The Man Who Calls Himself Obama – Volume One Available Now

Here now is Volume One of some of that truth from those we simply know as The Insiders, including portions of interviews never before published…


Cover for 'The Man Who Calls Himself Obama'

The Man Who Calls Himself Obama


Per request I have made many of the initial Insider interviews available in one location via an e-book format.  I intend to add more of the interviews in subsequent volumes to be made available for download soon.  Simply click on the above link to go to the newly created e-book site.

And, as recently promised, I will have the first interview with our Republican Insider available here this week.






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    • Kat
    • Thank you UM. I was one of those who kept asking you to do something like this. And thanks for keeping the price low. This will make it much easier to download as one document to refer back on. Now get to work on that Republican insider interview please!!! :)

    • truthandjustice
    • I wonder if the RI agrees with: (first good news I’ve heard)

      “There Is A Brutal Civil War In The GOP, And It Looks Like Karl Rove Will Be The First Casualty

      Grassroots Republican operatives and Movement conservatives are quickly turning against the GOP Establishment in the wake of the party’s expensive defeat this election cycle.

      Republicans we spoke to this week voiced a near-universal disgust with the national Republican Party leaders and Washington political class, who are seen as having put their personal financial interest above winning the election.

      As this internecine struggle gathers steam, the first target appears to be Karl Rove, the former Bush campaign mastermind who has dictated much of the GOP’s strategy over the past decade.

      In the wake of the party’s 2012 losses, however, Rove and his well-funded American Crossroads super PAC have become a symbol of misguided Establishment strategy, party cronyism, and Beltway bloat. The fall from grace is perhaps unsurprising, given his group’s disastrous performance this cycle. According to a new report, American Crossroads got a mere 1% return on its $104 million investment in 2012 races.

      For social conservatives, Rove’s treason began long before election day, when the Fox News contributor led the party’s tar-and-feathering of Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, who came under fire for his now infamous “legitimate rape” comments. The party’s perceived betrayal of Akin confirmed what many grassroots conservative activists had long suspected: That the Republican Establishment was willing to throw the base under the bus to serve the interests of deep-pocketed donors.

      Chief among Rove’s critics is David Lane, a powerful evangelical kingmaker and conservative operative who organizes briefings between pastors and politicians. In an email obtained by Business Insider, Lane lays out his criticism of Rove and sets the stage clearly for the coming war between the GOP Establishment and the party base.

      Lane writes:

      Karl Rove presents a different problem — while [evangelical leaders] are politically naive (from my angle) — Karl is not, he’s as shrewd as a serpent.

      Karl is far more formidable…in the presidential Republican primary in 12′, Karl stepped on Rick Perry and then Newt Gingrich every chance he got — albeit with deceit and sophistication — and elevated Mitt Romney at strategic, crucial points along their way to the Republican nomination — Rove’s candidate.

      As an example of how sophisticated Rove is…Karl Rove was out raising money to keep Santorum alive until they could kill Newt — Santorum basically ran for Governor of Iowa in 2011, visiting all 99 counties; Santorum, out of Iowa, had no organization, no money and no chance in 2012 to be the Republican nominee; he was only a stalking horse for Mitt Romney — Rove kept Santorum alive until he could kill Rick Perry first, and then Newt Gingrich.

      It’s instructive to note that Santorum placed 3rd in the South Carolina Presidential Primary the third week of January, and placed 3rd again the next week in Florida — yet Rove [by encouraging GOP donors to donate Santorum] was able to parlay two third place finishes into a $1M shot of money to keep Santorum alive…this is political gamesmanship on a whole other level, plus access to unlimited money.

      That FOX News and the The Wall Street Journal worked out a hefty financial contract with Karl Rove is of no concern to me, Karl has every right to be paid well and — like me —participate in the political process. But giving Karl Rove the perch as a neutral analyst and an unbiased observer — honest broker — when in reality Karl is driven by his desire to enhance his clients and/or personal interests — corrupts the process.

      Being whipsawed…[by] Karl Rove & the GOP chieftains and lieutenants has to be dealt with on our way toward 2016.

      Attacks on the GOP Establishment and Washington political class have not been limited to Rove. In a post leading the conservative site RedState this weekend, the Romney campaign is accused of being a “con job,” in which consultants spun “false data as truth in order to paint a rosy picture of a successful campaign as a form of job security.”

      The feeling that Republicans were duped by their own is echoed around the conservative blogosphere, as right-leaning writers, activists, and the party’s rank-and-file collectively process how the GOP lost an election that less than a year ago looked to be in the bag.”

      • CHHR, VA
      • T&J, it’s not uncommon to watch a group eat its own when things fail… I think that’s what we are experiencing now… give it a month, the children will make nice as they rally around the real money maker, their real opponent… Obama

        What has me very concerned is listening to West scream from the mountain tops with absolutely no help… the establishment thew him under the bus… that says more to me than anything. There’s been an incredible amount of information about voting irregularities not just in Florida, but all around the country, yet the party spins around its nut about Rove?

        For us lowly folks, well, I guess we just found out where we really stand. We’re nothing more than fodder on the battlefield with wallets. Heck, I’ve already been getting donation letters talking about the mid damn terms!

      • CHHR, VA
      • Oh yea, and regarding Akin… Had the party, and by extension Romney, not been so hell bent to distance themselves from the TEA Party for that everloven “independent” vote, we would have had both a Senator and a President elected. If you will recall, she endorsed Brunner, who, by the way, funded his own race. The Akin win came out of no where and most believed that the democrats came out in droves to vote for him in the Primary since he was the only one in the field that McCaskel could beat… they were right. But trust me, no great brain trust needed to see that either. Akin has a history of “standing on principal” and then offering apologies later. Wafflers like that become an excellent opposition strategy and, of all in the field, Akin was that man.

        As Palin said, “the status quo has got to go.” If for any other reason, for being too stupid to understand the game of hard ball when your eye gets blackened for forgetting to duck.

        Bye bye Rove et al!

        • M. Simon
        • OK. Keep the social issues. The Ds will beat you with the “Drug War” in 2016.

          It is stupid to keep painting the Party as the “War On” party.

          How about the “Sound Finances Party”? Might it not attract more voters?

          Our problem as Republicans is that we ARE getting what we want for the most part. Aikin got the nomination. So why couldn’t the grass roots get him elected? Or that other goof Mourdock? Couldn’t you have poured funds in to overcome their stupidity.

          What I hear from the independents (libertarian leaning) who frequent my blog is that the social issues are a real barrier. Well you didn’t want their vote (or mine for that matter). You didn’t get them.

          BTW under what power granted in the Constitution does abortion come under? Or drug prohibition for that matter? Ever notice a drug prohibition amendment? Me either.

          • E.A.B.
          • So we have an admission that you helped Obama to win (either by voting for him, or by voting third party spoiler). Do we need any more proof that you’re a saboteur in the ranks?

            Abortion is unconstitutional under the Fifth Amendment (“No person shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”) and the Fourteenth Amendment (“No State shall…deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”).

            We can likewise argue that drug legalization is unconstitutional under the same Amendments, given that addiction is the exact opposite of liberty.

        • E.A.B.
        • The problem with the Tea Party is that only about half of their candidates are self-controlled, disciplined candidates.

          The others are gaffe machines who can’t express their positions articulately even when the country depends on it.

          While I appreciate Tea Party enthusiasm and idealism, this movement needs to mature before the GOP as a whole could wisely embrace it.

        • lovelypeace
        • Demographics matter.

          Gen X/Gen Y grew up very differently that Baby Boomers and it shows in our politics.

          We have the right values, but we have to talk about how those values fit into people’s real lives.

          For instance, shaming the single moms isn’t going to work because a lot of us had single parents (mine was my dad).

          I could go on and on, but the fact remains that the older generation is dying out and it’s my generation and the younger kids in their 20′s that are the future of our party. The reality that we grew up with is a lot different.

          We can’t continue to shame people and play the ‘bible’ card when these adults are less churched, more secular and have rational reasons for rejecting God and ‘church people’.

          If we can’t talk about people and their lives and how we make them better, then we deserve to lose.

          If the GOP is going to double-down and decide to nominate Rick Santorum (or someone like him) next time around – a lot of us aren’t going to stick around or defend him – especially if they are too preachy and not willing to accept people where they are.

          Most Republicans aren’t in the Party because they are social conservatives.

          We are in it because we are economic conservatives who happen to fall down on the same side as social conservatives – some of the time.

          Still – a lot of people in our party want to regulate our lives as much as the liberals do and we aren’t into regulation, in general. Just because Republicans want to regulate people’s lives differently doesn’t make the idea BETTER. That’s a fallacy that some in our party need to wrap their heads around.

          It’s not. Free markets. Freedom. Liberty. These ideas win.

    • VTX
    • T&J,

      Let me first say “thank you” to UM.

      On Rove: he should be the first to denounce the election results, but I bet he’ll be the first to refer to us as “Election Truthers.” He can forget about Jebba the Hut or Chris Crusty being on anyone’s list for 2016, too; we’ve had enough of these porcine, pussilanimous pud-monkeys.

        • CHHR, VA
        • Like you, it will be good to hear less from Christie… too bad so many had to get hurt in the big government mess call FEMA. Poor Christie, he just had to play nice with the master and got nowhere. Sort of puts all his noice in the category of useless rhetoric all while he played useful idiot for Obama.

          But, may I also add to that list? I see a few necessary casualties in the “old guard” like Newt for example. For that matter now that Ron Paul is retiring, finally, may be we can finally begin to move forward. But then, I may be an over zealous optomist thinking that there’s ice in hell too.

          • M. Simon
          • “now that Ron Paul is retiring”

            Good! Are there any more votes you don’t want? How much subtraction can you do before you lose elections?

            About 14% of the population is libertarian leaning to some extent. Can you gain a win from the remaining 86%? I’d like to see it.

          • SallyAl
          • Whoa, wait a minute. What is your problem with Ron Paul. Hell, he is one of the few congridiots to actually vote constitutionally. Yes, I am a supporter but not one of the “crazies”. I got behind Romney when I knew that was our only choice. But for God’s sake, we all sit here and bitch and moan about our rights being taken away from us and he is one of the very few that stood for the Constitution.

            • E.A.B.
            • Ron Paul was clueless about what the Constitution actually says. What he did was radically reinterpret it as a charter for “every man for himself” Laveyan-style government–an interpretation that would have shocked the Framers who wrote it.

              Ron Paul was not a constitutionalist. He was a revisionist.

      • ThroughtheLookingGlass
      • VTX, on the white-house-insider-shut-up-move-on-or-not link, you referred to someone being “Casey’d”. What is “Casey’d”?

        Are we aboslutely certain the GOP intentionally lost the election? Or was it just incompetence and a cheating opponent?

        • VTX
        • That’s LC for retired intel: “Casey’s Cowboys.”

          Director Colby was murdered – too many things pointing to it, circumstantially, for it to be otherwise. I figure that’s part of the basis for the book “Term Limits,” a fantasy about SOPs forcing the government to stop spending us into oblivion. Still a decent read, though not much of a writing style.

      • truthandjustice
      • “.. porcine, pussilanimous pud-monkeys.” — uh….yeah….that’s right, exactly! Those common, descriptive words somehow didn’t come to mind when I posted but it’s been a long day. LOL

        Yes – more good news was that we can safely rule out Christie and get him off the most popular list.

    • E.A.B.
    • Rove raised more money to defeat Obama than *anyone* else in America.

      If you want someone to blame for Obama’s second term, you’ll have to look elsewhere. (I suggest starting with the Libertarians.)

      • NameBM
      • It’s not the money he raised, it’s what he did with it. Which is pretty much nothing of value to the party but of tremendous value to his friend’s pockets.

        Rove is not a patriot. He put his client’s interest before the will and good of the country.

        He has been the eminence grise of the Republican politics for way too long.
        And he is an atrocious misogynist. His treatment of Sharron Angle and Christine O’donnel was horrifying. He is personifying everything I detest in the political arena: cronyism, total lack of honor and honesty, greed, arrogance.

        He has to go and not only from the forefront. From the backstage and the underground too.

      • M. Simon
      • “(I suggest starting with the Libertarians.)”

        The libertarian leaning folk represent 14% of the population. Any other votes you don’t want?

        So the post mortem from the loss is “who else can we keep from voting for us?

        The Rs are going to get KILLED in 2016 on pot legalization. 18 states have med pot and 2 have legalization. Do you think a “War On Americans” is going to be a winner going forward? Remember that the “War On” now has 50% of the population (and rising) that the government has warred on. Do you think they will vote for more war on themselves?

        • VTX
        • Eff your obsession with pot! I see methheads and crack heads who aren’t part of any “plot.” They would use alcohol if they had no other choice, and be just as effed up. And alcohol is legal.

          And as alcohol is legal, it contributes more to American’s misery than any other drug. It’s legal – and no one is suggestng it be made illegal, but…it doesn’t make things better.

          So legalizing drugs will make all the clouds go away and everything will be sunny and bright? Stoned much?

          No one here gives a shit for your drug obsession. There is real business to deal with, and this is a clearinghouse for information. You are a dealer in delusion and sabotage.

          • M. Simon
          • Yeah. Of course I’m obsessed. The Rs are losing elections and they are on the wrong side of the pot issue meaning more lost elections.

            But OK. Ignore the issue. When the Ds beat the Rs about the head and shoulders with it you can’t say you weren’t warned. If you want to take the issue off the table it has to start now. Take the lead on legalization. Beat the Ds to it.

            It is obvious given this past campaign how they will go about beating you. “The Republicans favor making war on Americans.”

          • M. Simon
          • “No one here gives a shit for your drug obsession. There is real business to deal with, and this is a clearinghouse for information. You are a dealer in delusion and sabotage.”

            Yeah. Sure.

            I’m trying to tell you how the Ds will use the issue to beat you. So obviously it is not real business. It is sabotage. Of course when they beat you with it (as they did with the abortion issue) you will look up and wonder what happened.

            Ah. Well. Maybe the insider is reading this and I can give him/her a hand. Maybe the insider wants to win elections. Rumor has it the insider leans libertarian.

            • E.A.B.
            • “Waste your vote!”
              –Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, New York University

              “I don’t care what happens, I really don’t.”
              –Gary Johnson, Streetsboro, OH

              “We wanted to be spoilers tonight”
              –Johnson staffer

              “I wish the Republicans had us to blame for Romney’s loss.”
              –another Johnson staffer

              We’re not going to win elections by inviting these saboteurs back into the tent. Libertarians are playing for the other side, at least since 2004 when they went all-in with a lawsuit to steal Ohio for John Kerry, even before the Democratic Party itself decided to get on board with it.

    • E.A.B.
    • Rove raised more money to defeat Obama than *anyone* else in America.

      If you want someone to blame for Obama’s second term, you’ll have to look elsewhere. (I suggest starting with the Libertarians.)

      • CHHR, VA
      • I don’t disagree with you regarding the Libertarian movement.. too many communist endorsements not to take notice. However, we lost on a number of fronts, may be.

        In 2010 we, the TEA Party, made history… in 2012 we were left in the wings to watch… see a pattern?

        The TEA party doesn’t need to change it’s principles, economic sanity is a winning platform. That was evident based on the amount of time, money, and energy the left invested in trying to debase our movement. What we need are a group of adults willing to stand on their principles, put it all on the table, and not afraid to be associated with the majority of their base.

        11 MILLION less folks voted this cycle (9 for Obama and 2 for Romney)… seems to me the GOP has some mirror time coming. We had these voters in 2010, what the hell happened? At the very least, Romney should have had all those fiscal hawks hands down… the only thing I really saw missing was the TEA Party influence. The GOP chose otherwise. How incredibly stupid was that!

        • E.A.B.
        • I still seriously doubt that we actually lost votes this election cycle. If anything we gained them, by all accounts except for the final results.

          Given that we know fraud was already committed on a large scale, what’s to keep them from simply *not counting* two million votes for Romney?

          I see these as the main reasons for our election losses this year (in rough order from biggest to smallest contributor to Romney’s defeat):
          1. Massive fraud
          2. Willful sabotage from the Libertarian camp
          3. Religious bigotry on the Right (the “won’t vote for a Mormon” camp)
          4. Alienation of Latinos by the Right (anti-immigration extremism)
          5. Tea Party gaffes (mainly affecting the Senate races)

    • Roger
    • SWEET!!! Downloaded and reading tonight. Thank you for doing this UM. Still can’t believe we lost the election and hope RI has some good news. Nice to see Allen West putting up a fight against the election fraud. Wish more Republicans would do that same.

    • bill o'rights
    • Totally O.T., but had to comment:

      Just researched Elizabeth Warren, ad nauseum, and I realize she really ought to be an inspiration for all.

      She is proof positive that even the dumbest, most idiotic human beings need not be discouraged. With a little elbow grease, it is possible to aspire to great heights, even in Ivy League academia.

    • charlotte
    • Got the book.Re the elections this year:
      Page 43 says it all:

      “Probably. The Democrats are trying to exclude the top bracket cuts. Make the issue about the Republicans wanting to protect the rich. That’s from a very old playbook, right? The Republicans are aware of that trap, and will work to give a blanket extension for all tax payers. In the end you will see the lower brackets given the permanent extension and the upper brackets given a temporary extension – say two years.

      Why two years? Because that will work in the Democrats’ favor for 2012. They will be able to once again say how the Republicans want to give tax cuts to the rich. It’s a simple trap – but the Republicans are stupid enough to fall for it. Just watch. 50/50 they actually fall for it. Boehner…he’s not all that bright you know.

      Even with Democrats like yourself being so open about it? The “trap” that is?

      Sure. This little blog of yours won’t make one difference on that. The media is already trying to set it up for Democrats. The messaging is already initiated. Look for the Republicans to make the same mistake the Democrats did after 2008 – thinking the American people are on their side. No – the American people despise both parties. Well, now that Republicans won back the House in 2010, they can once again be painted as the party for the rich, for the bankers, for big business, etc. With a Republican Speaker, it will make that task much easier for us. Losing the House has made me far more hopeful that Democrats can do well – or at least much better, in 2012. There will be a lot of bumps along the way, but our chances have greatly improved.”

      We were suckered by the WHI and the DemoKKKraps

    • charlotte
    • OK so I read the whole book. Looking back it was quite clear that Obama was going to be re-elected. Quite clear. They steered the GOP candidateship towards Romney, just like they did with McCain.The big WH scandal didnt materialize. Pelosi was paid off.Issa may or may not be in cahoots with the WH? Blackmail?

      What strikes me the most is that either we were all played by WH insider and hung onto his every word hoping for juicy titbits(yes there were) and so forth, but at the end of the day Obama won 2012.

      I now get the feeling that the WH was reading this stuff just as avidly as we were and planning accordingly. How else to explain what has happened. This blog should have been password protected or something.But it may not have stopped them from reading it as there will always be wolves in sheeps clothing.

      I’m actually wondering and thinking how much of a role this blog and WHI played in getting Obastard re-elected. A lot I suspect. They seem to anticipate our moves and obviously did so by reading all the comments too.Also it seemed obvious that the WH has dirt on just about everyone and uses it. I also feel that Wall Street Insider was way more sincere than WHI who is a political prostitute.Now quite conveniently he has scuttled off and is walking another beat.

      • IS
      • I agree. Said it in the thread that WHI interview “Win or Lose”.

        WHI was playing us all along. And now, RI will do the same. Its time to recognize all these “insiders” and just manipulators and call it a day.

        And with that, I say good day to all of you. Its been interesting. I learned more from the people making comments than anything else. Good lot of visitors here!

      • E.A.B.
      • “They” weren’t trying to steer Romney towards the nomination.

        Yes, it was the conventional wisdom that Romney would receive the nomination, but the media did everything they could to try to stop it. From hyping Ron Paul and every flavor-of-the-month candidate (Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Santorum) to bringing Gingrich back from the dead (three times!).

    • NameBM
    • I just read an interesting nugget on WND: The testimony of a poll watcher in Pennsylvania.

      Something is says triggered my interest and is another piece to the puzzle.

      Poll watchers have lists of people who are supposed to vote in the prescinct they are watching. Names and registrations. By 3 pm the prescinct gives them a upgraded list, so that each party can target the people who have not vote yet.

      Ashcroft, the poll watcher in PA says that in the afternoon the computers went down several times and had to be reset. What he saw after the reset was people who had voted changed to not having voted yet.

      Now you take this piece of info and all the witness accounts of massive influx of people late in the afternoon arriving by organized buses in some districts and you understand what probably happened there.

      The Dems got the lists of people vho voted by 3 pm. New lists went out later with some voters now marked as yet to vote. “Volunteers” assumed these identities or revoted.

      This manoeuver would also account for the above 100% participation numbers coming back in some prescincts.

      It would also explained why the “late” voters went so largely for Obama in Florida and Ohio (and probably elsewhere in key states too).

    • truthandjustice
    • From an experienced GOP activist:

      “The 2012 election continues in the spin zone as the political class run for the tall grass and the volunteer underclass draw their knives to eviscerate those who arrogantly gambled so much and lost.

      My GOP brethren appear to be in a World of Poker Tournament as they offer their pitiful compromises to guarantee that Obama voters will like us next go round. One player says, I’ll bet traditional marriage and raise you late-term abortions. Then, not to be outdone, the next genius kicks in border security and limited government. All as they croon to the masses, “How do you like me now?”
      Do these people have any credibility at all with the public? Keep them in charge and we will lose more than an election.

      His (Romney) campaign for the White House from its inception was going to be a herculean effort to keep the Republican base willing to cast their votes for this nominee.

      So much was at stake – our way of life and perhaps even freedom itself. Now we have lost, and it’s a bad one. Why did it happen? Despite the chorus of voices urging us give up on our outdated core beliefs, those values are not the cause of the vote tally.

      This tragedy occurred because of the continued incompetence of some at the RNC, their cadre of consultants and most state and county GOP organizations across the nation. The Democrats literally ran us over because they spent years building a “real” grass-roots structures across America.

      So stop the excuse making and cowardly whining. Instead cure our own “in house” systemic disease.

      Many in the RNC leadership and most state organizations have lost all knowledge of how to build and implement a ground game. Even though so many try to do all they can, the institutional knowledge has evaporated. This did not happen overnight. It was innocuous at first. Years ago everyone was excited about new technologies and bright new “experts” with new talents to sell.

      During the Bush 43 administration, a concerted effort was made by the Bush team to completely take over state GOPs. The state organizations, with some exceptions, have as a result developed a welfare mentality, waiting for the national party to send the checks along with instructions on what to do next. At the national party, most committee members become representatives of the committee rather than the states they represent.

      All programs and oversight flows from the ad hoc RNC leadership and is given to hired suits from the D.C. and Northeast establishment – whose basic motivation is to get the contracts, be important and personally “get ahead.” The RNC hires these consultants even though they do not have a clue as to how to identify voters, much less get them to the polls.

      At the same time, state legislative leaders back home hunger for major donors. It certainly makes sense, as we do need their support, yet this devotion has seriously damaged the party as legislators lay everything at the feet of the corporate check writers. Officeholders have for the most part lost their desire to live near and spend time among the campaign volunteers. Encouraging, training and networking with them just consumes too much of their precious time. Most find themselves enduring the campaign volunteer base when they are forced to interact with them at GOP meetings or election time. Meanwhile, they yearn to replace volunteers with talented consultants who require neither care nor feeding. The bottom line is that hiring consultants to get the job done makes life so much easier.

      That was, until Election Day 2012.

      All of the grass-roots structure building that worked so well in the past has been ignored or forgotten. Over the past 25 years, the focus of the RNC and state party leaders has been raising big money and turning it over to highly paid consultants whose job it is to spend the donors’ money we give them. These consultants do not make commissions off of old-fashioned retail politics efforts – phone banking, door knocking, recording the data to identify our voters and push them to vote. The result is that resources are redirected to the new schemes and away from effective ground operations. In this cycle, the liberals did not make that mistake!

      It’s sad to say, but in the 21st century most elected GOP members have no idea of how they actually got elected to office outside of their undeniable charm. Yes, they suffered the slings and arrows of the hit pieces, yet they are fairly clueless as to what it actually took to get the job done. What they do understand is they gave big checks to campaign vendors and professionals, and the next thing you know they were being sworn in.

      We (her family) did receive a tsunami of annoying pre-recorded robo calls and time-consuming national political recorded messages (the new GOP voter contact program). If it were not for the fact that I am a long-time activist, those endless annoying calls would have turned all of us against the candidate – who, by the way, is still awaiting the last of the post-election vote count, and it does not look good. This useless and counterproductive program was used throughout the country instead of a real-people-centered contact and ground operation.

      Two years ago we cleaned the liberals’ clock. They did not whine about the need to be more like us as so many of our incompetent leaders and stars do today. No, they had the courage of their convictions. The Democrats rolled up their sleeves and hit the ground immediately to identify every voter they could for 2012. Election Day they swamped communities where they needed to win and dragged people out the door and to the polls. They knew where to go and how to get their people to vote. This loss was not about conservative policy, we were simply no match for our opponents.

      So where do we go from here?

      Stop all the surrendering of conservative values.

      The RNC and local party organizations must return to the basic methods that are now enhanced by technology of identifying our vote and getting it to the polls. The boys from the East will not like this. It is so passé’ and will certainly be the most difficult task to accomplish. Brain-dead consultants and party elite will do everything they can to maintain their position of self-importance.

      Get away from the control of D.C. and the Eastern Establishment.

      Make no mistake, if the same people remain in control of the GOP, we will not have a party in four years.

      We must have a state-by-state critique of what happened on the ground.

      Adjust to the change and make-up of our party. The GOP now has a very impressive cadre of elected Hispanics in high places. Use them to work on-the-ground, in Hispanic targeted areas to connect with voters. Do it now before the next election. Quit speaking about OUTREACH to these people. The words are insulting and to them mean “we want to use you now.” Stop talking about outreach programs, just get out and do it!

      We need our congressional members and senators on-the-ground at the state and local level messaging and building structure. Sacrifice is called for here. This will be difficult because they like the comfort of the beltway and their state houses.

      Begin now. You don’t build an effective ground operation during an election.

      Clean house, build now and prepare for the next battle. It may already be too late. If we fail to fight now, it certainly is.

      And finally …

      God Bless Mitt and Ann Romney and their family. They gave their all as they ran the race and fought the good fight. I pray they keep the faith.”

      • truthandjustice
      • My two cents — believe she is right about these things; however, she doesn’t consider the massive voter fraud problem. I do think this was the one of the most important lessons to heed, and ACT on. Even if we are wrong about this, we can’t afford to risk it and not give it the attention needed. We HAVE to get this under control somehow. So many just don’t think it’s a problem – even from our most “trusted” Consv. guys – like Michelle Malkin.

        We also have to get it into our few “real patriotic” candidates and Congressmen’s (yes, you new RI) heads – that THIS HAS to be addressed and the facts about the folly of taking the easier road and believing what your hired “expert” Consultants tell you.
        You need to make time to do your own research – even though that will be challenging. Many necessary truths can be found – like the links we give here. But it seems most, if not all, have conveniently discarded these – that they are unnecessary, stupid, wrong.
        I don’t know, but it seemed to me Romney was very ignorant of what “really” goes on & what the issues really are that “we the people” needed to hear, etc. He and Ryan naively trusted their all-knowing experienced consultants like Rove & handlers. They were totally blindsided and shocked – we weren’t necessarily.
        To RI – please take serious note of this blog and the links and others such as WND, Breitbart, etc. & spread the word to the others.

      • NameBM
      • I live in one of the redest of the redest places in the states.

        Yet we do have a significant hispanic population in the county. (Warning big “racist” statement coming!)

        They clean our pools, our yards and our houses.

        We all come in contact with them everyday. But when I went to the Republican Headquarters NONE of the litterature was in Spanish. NONE.

        Nothing to take and pass on to our Spanish community. And NOBODY speaking spanish at the Headquarters. With all the money spent on printing useless panphlets preaching to the choir, you’d think they could have paid translators to man each headquarters!

        When volunteers maning the phone banks were reaching Spanish-only speaking people they had to hang up. How embarrassing and alienating was that!

        And I live in one of these very large hispanic population states!

        I am going to learn Spanish. Do I like it? NO. But do I like giving my country away without a fight? Even less.

        • lovelypeace
        • Exactly. A lot of it really is just the basic stuff. Speak Spanish to someone who speaks Spanish. Stop w/all the Anti-Islam/calling people nasty names.

          We can’t just cede votes because people are from a different economic situation or color than us.

          We didn’t communicate our message effectively. We were organized and my state got the vote turned out for Mitt, but it’s kind of hard to win when we don’t call out voter fraud when we see it and we don’t play the ground game as effectively as we could.

          We have to be the change we want to see.

    • VTX
    • NameBM,

      The quote from the author:
      “If it were not for the fact that I am a long-time activist, those endless annoying calls would have turned all of us against the candidate.”

      Agree completely. This was strategy? Robocalls?

      They couldn’t even get out the yard signs until we raised hell! They were for sale – am I gonna donate money to the campaign or am I gonna buy yard signs? Wanna know something else? I went to local headquarters and they wouldn’t take my money. No cash. Bet the Fraud’s minions didn’t turn away cash. They woudldn’t even take a check – had to be mailed in. Someone in the campaign and in the party wasn’t planning to say the words “President Romney.”

      The first turn of events – besides the Hoax that is the Fraud in the whitehouse – was allowing our voting machines to be sold to overseas interests. Who allowed that?

      • NameBM
      • It was an attack on all fronts with Romney badly advised by the “Consultants”.

        Massive fraud of multiple aspects in key districts.

        Lukewarm candidate.

        Totally outdated and corrupted “consultant” team

        Corrupted RINO Republican establishement

        Non existence of the broadening of the base.

        All of these can be corrected.

        Let’s start with firing these establishment RINOS. Boehner first, then Rove then….. Too many to choose from Helas

    • BigTexas
    • This was an amazing read UM. WHI laid it out for us two years ago about how Obama was going to win and it went down almost exactly like it did. This was like getting an inside playbook for how Dems think. About as honest a look at the Dem machine I’ve ever read. I just wish the Romney campaign would have listened more. Or maybe America doesn’t care anymore? 50% on some kind of government aid makes it tough to run against. Look forward to the next volume. Thats when things got pretty intense if I remember right. And I hope WHI comes back and talks to you again. I already miss hearing what he has to say.

    • truthandjustice
    • Just got this via email from my sister-in-law who worked the phones, etc. for the election in Ohio —- may be able to CHALLENGE results due to FRAUD !!

      “Attached you will find a PDF that explains Ohio law in regards to a recount of an election. As the article below and others you have seen explain, much does not add up concerning the Ohio Election results and we are actively looking into irregularities. The bottom line is that this race is still only 100,000 votes or so apart and their are over 200,000 provisional, military and absentee votes to be counted starting this Friday. We have time to challenge this election if we can produce valid evidence that the counts are wrong. If you worked at the polls on election day and you witnessed anything irregular and are willing to testify about what you saw, please send what you saw to Denise Mayer from the Ohio VIP project who is compiling any evidence we can gather. The one that really has me upset is the absentee ballots that are sitting in post offices with not enough postage and no return address, so they were not delivered to the Board of Election or returned to the voter! Let me be clear, I am not sure that we can do anything about the way this election was handled in Ohio, but even if we can’t, we need to explore every opportunity to expose the cheating and get it fixed. Send Denise any information you have that will help. Thanks.

      Best Regards,

      Tom Zawistowski
      Ohio Liberty Coalition
      1-800-846-4630 Ext 104

      What Luck! Obama Won Dozens of Cleveland Districts with 100% of the Vote

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      +21 Recommend this on Google
      President Obama must have run a great campaign considering the tremendous numbers he put up in numerous big cities. Over in Philadelphia, he was lucky enough to get 90% percent turnout in some districts with over 99% of the vote.

      In Cleveland, in some districts he did even better with an astounding 100% of the vote in dozens of locations. For example, in Cleveland’s Fifth Ward, Mr. Obama won districts E, F, and G 1,337 to Mitt Romney’s… 0. And in case you’re wondering, Gary Johnson received more votes than Mr. Romney.

      Well, maybe that’s just a fluke. In the Ninth Ward, Mr. Obama won districts D-G with a paltry total of 1,740 to… 3. Hey, at least Romney got .2% of the vote!

      Okay, what if we look at an entire Ward? No way this trend continues, right? An entire ward. Why not do the First Ward? Obama won that one 12,857 to… 94. This time Romney got .7% of the vote. He’s moving up in the world!

      In total, there are 21 districts in Cleveland where Mr. Romney received precisely 0 votes. In 23 districts, he received precisely 1 vote. And naturally, in one of the districts where Obama won 100% of the vote, there was 100% turnout. What a coincidence!

      By the way, in case you are thinking that Romney did so poorly because maybe those districts were not very populated: Nope. In those 44 districts, Mr. Obama won 14,686 to 23. That’s .16% of the vote for Romney.

      But Ohio’s not important in the electoral college, right?”

    • VTX
    • Petraeus, Lockheed Martin, the Senator…

      By our own loins we are led; by our own devices we are slaughtered; I see honeytraps frequently in my work; I recognize them instantly; I am low and I am of little importance, but people even at my level are set up to be caught. I will not boast that I cannot be caught, because it is not wise to tempt the devil to send more temptations.

      Tempt not that thou not be tempted.

      But here is wisdom:

      Proverbs 7:6-27
      For at the window of my house
      I looked through my lattice,
      And saw among the simple,
      I perceived among the youths,
      A young man devoid of understanding,
      Passing along the street near her corner;
      And he took the path to her house
      In the twilight, in the evening,
      In the black and dark night.

      And there a woman met him,
      With the attire of a harlot, and a crafty heart.
      She was loud and rebellious,
      Her feet would not stay at home.
      At times she was outside, at times in the open square,
      Lurking at every corner.
      So she caught him and kissed him;
      With an impudent face she said to him:
      “I have peace offerings with me;
      Today I have paid my vows.
      So I came out to meet you,
      Diligently to seek your face,
      And I have found you.
      I have spread my bed with tapestry,
      Colored coverings of Egyptian linen.
      I have perfumed my bed
      With myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.
      Come, let us take our fill of love until morning;
      Let us delight ourselves with love.
      or my husband is not at home;
      He has gone on a long journey;
      He has taken a bag of money with him,
      And will come home on the appointed day.”

      With her enticing speech she caused him to yield,
      With her flattering lips she seduced him.
      Immediately he went after her, as an ox goes to the slaughter,
      Or as a fool to the correction of the stocks,[a]
      Till an arrow struck his liver.
      As a bird hastens to the snare,
      He did not know it would cost his life.

      Now therefore, listen to me, my children;
      Pay attention to the words of my mouth:
      Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways,
      Do not stray into her paths;
      For she has cast down many wounded,
      And all who were slain by her were strong men.
      Her house is the way to hell,[b]
      Descending to the chambers of death.

      Stay safe, not sorry.

    • truthandjustice
    • Unfortunately, ditto to this commenter at :

      “We are kidding ourselves to think that the GOP wanted to win this time around.

      Jeb and Dad visiting Barack at the WH in January…”I’ll Have more flexibility”…Ignore Sarah Palin and the TEA Party after the astounding mid-term victories which put Boehner in the position of actually having to provide leadership rather than defeatism.

      The Peter Schweizer book “Throw them all out” revealed that all these congresspeople are in it for the money-making opportunities, which Sarah Palin mentioned at CPAC.

      The GOP has a great deal when the Dems have all the power. Piss and moan while not being held accountable. No wonder they hated Sarah and the TEA Party so much. We were upsetting their little racket.

      Until the recessive GOP is replaced by Constitutional Conservatives, the power-sharing agreement they have with the psychotic Dems who are really empowered thugs roaming America shaking down anyone who is not a favored minority for their lunch money will continue on. Until we stand up.

      It could get violent. We might get hurt.

      But the thugs won’t stop taking our lunch money until we have the nerve to hit them back.

      They already know that the Vichy GOP will never dare to confront them.”

      • E.A.B.
      • Palin is done. She jumped the political shark, and she’s now nothing more than a celebrity. The vast majority of Americans no longer take her seriously.

        Her image cannot be rehabilitated at this point. Too much self-inflicted damage (the worst kind). So don’t waste your effort.

        We, the GOP and the Tea Party, need to move away from her and her quest to become the Arianna Huffington of the Right, and move on.

      • truthandjustice
      • Suggest this site if you haven’t been checking it out — informational comments, etc. you won’t see elsewhere. People that think (and hope) Sarah Palin has ridden off into the sunset, threatened or not to stay out – I have a feeling that is not the case. If God decides to help restore us, think she is foremost on the list He will use… matter how unlikely it looks now. Like everything else….we..shall see………

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