Senate Refuses Obama’s Attempts To Protect “Tiny” Iran…

In a strongly unanimous bi-partisan vote, the Senate voted in favor of newly implemented sanctions against Iran in an effort ot limit its ability to continue moving toward nuclear weapon development, despite the Obama White House having come out AGAINST these newly proposed sanctions.  In essence then, Barack Obama was too far to the left of his own political party when it comes to dealing with the Iranian threat.  And this is the guy America just re-elected to a second term.  Remarkable…


EXCERPT:  (via FP)

White House opposed new Iran sanctions

On Thursday, Sens. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) introduced the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, which the Senate passed 94-0. The new legislative language would blacklist Iran’s energy, port, shipping, and shipbuilding sectors, while also placing new restrictions on Iran’s ability to get insurance for all these industries. The legislation would also vastly expand U.S. support for human rights inside Iran and impose new sanctions on Iranians who divert humanitarian assistance from its intended purpose.

…The new sanctions too broadly punish companies that supply materials, such as certain metals, that could be used in Iran’s nuclear, military, or ballistic missile programs, the White House worries.    LINK


Looks like Iranian-born and Muslim Brotherhood-supporting Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama lost this round.  The FP article also pointed out that the very same sanctions that Obama was bragging about during the presidential debates with Mitt Romney as being “the strongest sanctions against Iran in history, and it is crippling their economy” were actually sanction the Obama administration OPPOSED at the time they were passed.  So even when he loses, Barack Obama is allowed to claim victory because of a willingly inept media that did not even bother to point out that fact during the debates.

And now, once again, Barack Obama is worried that sanctions might prove too harsh against the Iranian government and its business supporters – the same country he once described as “tiny” and “not a threat” to the United States.

For the love of God how is this man America’s president?

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17 Comments to Senate Refuses Obama’s Attempts To Protect “Tiny” Iran…
    • Canadian Conservative
    • At least 45 million people voted for him.
      The rest were stolen votes.

      The American society is eating itself and will kill itself…slowly.

      How can the democrats THINK the way they do? Even if they think of themselves as kings and queens, I can not imagine how they think the things they do…….

      Brain damage.
      And they run the show……

    • ShainS
    • Obama and his administration will simply ignore and/or refuse to enforce any such “laws” as they have done with so many others that they violate.

      Who’s going to stop them?

      • charlotte
      • This proves to me, with everything else that has been happening-Egypt, Benghazi, Obama running arms to Al Qaida, THAT OBAMA IS A MEMBER OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.Thats why he has done this and why he has so many of them in the WH and the Pentagon.
        G-d help us all and G-d help Israel.

    • truthandjustice
    • “It Is High Noon For America”
      By Drew Zahn

      His parents were dissidents in the Soviet Union who braved gulags to voice the cry for freedom in a totalitarian state.

      When he was five years old, his family fled to the West.

      Now Jamie Glazov, editor of, is following his parents’ footsteps, speaking out against the biggest issues threatening the freedom he found in America. And according to Glazov, the threat has never been more real or more urgent.

      “It is high noon for America,” Glazov claimed in an interview with Josh Brewster of The Glazov Gang. “There’s a jihadist enemy that’s coming at the West and at America and at Israel. There’s the threat of stealth jihad and also violent, physical jihad. And … political correctness and the leftist ideology has completely blinded the West and handcuffed us behind our back, and we’ve got a media as well as people in our White House that are sabotaging us from within.”

      Glazov spoke with Brewster about his family’s struggle for freedom, their run-ins with KGB interrogators, their escape to the West, the influence of David Horowitz, founder and president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and about the release of his newest book, “High Noon for America: The Coming Showdown.”

      Glazov’s earlier book, “United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror,” shows how the radical left, even in America, is willing to cover for and partner with radical Islam, because the two groups share common values: namely, a hatred for Western culture, capitalism and the Judeo-Christian heritage of the U.S., and a desire to establish a new world order in their own image.

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • The lame has a message for Michael…message for Michael

      Area Code Ulster, Ireland

      My children, it appears a discontent is arising in the pages of Ulsterman in some who were darlings there are finding their posts are being censored. Odd how it did not matter when Mitt Romney was being infused into the strawman project that all was well with the commentators there, but suddenly once silenced on their finding new truths gained by experience there is now a silencing of the lambs.

      Logic dictates by the outward signs certainties which project out. Ulsterman was a blogger who suddenly hit it big just before the 2012 elections after contacts with Jerome Corsi and others in the molotov press.
      His site takes forever to load so he has Google monetizing taking place, which means his benefactor has funded up to a point and the Joseph Farah pursuit of dollars through ad revenue is the god compared to a Robert Morton of World Tribune whose stealth ads generate faster page loads for commerce.

      The caste is a simple one, in Shalom sir for big pharm was introduced by White House Insider being Deep Tutu a machination of Rahm Emanuel. Who as this blog early noted appeared to be arriving at scripted conclusions reading directly from this blog in stories either confirmed or the clever deception employed against the John Birch Society by Mockingbird……..meaning one sows in the crazies to taint the message.
      Yes this blog has been utilized by this group to mix the message to steer this as the toxicity found here has had a whispered warning label of “LEAVE ALL LAME CHERRY REVELATIONS ALONE” as the last thing the cartel wants is one Drudge headline pointing here or one regime investigation, which would generate a hundred million hits and expose all what is taking place. It is deemed better to crazy it up and ignore what takes place here in dealing with a vocal minority which can be governed by Ulsterman’s site and other sources like Rush Limbaugh to keep you from revolting.
      Mark Levin is giving you the outlet in marginalizing you at a 3rd party group, which the cartel can then install governance mechanism as they did in the Tea Party to factor you out of existence.

      Meanwhile back at Ulster Ireland, the money in logic came from old Shalom, as this was part of the Romney strawman operation to prop up the Mormon who would fail.
      The White House Insider ran his protocols in providing gossip and no information, for every major point he ushered in from Chicago to contender candidates never did become a reality.
      So to the shadows he returned, and out pops the RIP, Ron Insider Paul to fill in the space between your ears.

      RIP is not very good at this, as he does not provide any GOP dirt in what is up John Boehner’s rectal area or Karl Rove’s. RIP is designed to sway you to the waiting in the gulag and Ulsterman has already informed you how this is going to take place for 2014 by his posting on Rand Paul.
      Yes you Ron Paul followers are going to be led again. You are quite passionate but do not seem to figure out like John Birchers, that your libertarian party was just hijacked to being more leftist than Obama.
      It is now pro dope, pro sodom and anti God as it’s major planks. Ron Paul in 2008 with Mike Huckabee and crew in debates sounded more left than Teddy Kennedy in being against the death penalty for murderers and rapists. Whether you can handle it or not a new Bush coalition has been mechanized to replace the Reagan Coalition.

      Ulsterman is telling you this in setting this up. Jeb Bush is writing a book with a libertarian. Jeb Bush is making certain a latin Bush is being elected in Texas. This is the outreach to the Beaner vote which the Rovians are building for their 2016 election theft with Jebby humpig his beaner wife and his beaner babies out speaking hispanola to the beaners.
      The Bush 2016 ticket will be shut up Christians, taco beaners, mixed in with sodomites, vocal athiets and dope heads funding it all.

      Lovely mix really, and then there is that Pentagon Insider who lost his cool in watergating Obama which was unprofessional in telling tales, who then told Ulsterman to not speak to him again, and old Shalom then sent the Pentagon papers to talk to Ulsterman again in they “might” watergate Obama.
      Sounds a great deal like a deal was made and all that Khan crapola was just a ruse to keep you from revolting in election theft and to leverage Obama for some power to be handed out.

      They are telling you my children what they have planned. They have set this up as it was all scripted on Karl Rove’s white board presentation. The 2016 ticket will be Jeb Bush with beaner entourage with Vice President Rand Paul, duh.

      The looks of it is for the Obamacrats, it will be Hillary Clinton in the lead, trying to hide that fossilized Bill Clinton, while she parades around Deep Tutu, or Rahm Emanuel as VP.

      I realize peeking into the future takes a great deal of fun out of things, as you desire stimulation to experience the electronic narcotics of the cartels manipulating you, but it is time you grow up to more than ants crawling about the picnic of the titans found here.

      nuff said

      • Lindandy
      • I read Lame Cherry with much skepticism and suspicion. Reminds me of the creepy person from the website UM used to be involved with… the same person who repeatedly threatened UM if UM did not contact them (also wrote in some kind of double talk, code, or foreign “accent,” same as Lame Cherry).

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Do we want to give up our wealth, weapons, the ability to defend ourselves, our economic freedom, our property, our country, our way of life, and sovereignty to the United Nations
      U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy

      - Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh (Bio and Archives) Wednesday, October 10, 2012

      When President Obama says, “We don’t need more roads in the suburbs,” he is pushing and forcing us into the United Nations Agenda 21. On my recent trip to Europe, I experienced the many effects of Agenda 21 compliance.

      A windmill was slowly turning next to a gas station in a field in Romania. Nearby was a small well, pumping crude oil.

      Lighting was so poor everywhere, I could hardly see to put make-up on in the morning. Anemic, low wattage CFL bulbs cast a dim glow that made me feel sick.

      Smart meters had turned off the AC in the lobby of the four star hotel where I stayed. The wide-open doors did not help reduce the stifling hot atmosphere. Rooms were allowed AC with the door key. Fancy bathroom mirrors in the lobby had tiny television sets imbedded in the middle. I would have preferred air conditioning.

      Decrepit multi-storied apartments had banks of brand new and shiny smart meters in the lobby. Cell phone towers were placed on rooftops of high-rise tenements approved by regional authorities.

      Electricity use was drastically cut. The high price per kilowatt hour discouraged the use of appliances that we take for granted, placing them out of the reach of many consumers who lived on fixed incomes.

      Crops were scarce because many fertile fields were used for hundreds of windmills instead of producing grains and food.

      Diesel was $10 a gallon and a new breed of bio fuel Diesel was almost $11 a gallon. This new Diesel Maxx contained a mixture of rapeseed oil, a vegetable plant that makes thick oil we used for cooking during the communist regime when foodstuff was in short supply.

      Nobody was running air conditioners even though it was 92 degrees Fahrenheit and very humid for early October. Europeans have been falsely conditioned by doctors and environmentalists that it is bad for one’s health to use air conditioning and to drink anything chilled or with ice. Asking for ice cubes in Europe is perceived as nothing short of madness. European waiters roll their eyes and return with two ice cubes floating in a large glass of lukewarm beverage.

      The airliner I chose to travel to Europe was KLM. Ever so environmentally conscious, KLM asked passengers to defray their carbon foot print of the flight by donating money to an environmental cause pushing Agenda 21 goals.

      In order to change my ticket for another day, which normally would cost $150 in the United States, KLM charged me $674, the cost of almost another ticket. Most of the quoted price consisted of global and environmental taxes, including the transatlantic air tax which so far American airliners have refused to pay.
      Wherever I went, lights were so dim that everything looked dingy and depressing. If you did not stumble in the dark stores and restaurants, you most certainly succumbed to cigarette smoke inhalation.

      President Obama is going to make good on his promise to spread the wealth around through his global tax plan, the UN global governance, a plan to steal from the United States and distribute our wealth to third world nations that are really the backbone and the reason for the United Nation’s existence. United Nations is no longer the peacekeeper it was intended to be and it does not represent the interests of the United States.

      De-development of the United States
      If Obama is re-elected, his second term will be dedicated to the focused de-development of the United States with the help of United Nations via global taxes and governance:

      Billionaires Taxes (there are currently 1,600 billionaires across the globe, 400 in the U.S. alone)
      How far of a stretch would it be to tax millionaires and then ordinary citizens when the revenue collected from billionaires is not enough?
      The Robin Hood Tax (the financial transactions tax involving every purchase of currency, stocks, bonds, real estate, or any transaction involving purchase of assets)
      Global cigarette tax
      Transatlantic air tax, a tax meant to offset the carbon emissions of airplanes flying to and from Europe (this is the very expensive tax I paid to fly with KLM, a Dutch carrier)
      This tax is required by the European Union and is in excess of airport fees and taxes.
      The Law of the Sea Treaty gives the United Nations the right to tax nations for the right to explore for minerals and oil on the sea bed, fish, and move in global waters. The taxes charged will be paid to the “Authority” which in turn will distribute the proceeds to the United Nations. After paying itself the lion’s share, UN will distribute the rest to third world nations, particularly land-locked countries. A percentage of royalties from underwater oil wells will also be distributed to third world nations. An additional tax associated with LOST is the carbon tax levied because of the marine thermal pollution presumably caused by the United States.
      All these taxes are part of the master plan for global redistribution of wealth from the United States to the third world via the stewardship of the United Nations under the umbrella of global governance. The global transfer of taxes is not going to help poor people in third world nations. The money will go to the corrupt dictators who run these nations and dominate the discussion and policy at the United Nations.

      All the foreign aid that we give third world nations is never used for good – it buys weapons to further the wars between factions in third world nations that are fighting for control and dominance. Those in power take the foreign aid that becomes the means to succeed in their plans to control the population and keep it poor, undermining free enterprise and economic freedom.

      According to Dick Morris, President Obama plans to sign various treaties in the lame duck session of Congress that would obligate the United States “in perpetuity” to fund dictatorships and causes that are contrary to American values until “the Senate rejects it or the new President renounces it.” Under the Vienna Convention, the President’s signature suffices and ratification by Congress is not necessary. (Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert, October 8, 2012)

      A treaty to regulate the Internet will be signed in December 2012 in Dubai. Although the proceedings are held in secret, we do know that the United Nations will control the Internet, assigning IP addresses to people, requiring them to notify the host country of their IP addresses. United Nations will censor who uses the Internet, and will charge excessive fees to those individuals accessing websites outside of their countries, a form of taxation. We invented the Internet. Must we now relinquish it to the power and control of the United Nations?

      Hillary Clinton is going to sign a global code of conduct which will put the United States in the position of being unable to defend itself or start a war without the approval of the Security Council, more specifically, Russia and China.

      Although defeated in July 2012, the Small Arms Treaty might still be signed during the lame duck session of Congress, putting Americans in the position of having to give up their hunting and self-defense weapons. (Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Here Come the Black Helicopters!)

      Is this the kind of country we want to live in? Do we want to give up our wealth, weapons, the ability to defend ourselves, our economic freedom, our property, our country, our way of life, and sovereignty to the United Nations, run by tin pot third world dictators, in the name of “social justice” dictated by Agenda 21?

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • This article is only one aspect of Obama’s demented, destructive plan…or rather that of his narcissistic Communist and Islamofascist handlers…

      While there is truth here in Breitbart’s Nolte article…it does not begin to take into consideration the selling out of the USA to the United Nations…or the Culture of Death imposed opon a once free and God loving people through Obamacare…or the devaluation and eventual destruction of the currency of the USA or the effects on those .citizens who have worked and saved our once revered dollar…..or the electronic spying on a once free people… or the illegal repulsive manhandling by the Gestapho TSA …or the redistribution of the Treasury of the USA….or the redistribution of America’s corporation chased to other shores by oppressive regulations…..

      OR the redistribution of the Military of the USA to the United Nations Communist Cabal where sending our children like Mercenaries for hire with no thought to their value of their citizenship, their sacrifice or their very lives, now easily, soullessly discarded, to distant shores not in the interest of America … ……or the division forced on a once unified, collegial citizenry who now are fed with race baiting and hate mongering tactics as a part of the steady Obama diet….

      …Or the redistribution of the rights of We the People to the cancer that The Name is DIVERSITY…
      No the web of Obama’s deceit, and the construct of his evil is far reaching Totolitarianism…which will destroy the heights of your dreams and the soaring prospects that were once America….and will crush the last threads of freedom…while crushing the human spirit with regulations and mendacity. …

      .While Stalin and Hitler hold some examples for comparison….They were not intent upon killing their own country, the country that they led…This plan by the man who calls himself Obama… is far more malignant…and menacing.


      by JOHN NOLTE 1 Dec 2012, 6:47 AM PDT 96 POST A COMMENT

      The angle of a just-released New York University study is, of course, that ole’ left-wing canard known as “income inequality,” but the findings are still useful in drawing other conclusions, and not ones that are very pleasant. Is America now a bigger version of Chicago, where Democrats and the media have so expertly rigged the electoral game that, even as their policies fai,l they’re able to stay in power?

      According to the study, we are now back to 1969 levels with respect to median net worth in this country. A large part of this is the housing crisis we’ve yet to recover from, which cost the middle class 18% of its net worth. The news isn’t much better with respect to median incomes, which have dropped to $26,364, setting us all the way back to 1999.

      And as middle class incomes declined, the debt-load among the middle class has increased “significantly.”

      In a nutshell: those of us in the middle class earn less, are worth less, and owe more. Meanwhile, during this same period of time, the wealthy increased their wealth by an unbelievable 71%.

      Normally, I don’t care about the gap between the rich and the rest of us. I’m not rich, and at the age of 46, it’s probably safe to say I’ll never be rich; but I didn’t care because I begrudge no one their success. But that was before…

      Before we looted the Treasury and mortgaged the futures of generations to bail out the Too Big To Fails; before we started losing ground while the Bailed Out prospered.

      What’s especially troubling, though, is that it didn’t have to be like this. All of us, rich and poor alike, would be doing fine had Barack Obama only done what Ronald Reagan did when Reagan inherited an economic situation even more dire than the one Obama inherited. Instead of getting out of the way of the economy, though, Obama did just the opposite.

      Obama exploded the deficit, attempted to micro-manage the economy through a failed stimulus, enslaved tens of millions on various forms of social welfare, hyper-regulated everything through policies like Dodd-Frank, and created years of economic uncertainty with leviathans like ObamaCare and the creation of one debt ceiling/fiscal cliff economic crisis after another.

      Now those of us in the middle class are going backwards. The rich, however, are getting richer, because the rich always get richer. What’s galling this time, though, is that the size of the pie is decreasing for the rest of us.

      Which wouldn’t be so troubling had Obama not just won re-election — in large part with the support of the wealthy who understand that Obama’s class warfare rhetoric isn’t so much about punishing them as it is about empowering the government — which in turn protects the wealthy. Bank of America, General Electric, and the monster conglomerates that share ownership in most mainstream media outlets love it when cumbersome government regulations increase the cost of doing business.

      They can afford it. Their biggest threat — up and coming competition — cannot.

      See how this works?

      But I digress.

      What does it say about the everyday American people that falling incomes, chronic unemployment, increasing poverty, collapsing net worth, and stagnant economic growth qualifies as an acceptable enough record to win a second chance to do more of the same? But the most frightening prospect in all of this is that our current economic situation has apparently become the new and accepted normal.

      People seem to have forgotten the boom times between 1983 and 2007 — almost a quarter century of unprecedented growth, incredibly low unemployment, manageable deficits, and a growing of the wealth pie that was interrupted only by two shallow recessions. Just a few years ago, the thought of celebrating 100,000 new jobs per month and a 2.7% GDP was unimaginable.

      And yet, here we are.

      But what does it mean?

      Well, my worst fear is that Obama and the Democrats have cracked the same electoral code Obama and the Democrats cracked in Chicago and most every big city in America. A code that wins them election after election after election in places like Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, even as those cities literally crumble into bankruptcy before the voters’ eyes.

      But if you get enough people on the government dole; divide the population as a whole but conquer through a fractured coalition; empower the unions, and so weaken, defeat, and demonize the opposition (Republicans) — you can stay in power even as your policies decimate everything they touch.

      Oh, and the media. In order for America to become The United States of Chicago, Democrats must own the media — a corporatist media for a corporatist party that defends the status quo, demonizes the opposition, and, most importantly, regards the creation of 100,000 jobs and a 2.7% GDP as something worth celebrating.



      Where’s the patriot in the Military, or the FBI…who will call the last election a sham…or a fraud…as voted were stolen on a massive scale…WHO WILL REFUSE TO CERTIFY THE CORRUPTED VOTE…STEP FORWARD,,,WE THE PEOPLE WILL SUPPORT YOU

    • truthandjustice
    • This from a commenter on a Consv. site:

      “My friends at GOPe Central were excited that they were able to get so many “supposed” conservative sites to ban and suppress a lot of the Romney distrust that the conservative posters were showing…They feel real confident that they can count on these “certain” sites to help promote whomever they decide to push forward and do a good job of diminishing any Upstart candidate or Party from spreading through those sites……

      ….even though they lost the election they say that info was a big win for them in the next go around…”

    • Kay112
    • Off Topic – This is my third attempt to post on this site. Is some left-wing leaning group attacking the site via diabling us from posting? I ask because something strange is going down and I am 100% sure my last two posts should not have been moderated from entering the site comments section.

      What’s up, UM?

    • truthandjustice
    • Don’t know – all speculation but I noticed this info re damage done to Liberty Island caused by hurricane Sandy just before the election. Think it could be symbolic signs from God about America. Storm = Assault of Communism/Marxism, etc. Think about our condition and compare….knowing now Obama won. My take – good news, bad news.


      Bad news –
      Our “infrastructure” (Founders, Constitution principles) are “under water”, drowned at the moment. Our “stored explosives” (our “Defense” stuff – military, weaponry, etc) have been compromised & not able to do what we need for our protection.

      Caretakers lost almost everything they owned; forced to move — coming devastating disasters….weather, economic, natural (earthquakes, etc.) Many will experience and be forced to move – both physically and spiritually – but good news to many in the long run b/c they will be forced to move out of their “comfort zones” (home) to where God wants them, blessings come.

      Good news –

      The statue itself was not harmed; renovations ok….generators/one wkg transformer keeping light on —-
      we are still “alive” but need emergency measures, life support.

      Historical artifacts ok — our noble history of Founding Fathers still here (but in danger of the surrounding flood of evil to destroy).

      Main passenger dock splintered but usable — “badly splintered” politically, theologicly but still able to “move” to desired goal, using tools like internet, new media, etc.

      Did not damage renovations completed — all the hard work (Tea Party, all of our efforts to expose and correct, some successful elections) have not, will not be in vain. The good done is still there and lasting.

      Staff bldgs. behind statue razed and not rebuilt — Old & present corrupt “support organizations & policies” in DC will be ended (not sustainable) and not re-established.

      No one living on the island anymore —- don’t know for sure about this one (in fact, not sure about any of it – LOL) . I hope and pray it means that no fallible, weak, unwise human being will be the “help, support, maintenance” needed for our “liberty” to continue – it will be dependent on the Living God, as the Founders intended and prayed.

      MUCH WORK TO BE DONE. Meaning — it can and will be successful later ??????
      Don’t know…….pray so!!!

      “Our entire infrastructure on both islands, both Liberty Islands and Ellis Island, was under water,” he said.
      Luchsinger estimated that 75 percent of Liberty Island’s 12 acres was flooded, with water as high as 8 feet.
      Days after the storm, there was a controlled detonation of explosives on Ellis Island. .. the explosives were stored there to train bomb-sniffing dogs. They were compromised by the storm and had to be destroyed.
      The Oct. 29 storm came one day after the Statue of Liberty’s 126th birthday and the grand reopening of the crown — Sandy did not damage any of the work completed during the renovation.

      “I can tell you that if you walked in there today it would look like we just reopened it,” he said. “Not one dime of it was lost.”

      Historical artifacts on Ellis Island also survived intact….

      Friday’s tour showed there is much still to be done. The main passenger dock was splintered but usable on Friday, while an auxiliary dock in back of the island was in pieces. Generators are supplying most power on the island, though one working transformer lights the statue itself.

      Luchsinger, 62, has lived on Liberty Island with his wife during his 3 1/2 years as superintendent. But no more. The storm blew the doors and windows out of the low-slung brick house, and the couple lost almost everything they owned.

      The house and adjoining staff buildings on landfill behind the statue will probably be razed and not rebuilt, Luchsinger said.

      “One of the things we want to do is rebuild smartly and sustainably,” he said. “The buildings on the back side of the island are not sustainable. … To rebuild and have them flooded out again doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. We probably won’t have anybody living on the island any more. I’m probably the last one.”

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