Republican Insider Welcomes YOUR Questions

As the first interview with Republican Insider begins to circulate among readers, I have been noting some of the more well thought out comments from our readers that RI referred to – those readers they believe represent a great resource to begin pushing the Republican Party back toward fully embracing the conservative ideals that once made it not so long ago,  the majority party of America.

RI had requested I forward them some of these comments, and after doing so, they replied to me with this message:


Thank you for following through with that.  Feel free to ask your readers to pose to me any question they wish and send the best of those to me and I will be happy to respond to them when time allows, which shouldn’t take too long because this thing we are doing is a priority for me.  Also let them know that  some of their comments or suggestions or information from previous interviews you had with Insider were taken by me directly to prominent figures inside the party.  There are people favorable to a return to conservatism, we just have to keep the pressure on.  The Republican Party needs to learn from its mistakes, and we won’t do that until we actually start to really listen to the people our mistakes are effecting the most. 


First, I want to say how great it was that this suggestion came from RI  and that they are willing to take the time to respond as quickly as possible to my readers.  Second, how great to have readers whose previous comments were taken by RI to individuals who reside for much of the year inside those grand government buildings of Washington D.C.  Awesome.

So, please feel free to pose your questions to Republican Insider below.  I will then forward as many of the well thought out and respectful questions as time will allow to RI – though there is also the very real possibility they may have already read them first.

And thank you again to Republican Insider for a fantastic suggestion that affords my readers the respect so many of them truly deserve.




Original Interview With Republican Insider Just Published Today:

REPUBLICAN INSIDER: “New Blood In An Old Direction”



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    • CapitalG
    • The GOP never fights back against the media smear machine. We are portrayed as racists but there is nothing in the GOP platform about race. It seems like Republicans in general are largely beyond race as an issue – which is a sign of TRUE equality.

      Democrats divide into racial groups and pit them against each other. If they see a black Republican out come the racial slurs. Out comes the ‘house n-word’ slur and the ‘sellout to their race’ accusations. In effect they are saying ‘hey – you are black – get over here where you belong’ which is completely racist.

      Now we have some Republicans saying we should do the same thing towards Latinos. Reach out to them with Rubio and free citizenship. This just seems inherently wrong to me. Soon we have defined political divisions between black, white, asian, latino, etc. That is a dangerous pathway to follow. Dividing by race is the territory of the Democrats. Always has been. From their support of slavery to Jim Crow Laws and opposition to the Civil Rights movement.

      The GOP lets the media and celebrities portray Republicans as racist old white men. Instead – they should respond to these smears with the historical FACTS that make Democrats look SO bad that people just stop making the allegations. I’m not sure the Democrat Party has ever publicly apologized for some of their awful stances on race. Perhaps it is time to put some pressure on them to do so.

      I am sick of being portrayed as a racist because I support a party that focuses on small government and individual liberty. My question to RI is ‘Why won’t you stand up for Republicans who are being smeared as racist?’

      Please fight back for the party against the ugliest of smears and shed a little historical truth on who has a history of oppressing black people. Democrats have become adept at rubbing that raw nerve of racial division. We just pretend it isn’t happening and we are getting it handed to us as a result. Please fight back. The truth is not on the Democrats side on this issue. With the proper firm tone and facts Democrats can be shamed into silence on racial matters. That leaves them with NOTHING.

    • Conor M. L.
    • Long time reader, first time commenter. Quick question for Republican Insider. It was mentioned somewhere that you have libertarian leanings. What do you think of the Ron / Rand Paul wing of the Republican party? Are some of their positions more likely to find a place in the party platform now that moderate/liberal Republican candidates have lost two consecutive presidential elections? For example, George Will has written since the election about the need to re-think America’s war on drugs. That this could be an issue that Republicans can lead on, from a state’s rights basis (if Washington and Colorado legalize marijuana, the fed should butt out). Even William F. Buckley Jr. was against prohibition at the end of his life. It feels like the Republican party is in a soul searching period, and I’m curious to see where they land ideologically. What are your thoughts?

    • SallyAl
    • Why, oh why for heavens sake, does the party not address the ineligibilty of Obama? We can’t seem to get 2 answers that match. It is past time. Remember, dual citizen and natural born citizen are mutually exclusive terms. How on earth can you be “natural born” if you are also a dual citizen?!?

      • truthandjustice
      • I know your question is to RI, but – if I remember right, back when this first came up, what I found was it was b/c the corrupt Repubs. & Dems. made a “deal” to agree not to ever make an issue of this so they could get some of their selected people into office. ?? Something like that? Like I said, can’t remember for sure. And if they got into that, it would lead back to GOP also – don’t forget, threats are made if all else fails (but of course can’t prove it). In fact, that’s the reason for all the other issues that aren’t addressed – if they did that, it would lead back to THEM, which they can’t allow.

    • cobra
    • First, we must take the fight to them.
      Brand them what they are: marxists.
      Enough with euphemisms, like the likable “liberal” and the misleading “progressive”.
      tell people what they are and what that ideology brought to the world.
      Second, we must purge the repubic establishment from the party.
      Free market is not synonymous with oligopolies and cartels and corporate welfare.
      People really feel that they, as individuals, are shortchanged by the system.
      How is it possible for the big corporations, like GE, Apple and many others to not pay taxes (or very little)?
      Illegal immigration was equally pushed by the demsheviks, for future votes, and by the repubics, for free, or cheap labour.
      it is a fact and we must face it.
      Just look at the WSJ, as the mouthpiece of this repubic faction.
      If the GOP is not separating itself from these factions, it will become extinct.
      Trust me.
      The level of anger among conservatives is unprecedented.
      The third party seems to be the way to go.
      GOP, your turn now…

    • red923
    • I have voted Republican since I was old enough to vote 20+ years ago. I will not vote Republican again unless there are drastic changes to the party. What are you doing to change the party from the inside and oust the old blood that’s destroying the party?

    • JoleneAL
    • I agree with CapitalG. Now we don’t have to go all Chris Matthews on people, but dang it — FIGHT! We out here in flyover country are ready to battle for what is left of America but dang it all — we need out leadership to stand with us!

    • Cnservativemama
    • Thank you for considering our questions. I’ll comment on the same line that I made my comments about before, because it really struck a nerve with what I’ve noticed in the last two elections. The line you said about bringing Reagan’s playbook to the 21st century.

      This starts with presenting it to the new generations, with giving them a stance they can be proud of, one they can wear with pride. And the generations now voting, just about to vote, they are of an entirely different model — one with divorce rates higher than marriage rates, with families of entirely different molds, with friends who are gay or are gay themselves, with kids who have been raised on FEELINGS rather than old-fashioned (in the good way) hard work.

      Sadly, the Republicans have used the term “Reagan conservatism” as a way to garner support for their less-than-conservative candidates. So I wonder what the view of conservatism looks like from their seats. What is the foundation that our current Republican Party is operating from? Not sound bites, not what pulls their conservative base in so they can go right back to center and play Red Rover with the independents. What IS conservatism to them and is there anyone high enough in the ladder of the GOP to champion that set of ideas, who is willing to come out loud and strong?

      I think before we can sell the message the right way, we need to know that we all view it the same. And I have serious doubts with a lot of the Republicans I see in politics today base their views on true conservative principles. They are not showing themselves to be the party of Ronald Reagan. We need the politicians who ARE.

    • cobra
    • In addition to what I wrote, I must say the GOP must rethink EVERYTHING, from the tactical level to the strategic level.
      The GOP must address the marxist indoctrination in the (public) schools, the (public sector) unions, the enviro-marxist movement and so forth.
      In short, the work is monumental.
      And it can only be done after the party sheds its repubic yoke and embraces the constitutional conservatism married with modern techniques and methods.
      People are craving for that.

    • Barry Soetoro the MOSLEM
    • Question: I’ve seen every imaginable conspiracy theory regarding Soetoro’s personal history.

      If Soetoro (aka Obama) is indeed using a CT (Connecticut) Social Security number, why the hell hasn’t anybody made that an issue?

      He never lived in CT. Apparently, this SS# was stolen. That’s identity theft.

      Plus, it’s easy to prove/disprove. The 3-digit prefix is either “CT ONLY” or it isn’t.

      There must be hundreds of documents Soetoro has filled out, on file with dozens of agencies… everything from mortgage applications to auto leases to government documents like his Selective Service registration card (which is CLEARLY forged)… that feature his SS#.

      Here’s the Selective Service card, with an obviously forged date-stamp. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to realize this is forged. Even Inspector Clouseau would realize….

    • Rebel Yell
    • I offer the following questions for RI:
      Your opinion of Rush Limbaugh and have you listened to his program or read the transcripts?
      Your opinion of Andrew Breitbart (RIP) and have you read his book,”Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World”?
      What do think of the performance of McConnell and Boehner as “leaders” of their respective legislature groups?
      What is your opinion of Reince Priebus, current chairman of the RNC?
      Besides Rick Perry (and we appreciate your candid assessment from your first interview), who else do you view as prominent, solid conservatives currently in office at the state and national level? You mentioned Rubio, but did not mention the guy that got him rolling, Jim DeMint. Just curious.
      With all due respect, RI, we expect everyone to shoot straight this time around. We must be prepared for the mid-terms in 2014 and our only goal needs to be keep control of the house and take some seats away in the senate. Last week, the former held true, but the latter was not even close. The senate became much more radically left with the election of Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren.

    • USA4ever
    • Why won’t the GOP play to win, cutthroat style, like the Dems always do?

      What are the chances Obama is impeached for Benghazi , et al.?

      Does Boehner, McConnell, Cantor know we true conservatives can’t stand them in the least and want them removed?

      Is there any Republican in Congress willing to tell Obama and Jarrett to shove it?

    • Crystal
    • The people of these great united States have been woefully kept in the dark for decades with misdirection, misinformation, and outright lies. How can we possibly be expected to make intelligent decisions based on this kind of behavior by those we’ve been led to believe we can trust – politicians, the court system, the media, the police?

      We are all smarter than what we’re led to believe, even those who are criticized for ‘lazy’ behavior. They just checked out early believing this system was so rigged there wasn’t a prayer to fix it. Help us restore America.

      Here’s what I would like.

      The truth.
      The whole truth.
      And nothing but the truth, so help me God.

      No spin. No whitewash. No pretending we can’t handle the truth. Truly, there’s A LOT of adults in the room.

      We ~can~ be response-able again only if we know what to respond to. The truth. It never changes.

      Thank you Republican Insider. We are Patriots all.

    • NameBM
    • Is there any plan to have some kind of support/training program ready for the 2014 Senate candidates?

      It is one thing to say we need new blood and then another to let such dangle out there alone.

      For instance, Mourdoch was the choice of the people so the furious establishment closed rank around Lugar and refuse Mourdoch any help. And eventually at the end, he made a stupid statement which taken out of contest was a killer. He should have had a trained chaperon at all times with him, to immediately jump in and spin. (and he should have been trained so that even tired he would not have fallen in the media trap in the first place)

      Same thing with Akin. Either the establishment was playing really dirty right away to take him out before the filling deadline, or it was closing rank time and barrage of money to get him elected and draw the line in the sand. This guy should have been handled 24/7 by the best to salvage his campaign. Case in point Warren. If the Dems could support her enough to still get her elected, why didn’t we at least try the same with Akin and Mourdoch?

      The people keep sending new blood, is there something plan to get them to the finish line?

    • NameBM
    • Is there any concrete plan and strategy to implement such, to load the republican side of the committee on presidential debates with Conservatives to avoid a repeat on the collusion of the moderators with the Democrat candidate?

    • NameBM
    • Is there any concerted effort to direct “friend” investments in new media outlets?

      The huff is a disgrace yet it is on my screen daily, like it or not. Beck is forging ahead. Breitbart is doing what it can. But there are a multitude of new voices out there looking for bigger platforms.

      The Lame media is wounded. They are loosing money everyday. There are wonderful investment opportunities in the new media. Is there any push from the political to take advantage of the situation?

    • Tamminator
    • Republican Insider: What plan do the Republicans have to stop massive regulations from being implemented under Obama?
      Oh, and will you tell the Republicans to stop CAVING on things? Fight Obama on EVERYTHING. Show the conservative side that you mean business, and we will VOTE FOR YOU.

      Thank you.

    • Diane Wright
    • RI.
      My 1st. question is…
      Obama may have an opportunity to appoint up to 3 Supreme Court Justices.Whom, do you believe he will pick???(and if you have time)Please elaborate why,he will likely pick those?
      Thank You,

      • Publius
      • Here’s a tale of intrigue for RI to pass along to Benghazi probers.

        When I first saw her photo, I thought Jill Kelley looked to be of middle eastern descent. Today, we learn that she is Lebanese and that her family moved to the US in the 1970′s. Given my background, I find it curious that she and her physician husband moved to Tampa (from Philadelphia, I believe) and focused so much of their attention on senior military officers assigned to U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM – which is the command staff for military operations in the Middle East). To remind – Tampa was also the base of operations for Sami Al-Arian, terrorist sympathizer and fundraiser.

        To me, the disturbing aspect of this growing “honeypot” scandal surrounding Jill Kelley and her twin sister is that if I were tasked with penetrating such a military installation and gaining the confidence of key players like Petraeus and Allen, Kelley would be the kind of person I would recruit to do so. She’s not a genius, so I’d want her just to make herself indispensable to the transient military leaders and their families – and have lots of parties where she could ensure attendance by people I would want to have her introduce to those US military commanders. And, for good measure, she just happens to be close to the local FBI agent as well.

        Question is, for whom could Kelley be working? Considering that she and her husband appear to be heavily in debt, even possibly on verge of losing their opulent mansion on the bay, perhaps congressional investigators might take a look at former mid-east potentates who were dispatched by Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood/Arab Spring allies. Dead men don’t pay stipends. Neither, I suppose do Iranians whose currency has taken a big hit from economic sanctions imposed by the West.

        Of course, Kelley claims she is honorary Consul-General of the ROK (Republic of South Korea). Can’t imagine the S. Koreans would be interested in penetrating CENTCOM. North Korea, maybe, just because they’re nuts – but still highly unlikely.

        Anybody reading this blog recall the name Anna Chapman, the Russian femme fatale from just a few years ago?

        Or, how about the famous White House party crashers – the Salahis? Maybe it’s all just a con job gone wildly off course.

        As for Broadwell and Kelley, the fact that both are married to doctors is probably just a coincidence, right CTC? And the fact that Kelley allegedly got spooked by whatever Broadwell said in her e-mails – so much so that she got her FBI friend to look into the situation — you know, the same FBI agent who sent her shirtless photos of himself?

        This is either a comedy of errors so spectacular that it would put the Marx brothers to shame, or it is something much, much worse. I wish I had confidence that our current crop of congressional and other investigators could actually determine the truth.

        • Jules
        • “This is either a comedy of errors so spectacular that it would put the Marx brothers to shame, or it is something much, much worse.”

          I’m thinking – much worse.

          “I wish I had confidence that our current crop of congressional and other investigators could actually determine the truth.”

          You’re not alone, Publius. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, as they say.

    • ShainS
    • Questions for the RI: (1) Do you personally agree with the following statement; and (2) what percentage of Republicans that he knows and/or works with would he estimate agree with it –

      “In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit. In that transfusion of blood which drains the good to feed the evil, the compromiser is the transmitting rubber tube …”

      – Ayn Rand

    • The Obama Timeline Author
    • I have spent the last four years and more than 15,000 hours researching and maintaining The Obama Timeline. I have spent time and money exposing the fraud who calls himself Obama. I have spent a small fortune sending copies of Part I (in paperback) to Republican leaders and media conservatives. I have not received ONE response. Part II is a free-read at my web site. Parts I and II combined exceed 5,000 pages and contain more than 40,000 online references. The Obama Timeline has everything needed to destroy Obama and remove him from office. Yet nothing gets done. It is as though the Republicans don’t care to win. After all my efforts, I was expected to vote for Mitt Romney, who is barely better than Obama? And Paul Ryan? His budget proposals never balances the budget and absurdly assumes five percent GDP growth every year? Who are they trying to kid? Yes, I preferred Romney to Obama. But Romney was not my first choice. When the heck will we get a conservative nominee? If the GOP continues to select people like Ford, Bush, Dole, McCain, and Romney will will always lose.

      We need a conservative who can articulate the ideology, not someone who cannot even defend himself against Axelrod attacks. Obama-Jarrett-Axelrod is the axis of evil, yet Romney let them crush him without a fight.

      Now Boehner will roll over and raise taxes and Graham and Rubio will go along with amnesty. If the GOP thinks it will gain Hispanic votes with amnesty they are fooling themselves. Do not pander to blacks, Hispanics, and young women. Explain the conservative message, explain it well, and fight back. Challenge the media. Can no Republican ever say to a reporter, “I don’t accept the flawed premise of your question?” (Beyond Gingrich, I have never heard any Republican do that! Why?)

      Chris Christie? Get real. He is a Muslim apologist. I will never vote for him. Rubio? His parents were not U.S. citizens when he was born, so (like Obama) Rubio is NOT a natural born citizen. If he runs for POTUS or VEEP I will file a lawsuit challenging him. (Or Jindal, for the same reason.)

      We need strong, articulate conservatives. No pandering. No abandoning principles. If the GOP does not do that, the Tea Party will grow and the GOP will disappear.

      • truthandjustice
      • Great post and thank you for all your time and efforts. I’m a Tea Partier, Palin supporter and of course our first wish was/is to take over the Repub. party and restore our nation back to the Constitution. Thrilled with the 2010 results but….now looking “challenging” to say the least. We are running out of time. Obama & crew planning our demise as we speak — replacing Generals with “their kind”, colluding with Russia, etc., etc. as we speak. Too many still don’t understand what we’re up against – even this RI I fear.
        We don’t have a lot of time to “grow”. If God is willing and planning to help, we are hoping to get more Consv. in the Senate in 2014, keeping or adding to the House – and then getting amendments, defunding of Obamacare, whatever – done in order to survive until the 2016 elections where we will get a Consv. President — BUT it will take Divine intervention. And before that, I’m afraid we will have to suffer who knows what horrible things. But hang in there and again, thank you so much.

        • NameBM
        • They sent Connie Mack in Florida. And now they complain he underperformed Romney???

          Connie Mack or half-Mack as he is knows on his home turf, has never held a regular job. His father has never held a regular job, always public office. His grandfather has never held a regular job, always public office. His great-grand-father has never held a regulat job, always public office.

          The only reason I could sotmach to vote for this RINO fraud (who just divorced his wife of 20 some years to remarry promto with Bono’s widow (3rd marriage for her))is because Mark Levin convince me at the last minute to hold my nose and do it to try to stop Nelson.

          If a man like Alan Wast had been on the Senate ballot, you would have seen a real challenge (even with the fraud, because the massive fraud took place at every necessary level).

    • Canadian Conservative
    • Long time reader and first time poster.

      I have been reading this ‘blog’ and others such as Moonbattery and others gaining more and more insight to peoples views and what is happening in America. As a Canadian, I was proud to see we finally got a decent television channel called Sun News Network that speaks the truth. they do not shy away from speaking their mind and working with Glen Beck, Breitbart, John Bolton, Bill Whittle and others to discuss what is going on in America and how it affects Canadians.

      But Ulstermanreport has a special place.

      WHI, WSI, MI and now RI, only here can one get insight that nobody wishes to speak aloud about.

      The IMF. The so Called “democratic party”. And even the new republicans.

      As a Canadian, I recognized in my student days the power of a man that went by Mr Ronald Reagan. And I see now when I am older how much we have fallen from not having somebody like him.
      There are very few like him or ever can be. Today I would only place Bibi, Sarah Palin, Allen West, and Stephen Harper close to his ideals. But close only counts in horseshoes and you know what.
      And those people face great attacks and challenges because of people like Obama (and his circle of friends), the media party, leaders from Iran, Russia and elsewhere. And from the people themselves who have been….simply put…..brainwashed and dumbed down.

      I hope you can act behind the scenes and help that next person that will hopefully carry everybody, and I do mean everybody in this world, to what the great Mr. Reagan spoke of. As a Canadian, I see acutely what America is to this world and it’s people. Hope. Freedom. Personal Liberty. Security. Strength.
      I’ve always said the only way to lead people is through a benevolent dictatorship. And I do not mean that is any bad way but a good way. Somebody who will strike fear in the enemy to stop them from doing what we see being done to everybody, not just Americans, but everybody. To give hope to those who believe in life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. America was that.
      It is the only one that can be that. It’s constitution ensures that. And we, who are not Americans, wish to be, for that simple fact. Your constitution is the only one which ENSHRINES it.
      What you need is a leader that believes it and will uphold it for everybody.

      So my questions are this. Is there an effort to remove Obama and his people before 2016? Is there a person who you feel ready to make America great again and lead not only Americans but the world behind them? And finally, how much damage can “Team Obama” do to the world with their agendas such as Agenda 21, Task Force 120 and other UN initiatives and internal initiatives before we are forever changed?

      • truthandjustice
      • Great post also! See my reply to The Obama Timeline Author. We so appreciate you conservative Canadians !!! Love Canada Free Press. Yes, definitely need someone who strongly believes in “Peace Through Strength”!!!! No, never be another Reagan – just like we’ll never have a George Washington, etc. but that doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there that can come to our rescue now. Sarah Palin is one that comes to mind and I really don’t think that’s impossible as many think. Don’t believe everything you hear. Traumatic, unexpected things are bound to happen and hopefully out of it we can emerge with more wisdom and desiring such a person as she. I think Canada is “pro-Israel” – and THAT will be a great blessing to you. Don’t ever change. God blesses those who bless Israel. Hang in there and God bless you.

    • Bunny
    • My first question is: Has anyone…ANYONE…in the GOP noticed that the issue of abortion or as the liberals like to say ‘A woman’s right to choose’ is ONLY brought up as an issue every 4 years and then dropped like a hotcake after the national election? But the gullible GOP take the bait along with the “race card” like the fools they are every single time.

      Second question: Why, oh why do Republicans let this evil administration get away with murder? As, for example, in the Fort Hood massacre! 19 people gunned down and Hussein & Holder are allowed to call it “Work Place Violence” and the Muslim murderer’s trial is still being delayed. Why????

      I guess the root of any and all questions is: Why are Republicans such damn wimps? Help Glenn Beck, Breitbart, the Tea Party, Sheriff Joe, Rick Perry, Allen West, the military vote, the Border Patrol, CHRISTIANS…AMERICANS! Go after Holder, Jarrett, the Chicago Machine, the ‘Czars’ (God only knows what they’re doing in the background), voter fraud, welfare fraud, ILLEGAL immigration and make us proud to be Americans again.

      Alas, what are the odds? Suddenly, like most Americans, I feel very tired of spitting in the wind. All we get is the one next in line…Dole…McCain…then One Note Johnny who can only say “America needs jobs, jobs, jobs. I’ll put Americans back to work and I know how to do it!” Nice man and I’m sure he does but a down economy is a symptom…not the disease. Root out the disease and start with the RINOS.
      God Bless America, that’s still my prayer.

      • Jules
      • They are afraid of the TEA party protestors because they fear the people. They want to corral,to control, to keep down, anyone who might threaten their power and position. Rs and Ds alike, but mostly Dems because they have a long-range (though ever closer) plan for our complete subjugation.

        We want to be free and live as we wish, unfettered. But that is seen as a threat to the establishment and TPTB. It is ever thus.

    • NameTHERMOB
    • RI’s word association answers wer perfect. I would have answered the same way. I’m a bit long in the tooth but worked in the Goldwater dampaign in 1964. What RI said about the “Establishment” arrogance is predcisely what I found in my activities in Philadelphia in ’64. The establishment Republicans wouldn’t even talk to us because we were not “professional”. Regardless, we were aBle to pull togethere a crowd of 4,000 for a rally with the VP candidate, Bill Miller, two nights beforfe the eleciton – not too bad for Democrat Philadelhia.

      Politically, we are at the same point where we were the week after 27 Million of us voted for Barry and lost to LBJ. Johnson was the one who accelerated the socialism founded by Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson and moved forwarsd by FDR, a good war president but a poor economist. We don’t have a Ron Reagan to step into the breach at this point but we MUST focus on strategy and tactics and forget emotion.

      If RI has any interest at all, I’m in process of writing three White Papers as an academic project for a potential college course. Loosely, thwe three are (1) How did we get here, (2) With facts, not emotion, what is the statistical and factual evidence of the damage that’s been done to American Principles, culture, educational system, etc and (3) What are the clear political answers that will take America out of this morass and get it back on track for ALL citizens?

      The writing is not heavy academic style since I’m not an academic but a businessman for forty years. Having lived in two separate and distinct Americas I believe I can communicate the principles of the first and provide warnings for the decline of the second.

      The first paper is comleted and has been checked by a prominent history/political science professor at a major East Coast university for accuracy and readability. It got a good grade. If RI is interested in seeing the papers let me know by return email. However I get them to you for transmission to him is up to you guys since I respect your work as much as he does and respect anonymity above all. If he’s not interested, no problem, I’ll just use them in the course.

      Keep up the superb work that you’re doing. I like the name of the blog. I’m third generation and my people were from Down, Cork and Galway.


    • Ben
    • A couple comments in regard to your first interview – I was dumbstruck at the thought of Republicans embarrassed to call themselves conservative, not because it angered me or anything like that, but because the feeling is mutual. I’m much more a fiscal conservative than social, but conservative and libertarian are the terms I use to describe myself. To me, Republicans are the squishes that will put aside their principles in order to obtain pork, and thus, votes. They’ll cave on important issues in some misguided trade they’ll never reap the benefit of participating in. It makes me cringe when I hear a commentator call someone like McCain, Graham, Rove and the like, “conservative.” In the 1200 to 1300 people who follow me on twitter I but nearly all list “conservative,” “libertarian,” or “right” in their profiles, but those who’s profiles contain the word “republican” seems to be diminishing.
      That leads to the next comment well.
      2010 was without a doubt a banner year for us in the house, and what made it work so well was indeed new media, but an important part of that is direct contact. The campaigns that got many of us excited were willing to speak with us online, via twitter and facebook. I know that that can be a scary thing for someone in the public eye, given the possibility of a botched sentence(and leftist nastiness–ignore them), but with a “reread before you respond” policy it should be a less grave concern. For God’s sake, twitter especially gives you constant direct access to the minds of the people you want voting for you. With a little patience and advice from people who’ve been using it a while, this is a 24/7 exchange of ideas that can be leveraged into success. Beyond speaking with someone face to face, nothing is more effective.
      Now, the sad reality: I’ve seen less than 20 Republicans do this well, likely out of fear. Much of the time they’re posting links to policy papers or articles, and it’s surely just an aide doing the posting anyway. On the other hand, I don’t know of a single Leftist doing it well. Conservatives have a true home there. It’s where every story in new media is broken and picked up by the old farts on TV.
      I just wonder what we can do to encourage those in office on the right. Even if they come on and BS about a football game for a little while it’s worth it’s weight in votes(paper ballots, hopefully).

    • MJM
    • OK, here is a question for the GOP Insider:

      Now first, I’ll admit that I am a Ron Paul supporter. But NOT a blind follower – if he had lost fair and square I wouldn’t have any complaints. However, I do have concerns about the GOP’s actions during this past election cycle.

      There were too many questions of “funny business” during the primaries and caucuses in order to favor Romney – who appeared to have been promised the 2012 nomination back in 2008 in return for stepping aside and endorsing McCain. There was the effort to change the rules for nomination on the first ballot right at the last minute from 5 states to 10 states and then 8 states – all to make sure that only Romney’s name was ever mentioned. Delegates from one state were kidnapped and not allowed to get into the convention center in order to ensure this change in procedures. Starting in 2016, the top nominee can approve, disapprove and replace any delegate they want in order to ensure close to a 100% vote for them during the convention. This kills the Tea Party and grass roots movements and continues the GOP’s top-down rule.

      All of the above are not idle Internet conspiracy rumors, but were well documented by Cincinnati Channel 19′s Ben Swann and his “Reality Check” segments (all available on YouTube).

      So … given all of this obvious corruption that was exhibited in 2012 and which seems to prevent any future changes … PLEASE TELL ME AGAIN WHY I SHOULD TRUST THE GOP?

      • SallyAl
      • And the rules changes were PRE-SCRIPTED! Remember John Boehner reading from the teleprompter that the motion was passed and the rules are amended as shown on the screen. We have video! The exact same thing happened with the D convention when they were voting to restore God and Jersulem to their platform. The vote was clearly against restoration (3 times) but the chair read from the teleprompter that it had passed. This is BS!

    • M. Simon
    • Are the Republicans going to allow themselves to get killed electorally by the end of Drug Prohibition as they were destroyed by the end of Alcohol Prohibition in 1932?

    • M. Simon
    • I’m not a Christian American. How will appealing to that get my vote Bunny?

      The party for the most part reflects its base. It can’t win national elections. I do believe there is a connection. Parochial is a good word to reflect on.

      • Bunny
      • M.Simon ~ The capitalization was intentional for EACH word, but not as a phrase. I am a Christian and am sick and tired of passively, meekly allowing the demonization of my beliefs as well as the majority of this great country. We were founded on Judea/Christian values which have sound, moral, ethical rules of conduct, language and behavior that sustain(ed) us as a society. We are mocked, vilified, ridiculed and denied a ‘voice’ in any forum that determines societal rules and public policy, yet the majority of AMERICANS hold and recognize those values as the necessary ‘glue’ for an orderly, fair & just government of moral standards and ethics. I’m not advocating government for “Christian Americans” but on the Majority Rule and the majority of Americans are Christians and Jews. My mistake was in punctuation but not an apology for my being a Christian and an American.

      • lovelypeace
      • As much as I hate to say it, you are right.

        Gen X and Gen Y are more secular and more likely not to go to church because of ‘church people’ – even if they are Christians.

        As a Christian, I think that this is something we as a party needs to take to heart because we really can’t afford to cede voters just because they aren’t white/Christian.

        I get why Christian values make for a more stable society, but I also understand that we have to educate people where people are, not where we want them to be.

        The thing is that the founders knew that there was a place for God in society, but they also knew that we shouldn’t have a state-endorsed religion.

        That’s why they terms used for God are vague – like Creator. Not, the God of the Catholics or the God of the Baptists or the Hebrew God.

        These days, people really don’t get that Christian doesn’t have to equal a theocracy.

        It’s really sad to watch people who are smart fall for this crap, but they are young and they think they have good reasons for rejecting church and religion.

        We need to do a better job of educating why these people are wrong.

    • bill o'rights
    • For my part, if UM trusts RI, I will suspend disbelief and trust him as well.

      From what I have read, so far, from UM’s several RI-related articles, I gather that RI is roughly about my own age, embedded in the establishment and his skills are concentrated in the area of domestic politics and the tactical.

      The readers and commenters on this blog are, in large part, big-picture people. Aside from our respective educational backgrounds and personal experiences, many of us have spent the past four years trying to make sense of the Obama administration’s actions, since they have been markedly different from those of previous administrations.

      The result of our separate efforts–researching, vetting, analyzing–has led many of us to the same conclusions.

      I recall from my college days, that there were generally two genres of conservatives. There were those of us who tended to focus on political theory, international relations and history, while others gravitated towards domestic politics and public policy. Perhaps most of us here tend to be the first type, while RI seems to fit the profile of the second.

      So, we have much we can learn from each other.

      While RI likely has a very clear vision of how we can succeed from the microcosm of internal U.S. politics, many of us here understand the dynamics outide that black box, for the actions of the administration are reflective of a movement that is, without a doubt, international in its flavor.

      As I believe the opinions of this blog’s readers are largely representative of American conservatives on the whole, I would like to propose the following contract:

      I propose that we work together.

      Should you detect skepticism from us, we will try to articulate the reasons for our skepticism and we work together to shape a path for the future.

      At the same time, bring us back down to Earth, when our 10,000 ft. views bear little resemblance to the machinations of domestic politics. You have resources available to you we desperately need, in order to put all the pieces together. We will try to reconcile the realities you share with us, coupled with our limited understanding of the political realities that exist behind closed doors in D.C. And, again, we work together to shape a path for the future.

      Does this sound like a fair contract? I do hope so. Please share your thoughts.

      • bill o'rights
      • Just in case my previous comments/questions were not forwarded to RI, I am reposting them here:


        I’ve got to ask this as well:

        As a student of history you must agree that, from our perspective, the American people appear to be in a political checkmate.

        1) Obama’s administration has taken over all three branches of government
        2) Obama won reelection via RAMPANT voter fraud
        3) The administration has intentionally given comfort (and most likely stinger
        missiles) to our sworn enemies
        4) The administration has converted DHS into its own domestic army, with a focus
        on US as potential domestic terrorists
        5) The media have slid down that slippery slope, such that they have crossed the
        line between media bias and now act, in unison, as a proxy branch of the
        6) As we speak, the administration is cleaning house–cleaning out potential
        rabblerousers from the military’s upper echelon. We are standing by, helpless,
        watching a military purge take place before our very eyes.
        7) With sequestration, the administration will have at last removed its own
        greatest threat. Once sequestration has kicked in, we CANNOT REMOVE THEM.

        In this context, is it not unrealistic to expect any chance of gaining political ground, while the present administration still stands?


        But I’m still listening.

        Not often you hear conservatives praise the virtues of the Constitution.

        I would like to pose the following questions to RI:

        If we are to assume that the Progressives are Marxists–Marxists who have infiltrated the Democrats’ ranks:

        Could we not also assume they have done so within the Republican Party? And, if so, would you characterize the RINOs in D.C. as closet Progressives?

        Furthermore, would you characterize, as Progressives, those Republicans in D.C. who are helping to cover up Benghazi, or are they covering up in order to guarantee that their own crimes of corruption do not come to light–a form of collateral damage, if you will?

        One more thing,

        Why are Republicans so reluctant to call a spade a spade. Why have the Progressives not been identified as Marxists? If more people understood this, they might have second thoughts about supporting this ultra-criminal administration.

        The Obama administration and their media lackeys had no difficulty, whatsoever, targeting the Tea Party, and its supporters, as radical racist potential domestic terrorists. Frankly, they convinced a great number of people, despite the absurdity of the narrative.

    • Haditwgov
    • First RI your impressions of the party nickname, the stupid party. Second you mentioned infighting within the party, please elaborate. Third why the disdain for the Tea Party? The only solid base currently. Fourth the party IMO has done more damage to itself in the last week. Example blaming Akin, blaming the base, are you all fricken nutso? Blame everyone but yourself, who does that remind you of? Obama blaming Bush? Last I make you one promise, if the party doesn’t get it together I will never vote R again. I currently won’t vote D ever again. So it’s either a new party or I don’t vote again. So far my vote has been worthless as well as all my time spent watching my govt do stupid stuff. Soon I will choose to spend my time elsewhere, gaming the system, going Galt, leaving the country, or something I haven’t thought of yet, but I shall not continue to suffer from your game.

    • forfreedom
    • The Republicans need to do some SERIOUS house cleaning or there will be a Strong Drive for a Third Party. McCain and Romney, come on? Then you held Sarah Palin back? Then the party Shits on Ron Paul, what the hell where they thinking? I don’t want to see some billionaire old money family man/woman running. Give us leader of the people for the people. Someone who is on their knees petitioning God daily and acknowledge the faith this country was built on. Anything less is just not acceptable and I pray God has not already passed judgement.

      The people who are the Backbone of this country are not idiots.
      We know when we are being used as pawns. Question: Who are the top three leading the Repubs silent and active? Why is there no drive to get Fast and Furious out there, Benghazi, addressing who is meeting in the White House, why we are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood?

    • NameBM
    • RI,

      with reports now from all over the country pointing to massive fraud, electronic and physical, is there even one national level race contested by the GOP? Is there even one race where the GOP has drawned a line in the sand and sent massive support to the local contestant in his/her challenge of the results? Is there even one “close” race lost by the GOP candidate challenged by the GOP machine?

      West is doing his thing in Florida and exposing massive irregularities (if you can call above 100% prticipation an irregularity with a straight face), but he is alone. The GOP detest him.

      But what about the other races where the GOP favored candidate lost.

      Is there even one national level race being actively contested by the GOP?

    • Bunny
    • I wish to add:

      FIGHT, STOP & BANISH the use of the terminology that creates “hyphenated” Americans !!!

      I believe that aberration which has become common to the vernacular has done more damage to our culture than almost anything I can imagine. It divides & polarizes and only creates disunity. If you are born in these United States of America or LEGALLY immigrated and became a citizen ~ then you are an AMERICAN.

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