“Could We Fix An Election – Sure. They Would Never Know It”

Thank you to all the readers who sent this to me.  Apparently from testimony following the 2004 election, this computer programmer makes clear UNDER OATH, of how easily it would be for an organization, be it Democrat or Republican, to “flip” the election outcome via a rather simple code. – a code this programmer himself easily manufactured.  This is further confirmed at the 3:10 of the video where the programmer notes how the entire system can be “hacked” to control the final voting outcome.

Tin hat stuff?  Perhaps, but given how so many political experts were proven so wrong regarding the 2012 presidential election, and how particularly in the crucial swing states the final vote came out considerably less for Mitt Romney than much of the polling data was indicating, gives pause.  Serious pause.  See for yourself:

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47 Comments to “Could We Fix An Election – Sure. They Would Never Know It”
    • truthandjustice
    • “SERIOUS PAUSE” – No kidding !!!!! Really – please – everyone – start thinking and investigating this – spreading the word now. We MUST get this fixed if we are to survive and hopefully get out of this horrendous mess. We are on a downward slide as we speak. We have received a huge set back, battle lost in this last election – it will finally take us down if we don’t get this reversed very soon – by 2014 is my guess. Perhaps God allowed it b/c we needed to be woke up about this, among some other things and for others who voted for Obama to be shown what they/Socialism really are all about and their destructive intents. I am reposting what I posted on previous thread (as Bill referred to) since it was the last comment. Even if we are wrong about how much it controlled the outcome – it sure wouldn’t hurt to focus our efforts on this to get it exposed and fixed. It’s another area that the “powers that be” don’t want us to know – including the traitorous RINO’s.
      BILL – I replied to you also on that thread — LOL

      I had no idea what “Stuxnet” was so I looked it up on Wikipedia…finding:

      “On 15 July 2010, the day the worm’s existence became widely known, a distributed denial-of-service attack was made on the servers for two leading mailing lists on industrial-systems security. This attack from an unknown source but likely related to Stuxnet, disabled one of the lists and thereby interrupted an important source of information for power plants and factories.

      The second variant, with substantial improvements, appeared in March 2010, apparently because its authors believed that Stuxnet was not spreading fast enough; a third, with minor improvements, appeared in April 2010. The worm contains a component with a build time-stamp from 3 February 2010.[28] In the United Kingdom on 25 November 2010, Sky News reported that it had received information from an anonymous source at an unidentified IT security organization that Stuxnet, or a variation of the worm, had been traded on the black market.”

      Anyway – this is not my “expertise” at all – but just using common sense and knowing from our other research info that elections are stolen and that this last one was the most humongous successes of all – I thought about the elections of 2010. They were highly successful for “our side” and I was wondering how did that happen if they could be stolen from the software/worms, etc. Then I thought maybe they weren’t that “sophisticated” enough and/or they were caught off guard or had misinformation – whatever. This time around they had it all right..and the Stuxnet had been made to be more effective. ????? Something like that. ?
      Did the Romney campaign not know about it? Or did “they” know (Rove, etc.) but didn’t want to help eliminate that danger? or couldn’t?
      All I know is….this is the top priority we must have, as I posted before. And maybe this election will finally wake up people to this – we MUST end their ability to rig elections to where they can get whatever they want !!!!!
      If you don’t, why bother with any of it? This time around, people didn’t know about this software fraud. Michelle Malkin apparently was wrong in her saying we didn’t have to worry about it that much. I know I tried to post this danger when I first heard it and I saw it all over the internet – but then she came out and said it wasn’t that worrisome on her popular website. ???? Also Glenn Beck asked someone on his radio show right before the election whom he thought was knowledgeable about it (forget who) and he said no, we didn’t have to worry!!! ??
      Don’t know if they was just duped or what.
      We must push this issue folks !!!!! Get it out with the facts to back it up as much as possible and contact Reps., etc. – like we did with everything else. We must get this fixed by 2014 & then make sure it doesn’t happen again – somehow. Maybe we can then get in the “right” people in the Senate – and along with the House, pass amendments to help curb the catastrophies of Obamacare, etc. And then hopefully – and then (with God’s help) finally get the “right” ones in -in 2016 to complete it.

    • CHHR, VA
    • I’ve spoken with many computer programers over my career… everything this guy is saying is true… after the machines are installed.

      In order for these machines to be coded and deployed, both parties review both the source code and implementation process. Vote rigging is more easily done AFTER the system is designed and installed. Unfortunately, security is easy to breach at the precint level and FOBs are easy to develop that would interrupt the source code and alter the outcomes after implementation of the networked and compiled systems. And that comes from someone responsible for the co-developer for Voter Activation Network, Inc (now NGPVAN)used very successfully by the Democratic party in the last 4 elections.

    • VTX
    • The STUXNET variant that created so much damage to the Iranian centrifuges acted by making subtle changes – not easily detected: timing was throwm off, temperature readings were altered – the whole thing was undone without being too point-specific.

      This is why people’s votes kept flipping, mostly to Obama – it was widely reported that people would have to clear the screen and re-enter their Romney vote. This was the virus at work.

      I’m not a software designer, either, but I do keep up with things like STUXNET – it was brilliantly administered in the Iranian reactor sites, and the Iranians ended up killing a lot of innocent engineers who were suspected of sabotage. This was an Intel coup that no one would admit to owning – but it was suspected (and confirmed by Loose Lips Obama) that it was ours and the Israelis’.

      Obama’s people – he has some in the NSA – were likely involved in this. But remember that Panetta warned us about sabotage, and not that long before the election. It’s pretty obvious that he knew it was being done, and was helpless (or unwilling) to do anything about it.

      I suspected China had a hand in it because of the Clinton connection; Clinton worked hard for Obama because he knew he couldn’t prevail against the machine. Had he gone against Obama, he would be in real trouble, and that’s not an allusion to 2016. This program doesn’t neccessarily have to be a STUXNET variant, as some have pointed out; there are other programs.

      This was a coup d’etat; Romney won the election.

      • bill o'rights
      • OK,

        Gonna repost my response as well:

        I have no doubt we were ‘Stuxnetted’.

        But I really don’t believe the Chinese would have had to go to such lengths, since the administration has been almost singularly focused on voter fraud since day one.

        The buying of allegiance from illegal aliens through amnesty, the suppression of Voter ID laws…it goes on and on.

        As a software engineer, I can’t convey how simple it is to develop an algorithm that would yield the results we see. The only way to know is to look at the code. But, you’d have to look at ALL the code. I’m unfamiliar with these voting machines, but I’ll give you a couple possible scenarios:

        1) Suppose, for a moment, that the code running on the machines was the correct code, but was being run by a parent process. The parent process has access to all the variables in the code and changes the values of critical variables. Easy to do.

        2) The application almost certainly uses a built-in database–probably something like postgresql, mysql or sqlite. Depending upon how the database is secured or encrypted, a script could either simulate a vote via sql injection or directly query, update or insert data into database tables. This is also a possible scenario.

        There are many ways to skin a cat but, as I’m unfamiliar with these machines, I couldn’t say how they did it unless I could get ‘under the hood’.

        Even if all rogue scripts, history, etc., were removed, I imagine ghost images could be found, but that would require the skills of a computer forensics expert.

      • Kay112
      • VTX stated: “This was a coup d’etat; Romney won the election.”

        You betcha, he won! No wonder he was shellshocked and so are many of us. However, the election of our lifetime will be coming around the corner when all the bills pill up. Give it 8 more years and that will be the election of our lifetime.

        • ThroughtheLookingGlass
        • Kay112, Eight more years won’t matter. This was that election. Eight more years and it will be total devastation. This wasn’t a defeat of the Republican Party policy or strategy…it was a technology win, a computer technology success. We have been TERMINATED. It’s GAME OVER.

          If the last 4 years were a rollercoaster, the next four years will be a nose dive, an out of control spinning nose dive.

      • Randall
      • Obama very well may have people “in the NSA,” but the NSA also happens to be predominantly Mormon. Highly unlikely that the NSA was in on this.

    • NameBM
    • State by state “we” must push an initiative stipulating that certifiable numbers can only be paper counted.

      That would imply remplacement of all the machines not backed uo by paper ballots or reciepts.

      Computer numbers produced on election day can only be indicative and not certifiable.

      Paper counting should be the base of certifiability and triggering recounts.

      To this should be add limitation of early voting to 10 days before election day if that, proof not stipulation, of citizenship necessary to register on the election lists, voter ID to vote.

      It is clear the voting machine can be rigged at the local level, state level or national level, and that the codes can self-destroyed leaving no traces of their existence in the first place.

      This is a fact, so let’s act on the fact not the assumption that all is glory glory….

      • Rurik
      • No. Go back to the older way. NO early or absentee voting, except for deployed military servicemen. If your franchise is so precious, the get off your fat ass and go to the poll at the appointed time! Your winter vacation can wait, or even be skipped once every few years. And if you’re so old and enfeebled you can’t get to the poll, you probably aren’t well informed any more, and maybe shouldn’t vote. During my mother’s last years she was one of those absentee voters – out of convenience. It drove me mad, even though we had the same politics. I have never voted absentee, I always go in person, on the right day.

        • R. J.
        • We will not be allowed to have paper ballots. It has been decided. The republic is dead,
          The will of the people nullified…

          The election software as this blog has revealed is based upon the original Scytl codex which interestingly was how to win at casino gaming in trends. Algorithms can indeed rewrite in radar waves and can be influenced by human auras as has been proven. What Scytl is on the cusp of and why the creator was murdered over the discovery is election software was run to monitor trends as in casino gaming. A definite amount of “winners” would be allowed to keep the people spending money. The winners would be linked to the numbers of people putting cash flow into the casinos to herd spending.
          What Scytl voting did was to take that and create nuance pulses which would monitor voting trends, suppress voters to match people voting, all in order to steal elections in thee exact numbers as were designed. It did not matter where the elections were or on what systems, nor on paper ballots as the electronic reporting is what was being reported.

          The reality is even the paper trail was being rigged in sufficient numbers to hide all of this. This is not an American Boxgate alone. This has been taking place in limited scope since 2004 at least. It simply is now being graduated for complete control as Democrats like Kevin Yoder of Kansas turn Republican to be elected and then keep Obama in power as the GOP.
          This Boxgate is not going to allow any more Tea Party disassembly of candidates in primaries. It is a reality that the control is not just going to be UN law enforcement in local communities, but the reality of minders in every community “thinking they are going bring something Obama better” as it is their own idea.

          Lame Cherry

    • ebysan
    • @ UM

      Thank You for bring us the truth!!!

      Thanks to all of the great people who post comments to bring us more details on events!

      **** Programmer Testifies about Rigging Elections with Vote Counting Machines****

      If the MSM had been doing it’s job, Rigging the voting machines should have been questioned in this age of computer technology!!

      There was a “RED FLAG” in the ……disparity ……of the lackluster crowds that Obama drew as opposed to the enormous crowds that turned out to see Romney.

      Even Bruce Springstein could not fill the venue to capacity for Obama in the last day before the election.

      At 11pm the night before the election Gov. Romney drew a crowd of 11 Thousand.

      No one questioned Voter FRAUD!!

      I sent this information last night to voterfraud@foxnews.com, Drudge, Megyn Kelley, Breit Baier & Rush ….You all get thousands of e-mails & this was not pick up as of yet.

      Please elevate this information to the next level, the future of Our Country may hinge on this information being brought out!!

    • Dan Shays

    • VTX
    • What I am about to suggest might be seen as sedition, but I really don’t give a shit; my days are numbered anyway for a Townhall blogpost – since removedt- that outed Abbotabad as UBL’s lair – about a month before they got him. The post disappeared and is nowhere to be found, and believe me, I tried.

      That is possibly – possibly – what Panetta acted upon. I was actually just screwing around on Google Earth when I went north of Islamabad, and it just jumped out at me. Well, I can’t prove a damn thing, but if my post was what they acted on, I’m a dead man anyway. Fine.

      So what I’m about to suggest is that if we find and prove that the election was subverted, then the Constitution-bound Congress and the Constitution-bound SCOTUS and the Constituion-bound Armed Services can nullify the election – by force if neccessary.

      Constitutional force.

      • Jules
      • VTX, Congress and the SCOTUS do not consider themselves constitution-bound; they say “constitution-schmonstitution,” if they say the word at all.

        Their attitude is exemplified by Nazi Pelosi’s “Are you serious? Are you serious?” when asked where in the constitution she found congress’s having the power to impose Obozocare.

        • VTX
        • Luxuryoption,

          Well, I put my butt on the line. My post – as best as I can remember, was this:

          “Everybody knows where UBL is; he’s in Abbottabad, and he’s the biggest, ugliest Pakistani woman anyone has ever seen, hiding in plain sight behind a giant retaining wall.”

          Location, description of site, description of his technique. Remember a few months ago there were pictures of Taliban, all dressed in drag?

          I posted that a month before they got him – I was blathering, and I really didn’t know the location. Call it a Pelican Brief moment. As I’ve outed myself – again – I figure it’s time to say goodbye, just in case. It won’t just be the Bat Faced One after my butt, but Jihadists as well. Oh, well – we might as well start the damn war in my front yard.

          Some of us aren’t cowards, even if Congress and other elected officials and the press are and apparently always will be.

          • cobra
          • VTX,
            I really hope you are doing more than just joking about this.
            If what you say is true, pardon me from being this way, my old reflexes honed in my old commie country die hard, you are in deep kimchi, so to speak.
            You better move quickly, man, and drop completely out of sight for the next years. Nothing else will do it. Trust me on that.

            • VTX
            • Can’t prove it, but it looks like it might have happened in that order.
              I’m expecting company – sooner or later.

              By the way, I’m in perfect health, have no disease processes, no depression (other than being bummed about the hijacked election.) If anything happens to me, it’s not an accident, nor would it be self-inflicted.

            • cobra
            • People don’t know you. the fact that you are in perfect health and have no suicide plans is irrelevant.
              You are in a catch 22 position.
              If you reveal yourself, you solve one side of your problem, but certainly not the other one, as a matter of fact you make it much worse in that case,if you get my drift.
              And the fact that you expect company is of little value. You may never see it or know it when it happens.
              Think well about the best way to protect you.

    • Namecookiegramma
    • I am not going to say that there was no problem with vote flipping, it was reported; however that is not the base of the problem. There are numerous reports that Republicans did not turn out the vote and that I can say I believe. I live in a small heavily Republican town in a blue state. Every presidential election before this there were lines around the building between 4 and 7 p.m. not this time. The people who were working the polls commented on this to me when I went over to get the numbers for some of the candidates on the ballot. They were surprised because they had been warned to be ready for it. There were lines and it was steady all morning and until mid-afternoon, then nothing. I commented about this to my father who lives in a Cleveland Ohio suburb and he tells me that they had the same experience. My question is what happened that the base just stopped coming to vote that afternoon? One other thing that did seem strange, We got two calls from the Democratic National Committee asking if we had voted yet. Being a smart A** I asked what interest they had in whether a member of the town republican committee had voted yet or not and got a weak, well it is important to vote. I did find it strange, before the 2008 election I had been registered as a Democrat, yet never a call from the party to see if we had voted yet. Why this year?

      • VTX
      • Disinformation. Pure bile.

        Romney’s people did early polling, and made sure it got into the hands of Obama. That’s when Obama had his off-teleprompter meltdown in Roanoke. As WHI said, it really got into his head. They had the date. Period.

        The election was subverted, and that’s illustrated by the experience many people had when their vote switched to Obama – they had to repeatedly reset the screen in order to vote properly.

        Whys is it so hard to believe that these effers did it? JFK won with similar shenanigans – a miraculous event, a resurrection of the dead, as they mysteriously appeared just in time to vote. In Chitcago.

        • VTX
        • On the other hand, Romney’s programs might have been subverted as well. The author never considered that – and my post wasn’t completely thought-out.

          My suggestion is for the Romney camp to do some digging into their own programs – they crashed, it didn’t happen by accident.

    • cobra
    • Knowing how easy is to hijack or screw a program leads me to a question: was the whole ORCA debacle an internal sabotage?
      The second question, related to the first one is how come the historically poorly performing socialist polling companies, PPP, DailyKos, Nate Silver were the most “on the money” polls this time?
      Come and think of this: the most partisan polls were right about the D+7/D+8 outcome, ,AFTER a failed 4 years term for this president, when the economy is in the tiolet, people unemployed, the repubics revved up like there is no tomorrow, and so forth?
      How does that sound to you?
      The number of voters in Florida and some parts of CO was higher than the number of registered voters.
      Que pasa, amigos?

      • VTX
      • We know that – how it was programmed or subverted (such as STUXNET) is the question; it’s clear that is was used to commit electoral fraud – but whether it was built into the program or added to it is the pertinent question.

    • Seen
    • I saw it on a video by Aaron Russo. It came out a while ago; it enables the people with the code to the machines to alter votes and decide the outcome.

      Can’t say that it’s surprising; the election process has been largely closed counted removing transparency and accountability.

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