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So we’ve been knocked down by this last election.  Time to get back up.  Time to choose to get on with livin’ or get on with dyin’.  Time to close that hand up into a fist and be ready to fight America.  This country isn’t over quite yet.


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    • ShainS
    • There likely won’t be a bloody revolution until they come for our guns — at which point, most Americans will resist and, more importantly, the U.S. military will divide into two factions (those who obey that illegal order, and those who uphold the oaths they took to fight that domestic enemy).

      Before that time arrives, there is likely only one chance for a peaceful revolution. A spiritual, NOT a political, leader will need to emerge — a la MLK, Jr. or Gandhi who can, through nonviolence, persuade enough millions of Americans to shut down the country (upon which the federal government DEPENDS and feeds) until various proper demands are met and necessary changes are made.

      Barring those scenarios, we will simply and slowly slide into a statist hell of emasculated and infantilized collectives/tribes … until eventually conquered by China, Russia, or some other ambitious state.

      America still possesses the greatest number of “everyday heroes’ in the world, individuals who achieve relatively AMAZING accomplishments and act in ways of tremendous GRACE — despite the growing Leviathan weighing down upon them. The LSM will never tell you their stories; we continue to only hear about the deviants, primarily those in so-called “political power”.

      There are two ways to rule: through coercion as is currently the modus operandi of the federal government, or through persuasion as was intended by our Founding Fathers. The question is: Where is John Galt and when will he or she emerge? I hope, for the sake of America (the country and the ideal) — within my lifetime (I am already part of the resistance) …

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