnson. Apparent highlight of campaign: Legalize drugs.

      • SallyAl
      • Thank you. Very succinct. I get irritated at certain posters for demonizing all of us that lean Libertarian. So I generally don’t respond just to keep the peace.

    • InTheKnow
    • The image in the bottom of the article is, I think, of St Sebastian.


      I am not sure who the artist is, though.

      St Sebastian was thought of as a ward against the plague. I think that is why UM is using him here, to symbolize WHI — and all the Insiders — helping to fend off (or try to) the Marxist scourge of Barack Obama and his globalist backers.

      Very much looking forward to RI (Republican Insider). As others have expressed, we hope to hear from WHI again and we pray for WSI’s health and strength. And, our thoughts are with MI as well.

      Every Insider available will be needed to survive and resist in the next four years. All hands on deck. Just as every reader and their expanded internet circle will be needed.

      The lives of the martyrs (St Sebastian was martyred) can always serve as a good example, and now more than ever. Waging a battle against evil (and I do believe Marxism and Communism and their offshoots to be evil because they seek to crush the human spirit and freedom) isn’t fun and it isn’t always instantaneously rewarded. This is why I think people like Cobra and other Communist nation ex-patriots are so valuable for the American cause today. The ‘good guys’ don’t always win in the first movie. Sometimes you have to get to the 7th or 8th sequel to succeed.

      No one knew that better than the martyrs, or knows it better than those who escaped from evil, such as WSI and our Communist nation ex-patriots.

      America is the pinnacle of human achievement, as a nation and an ideal. It was not, and is not, perfect. No human venture is or could be.

      But it is the best example of what humanity can become.

      The globalists — whatever you want to call them (New World Order, Global Elites, Communists, …) — want to destroy America. They need to destroy America as a symbol of a better place for the masses in order to try to establish their One World Kingdom of Tyranny.

      So, understand this. We’re not involved in a struggle for one nation. Even a transcendent nation such as the USA.

      This is a fight for humanity, for freedom. Everywhere, all over the world. The individuals on the other side want one nation-state. Just one. All the same, with them on the top with a fake ‘utopia’ for the masses that looks like something from “1984″ or “Brave New World.” No competition, no social mobility, no hope. Feudalism.

      The Greatest Generation fought against totalitarianism aspirations. Now it’s our turn. No one can afford to shirk the yoke.

      • Publius
      • “America is the pinnacle of human achievement, as a nation and an ideal.”

        Very well said, ITK.

        I was born in the USA, and walked through the gates of hell to ensure that my country triumphed over the socialist/communist menace that sought to destroy us from afar. One of my greatest joys was watching that magical night in October 1989 as exuberant Germans from both East and West took sledgehammers to the Berlin Wall, breached it and brought it down. The liberation of Eastern Europe didn’t happen spontaneously, nor did the implosion of the Soviet Union in 1991. It took decades of hard work and dedication to mission by clandestine operatives whose names you and others who post here will never know.

        I never thought I would live to see that socialist/communist one-world-government menace begin to emerge triumphant in my beloved country, through the electoral process – without firing a shot. “Not with a bang, but with a whimper.”

        It pains me to my soul to see my beloved America brought so low.

        With respect, as a member of the much-maligned Baby Boom Generation, I take exception to the rose-colored, Tom Brokaw-generated phrase “Greatest Generation.”

        Party identification is irrelevant in this new America. IF we fight on, it must be without labels and without the kind of infighting which has already begun among Republicans who have not yet learned the new reality.

        After Tuesday, my instinct is to say that I’m done. I would say to those who voted against Mitt Romney (perhaps the most decent and honorable man who has been nominated for the presidency in my lifetime) – don’t come to me for help when hyperinflation makes all your money worthless, and the government you voted for curtails your freedoms. Maybe I’ll feel different after some more time has passed.

    • truthandjustice
    • BREAKING (but not surprising) – Per Fox News – Some of our favorite Commie actors in this nightmarish “movie” are leaving — Holder, Panneta (after the sequestration fiasco is over), Napolitano, Geithner, Hillary (retiring after first term). I think they should all get Academy Awards for their acting abilities, no?
      They’ve completed their jobs for Obama in his first term to destroy America. Now onward to different, new Commie faces…..

      And..imagine Hillary has to get ready for her next run for President you know (even though she has said she has no intention of ever running for politcal office again – you know – like she said before she ran against Obama?)

        • truthandjustice
        • No worries – could they be any WORSE?! (Well….maybe) – lol — no – it seems to me they had those in for Obama’s first term b/c it was the “hardest” – getting everything “established” and used the most experienced, “oldies” in the “business”. Now that they’ve pretty much done that, they’ll probably just put in whatever Commie/Marxist/globalist person that they have around there that wants to get in this historical coup. I’m sure they’re many. They said they were thinking of Susan Rice but now reconsidering b/c of her little problem in the the Benghazigate fiasco. And actually, Holder has not definitely said he’s leaving – just that he doesn’t know, blah blah — so people have commented it sounds like he will be.

          • Kay112
          • The next crew coming in to help the regime will be much worse– more communistic than the first bunch and more nefarious in behavior!

            …..just wait and see

      • Anonymouse
      • Simple explanation, I believe.  Each one of those named has appeared guilty in colluding to bring down the United States, to subvert its Constitutional government.  Now they want to burrow far from the bright lights — such as the Benghazi exposé — that have been exposing their collusion.

        They can run . . . but they cannot hide.

    • NameBM
    • For the past 2 years and some that I have been reading this Blog, I have never commented on the Insiders personally but rather on the infos they were giving us.

      Yet, today I want to take a moment to thank them for sharing their insider knowledge of the game. They did not have to. It certainly fulfilled other purposes too, but I appreciated it.

      So for what it is worth, thank you. I am not sure I would choose to be your friend in another world, but I enjoyed being a collegue of yours of sort.

      • RyanMN
      • I’ll second that.

        WHI, WSI, thank you for everything you both did and tried to do. I’ve been miserable since Tuesday night and I suspect that won’t change anytime soon.. But there is comfort in knowing that you were on the right side.

        The side that wants to work and earn the things we have, the side that wants our kids to have the same opportunities that we did and the side that still remembers that the government is supposed to work for us, not the other way around.

        Take heart Insiders.. Even if you decide to ride off into the sunset, we won’t stop working. You started something that won’t end when you do.

        UM, thank you for bringing this all together, risking your safety and your sanity and thank you for working to keep this going.

        One last little thank you, UM… Thanks for deleting E.A.B.’s rotten comment in this thread.

          • E.A.B.
          • For the record, this is UM’s blog to do with as he chooses, so I have no problem with him deleting comments, mine or otherwise.

            I’m just pointing out the irony of one professing Libertarian praising the deletion of something he didn’t want to see.

    • NameBM
    • RI,

      I am looking forward to discuss the future of the Republicain party so that we can reclaim our governement and weather the turmoil certainly coming our way.

      Lots and lots of work.

    • cobra
    • I think it is beyond doubt at this point that the GOP is not redeemable.
      They learned nothing from the drubbing they got in 2006 in 2008.
      The Tea Party, they despise, saved the day in 2010, only to see their candidates undermined in 2010 and 2012 by the same people, in the GOP, responsible for the country’s and the party’s debacle.

      You need to understand: BUSH GAVE US OBAMA!!!!
      I said it many times, and I stand by it.

      Furthermore, the Bush family is responsible for squandering the Reagan revolution.
      The check pants repubics, the establishment, has snuffed the patriot coalition, that Reagan put together.
      Their mission is managing the decline and secure power for themselves.
      That may not be as damning as the destructive work done by the demsheviks, but the country is going to hell in either case.
      And constantly i see Jeb Bush probing and pushing for a return to power in 2016 or beyond.
      The push for amnesty is relentless now.
      I see little changes to change the GOP in time for 2014.
      The only chance, in my opinion, is to start a new third party, or to combine several small parties, like the libertarians, the Constitution party and secure enough seats in Congress and Senate to exert pressure on the GOP.
      Then, grow the new third party, and draw good people from the GOP, until GOP becomes representative for the very small group it stands for today.
      I am almost certain, Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, the young Paul, Ted Cruz and others will leave the GOP and join the new party.
      The Ron Paul revolution should have told the GOP everything about the need to change.
      The GOP, as it is today, doesn’t represent me, and, I believe many feel like me.
      That’s the gist of the problem.
      Face it folks.

      • E.A.B.
      • Wrong in every possible way.

        The Tea Party is a movement with a good cause, but it needs to mature. Tea Party candidates cost us the Senate majority in 2010 and now again in 2012. They need to realize that some positions (or articulations of those positions) are disqualifying offenses for the majority of Americans. The Tea Party needs to take a hint from Buckley (“support the most conservative candidate who can win”), and insist on disciplined candidates and campaigns, as opposed to gaffe machines like O’Donnell, Angle, Akin, and Mourdock.

        The Republican Party will never succeed by distancing itself from Bush. Doing so has only made us appear hypocritical and muddied the public’s understanding of what conservatism actually is. Bush had his failures, but much of what he did was excellent. Like it or not, the Bush legacy is stuck to us, and much of it *is* defensible. We are never going to do well until we can persuasively defend the Bush legacy.

        Mindless resistance to any form of “amnesty” is what cost us the Latino vote for a generation. And we are quickly approaching the tipping point where we will not be able to scare off Latinos and win.

        Third parties will *never* work. American history has taught us that. This is not merely due to the fractious nature of third party politics, nor is it due to the fact that we have hardly ever have any strong third party candidates. Inevitable failure of third parties is in fact a structural consequence of our electoral system itself. A “first past the post” system virtually guarantees a two-party system.

        The Ron Paul “revolution,” a creation of the Obama media in the first place, intended solely to draw votes away from the eventual Republican nominee, is a major reason Obama was reelected. Half of the Ron Paul kooks voted for Johnson, half of them stayed home. Put those two camps together, and Obama would have lost Florida, Ohio, and Colorado if they had voted for Romney.

        Jim DeMint is more sensible than a lot of his grassroots supporters. You can have him for Senate Minority Leader if you want. Sarah Palin jumped the shark. She’s just a celebrity now. Rand Paul is part of the Libertarian party-hijacking plot that has dragged us down for two elections in a row now. He’s part of the problem, and he needs to be told to pack his things and go home. As for Ted Cruz, we’ll have to wait and see.

        • Jules
        • E.A.B., I disagree.

          It was not the candidates who, “cost us the Senate majority in 2010 and now again in 2012.” It was the stubborn, jealous, refusal of the GOP establishment to recognize and support them that cost “us” the majority.

          It is a shame, truly, a shame and a fact that brings condemnation on the petty snobs who did not then, and do not, even now, want to let the people of this country choose their own representatives.

      • NameBM
      • Keep looking! I am sure you’ll find some of these nasty conservatives who staid home and who are responsible for Romney’s defeat. Because it can’t be fraud, NoNoNo.

        • E.A.B.
        • It’s both. The pseudo-conservative Ronulans and Huckabots who stayed home or voted for Gary Johnson would have put us beyond the margin of fraud.

          The truth is that Romney ran such a strong campaign and had such a good get-out-the-vote effort that Obama’s people almost couldn’t steal it from us, even with all the effort they put into it.

          Almost. The reason it’s “almost couldn’t” instead of “couldn’t” is due to those traitors in our ranks.

          • M. Simon
          • Uh. Libertarians are not Conservatives. Perhaps if winning elections is important to you you might want to figure out how to attract them. Or you could drive them out of the Party.

            In fact driving people away seems to have become a Christian Democrat specialty.

            • E.A.B.
            • You’re right, Libertarians aren’t conservatives. Nor are they very much into liberty for that matter.

              The Republican Party is a conservative party. You Libertarians don’t belong, and you have your own party anyway.

            • E.A.B.
            • Republicans, the Tea Party movement, and conservatives in general are not going to win any elections by pandering to the Libertarians who have repeatedly aided the socialist Democratic Party via sabotage.

          • M. Simon
          • Thanks for the suggestion. I will, from now on, do my best to sabotage the R party. Although I must say that it seems they don’t need much help from me.

            And of course you only need the votes of those who have a close agreement with you to win. And those who are not in close agreement should stay away.

            That is so brilliant politically that I’m in awe.

    • Kay112
    • There is no doubt the election was stolen! By any means necessary. The Republicans can not win against election fraud.

      I’m proud of Allen West for contesting his county’s election count and coming out strongly and forcefully claiming he will use all legal means necessary to show nefarious activities occurred during the election to affect the outcome of the race…! Way to go Allen West!

      Thank you to all Insiders and UM for a job well done. You can’t win against voter fraud and the UN guys who came to America were shocked and I mean very shocked at the trust involved in our elections! The NAACP called them here and yet the UN observers didn’t agree with the NAACP. Instead the UN observers were whining about how a real election can’t take place like this in their countries.

      Welcome America to the fact we are in a Banana Republic and we are ruled by a “regime” in DC.

    • truthandjustice
    • Since we’re not used to it & not mentioned in the media, we forgot about the effects of the MUSLIM groups that are involved in the elections – from http://www.shoebat.com:

      “Muslim group sees victories in all 4 ‘Key Races’ it targeted at fundraiser attended by Pelosi
      By Shoebat Foundation on November 7, 2012

      It appears that all 4 of the Congressional / Senate races targeted by the National Muslim Democratic Council (NMDC) – a Muslim group that included the participation of both the Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and founder of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) – went their way. A fundraiser sponsored by the two Muslims in Congress – Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) – was also attended by House Minority leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

      The details of the May 16, 2012 fundraiser were published by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT). The group listed 4 “key races” (2 in the Senate and 2 in the House) and is celebrating the results of all of them.

      Those races were as follows:

      MICHIGAN (Senate): Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D) over Pete Hoekstra (R). This race was a runaway for the incumbent, who raised nearly three times as much money as Hoekstra, a congressman who has been one of the few to openly raise concerns about CAIR. In 2009, he was a signatory to a letter entitled, “Beware of CAIR” back in 2009. The NMDC’s support for Stabenow may have had more to do with defeating Hoekstra than it did with supporting the Democrat.

      VIRGINIA (Senate): Tim Kaine (D) over George Allen (R). Very close race to fill the seat vacated by outgoing Democratic Senator Jim Webb. If the NMDC’s fundraising efforts had an impact on any of the election results, this may have been one of them.

      FLORIDA (House): Patrick Murphy (D) over Allen West (R). West, also a vocal critic of CAIR, already faced an uphill battle when he was re-destricted. Nonetheless, he came very close but lost. The outspoken West was clearly viewed by groups like CAIR as a nuisance.

      OHIO (House): Joyce Beatty (D) over Chris Long (R). This was a race with no incumbent as it is a newly created district that was won by Beatty.

      Save for a handful of exceptions, the Republican Party has largely avoided confrontations with groups like CAIR. If the aforementioned results are any indication, it will not be able to do that much longer.”

      • lovelypeace
      • On the MI race: When Hoekstra won the primary, a lot of knew that he’d lose in the general. That was a no-brainer to anyone who follows MI politics. Especially after that stupid/racist ad during the Super Bowl. He may have gotten primary voters to vote for him, but there was just no way he was going to get cross-over votes or votes from the post-civil rights crowd. For those who followed the race, they know that there wasn’t even one debate between the candidates. (BTW; I chose someone else in the primary)

        Stabenow was a two-term senator, so regardless of where the money came from – everyone knew she’d be able to fund a campaign w/o a problem.

        I’m willing to bet though that some people split their ticket Romney/Stabenow.

        However, there’s just no way that anyone split their ticket Obama/Hoekstra. That’s just not realistic – even in moon-bat country.

        Since most voters split their tickets in my state, that’s a huge issue.

        The ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX3n_NsE0N4

      • lovelypeace
      • Sad to see WHI go – I’ll miss his humor and insight.

        Welcome “RI” – hope you’ve got the goods and understand where the Party needs to go because people are pissed and ready to climb over broken glass (and bring our friends along) to make sure that Obama is met w/limited success – since obviously, he ‘won’ a 2nd term. (Unfortunately he’s not ‘one and done’ (as WHI would say) like we had hoped and prayed and worked……)

        We love our country/we know we are getting screwed.

        Praying now, more than ever.

    • VTX
    • Ramcclain – good link. The TH author has it right, especially her opinon that we still have to have American values: the fact is, the selfish and immature voters who voted for Obama, and who had no clue as to the national fiscal cliff are products of immature and amoral parents – or immature and amoral influences. The Democratic party is easily defined as the party of the amoral. (It’s a wonder Karl Rove isn’t a Democrat.)

      So if this new Insider is semi-Libertarian, that’s fine. The enemy, after all, is the nanny state and the police state – it’s kind of a tossup, really, to determine which is the worst of the bunch on that side of the aisle: indolent stoners who have no concept of responsibility and Establishment Politicians of both parties; Communist-inspired America-haters; Sharia-legalists and other haters of Christians and Israel and baby-killing feminists and mothers who breed paychecks instead of children — all of these are our mortal enemies.

      The truth is that we are still largely a Christian-influenced nation, with time-honored values such as the expectation of hard work, concern for neighbors and the honoring of our Servicemen and the Constitution. We still have a moral bone in our body – in most places. Most places.

      We are still a moral nation – some of it, anyway. But as the author of the TH article stated: many of us have no interest in maintaining relationships with former friends and coworkers and neighbors who are willing to sacrifice our nation’s future on the altar of their own narrow interests and pathologies.

      Hurricane Obama will separate us, the wheat from the chaff, the cowardly from the brave and the daring from the pussilanimous; we have to unite, those of us from different backgrounds, to stop the theft of our nation’s treasury, to prohibit intentional insolvency.

      To those on the other side, we must be courteous but not friendly; righteous but not hypocritical; strong but not dictatorial; encouraging but not blandly tolerant; charitable but not foolish and undiscerning: we must be lovers of truth and haters of lies; humble, and not gods in our own eyes; powerful without being abusive; servant-leaders, not bullying boasters; cheerful without being drunken. Most of all, we should be Americans without excuse;. we are what we choose to be.

      Most all of us on these threads have unique perspectives, and what unites us is far more valuable than what separates us: we love our contry, while all of those who cast their vote for Barack Hussein Obama clearly do not, can not. It is simple division: we should intentionally and firmly remain divided from those who would drive out nation over a fiscal and moral cliff. Had Mitt Romney won, it could have been otherwise – it would have signified a maturity and responsibility and a unity of purpose. But now..there is none.

      And finally, I have to conclude: in G0D I trust.

      • Nona
      • Agree with you VTX. Ramclaim that article was on point.

        YES VTX..I too trust in God..so happy you decided to stay here with all of us who will not give up. Together with God’s help we go on.

      • M. Simon
      • The Republican Party is an immature Party. It thinks Abortion and Dope Prohibition are more important than getting our fiscal house in order.

        Why didn’t the Rs attack Obama for his jihad on pot dispensaries. About 70% to 80% of Americans support med pot. Might have been some votes there.

        • bill o'rights
        • This is a great point, because Obama’s crackdown is further evidence of close collaboration with the cartels. At the very least, you’d think the Republicans would have recognized this and used it as fuel in the F & F investigation.

          Obama’s pot dispensary crackdown raises eyebrows even on the surface, since I tend to think of Democrats as generally more supportive of marijuana legalization than Republicans.

          I think the Republicans could have raised this issue without alienating their more anti-drug ranks.

        • SallyAl
        • Gotta agree with the 1st sentence but disagree with the 2nd. Reps do not generally “run” for election on these issues, rather the enemedia tells the public that these are the candidates views and turns him/her into a pariah. I want to know when these congridiot wannabes are going to learn to tell anybody asking their positions on these things that they are not something that Fed gov should be involved in and therefore they prefer not to answer the question. (or something like that).

        • E.A.B.
        • Evidently all you Libertarians who voted for Gary Johnson or stayed home thought that getting high was more important than getting our fiscal house in order.

          Obviously your anti-liberty agenda of addiction for all supersedes any desire you have for the good of this nation.

    • M. Simon
    • I have had more than one person tell me unbidden that they didn’t vote Republican because of their anti-abortion stance.

      If the Rs want to remain relevant they need to leave the culture war behind and focus on economics.

        • M. Simon
        • Well OK Randall. The Republicans should promise a pogrom on dope smokers and those who have had abortions. That is what? About 55% of the population (over a lifetime). I’m sure you can figure out how to win elections with 45% of the vote.

          “We will make War On Americans.” That is a very attractive political position. I’m sure you can win with that. The Dems are smarter. They only want to make war on 1% of the population. At least that is their campaign position.

        • bill o'rights
        • C’mon man.

          M. Simon is out of the box. We need out-of-the-box thinking to put the pieces together and forge a plan for the future.

          Yes, I understand that his pet cause can sometimes rub us the wrong way, but I’m certain my recent (3 years +/-) pet cause, the second amendment, drives people crazy as well. My wife would back me up on this one. : )

          The fact as, there are shreds of truth in every comment posted on this forum, with the exception of the REAL trolls, whose comments UM generally removes.

          • E.A.B.
          • Out-of-the-box thinking is fine. Movements that have resorted to willful sabotage on behalf of the socialist Democratic Party are not acceptable.

            Ask yourself, back in 2004, which party fought to the hilt to steal the election for John Kerry via recounts in Ohio? Which party was one of those responsible for initiating that effort even before the Democrats themselves decided to get on board with it?

            And then ask yourself, whose side are these people really on?

      • E.A.B.
      • If you Libertarians really cared about economics, you wouldn’t have voted for Gary Johnson or stayed home, handing the election to Obama.

        You wouldn’t have been trying to hijack or sabotage the Republican Party for the benefit of the socialist Democratic Party for the past ten years.

        Libertarians’ crocodile tears over fiscal responsibility convince no one who actually pays attention.

        Libertarians are on the same side as the socialists.

        • bill o'rights
        • I think you’re referring to the Noam Chomsky flavor of Libertarian, yes. But there are the Ron Paul Libertarians as well, whose platform is a bit more palatable, for the average American, minus the foreign policy stance. I would argue that the Tea Party and Ron Paul have a great deal in common, overall.

    • Anonymouse
    • Dear White House Insider,

      CBS News reported that Mitt was “shellshocked” by the election loss.  Can we expect you to be affected less?  You both had every reason to believe Mitt would win the election.  The massive crowds’ extraordinary enthusiasm told you that.  The internal polls told you that.

      What those factors did not reveal in advance was the CORRUPTION that SUBVERTED the election.

      The crowds’ love for Mitt, and the polling, did not prepare either of you for the Philadelphia Democrats who forcefully ousted the Republican election inspectors from their respective polling places.  And who knows where else this type of attack occurred?

      Likewise, the Venezuelan software — courtesy the country over which Obama’s comrade Hugo Chávez presides — in the Diebold voting machinery was absent from the polling data.

      After giving your all for the campaign and in the years preceding it, and pinning your hopes on Mitt’s saving our country from descending into the black-and-red Communist/Marxist/Globalist abyss, you’re exhausted now, drained.  Absolutely understandable.  I cannot thank you adequately for your selfless gift of your wits, energy, and time, and for risking your life in so doing.

      I also thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending UM and us your Republican ‘ambassador’.

      And I hope and pray, that after you’ve rested and revitalized, you’ll come back here to re-complete the Insider army.  There is NOBODY like you, White House Insider, NOBODY who can fill your humongous shoes.

      And I am so grateful to Ulsterman for providing this venue allowing the two of you and Wall Street Insider and Military Insider to communicate your information AND to buttress our faith and hope in an eventual vanquishment of every enemy in our government, including those in the complicit Fifth Column.


    • VTX
    • Nona – haven’t had time to look at the link, but about 30 minutes ago (when I was sequestered and unable to post) I figured it out on my own, having put several pieces together. Boy am I stupid, for not having understood what Lame Cherry was talking about.

      Stuxnet. Or a variation of the same.

      That’s what Lame Cherry has been hinting at – algorithms and all – and it makes sens: Stuxnet didn’t cause massive, discernible failure of the Iranian centrifuges – it caused little glitches, here and there – so small that they didn’t look like sabotage. Same with SCYTL: it was sabotaged the same way the Iranian facilities were compromised. Very intentional.

      That’s what happened to the military ballots, too: they were sent to the wrong places, to the wrong people, were labellee incorrectly – and Obama labored mightily to keep those from being counted after they finally got to their proper destinations.

      This might have come from China; remember when Panetta – not too long ago, just weeks ago – warned that we were under attack? I believe this is what he was referencing.

      Lame Cherry has been hinting at this – I’m thinking Lame Cherry is a Deep Throat of sorts from Watergate – for awhile. We just haven’t picked up the clues.

      We’ve neen Stuxnetted.

      • bill o'rights
      • I have no doubt we were ‘Stuxnetted’.

        But I really don’t believe the Chinese would have had to go to such lengths, since the administration has been almost singularly focused on voter fraud since day one.

        The buying of allegiance from illegal aliens through amnesty, the suppression of Voter ID laws…it goes on and on.

        As a software engineer, I can’t convey how simple it is to develop an algorithm that would yield the results we see. The only way to know is to look at the code. But, you’d have to look at ALL the code. I’m unfamiliar with these voting machines, but I’ll give you a couple possible scenarios:

        1) Suppose, for a moment, that the code running on the machines was the correct code, but was being run by a parent process. The parent process has access to all the variables in the code and changes the values of critical variables. Easy to do.

        2) The application almost certainly uses a built-in database–probably something like postgresql, mysql or sqlite. Depending upon how the database is secured or encrypted, a script could either simulate a vote via sql injection or directly query, update or insert data into database tables. This is also a possible scenario.

        There are many ways to skin a cat but, as I’m unfamiliar with these machines, I couldn’t say how they did it unless I could get ‘under the hood’.

        Even if all rogue scripts, history, etc., were removed, I imagine ghost images could be found, but that would require the skills of a computer forensics expert.

      • truthandjustice
      • Thanks – I had no idea what Stuxnet was that you were talking about so I looked it up on Wikipedia…finding:

        “On 15 July 2010, the day the worm’s existence became widely known, a distributed denial-of-service attack was made on the servers for two leading mailing lists on industrial-systems security. This attack from an unknown source but likely related to Stuxnet, disabled one of the lists and thereby interrupted an important source of information for power plants and factories.

        The second variant, with substantial improvements, appeared in March 2010, apparently because its authors believed that Stuxnet was not spreading fast enough; a third, with minor improvements, appeared in April 2010. The worm contains a component with a build time-stamp from 3 February 2010.[28] In the United Kingdom on 25 November 2010, Sky News reported that it had received information from an anonymous source at an unidentified IT security organization that Stuxnet, or a variation of the worm, had been traded on the black market.”

        Anyway – this is not my “expertise” at all – but just using common sense and knowing from our other research info that elections are stolen and that this last one was the most humongous successes of all – I thought about the elections of 2010. They were highly successful for “our side” and I was wondering how did that happen if they could be stolen from the software/worms, etc. Then I thought maybe they weren’t that “sophisticated” enough and/or they were caught off guard or had misinformation – whatever. This time around they had it all right..and the Stuxnet had been made to be more effective. ????? Something like that. ?
        Did the Romney campaign not know about it? Or did “they” know (Rove, etc.) but didn’t want to help eliminate that danger? or couldn’t?
        All I know is….this is the top priority we must have, as I posted before. And maybe this election will finally wake up people to this – we MUST end their ability to rig elections to where they can get whatever they want !!!!!
        If you don’t, why bother with any of it? This time around, people didn’t know about this software fraud. Michelle Malkin apparently was wrong in her saying we didn’t have to worry about it that much. I know I tried to post this danger when I first heard it and I saw it all over the internet – but then she came out and said it wasn’t that worrisome on her popular website. ???? Also Glenn Beck asked someone on his radio show right before the election whom he thought was knowledgeable about it (forget who) and he said no, we didn’t have to worry!!! ??
        Don’t know if they was just duped or what.
        We must push this issue folks !!!!! Get it out with the facts to back it up as much as possible and contact Reps., etc. – like we did with everything else. We must get this fixed by 2014 & then make sure it doesn’t happen again – somehow. Maybe we can then get in the “right” people in the Senate – and along with the House, pass amendments to help curb the catastrophies of Obamacare, etc. And then hopefully – and then (with God’s help) finally get the “right” ones in -in 2016 to complete it.

      • Nona
      • Thanks VTX for the full explanation. I needed someone much more aware of the intricacies computer wise to accomplish what was being said under oath. I understand more now what Lame Cherry was hinting at.

        Darn it all..corruption and stealth..

    • obxpatriot
    • T & J, I couldn’t agree more, we can do all the Monday morning quarterbacking we want, but if this is not fixed ASAP, it matters not which candidate we put up

    • cobra
    • Knowing how easy is to hijack or screw a program leads me to a question: was the whole ORCA debacle an internal sabotage?
      The second question, related to the first one is how come the historically poorly performing socialist polling companies, PPP, DailyKos, Nate Silver were the most “on the money” polls this time?
      Come and think of this: the most partisan polls were right about the D+7/D+8 outcome, ,AFTER a failed 4 years term for this president, when the economy is in the tiolet, people unemployed, the repubics revved up like there is no tomorrow, and so forth?
      How does that sound to you?
      The number of voters in Florida and some parts of CO was higher than the number of registered voters.
      Que pasa, amigos?

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