Senator Rubio Defends Romney Against Republican Governor Criticism

Flordia Senator Marco Rubio made clear he had no real concerns regarding a comment Mitt Romney made earlier in the week where he indicated Barack Obama won re-election in part because of his willingness to promise “gifts” to segments of the voting population.


EXCERPT (via Daily Caller)

Rubio defends Romney comment


ALTOONA, Iowa — Sen. Marco Rubio defended former presidential candidate Mitt Romney Saturday night, saying that he had not hurt the cause of the Republican Party with his comments this week that President Barack Obama won the election by promising “gifts” to minority voters.

Romney’s comment was denounced repeatedly by Republicans this week, but Rubio defended the former Massachusetts Governor while speaking to reporters at a fundraiser in Iowa.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Rubio said when asked if Romney’s comments had damaged the Republican Party’s hopes of moving forward into a new era.

…I hope Mitt will stay involved in politics. I thought he was a great candidate, would have made a great president, and I hope he stays involved in our party.”   LINK


Kudos to Senator Rubio for showing the kind of grace and gratitude that was so lacking among some of those Republican governors now scrambling to position themselves as the GOP nominee for 2016 at the expense of Mitt Romney.

And in related news – Rubio’s appearance at an Iowa political fundraiser last night apparently created quite a buzz.  He is already showing considerable support among a wide swath of Republicans, from Tea Party fiscal conservatives to minority groups.

Unfortunately – 2016 is four years away, which means four more years of Barack Obama as president.  Perhaps removing Harry Reid and his fellow far-left Democrats from their control of the Senate in 2014 would be a good start…


Cover for 'The Man Who Calls Himself Obama Volume III'

The Man Who Calls Himself Obama Volume III

 ”So after the handshakes, the small talk, the photo taking, everyone sits back down to begin the actual discussion. I won’t say what the discussion was on, who said what–just going to keep this about the president and Valerie Jarrett. How that meeting turned…odd. It became very-very odd”


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13 Comments to Senator Rubio Defends Romney Against Republican Governor Criticism
    • ShainS
    • What about nominating a conservative Presidential candidate who doesn’t sugar coat statements — like calling them “gifts” — but accurately defines them for what they actually are: in this case, legalized, overt, monetary/material bribes provided pre-election for votes?

      In essence, criminal activity

      • M. Simon
      • Well yeah. That is a sure fire way to attract voters from the base. Get 21% more and you can win an election.

        “With a booming economy those of you dependent on government can do better than a government handout. I intend to make the economy boom and raise working Americans to heights they never before dreamed of because there will be work under my administration. Lots of it.”

    • Justawhoaman
    • M. Simon… Golly. Blowing your Libertarian horn about why Conservatives lost ( in what has been the most obvious fraudulent “election” ) and not adding one word about legalizing drugs, what a shocker! \sarc.

      So first UM convinces us that Romney is the answer to impending Constitutional crematorium and now that Rubio is our next great hope. I personally think we should nominate Trevor Loudon who has done more to educate Americans about where these “leaders” are taking us. After all, who cares that both HIS parents are from New Zealand.

      Gotta’ get a sarcasm button for this iPad.

    • truthandjustice
    • Looks like the duo that will be manipulated & pushed for 2016 int’l political GAMES is Rubio and Jeb Bush? Don’t know that much about it, but I “betcha” Rubio is part of the grand scheme of the Bush Dynasty and “powers that be” of the NWO type. Reading that Romney campaign advisors, surrogates, etc. are pushing the “lean more left” theme as well, using as proof their losses in the Swing states & how they’ll “fix it” with new technological, non-traditional methods. Oh yes, that’ll do it. Not a word about the voter fraud. As suspected, same ‘ol same ‘ol runaround. Wonderful.
      Surprise, surprise.

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