Hey Republican Governors – STFU. NOW.

Anyone else sick and tired of Republicans jumping at the chance to criticize a fellow Republican?  This past week saw a list of GOP governors only too happy to criticize Mitt Romney for his honest (and ACCURATE) description of the Obama campaigns big money gift promises to certain segments of the electorate in order to help secure election victory.  These so called leaders, most if not all who currently have hopes of winning the nomination in 2016, are showing a pathetic lack of character and solidarity at a time when the party needs just that.


Perhaps the most notable criticism of Mitt Romney’s remarks came from Louissiana governor Bobby Jindal, who said the following:

“I don’t think we advance this discussion or debate by insulting folks.”

With all due respect Governor Jindal, Mitt Romney didn’t “insult folks” – what he did was make a very accurate comment regarding how Democrats have fully embraced the concept of promising everything to everyone who will possibly support them during an election.  In the case of Barack Obama, he promised a long list of donations in order to secure votes:

-Obama phones

-Refusal to enforce federal immigration laws and the punishing of state government attempting to enforce their own immigration laws – basically telling criminals to “VOTE OBAMA” and they will get away with breaking the law.

-A promise to give college students lowered interest rates on student loans – even though the actual legislation only gave a TEMPORARY promise of lower rates, thest youth didn’t bother to educate themselves on the details.  Additionally, the student loan program under Barack Obama is now on the verge of creating a massive bubble could prove disastrous to the future of the college loan program and likely require yet another massive taxpayer funded bailout.

-A promise of free contraception for all – even if it means crusing religious freedom and  forcing religious institutions to go against their own faith to do so.

-And don’t forget Obama’s “evolved” stance on gay marriage.  What his campaign did in fact was poll voters in various critical swing states and find that support for gay marriage had in fact grown since the 2008 election.  That’s all it took for Barack Obama to announce his newly found full and unwavering support of gay marriage – with the explicit direction that they best turn out for him or the evil Mitt Romney was sure to destroy them all in the Mormon fires of revenge.  (Or something close to that anyways)

So to those Republican governors who wish to now demean Mitt Romney, a man who it appears was actually less than a half million votes away from being the next President of the United States, I strongly urge you to reconsider your own messaging.  Conservatives are tired of the milk toast variety Republican, who would sell out their own kind in the hopes of gaining the support of voters who, as Mitt Romney so rightly said, are simply waiting for the next handout.  What needs to be sold to Americans, as our own Republican Insider so correctly put it - are the concepts of FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and OPPORTUNITY.  If a nation is offering those to its citizens, all else becomes secondary.

What this current Democratic/Socialist/Progressive Party is offering voters is ENSLAVEMENT.  That is now the undeniable truth.  Don’t shy away from telling the people that truth, because conservatives already know that – they are just waiting for a leader to LEAD.  And if the Republicans can bring forth such a leader, they will win elections.  If instead, they choose to beg, and grovel, and demean other Republicans, all conservatives are weakened, and Democrats will continue to defeat Liberty in America.




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The Man Who Calls Himself Obama


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24 Comments to Hey Republican Governors – STFU. NOW.
    • Holly
    • And then there’s The Fat Man piling on Romney with this about the Gift Gafe – “You can’t expect to be a leader of all the people and be divisive.” But you can expect to be the POTUS. What a bunch of losers they all are. Just sick to death of them. All the rising Republican stars like Rubio, Jindal, etc. Go back to your states and govern. Your opinion is worthless at this point.

    • Enough is enough
    • I guess you can’t blame the ones that took the free stuff. The blame is on the one that gave to the ones that didn’t need it with other people’s money. The illegals to get their votes, like we got money to give away. Romney told the truth. To bad they didn’t like it.

    • Elegy
    • And the GOP wonders why nobody gets excited to vote for them anymore. I’m tired of these pansies afraid to hurt peoples feelings. Yes, Obama is a ineligible Marxist and enemy of the Republic and yes, at least 60% of Obama’s voters were welfare queens and leeches.

    • M. Simon
    • The Republicans have a marketing problem.

      A LOT of my commenters seem to agree.


      My opening paragraph:

      I can tell by the comments I have received that I am not getting through to some of you on how the Republicans can get more votes in national elections. So let me give it to you straight up. Stop attacking the people (and by extension their friends) you want to get votes from. Bad experiences (attacks) gain ten times as many opponents as good experiences gain friends. That is a general marketing rule. It also explains why politics and politicians are generally despised.

    • M. Simon
    • Romney wrote off 47% of the electorate. He has to win 94+% of the rest to win.

      Why not say something like: “With a booming economy those of you dependent on government can do better than a government handout. I intend to make the economy boom and raise working Americans to heights they never before dreamed of because there will be work under my administration. Lots of it.”

    • Crystal
    • The only thing between us and … them … is ~us~. These Insiders may think they’re shaping the dialogue by throwing out a bone for Ulsterman to chew on, but when I read your comments/offerings of your research, it’s obvious you have all taken the red pill diving down the rabbit hole with dedicated focus, digging up their play book of dirty tricks and exposing it.

      Dig deeper. Cui Bono? Who benefits? While we’re whining about the front men for the shadow masters, who’s really whispering over their shoulder hidden from view, shaping THEIR dialogue as their minder? Who looks so innocent that no one would suspect what evil lurks in their heart?

      “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” — Woodrow Wilson, from his book The New Freedom (1913)

      Follow the money. And then follow them.

      • Crystal
      • Someone else is following the money, too. This on a global scale.
        I offer up new readings to my Ulsterman family who are amazing researchers.


        Take on board what you can, file the rest away for when it comes up again and there’s no denying its truth. Names they name may shock you, others won’t. Keep an open mind and a watchful eye and chase down anything you’ve never heard of. It’s all connected.

        Two other search phrases that will serve you in researching those in the shadows ….. Financial tyranny…… And …. Collateral Accounts.

    • Essa
    • It is time we all realize we are being sold down the river by both parties equally, and this has been going on for many years. While I was not thrilled with moderate Romney, my vote for him was a save the country vote, nothing more. I think Romney first blew it when he caved on amnesty for illegal aliens.

      We also need to remember only 13 Senators voted against the NDAA which was signed into law by our faux leader on Christmas Eve with a signing statement. It should never be forgotten John McCain (R) and Carl Levin (D) co-sponsored the bill which is a prime example of how both parties are selling us out without a second thought. It is interesting to note the affordable care act was passed on Christmas eve, just as the NDAA was signed into law on Christmas Eve also. I wonder what horrendous law will be signed this Christmas Eve.

      It also does not go without notice, not a single candidate for President with the exception of Ron Paul mentioned the NDAA, TSA, NSA, or the surveillance/police state being installed in America at hyper speed. To his credit Newt Gingrich did mention being against Agenda 21.

      HoHos belly Christy is one of the newest RINO Tea Party infiltrators. Just search the net and you will find out where he stands on many issues including moochers from Islamic countries who are now populating our country very quickly with plans to take over, just as they have taken over many other European countries, getting on the welfare rolls and building mosques everywhere including rural areas. I will never ever, never ever, vote for Christy. Heck he would not even answer a question about Twinkies!

      I stand by a previous post stating I am done with the Republican party. We need to escape the two party system as both parties are virtually one and the same when you examine their voting records on important issues like the NDAA. The House holds the purse strings, yet we never see them de-fund anything including the affordable care act which is anything but affordable. Another good place to start, and they know this, is with all the useless, mindless government studies. Most of the studies conclude what anyone with even a pea brain would conclude through simple common sense.

      If there is ever to be a Republican Party again, they had best get back to their original core values of conservatism and rid their ranks of the progressive infiltrators and saboteurs. The Republican Party knows full well they are willing participants in the fall and collapse of this country. How can we respect congress as a whole if they don’t even read the bills before they vote for them.

      The affordable care act should be rendered unconstitutional on the basis congress admitted they did not even bother to read the bill to know what was in it. It is bad enough the Senate was allowed to levy a tax upon us despite the fact they had no legal authority to do so. Of course congress is not subject to the very laws they enforce upon the rest of us, and on that basis as well, those laws should be deemed unconstitutional.

      We all know we are in a sick dead country when we have moochelle touting how wonderful it is her husband has managed to work around congress. I am now wondering if congress is doing all of this on purpose and they are really in cahoots in allowing all of those executive orders to be signed without even a whine or a whimper from hardly any of them.

      This BS about the congress failing to work together, actually might by design. We need to think out of the box, and reconcile the fact mega-banks and multinational corporations own congress who got to them through huge lobbies.

      • truthandjustice
      • Yes – agree – probably speak for the majority. Yes, think most of Congress in cahoots from all I’ve read. For most of us, we are all coming to the horrible realization of these truths. We were urged for the first time to research all this stuff b/c of the fear of Obama. And most of us were loyal Repub. voters for many, many years. I have been posting everywhere that I truly think we need to seriously consider THIRD PARTY. And..I’m starting to see it many places. Same feelings. It’s not like the past. This is an entirely new era and set of cirumstances – unprecedented like Obama was/is.
        Think it might be time for this. The GOP show no signs of improvement – just the opposite. We have very little time left and I’ll be grateful if we’re still here and even having elections in 2014 and 2016. These people intend on tyranny/NWO and are almost there.

        • NameBM
        • Not even 2 weeks have past and Me the Uberpolitical have pretty much taken the decision that I will not vote in 2014 for my senatorial race. I will vote for the local races but will consider the non-affiliated and third party candidates.

          I am SO FURIOUS and disgusted with Washington, that if I can off balance their game by not playing it, so much the better.

          I do think it is time for a big change in the political landscape.

          RI: I do not know you and basically do not prejudge your motives for communicating with us, but basically if your party does not want to protect the votes we have given it by going after the fraud committed, my response if: eff-you.

          NO MORE.

        • Essa
        • Absolutely, this is a continuation of the great awakening many of us have been talking about for awhile now. I have seen all over the net, people everywhere beginning to echo the same sentiments.

      • M. Simon
      • The only thing that could have saved us was to shrink government. The Democrats wanted big government in order to steal what they couldn’t get honestly.

        The Republican base wanted big government to smite the unrighteous. Never once thinking about what could happen if they were painted in the “unrighteous” corner. A smug “It can’t happen here” was what the Cassandras got.

        The powers have used envy and the lust for power against us. But we were warned a long time ago about the end of those desires. Like every devil’s bargain there will be hell to pay. The thieves will find that they have strangled the golden goose. And those wishing to smite the unrighteous will find themselves at the wrong end of the stick.

        All because we couldn’t “Love one another.”

    • Justawhoaman
    • Essa, great post. Again, more support for a rapid formation of a third party to challenge this latest election and set forth real demands from the silent majority. We can’t go down without a legitimate recognition of The Law. Both parties are hopelessly corrupt and we know it.

      I recommend that you read the current thread on Devvy Kidd ‘s blog, wew.devvy.com. She is making a case that we need to start by ensuring each state sovereignty and has a thorough set of position papers. Please read.

    • M. Simon
    • What we are fighting is not some secret cabal, although I’m sure there is one. What we are fighting is human nature. Envy, greed, lust for power. Those have been our downfall. The powers are just taking advantage of our nature.

      Many have come to warn us in various ways about the end result of our limited nature.

      What you have to keep in mind is that he “powers” are no more capable of controlling things than the humans on the stage.

      May I suggest again, “Love one another.” That can not be defeated. The “Love generation” for all its excesses had it right. And it was squashed. Jailed. And beaten severely about the head and shoulders. Stupid humans.

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