Barack Obama’s LIES Regarding Spending Cuts

Only one media source – Fox News, has done any credible attempts to seek answers on the Obama administration’s false claim of making spending cuts to help balance the budget.  These “cuts” are actually the ending of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars – items that had already been scheduled to take place by the previous administration over four years ago.

In actuality, the Obama administration is making NO cuts to actual government spending.  In fact, it is asking Republicans to agree to spending MORE in stimulus and entitlement programs, thus further increasing the trillion per year deficits that have marked each year of the Obama presidency.  Watch here as Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner becomes increasingly nervous and defensive as he is called out on this blatant lie being told to the American people by the Obama White House:

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4 Comments to Barack Obama’s LIES Regarding Spending Cuts
    • Jules
    • Didn’t Timmy say this past January that he was going back to the Keebler tree house to make cookies with the other elves after the 2012 election?

      • SallyAl
      • BO’R, that really didn’t sound good. You might want to rephrase that.

        But really, he is just a creepy looking, slimy little piece of shit. He always gives me the impression that he knows he is stupid and maybe “special” and is greatful that they are letting him play.

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