Closed Hearings On Benghazi Massacre To Be Held Next Week

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director David Petraeus and Matt Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center are scheduled to testify in a closed hearing before the House Intelligence Committee on November 15th.  The Senate is also holding its own hearing on the same subject next week as well.

The question is whether or not more in the media, now that the election is over, will more fully engage in what clearly appears to be a cover-up throughout the Obama administration that knowingly mislead the American public on an event that left four Americans dead including the first duty-related death of a U.S. ambassador since the Carter administration.

Officially, the Obama White House simply indicates an investigation is “still underway”.

Whispers are Mr. Clapper may be on his way out…

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17 Comments to Closed Hearings On Benghazi Massacre To Be Held Next Week
    • bill o'rights
    • I hope this is what MI is referring to.

      I further hope that the documentation and testimony provided is sufficient to remove all doubt of criminal intent and high treason.

      We are WAY beyond worrying about the threat to national security, should it become ‘publicly’ known (as if half of us in the U.S. didn’t already know) that a coup has been taking place under Obama, since 2008. From a national security perspective, I believe we’re probably as naked as a newborn babe, given all the intelligence leaks and intel-sharing out of the White House.

    • truthandjustice
    • “Closed” hearings?!!! SOooooo…obvious. Sounds to me like more of the same – KABUKI — same pattern — hold hearings, throw some under the bus (Clapper, whoever)…..ignore, lie, threaten, continue going rogue as usual.

      I feel so sorry for Jason Chaffetz (& Gowdy) – he “seems” (but who knows) like one of the couple who are sincere, honest patriots trying to do the right thing and they are hitting all this unbelievable Kabuki. Heard him on Fox this morning – it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s unaware or just can’t accept the fact that his fellow Congressmen, like Issa, Boehner, etc. are traitors and complicit and/or compromised to where they are paralyzed to carry through with the deserved endictments/prosecution. May be another very naive, idealistic person since he’s one of the “good” (?) newbies. He has to have their cooperation in order to get things done — and guess what? Won’t happen.
      Watergate him? Again, I want justice done beyond badly but it takes getting rid of the whole administration/powers that be behind it to end the active march to Socialism/Marxism. The “President” is only the front man & now, after the election, probably don’t need him in particular anymore. They can use Biden, Boehner, Hillary also the same way since they are puppets/complicit also.

    • ShainS
    • These ought to be just as powerfully effective and insightful as those Fast & Furious hearings … oh, wait!

      • ebysan
      • Today Eric Holder Told a group of Students I believe that he may not stay with the Obama 2nd Term

        1). Is he afraid of backlash from Fast & Furious reaching him??


        2). Is Obama going to nominate Holder to the Supreme Court??

        God” Help us!!

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Clapper is nothing more than chum …held for just such an occasion …the expected feeding frenzy by the impotent …

      Demand more…grill Brennan, Pannetta and Clinton …run them out…Cripple them…Paint the liars as traitors…begin tne drum beat with the hearings…Put a stake in it…This is the 2016 prep

      Get ready to re-release the emails, radio interviews and rape pictures ad infinitum …as if it happened yesterday …connect to your outrage……this is your chance to put a stake in it …and effect 2016 and more…

      Educate and enrage the sheeple…at Huffpo and lib youth sites…get new poster names and accounts …you won’t find the moronic youth here…. and bypassing media is a must…Psyop the issue to the mush…Benghazi is all new to them …

    • Essa
    • Top secret classification, secret meetings, throw someone under the bus, then the target mysteriously passes away or is brought up on trumped up charges, rinse and repeat.

    • Enough is enough
    • You know, if they don’t tell the truth about what happened, others will. Someon will break. They better tell what they know or they will be worst off. This is not going off the table.

      • Kay112
      • Treason and this is why the regime stole the election! The regime made sure it would have a Democrat Senate to protect itself from Republicans and it couldn’t afford to be fired by the voters because too corruption would have been revealed after January!

        This next four years will be quite painful so brace yourselves unless you want to go prove the computers were programmed to flip votes!

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