Just a quick word to readers regarding the recently published second half of my interview with Republican Insider.  I was hesitant to share that second half due largely to the undeniable fact I allowed emotion to overcome reason, or good manners.  While my own anger may have appealed to some, it does little to serve the purpose of figuring out a legitimate way to move on from the defeat that is the 2012 election.  It also does a disservice to not only RI, who, though I remain skeptical of their belief in being able to utilize a new approach to an old problem regarding the Republican Party, it also does a disservice to my own upbringing and sense of personal responsibility for my own actions.

I choose to continue to fight, to listen, and to learn.  Those who wish to join me in that effort, you are most welcome.  Those who have grown too tired, too impatient, or wish to simply go another way…I completely understand and respect that choice.  There remains part of me that is right there with you in that.  For me…I simply cannot give up on America just yet – I owe her far too much.  I remain convinced, however challenged that conviction has been this past week or so, that the best path to fight is with the Republican  Party.  And so, to that end, I remain a willing soldier.

I will include the link to that second interview below.  It was posted late last night on my FB wall, but I don’t wish to post it again.  The shame of my behavior requires I give it no more space and after this message,  less attention.





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    • PatinGA
    • Please don’t apologize. You only voiced what many are feeling. We are in frustrating times and it is somehow comforting to have someone speak these frustrations.
      Republicans should stick to principles and American values,and get a backbone, not pander to win votes. Otherwise, it changes what we know as America.

    • Mrs. Right
    • UM,

      I understand your anger and frustration only too well. My husband and I feel them most keenly as well. Logically we know that they won’t accomplish anything, so we MUST use them for fuel for the coming battle for the fate of our Country. Channel these emotions, let them fuel you, but do not let them rule you.

      Protect yourself (UM and Readers). The coming crash of the dollar will devalue our currency heavily. Invest in foreign currency if you can. Buying gold would be a great idea, except that our government has, in the past under FDR, seized gold from its citizens. So that is incredibly risky.

      As our forefathers did in the days preceding the Revolutionary War, think of our ancestors, and what they did to get us here. Then think of your children, grandchildren and descendants. Would they be proud of our actions? We must not give up on the United States of America. It is a grand experiment, a country based on the ideas of individual sovereignty, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Of course, this can only work if our elected officials are virtuous, and we see great failings in this arena. We cannot go back to sleep, we must not become apathetic. We must awaken and fight for self rule, to reject the yolk of tyranny those who put themselves above us would have us believe it is our destiny to wear.

      Keep your eyes on the big picture. “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.” -Sir Winston Churchill

      May God be with us all. Ask Him for strength and guidance in the dark days ahead.

    • JoleneAL
    • Your anger and frustration is/was right up there with mine. My fears are still there and without people in DC that give a crap, I believe we are all doomed to the dregs of hell.

      I don’t believe, or feel, the people in DC or anywhere else in the supposed leadership of the GOP, really listen to us out here toiling away while they sip cocktails at some party for leftists.

      I want a clear dividing line between the two and any politician that can’t live with that needs to pack their bags and hit the road. Too many in DC bend over and take it from the leftists and frankly I want to know WHY and I want it to STOP!

      Your emotions fit a lot of ours out here. Thank You for being on the front line and giving us a voice!

      God Bless.

    • ebysan
    • UM

      We are all emotional about this election….. That’s why we read theulstermanreport & post.

      The MSM has ignored the facts. Here we are able to read the truth.

      WHI was correct that if Obama wins it would be because he “Stole the Election”. Did Republicans make mistakes..Yes! But we were not corrupt & dishonest like the Obama Democrats in this election.

      Yes, many people are lazy & want “Free Stuff” from the Government; but there are millions out of work who wanted jobs….. I can not see all of them voting for Obama …… This election was rigged!!

      Obama’s Nerd group

      Harper Reed I spent a lot of time hacking doing all this stuff

      Part of that process was Reed, a technologist’s technologist,…. learning the limits of his own power.

      “I remember at one point basically breaking down during the campaign because I was losing control. The success of it was out of my hands,” he told me. “I felt like the people I hired were right, the resources we argued for were right. And because of a stupid mistake, or people were scared and they didn’t adopt the technology or whatever, something could go awry. We could lose.”

      And losing, they felt more and more deeply as the campaign went on, would mean horrible things for the country.

      They started to worry about the next “Supreme Court Justices” while they…. “coded”.

      “There is the egoism of technologists. We do it because we can create.

      “I can handle all of the parameters going into the machine” and I know what is going to come out of it,” Reed said.


      • charlotte
      • Read the Nerds article. ISN’T IT STRANGE that the code name for Obastard’s program was NARWHAl and Romney’s was ORCA?????

        Sounds to me like some kind of overlapping collusion/spying….

    • ShainS
    • UM: “I choose to continue to fight, to listen, and to learn.”

      THIS is what RI needs to subscribe to. He’s looking to “use” us and “the new media” to evangelize the Republican message … when instead he should be “using us” to listen to — to seriously address the concerns that we have, instead of brushing them off (.e.g. that nobody will be held accountable and punished in this Administration over a myriad of illegal acts and scandals, which would take several paragraphs to reiterate here).

      Keep up the good fight, UM! You’re a charismatic and natural leader … something the Republican Party needs more of — and can LEARN from.

    • Essa
    • UM, Thank you for fighting for us. Our elected officials should know we are angry and more then disappointed in the way they run the country into the ground. WHI and WSI put everything on the line to help the Republicans and the payback was a cowardly attack from behind.

    • Rosemary
    • Do Not apologize. We are all feeling the same way. I wanted to hear RI say that the repubs do care about the country. I want to hear that they are working behind the scenes to oust the fraud. I want to hear that they want our help. I want the list of names who are fighting against freedom for our country and then we force them to resign. I want to hear that O will be sent to prision because the whole Benghazi deal was a thousand times worse than any Watergate. I want to hear that the repubs are fist fighting with the communists in the Senate. I want to know why O is allowed a second term when he wasn’t elibilbe to begin with. Where is the law and order in our country. I want the Repubs to fight “with” us. They are allwing the destruction of this country and are just as guilty as the democrats. I had it. Start exposing the idiots. I am also just as angry about the media. There is no difference between lying and and withholding the truth to protect a fraud who gotten into our WH. I want the Repubs to do hold media accountable. let’s face it, no one could have won when the media is totally one sided. In short. I want justice or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • M. Simon
    • We have two Big Government parties. Although they want big government for different reasons.

      When the Republican base stops wanting Big Government the people will have a fighting chance. Until then the leaders of the Big Government Party will scratch the backs of the leaders of the other Big Government Party. And vice versa.

      The States are our next line of defense. The voters of Colorado and Washington State have defied DC. It will be interesting to see how DC responds.

      • Essa
      • When Levin is talking third party, then we know our suspicions have been correct, in our concluding the parties are nearly indistinguishable from one another. We are not seeing the Republican party fight for us, instead they are standing down and are complacent in allowing us to go down with the ship, though of course the Captain (Congress) will jump ship and take the lifeboat leaving us all to drown.

    • E.A.B.
    • Back when Kerry lost in 2004, the Democrats said the same thing about “messaging” as Republican Insider. That their message was not articulated well enough, but the content of the message was sound.

      Two, four, and eight years later, the Democrats were indeed able to successfully package pathetically bad content inside an attractive message, so we could say that that *is* one way of turning your party’s fortunes around.

      However, the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement are bound (in theory, at least) to the Constitution. Before we start tinkering with our “messaging,” we had better make sure that what we are broadcasting are Constitutional values.

      That’s a discussion we should be having. What should the Republican Party stand for, based on the Constitution? We could start by going through the Bill of Rights, amendment by amendment…

      • M. Simon
      • Speaking of Constitutional Values EAB, ever notice a Drug Prohibition Amendment? Me either.

        My bet is that you are Constitutional only when convenient. i.e. not really. And that sad little fact includes most of the Republican base.

        When the Republicans stop being a contradiction they will get some power. I’m not inhaling so I don’t have to hold my breath. Lucky for me huh?

        It is not the RINOs you have to worry most about. It is the person you see when you look in the mirror. Or it could also be as I’m colloquially called – “Sunflower”. You object to libertarians “stealing” Republican votes? Why not offer them something to get them to join the Party. You know. Constitutionalism. Which is more than just mouthing the words.

        • E.A.B.
        • Marijuana legalization is prohibited by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, i.e., it is unconstitutional.

          Libertarians, who are demanding that the Republican Party adopt an unconstitutional platform, can take a hike.

          • jane
          • Maybe I have a reading comprehension problem, but NOWHERE in the 5th or 14th Amendments do I see anything *vaguely* related to marijuana or drug legalization. It’s starting to make me wonder if you aren’t some plant on this website just put here to troll.

    • cobra
    • I stand by what I wrote few days ago: the repubics are nogoodnicks.
      The history of the last twenty years, at least, proves that.
      The Bush family has been a menace not only to the party, but to the country.
      And their cotery of clients, Rove and such, are continuing their destructive work.
      This party is not only stupid, but it is evil, as well. Yes, less evil than the demsheviks, but still.
      They gerrymandered Col. Allen West and another conservative in FL.
      They signed on the gerrymandering some other repubics in CA and they lost FOUR seats, there and above all, they lost any chance at the state level to stop any bill, or tax increase.
      CA is a one party state, like the URSS now.
      This was blessed by thisMc Carthy guy, the third in the Congress repubic hierarchy.
      Mc Carthy is the same schmuck who pushed Schwartzenkennedy over Tom McClintock after the Grey Davis recall in 2003, I think.
      Cantor knew about Petraeus but shut up to protect Obama.
      Don’t tell me the repubics are not evil.
      Less than the demsheviks, but still interested only in their power not the country.
      Face it, folks.
      the third party is the answer.

    • lovelypeace
    • Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a RINO.

      Republicans aren’t monolithic and we can’t court just conservatives and expect to win a national election.

      I tend to be like RI in that I’d like to save the Republican Party because it best represents my values. However, I realize that the conservative movement is a part of the party’s coalition, not the entire Republican party.

      • M. Simon
      • Bravo. To win elections you have to have policies that attract those least attracted to the party. i.e. the least committed voter that you need to win election rules.

        The current party takes no cognizance of that rule. The base only wants the most committed. What does that tell me? Election losses as far as the eye can see.

        • E.A.B.
        • There are red lines.

          Such as crafting policies that cater to the demands of those who reject the Constitution (i.e., socialists, Libertarians, etc.).

          Selling your soul (and your country) for votes is not the way to go.

      • JSBACH Lover
      • Thank you for saying that. I’ve been reading here a long time, but recently am seeing what I think are nasty, vicious comments, and not a few strike me as slightly unhinged. If a lot of you want to take your toys and go home, you’re right: nothing is going to get mended. The relentless negativism is difficult to take after while–and serves no very useful purpose. I will also say one more time: a third party will NEVER win elections in our presidential system. You want three parties? Move to Canada!

    • lovelypeace
    • I don’t think the Constitution’s the problem.

      The problem is connecting those values to where people are. We know how to talk about the economy. We know how to talk about the Constitution.

      However, we completely fail when people ask about social stuff and we give them economic answers.

      They didn’t win on economics, but emotions.

      They pull out the kid with cancer and tell us why we need ObamaCare – we pull out a chart and say spending is going to go up. They hear – these people are talking about costs, but what about compassion, helping these poor people. People like my neighbors, my friends, etc….

      They pull out the lady on welfare and her kids and we pull out the people on welfare are scammers + we shouldn’t even have welfare programs cards. Then they hear, oh – so we should just not feed the poor? What are we going to do w/even more homeless people?

      I’m going to recommend a book.

      We, as conservatives, need to understand the data that is presented in this book.

      Sadly, I read this book after the election.

      I totally regret that because a lot of things really make sense viewing society from his point of view.

      If we don’t get a solid grasp on the demographic information and relate why our solutions are better to people’s problems, then we deserve to lose in 2014.


        • E.A.B.
        • Ron Paul and his unconstitutional, radical revisionist views, and those who support them, should not be welcome in the Republican Party, or in any party that professes to honor the Constitution.

          It’s ironic that supporters of the candidate they often advertised as a “man of principle,” don’t seem to understand that conservatives are not willing to abandon our principles and sell our souls (and our nation) in order to pander to Ron Paul supporters.

    • Ben
    • UM. You were right. Minimizing the affect of voter and registration fraud in the face of multitudinous report does NOTHING to help. If they can get away with even just .2% fraud that’s too much. No matter which side it comes from theough either action or lack of REaction. Neither is defensible. End of story.

    • Anonymouse
    • Ulsterman, don’t you dare apologize.  I tried reading Part One of that interview, and from RI’s very first words he had me seeing red.  His condescension toward you, his wanting to run your show, his unicorn-and-rainbows fantasies for hauling America back from the abyss, and his horse-blindered, trenchant refusal to acknowledge the blatant vote fraud that SATURATED this country on Election Day . . . it all had me so angry and upset that I had to quit reading.  And I left the site.  Later, when I saw you’d posted Part Two of the interview, I couldn’t bring myself to even open the page.

      Is RI a Democrat in neo-Republican clothing?

      • Jules
      • I agree about the condescension. He was no doubt smirking at the time.

        UM is, I trust, savvy enough to know the score when dealing with these so-called insiders. I mean, you are, aren’t you , UM?

    • Anonymouse
    • About Republican Insider’s imaginary, nonexistent, folkloric, illusionary, hallucinatory, chimerical, hysterical, insignificant vote fraud, the following is from an article titled Election Integrity

      . . . only about 70,000 voting problems were reported . . . .

      . . .

      . . . in Wood County, Ohio, the voting age population totals 98,213, but on Election Day, 106,258 were registered to vote. Why, the difference is only about 8,000 votes . . . .

      Many Ohioans who showed up at the polls were turned away because, as the election overseers assured them, they had already voted. They were furious, but shouldn’t have been. The officials who affirmed that they had already cast their ballots would never lie.

      . . . the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association reported that thousands of military votes were never counted.

      . . . Republican Allen West . . . . in St. Lucie County, 4,000 votes were shifted to his opponent’s ballot box in the wee hours of election night.

      To stay within copyright fair use — and keep UM out of trouble with publishers who bring copyright infringers to court — I copied only a few excerpts from the article.  To read it all, go to:


    • NameBarb1215
    • No apologies necessary UM. Obviously you are feeling the same anger and rage I and many others do. I imagine you are disappointed in yourself but we all screw up, especially when overcome with emotion.

      I hope you will give RI a chance. So far, I agree that all this sweetness and light he seems to believe in sounds a little flaky. But I’m willing to give him a chance to help us find a meaningful way to get back in the fight. I’m a senior citizen and I did everything I was capable of doing to defeat the worthless o. We have to continue to fight for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I may not be around to enjoy the restoration, but they will and I want them to have the same kind or better America to grow in.

    • Brett
    • RI appears clueless. The problem is not the messaging, but the message. The current Republican party is making no effort to represent the anti-obama opposition in matters of substance.

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