George Zimmerman has been awaiting trial for months.  Today, his legal team made the following photo public that would indicate Zimmerman was in fact fighting for his life just as he claimed to police following his shooting of 17 year old Treyvon Martin last year.

George Zimmerman's legal team released this photo on Monday, December 3, 2012 depicting a swollen and bloody Zimmerman. (Source:

Will Barack Obama, who inserted himself into the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin tragedy within days of it being reported in the national media, offer up an apology to not only Mr. Zimmerman but his entire family for once again showing poor judgement in giving an opinion on something simply out of a need to score political points?

Not likely.  Not ever.  Not in this Age of Obama…

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    • sartana
    • I’ll remind everyone that Zimmerman has been railroaded by the Republican governor Rick Scott and the Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi.

      So, despite the high-profile intervention of “Obama”, it’s chiefly Republican who are responsible for the gross injustices suffered by George Zimmerman- the Last American Hero.

      It was nice to believe for a while that we had a political party that was in opposition to the racial tyranny that the Democrats have imposed upon this country, but we can see here that it’s not true. And I think as time passes and the Democrats ramp up the lawlessness and totalitarianism, that the Republicans, rather than fighting against it, will accept this madness as the new normal and adjust to it and actually begin to enforce it upon us.

      • SueK
      • sartana, the two parties are one in the same; one more radical than the other but the same, nonetheless.

        If there was ever time for a third party, now is the time; call it Tea, Constitution, Mickey and Minnie, or whatever, we need a strong conservative party with true conservative roots to stop this madness.

        Let these two parties destroy each other; We the People can do better than to keep on electing this bunch of clowns who keep telling us they represent US!

    • sartana
    • SueK-

      It’s really no mystery as to where we’re headed. Just look to Europe which is well-advanced on us with the Leftist Project. England is a perfect example. As the Labour Party has moved further left, they’ve dragged the Tories along with them, to the point that David Cameron with his dedication to Great Britain as a mulit-cultural anti-British Welfare State is hardly different in his rhetoric than any of our prominent vocal Leftists like Pelosi.

      The UKIP has risen up in reaction to this, and from what I understand is beginning to look like a viable alternative to the Tories. Why wait till we get there to figure out what to do? Let’s split the Tea Party from the GOP and get to business.

      • SueK
      • Agreed, sartana; Australia is in much the same mess, as their Prime Minister Gillard and her Labor Party are Socialists. It creeps in to world governments slowly but surely, and the people never know what has happened until one day they suddenly realize that everything has changed for the worse.

        The Tea Party needs to find the same momentum as they did in 2010; the focus seems to have been lost and as we saw from this last election cycle, the Dems had beaten many who had been associated with the Tea Party just two years ago.

        Have we had enough yet? Have we had it up to our eyeballs with our freedoms being lost each day? Only then will we *demand* a third party; the two we have now are spiraling us into Socialism faster than we can say the word. Time is running out; we’d better bloody well start moving on this or America will be lost forever.

        I hope it’s not too late.

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