Lagarde’s IMF Bends Germany – Crisis Averted? Or Crisis Now Underway?

Christine Lagarde – head of the International Monetary Fund and former resident of and power player to Chicago at the same time President Barack Obama rose through the political ranks of that city as well, has been very-very busy of late orchestrating various bailout measures throughout Europe, further consolidating the power and influence of the IMF.  This week she succeeds in bending Germany to her demands in a 40 billion dollar bailout of Greece. 

(Christine Lagarde, left, has repeatedly forced the hand of Germany’s Angela Merkel, right, in supporting numerous bailouts of EU nations, placing increasing pressure on Germany’s own powerful economy.) 


EXCERPT:  (via Reuters)


Greece, markets satisfied by EU-IMF Greek debt deal

The deal, clinched at the third attempt after weeks of wrangling, removes the biggest risk of a sovereign default in the euro zone for now, ensuring the near-bankrupt country will stay afloat at least until after a 2013 German general election.

…The IMF’s share, less than a third of the total, will be paid out only once a buy-back of Greek debt has occurred in the coming weeks, but IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said the Fund had no intention of pulling out of the program.  LINK


What is now underway in Europe is a battle of influence between the IMF’s Lagarde, and Germany’s conservative leader Angela Merkel where the individual autonomy of nations is at stake.  Under Merkel, Germany’s own influence and position in Europe has strengthened, though the Euro-crisis and the IMF’s demands for further bailouts has stretched Germany’s own economic prosperity to its limits.

Make no mistake – Christine Lagarde would very much like to see Merkel replaced by somebody far more favorable to her own version of centralized one world order government, and this latest deal and the pressures it will inflict upon the German economy might prove the deciding factor in doing just that.  If Germany’s economy were to collapse, it would initiate an economic crisis of epic proportions.  The question now is whether or not Lagarde intends to do just that – or if Angela Merkel can successfully navigate around Lagarde and her increasingly powerful and Obama-supported IMF.


UPDATE:  A reader sent along this quote from a discussion months earlier involving Christine Lagarde and her connection to Big Labor Globalist leader Leo Gerard and of course – Barack Obama.  Certainly provides some food for thought…

Maurice Strong, Leo Gerard, and Christine Legarde are all three communists. They are all involved in the Chicago-centered conspiracy behind the man known as Barak H. Obama II. Where does the money come from to support the conspiracy?

There is a publicity-shy drug smuggling cartel in Chicago that is the fourth-leg of the conspiracy. Unfortunately, I have lost the name I had at one time. See ‘Note’ below.

Maurice Strong is involved heavily in the environmental movement; Leo Gerard in international labor movements, and Christine Lagarde in head of IMF. They are dedicated to destroying the sovereignty of the United States and the establishment of Global Social Justice under the United Nations. The money to support their activities comes from narcotics trafficking.

The corruption in Chicago runs deep, really deep.

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17 Comments to Lagarde’s IMF Bends Germany – Crisis Averted? Or Crisis Now Underway?
    • Paloma
    • I remember reading months ago that a government agency (CIA??) was laundering drug money from the Mexican cartel. Then, of course, all that was scrubbed from the Net. For whom was it being laundered all fresh and clean? NWObama? Lagarde’s evil twin of NWObama’s Chicago Communist thugs?

      Are we sure that Lagarde’s great strength isn’t that (s)he isn’t a guy in drag? s/o

    • NameBM
    • What do I know of this specific situation? Very little, bits and pieces read on the Internet.

      But what do I know of communists? They operate in chaos, disinformation and fear.

      Their goal of NWO implies and requires redistribution of wealth on a global basis.

      Europe is ready to fall but for Germany. So since we know their game, that’s mean this move is about timing.

      I do not know the technical specifics of German elections. By I’d say, unless Germany voting system is very secure, Merkel is tossed “by any mean necessary”. She will be replaced by another NWO puppet and the last financial bastion of defense will be gone in Europe, making it ripe for an European financial crisis of epic proportions. The ripple effects will knock the US out of the game very easily since we are also very weaken and have an administation working against our national interest.

      It leaves the other International players standing. All enemies of Republics, National Sovereignty, and Caucasian race in general.

    • readyornot
    • I have personally sent Chancellor Merkel an email through her website (yes, it was in English) emploring her to stand fast but she may well see the writing on the wall for her own beloved country…we shall see.

    • Essa
    • OMG… We are so finished, and Congress is merely putting the finishing touches on our demise financially, with emphasis on the sustained looting of the middle class, working their way right on up to looting retirement accounts. No wonder gun sales are at record highs.

      There is absolutely no way that the public debt (illegal debt Americans never agreed to) the government “claims” we owe will ever be paid off, for it is mathematically impossible especially when taking into account all the unfunded liabilities that are not acknowledged by the government publicly and add to that the derivatives that the too big too fail banks have placed in FDIC insurance sanctuary, so when it goes BUST that 200 or so trillion goes on the taxpayer bill. Then there is the shadow banking industry that is in it for 69 trillion.

      Here is an eye opening article posted on Zero Hedge that points out we are right on the threshold of not having enough workers left to support those who legitimately need help and the takers. The worker to recipient ratio is now less than 2:1 and thus unsustainable.

    • M. Simon
    • And all my conservative friends here continually deride me when I say that Drug Prohibition is the biggest threat to the nation. Ah. Well.

      If we could end prohibition it would put a serious crimp in globalist plans.

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