Senator Ayotte Takes Lead On Criticism of Ambassador Rice

Yesterday we asked readers to take note of Senator Kelly Ayotte and her participation with Senators McCain and Graham regarding increasing concern by GOP leaders over Barack Obama’s strong hint that he would like to see Rice nominated as the next Secretary of State – replacing the outgoing Hillary Clinton.  Later that evening, Senator Ayotte came out as aggressively as any member of Congress to date regarding Susan Rice, Benghazi, and the dishonesty of the Obama administration.

(Senator Ayotte wants answers from the Obama administration - and she appears ready to fight for them.)


EXCERPT (via HotAir)

Ayotte pledges a hold on a Rice nomination

Senator Kelly Ayotte appears to have taken the lead on Republican efforts to stop President Obama from nominating Susan Rice to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Her colleagues Lindsey Graham and John McCain came out of the same meeting with Rice as Ayotte even more critical than before, but Ayotte went the farthest later in the evening. On CNN, she tells Wolf Blitzer that Rice “misled the American public,” and pledged to put a hold on Rice’s nomination if it came to the Senate, at least until all of the questions surrounding Benghazi have been answered.

The accusation of being misleading isn’t limited to Benghazi, either. On the same shows, Rice told viewers that al-Qaeda had been “decimated,” an absurd claim in the aftermath of that successful terrorist attack as well as their success in exploiting the vacuum of power in Libya — a vacuum left in large part to the actions of the US in decapitating the Qaddafi regime with no forces to control the outcome on the ground.

Rice by her own admission had seen other intelligence that pointed to the eventual truth of the matter, but chose not to offer that as a possibility on those news broadcasts. In fact, Rice at least once on September 16th explicitly stated that there was “no evidence” that the sacking of the Benghazi consulate was a deliberate terrorist act.  That was definitely misleading, and certainly seems like a deliberate choice, too.  LINK


What Senator Ayotte’s criticisms are doing is not only placing the issue of Susan Rice’s White House-directed deceptions front and center – they are also helping to lead the discussion back to the Obama administration’s foreign policy – namely what was really going on in Libya following the removal of Muammar Gaddafi from power.  To have the White House initiate a series of lies so quickly following the death of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans during the Benghazi Massacre points to their belief they needed to hide  something significant enough that it would involve the U.N. Ambassador and potential future Secretary of State.

The Obama White House is now likely hoping that a pivot away from Rice and for John Kerry to emerge as the president’s top pick for Secretary of State will be enough to appease Congressional Republicans regarding the Benghazi scandal – but Senator Ayotte is now openly hinting that will not be close to enough.  What she wants is the truth.



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10 Comments to Senator Ayotte Takes Lead On Criticism of Ambassador Rice
    • Canadian Conservative
    • I applaud Senator Ayotte for standing up for answers.
      I wish her well on this endeavor for if the truth ever gets out America will fall into civil war. The WHOLE Truth.

      But as we know this will not happen.
      An “appeasement” for the current government and the people will be done to pull the “wool over peoples eyes” as always has been done.

      The main issue I see here is simply this.
      If the constitution was created to give guidance to the nation and the member states, who is there to review and enforce the laws?
      We see rampant fraud, lies and breaking of laws for the selfish purpose of furthering “somebody’s” agenda.
      Why are there people like WHI, WSI, MI, and RI having to do the things they do behind the scenes?

      Who watches the government?
      The government watches the people, but who watches the government on behalf of the people?

      What is it they say about a two way street…..?

      Good luck Senator Ayotte on getting those answers.
      hopefully they will share honestly and truthfully the answers they get with the people they serve.

    • Mark anderson
    • Solution…start by cleaning up your local n state representatives, because from what I’ve seen, they are just as bad as the federal level. Once you’ve got that fixed, go after entitlements n illegals in your state. Then, SECEDE N FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION WITH LIKE MINDED STATES. THOSE WHO DO THIS WILL BECOME REFUGE STATES as those who do not collapse into anarchy. If you live in one of those states, move now n start over.

    • ShainS
    • I suppose Ayotte was “brought in” by the GOP Senate “leadership” to help mute the Obama admnistration and their true propagandist Press Secretaries — i.e., the entire LSM — from yelling “sexist” as a distraction. That won’t prevent them from yelling “racist” enough to get most RINOs to back down.

      So far I like Ayotte, and hope she’s committed to leading in the pursuit of ALL answers to the numerous questions, as well as expose ALL obfuscations, regarding Benghazi. She likely realizes that doing so will result in the Obama administration’s and LSM’s full-out assault to publicly humiliate and destroy her (including false accusations and Big Lies) — not to mention the loss (out of fear) of many, perhaps even all, Republican allies.

      On the low-probability but awesomely bright side, should she withstand the onslaught and manage to persuade other Republicans to hold fast with her to some enlightening end, she will set herself up as a prominent leading candidate for the 2016 Presidential nomination … someone whom Republicans, and apathetic voters who’ve given up on the people in DC and the process owing to cynicism, could rally around and behind.

      • Kat
      • She was part of this from the start. UM had an article yesterday I think that said the media just ignored her because it didn’t fit with the whole sexism against Rice story they manufactured. Ayotte seems like a smart lady, but don’t know if she has enough power in the Senate to even have a chance of moving around somebody like Harry Reid. He is just plain evil and I am starting to wonder if the vote fraud that he used to get re-elected in 2010 was a test run for what Obama used in 2012? Tin foil hat maybe but it has me wondering.

    • Barry Soetoro the MOSLEM
    • Obamatollah denied SEAL requests for air support for these 2 reasons:

      #1 Obama is on the side of al-Qaeda.
      #2 Obama armed the Libyan terrorists with SA-7 shoulder-launched antiaircraft missiles (Gaddaffi had thousands of them before he was killed). Thus, al-Qaeda would have tried shooting down our AC-130 and other aircraft.

      Would the shootdown attempts have worked? Who knows. But Otraitor certainly didn’t need USA pilots returning to base with stories of “SAMs filling the air like fireworks on July 4th.”

      Omoslem’s caliphate proceeds as scheduled.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Good God…The Optics…The OPTICS of the quivering rabbitt scared voice of Ayotte, the quivering scared squeaky –scared of her own shadow –voice of Collins…the squeaky high pitch of ninny Lindsey Graham….yell BOO and they’ll all slink to the floor SHAKING……

      PATHETIC….COULDN’T GET ANY MORE PATHETIC….one couldn’t write this limp wrist, weak knee, scaredy cat psycho drama…Spare us the humiliation!!! Soon they’ll be wetting themselves…C H R I S T Almighty!!

      Who the hell would want to be a Reublican when these wimps are what represent you…

      .Even Senator Bob Corker who is fairly decent sounded as though when addressing Obama on Rices’s lies ….there was an unsaid “pretty please”. Spare us….

      • SallyAl
      • LOL. I feel your pain! I was thinking the same thing this am when I heard her talking and I have to mute if I hear Collins. Like fingernails on a blackboard. How do people get elected (Bawney Fwank) when they don’t sound the least bit literate?

    • Lindandy
    • To ATB and SallyAl:

      Can’t believe the two of you are serious. Maybe these people won’t get anywhere because BO and associates are pretty much “untouchable” and this has to be more apparent to the folks (especially Republicans) in Congress as time goes by. They surely have some idea that pushing buttons and speaking out against this admin is very dangerous.

      ATB, is this really you or someone else using your name… doesn’t seem like your style. :(

      • SallyAl
      • Oh for goodness sake. Get off your high horse. Can you honestly admit that listening to Susan Collins, who sounds like she is going to burst into tears any minute, is pleasant? And she certainly is not a “good” Republican. And it is on both sides of the aisle. DWS? Eeyew! We are tickled pink that Ayotte is standing firm in her dissent of Rice as SoS but you know as well as the rest of us that the left is going to make fun of her voice (once they finally admit she exists) just like we do Bawney.

        • SallyAl
        • In addition, does anybody really think that Rice would get a nomination anyway. This is all more kabuki that serves a couple of purposes. It gets attention off the bigger issues of gun/arms running to terrorists, lack of security at the CIA ANNEX (caps intended-this place was NOT a consulate!) lack of air support during the attack, etc. Also, the R’s get to pick her apart publicly, look big and tough like they are looking out for us and shouldn’t we be thankful for their sacrifices. Jugears knows that after they spend all their energy kicking Rice while she is down, there is no way in hell that they will disagree with Kerry in the position so they will just say “Kerry, are you qualified for this job?” to which he will reply “Uniquely” and the vote will be 95-0. This is part of the game.

          And btw, I am sick to DEATH of hearing Repubs say that the “Pres” should have whoever he desires in his administration. There are VERY good reasons the Senate was given the job of advice and consent and confirmation of these positions. It was to ensure that one group of ideologists don’t get in all the positions of power in our government. So, how is that working out?

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