“The Man Who Calls Himself Obama” – Makes Publisher Best Seller List

Again – thank you to all who have been so supportive of my ongoing efforts to provide a majority of the insider interviews into a more easy to obtain and readable format.  That support is being reflected in Volume One already having made the publisher’s best seller list just days after its release, and the just released Volume Three is now getting very positive feedback.  Currently am reviewing and compiling further past interviews for Volume Four, with the intent that Volume Five will then bring readers up to the present time.  To all of you who suggested long ago that I should have done this – your were right.   Thank you again.    -UM


Cover for 'The Man Who Calls Himself Obama'

The Man Who Calls Himself Obama

Cover for 'The Man Who Calls Himself Obama Volume II'

The Man Who Calls Himself Obama Volume II






Cover for 'The Man Who Calls Himself Obama Volume III'

The Man Who Calls Himself Obama Volume III


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5 Comments to “The Man Who Calls Himself Obama” – Makes Publisher Best Seller List
    • charlotte
    • What struck me about Vol 111 was that Wall Street insider received bailout funds????And that bailouts were given even when they weren’t wanted ? For leverage? Also I’m thinking that the earlier Wall Street Insider sounds totally different from the last posts in the original articles.Sounds like a different person almost.
      As for White House Insider. He hates Obama, told us all the salacious tales about the Wookies in the WH but at the end of the day was on side for Obama it seems.Did he sabotage the GOP from within?The vicious GOP primaries where the candidates got really mean and nasty with each other. Thats was disgraceful. Also there is a GOP traitor who had meetings with the Dems re the election and the selection of the GOP finalists. The Dems ran the GOP primaries as far as I can see. The GOP needs to be cleaned out. This traitor needs to be exposed.

      • BigTexas
      • I thought WSI said he didn’t take bailout funds. And it was clear that he was pretty guarded at first w/UM. Same thing with WHI to start off. Over the years they both got more comfortable and seems like became good friends with UM so the interviews became different. I think more interesting too. And I know some of the updates were in emails not where they were sitting down talking and others were when they were talking so they would sound different there as well. I love all the insider interviews not just because so much of it was true but each of them seem like really interesting people. Just great stuff. And RI seems interesting too and I’m guessing when him and UM get more comfortable those interviews will change up also just like the other insiders did.

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