Obama Has Golfed More Times Since Election Day Than Worked On Fiscal Cliff Deal

Barack Obama has met with Congressional leaders for less than an hour ONE TIME since Election Day to try and negotiate a deal between the  White House and Congress regarding the looming “fiscal cliff”.  He has managed to go golfing THREE TIMES over that same time period – with much more golf likely planned as he prepares for an extended three week vacation in December…

(Barack Obama warns Americans about the fiscal cliff, then runs off to play golf and do NOTHING to help resolve the issue.)


Hat tip to WHD for keeping tabs on Obama’s golf outings:

“I think it’s clear that, despite having taken time out for golf three times already since Election Day, Obama is on the job. I hope you are as reassured as I am“   LINK



Cover for 'The Man Who Calls Himself OBAMA  V'

The Man Who Calls Himself OBAMA V

“Wall Street has been allowed to exist outside of that reality. The Fed has made it so, and the result…we are nearing just the beginnings of that result – will be outright economic disaster. 2008? Nothing. 1929? Yes – that is where we are going here. And with that kind of economic chaos – what is soon to follow? Read you history. War. Famine. A total shock to the system, except this time, we have a proliferation of nuclear weapons, countries such as Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, they will be directly involved in this chaos. And of course there is China…the time I could spend on China… “  -WSI



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