Senator Rand Paul On Fiscal Cliff “Dirty Secret”…

In yet another move to distance himself from the current GOP leadership, Senator Rand Paul discusses the real issue that is hardly being mentioned in the current and largely fake fiscal cliff negotiations and puts in plain terms that if Republicans continue to refuse to lead responsibly on this issue – why bother having a Republican Party at all?

(“It will also defeat the purpose of even having a Republican Party.”  -Rand Paul )



Fiscal Cliff’s Dirty Secret: It’s Not About Taxes At All, But Too Much Spending

The current debate over tax hikes is an empty one built upon a false premise. The debate is whether raising tax rates will address our current crisis. The premise is that it is a lack of taxation that has led to the crisis. Both are hopelessly wrong.

President Obama’s proposed tax increases on the top 2% of earners would fund the federal government for about eight days. Even if we taxed Americans earning over $1 million on 100% of their income, we would raise only about $600 billion in revenue.

Taxing citizens at this level is a tyranny even Europe hasn’t reached, and still it would only address about one-third of our deficit.

…Every dollar the government takes is another dollar used unproductively. Every dollar removed from the private sector and wasted in the hands of bureaucrats is a dollar that will not be used to purchase goods, to pay for services or to meet a payroll.

With a $16 trillion national debt and well over $1 trillion annually in deficits, we barreled over the edge of fiscal insolvency long before this month.

…Democratic leadership still insists that Social Security and Medicare are just fine. Meanwhile, Social Security actuaries tell us that Social Security this year will spend $165 billion more than it receives. Medicare will spend $3 for every $1 it collects. Yet, the president says he doesn’t have time for entitlement reform.

…Republicans are supposed to be the party of limited government and low taxes. These are our most core and basic principles. I don’t think it’s time to change who we are or what we stand for. It will not help our economy. It will also defeat the purpose of even having a Republican Party.



Senator Paul’s frustration is shared by others within the GOP who feel Speaker Boehner has allowed himself to be manipulated into giving up far too much to Barack Obama’s demands for higher taxes and very limited reductions in government spending.  At present, Barack Obama has indicated NO real reductions in spending  – he is simply demanding all people or small businesses making over $250,000 start paying much more in federal taxes.  A few years ago Democrats were indicating a willingness to cut three dollars of government spending for every dollar of tax increases.  That indication is now non-existent.  Barack Obama wants NO decreases in the size and scope of government, but does want MORE money from private citizens struggling to remain successful within the Obama economy.

By speaking out here, Rand Paul is attempting to define and give voice to a wing of the Republican Party that has been under attack by party leaders since the 2010 midterms.  He does so at great political risk – but it is such risk that defines true leadership qualities, and is so rare in this age of American politics.  -UM

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39 Comments to Senator Rand Paul On Fiscal Cliff “Dirty Secret”…
    • Barry Soetoro the MOSLEM
    • As the GOP caves on taxes (zero spending cuts), Obamatollah gets exactly what he wants.

      Even LESS Republican voter turnout next time. Even LESS voter enthusiam for the GOP than we saw for Romney.

      This is basically the nail in the GOP coffin.

      But frankly, the GOP has become pathetic.

      And since it couldn’t beat Omoslem in the 2012 election, during the worst economy in 100 years, AFTER 4 years of Otrauma’s “I’m a jihadi, I’m a communist, and I’m here to destroy the USA” routine, then it just deserves to fade away and die (as a political party).

    • NameBM
    • Senator Paul has many position which I do not approve of or find very suspect. Yet, he understands the big picture of the fight at hand.

      This is probably a signal to the GOP: If you want to commit suicide, you’re on your own. And be ready for a Third Party rise with me in it. (or leading it)

      • E.A.B.
      • A “Tea Party” third party would result in more socialist victories as the right splinters–and at the worst possible time in our history, when we absolutely can’t afford to let the socialists gain any more ground.

        Starting a separate “Tea Party” would be nothing less than an act of treason.

        …So Rand Paul doing that wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    • ShainS
    • A minor correction:

      “By speaking out here, Rand Paul is attempting to define and give voice to a wing of the Republican Party that has been under attack by party leaders since BEFORE the 2010 midterms.”

      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • Agree. The powers that be had best understand they do not want a war within the Republican party…and to do so will destroy the party and the country.

        Perhaps Rand Paul can make Boehner understand that his capitulation…. to a steely splined Obama is a dereliction of his duties….

        Congress was voted to the Republicans for the sole purpose of limiting Obama’s profligate spending. The refusal of the Dems to curb spending and to creating a sane budget or any budget at all …is tantamount to treason.

        If they are simply craven politicians, ideologues of communism bent on bringing down the country and capitalism… or the myriad of special interest hogs. This will affect LLC’s and S corps and taxtransparent entities, …repress growth and leave the economic idiots to lead the way over the abyss…

        Boehner in a move to avoid blame is going along to claim innocence…What will that matter when we are all destroyed…While Boehner is playing the cards he has…he has done an abysmal jobs of exposing what Obama is doing…Had he revealed the true facts of Benghazi, people would be more prone to listening to other truths of Obama….And it is NOT too late to do so…

    • E.A.B.
    • Republicans in general have been saying this for over a year now. It’s been said on Fox News repeatedly. Rand is just a little slow catching up.

    • Buck O'Fama
    • It’s all about kicking the can down the road; none of the useless SOBs in Washedup, DC, wants to actually address the problems, they just want to delay the catastrophe until they’re out of office. They’ve been kicking the can down the road in Greece for 4 years now and in that time, the blight has spread to Portugal, Spain, Italy and France (once one of the stronger countries.) Japan has been kicking the can down the road for 20+ years now and in that time, went from having a huge SURPLUS to a huge national debt. Sooner or later everybody will run out of road to kick the can down, but politicians don’t care. With a few exceptions, they are basically all useless, self-serving stupid SOBs.

      • bill o'rights
      • Can’t disagree with you there. Politicians remind me of the rabbits my sister tried to raise, when we were young. Every time the females gave birth, the mother would eat the newborns.

    • truthandjustice
    • Yes, it sounds like “something’s” up here — like serious considerations are being made re a Third Party – just like it was with the Whig Party. I watched poor Louie Gohmert today on Fox and he was sooooo….. beyond frustrated about this and came right out and said how Obama doesn’t want to cooperate at all, etc. but we MUST have spending cuts. As I’ve said before I feel so sorry for the few brave, honest patriotic ppl there that are trying but just hitting unsurmountable walls and not a whole lot of help from fellow Repubs. either – in fact they’re fighting them.

      Most of us here were suspecting this way before now & then watching Boehner’s caves, purge of Consvs. from committees – it’s all pretty obvious. They’re all complicit to some degree & do not want to be much different than “they” are. ?

      Strange – we’ve been talking in the recent past about this Third Party and Sarah Palin and she has said in past comments that if the Party isn’t doing what it is supposed to stand for, then it’s time for it to go and have a new one, like what happened with the Whig Party. And here we are. I think this is yet another “sign” where this is headed folks…..

      • cobra
      • Watch what Jim DeMint will do at the Heritage organization.
        in the senate he had limited impact, fighting both the demsheviks and the repubic establishment.
        now, at Heritage he will have lots of resources to use.
        I think he will try to revitalize a movement to take over the GOP, and if not successful, create another conservative party.
        and i would not surprised one bit if Sarah Palin is part of the plan..

        • NameBM
        • EAB

          let’s face it. Unless one of the parts changes, the equilibrium of the pendulum does not change.

          The trend is not in the favor of the Republicans and the only thing they have offered is more of the same. Boehner is a total disgrace. He is way over his head. Totally outwitted.

          So yes we will continue to loose the elections IF we do not change. And by change I mean changing the trend.

          TRhe Republicans are not changing. In fat they are resisting the change needed. The change they would embrace is following the trend which had proven over and over to be a loosing trend.

          The republicans are becoming as much as a danger to this nation, as the democrats and the press.

          One thing for sure as is the Reps are on the loosing end of the equation. So I prefer to try something different, loosing for loosing.

    • Mark
    • E.A.B continues to act as a stalwart for the neocons….the same neocons who have given us TSA, Patiot Act, NDAA, warrantless wiretapping and who are now caving in on higher taxes and will be caving in on gun ownership rights in the next term…..all the while calling all paleo / liberty conservatives “socialists.” Riiiiggghhhhtttt……paleo/liberty people want to end the fed, dismantle the IRS , dept of ed, stop warrantless wiretapping of our own citizens, end foreign wars and the monstrous costs associated with them, promote sound money, allow states their due process to nullify unconstitutional government overreach and so they are….socialists??? Get real my friend. They are more conservative than you will ever be as long as you continue to be an establishment neocon. Did you even bother to read what UM wrote about establishment types susch as Boehner not being in tune with the base…or doesn’t it really matter to you?

      When someone mentions that a different approach is needed with a different mindset to achieve a more favorable result (paleo / liberty principles) we are called socialists who are hell bent on destroying the party by E.A.B

      I said it before and I’ll say it again E.A.B. You won’t be going to the dance (Presidential victory) unless I take you there. The rising Democrat demographic will NEVER vote Republican as long as liberal Dems are giving them free cellphones, food stamps, college tuitions etc… and coupled with the white liberal vote you don’t have the votes to get there again…EVER! Once the Republican establishment / neocon wing of the party gets this and doesn’t sabotage the paleo/liberty wing rising to more leadership positions and have parts of their agenda implemented, you’ll continue to be out in the cold. A new day has dawned E.A.B.

      • lovelypeace
      • On a personal level, you are just preaching to the choir. I’m in your camp.

        On the grander scale, a lot of people just can’t believe that the old arguments/paradigms don’t work anymore. I know I tend to talk about it from the perspective of the social stuff, but it’s also true that a lot of it is because people are pissed about how the country has changed since 9-11.

        The TSA is a joke. The Patriot Act/NDAA is just insane. It was one thing to talk about some of this stuff in the aftermath of 9-11 when everyone was scared of another attack. However, since 9-11, a lot of us have seen family members going into wars that we really had no business starting and we are sick and tired of watching the show. Really, guys, Afghanistan really isn’t that much better off since we’ve been there. Iraq….come on…..

        Now, the Middle East is on fire and a lot of people think there’s going to be another war w/Iran. Seriously? I will not support another war. I’m sick of watching our kids become cannon fodder for an elitist agenda.

        The Republican party deserves to die. Still, we need to be active in the party to steer it in a direction that will be more palatable to people in the future.

        We need all types to win elections.

        I disagree that it was the ‘free stuff’ that got Obama re-elected.

        From what I saw, a lot of it was people not voting or deciding that Obama was the less of two evils. Our behavior and language turned off a lot of people.

        We need to stop with the ‘moocher’ name calling stuff (even if it true). We need to express our ideas w/o calling people names. We need to bring people to us, not repel them.

        Still, there are few Republicans who actually represent my views these days and Rand Paul is one of them. I have no idea why John Boehner thinks he has a shot of remaining speaker after all this. (Unless someone’s calling in favors or reminding them of the blackmail cards that are being held against them).

    • M. Simon
    • The only way to end foreign wars is to end foreigners. I do not think that is what you had in mind. There are ~200 outlaw MC gangs running the world. Every now and then one of them wants to fight. To let them do it indiscriminately starts big wars. Otherwise you have smaller ones.

      If you have a sure fire method for opting out of history (unlike methods used in the 1930s) I’d like to hear it.

    • Seen
    • “…Republicans are supposed to be the party of limited government and low taxes. These are our most core and basic principles. I don’t think it’s time to change who we are or what we stand for. It will not help our economy. It will also defeat the purpose of even having a Republican Party.”

      Unfortunately, the National Socialists who possess leadership positions in the Republican Party isn’t going to heed the warnings. Their interests are not in saving the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, the economy, and anything else for that matter but steamrolling Big Government and national socialism among the populace. The US is controlled by the national socialist left Communists, moderates Communitarians, and right Fascists.

      “Rand Paul is attempting to define and give voice to a wing of the Republican Party that has been under attack by party leaders since the 2010 midterms.”

      I don’t see the Republican leadership doing anything here, which probably will make EAB very happy. It also means that EAB’s blind loyalty ensures the national socialists possess firm control of the Republic of the United States, and there is nothing left to stop the Neo-Feudal system to replace the Republic in full implementation. I guess EAB can look on the bright side; the merger of Big Industries although limited guarantees the Rockefeller’s place as landlord for people to sell themselves into serfdom in exchange for protection from the 1 Party Authoritarian Government run by the Democrats. Just remember, you need to produce more than you consume; otherwise, you’re serfdom can be revoked and removed.
      Thoroughly research the topic:
      1. Big Industry mergers with Big Government families of industries and riches like the Rockefellers are already set.
      2. Agenda 21, future purchases of said families and government as well as governance by the political regime of the Presidency who will control Congress utterly.
      3. Economic and governmental Neo-Feudalism.

      I would think that people like EAB would be shocked and horrified afterwards, but I have my doubts. They’ll simply continue the path trajectory to full implementation.

    • Mark
    • Lovelypeace I’m in agreement with you 100% on everything you said…..all valid points you made and high time we started saying them.

      I think you may have misunderstood or maybe I didn’t phrase it the right way regarding the “free stuff.”

      My view on the free stuff is similar to Romney’s “47%” remark. There are / is a sizeable part of the population that want handouts from cell phones to rent subsidies to food stapms, education, healthcare…you name it. There are not enough of these people by themselves to vote in a candidate but combined with white liberals, the liberal Democrat numbers increase. Add to this coalition the rising numbers of hispanics who vote Democrat ( with millions more on the way through both immigration and anchor babies) then it’s not looking good for Republicans unless they can turn out their base and independents in force. It is here where the paleo/liberty faction of the party that has been the bastard stepchild for years, becomes of great importance. The paleo/liberty wing will no longer tolerate being taken for granted and sooed away after an election.

      I agree with you that the old paradigms aren’t going to work…..most conservatives yearn for the Reagan days…they are not coming back in my opinion. Too many of the older bo weevil Reagan Democrats have died off and have been replaced by a younger more liberal generation.

      I’m also with you on not wanting another neocon adventure in Middle East…..when does it end?

      • M. Simon
      • The adventures in the Middle East will end when either the West or Islam ends. I’m betting that the Islamics have more stamina. Judging by what I see on the ‘net these days.

        And just for a point of reference: Mein Kampf is still a best seller in the ME and the Muslim Brotherhood was allied with Hitler in WW2. The Mufti of Jerusalem raised 2 Divisions of SS for Jew killing.

    • Mark
    • Seen….love your compare and contrast between the 1 party Dems and oligopoly Repubs. Your entire post was one of the best I have seen on this board since it’s inception.

      Kudos to you.

    • Mark
    • Actually the adventures in the Middle East can end when we decide to mind our business and stop trying to play policeman.

      Washington and the founders warned us about entering into “entangling alliances.” We can see what they meant by that looking at the middle east.

      Before anyone attempts to say that Israel’s existence would be threatened I’ll point to the hundreds of nuclear weapons they have as being a deterrent to any Arab country that would attack them. Iran has not attacked anyone in 200 plus years so I don’t believe it when the elitists employ scare tactics saying they are arming for war. History proves otherwise.

      • M. Simon
      • “Actually the adventures in the Middle East can end when we decide to mind our business and stop trying to play policeman.”

        Ah. Yes. If they were Westerners you might have a point. But their plan is to totally dominate the world. What happens when you leave that kind alone? Troubles get bigger.

        You attitude is gaining ground. I expect it will dominate for a while (as it did in the 1930s). When the World War comes just remember. You were warned.

        BTW what is your plan for filling the power vacuum? Have one one in mind? Or would you prefer that the powers that want the job duke it out for mastery?

        You do recall what got us the 40s? People in the 30s were tired of war.

        Si vis pacem, para bellum

        “Iran has not attacked anyone in 200 plus years so I don’t believe it when the elitists employ scare tactics saying they are arming for war. History proves otherwise.”

        That is not proof the current regime will continue the trend.

        BTW similar arguments were made pre-WWW2. “But Germany is a civilized country – Goethe, Schiller, etc.”

        And given the Persian affection for Jews (Queen Esther episode) how do you explain their bellicosity towards Israel? Might the current regime be other than Persian? Ala the Moguls of India?

        We depend on the 92 elements for our civilization. They are unevenly distributed around the world. How do you intend to protect our trading interests? You will recall that world trade declined disastrously and for a very long time with the fall of the Roman Empire. World trade depends on a dominant power. We took over from the Brits after declining the job in the 1930s.

        But maybe we no longer live in that kind of world. But what if the world is still the same? The Pinky and the Brain syndrome has not declined with the demise of that cartoon. There are still people who have “the answer” and who are willing to enforce it on you even though you didn’t ask the question.

      • M. Simon
      • Let me explain the nature of the world. It is run by about 200 competing outlaw motorcycle gangs. And some of the gangs are unhappy with the current top gangs. They are willing to start wars to topple the top gangs if they think there is advantage in that. How do you convince them that it is not in their advantage?

        Si vis pacem, para bellum

        And how do I know so much about outlaw MC gangs? I ran with one for 3 years. They do not think the way you do. It is too bad (or fortunate) that not everyone has had such an experience.

        My attitude is that Peace Mongers are just as much a danger as War Mongers. Maybe more so. It is animal nature to attack the weak. Yes it is ugly. But you need to attend to the fact that there are still animals among us. Dot be weak. Even in appearance. It invites attack. You know that on the street. It is too bad you think it doesn’t apply in the bigger world.

        I expect with the dying of the WW2 generation we will need to learn these lessons all over again. The hard way.

    • Mark
    • M. Simon….excellent points you’ve made and I don’t disagree with all of them and I hope I didn’t give the impression that I’m a pacifist as that’s certainly not the case.

      Regarding Iran-
      “That is not proof the current regime will continue the trend.”
      Until they’ve proven otherwise I’m going with the side of history on this. Iran has performed all of the steps necessary to allow themselves nuclear power for medical and electricity. They have signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty and allow inspections. Our own intelligence agencies have stated repeatedly that Iran IS NOT PURSUING a nuclear weapons program.

      “And given the Persian affection for Jews (Queen Esther episode) how do you explain their bellicosity towards Israel?”
      Explain why there is a thriving population of Iranian Jews (over 10,000 according to recent census) who have resisted pleas from Israel to move to Isreal, and they enjoy protections guaranteed in Iranian Constitution and have a seat on the Majilis. These aren’t exactly pogroms now are they?? This fact counters claims of Iranian hostility towards Jews. Iran’s President has been often misquoted in a comment he made that stated Iran looks forward to the day when the current zionist regime passes from the pages of time……not “wiping Israel off the map” as many have misquoted.

      “BTW similar arguments were made pre-WWW2. “But Germany is a civilized country – Goethe, Schiller, etc.”
      Why are comparisons being made between two countries that are completely different in economic systems, religous beliefs, political systems, military capabilities / philosophies etc….you’re comparing apples to oranges. This is a non argument.

      To protect trading we don’t need to be overzealous in projecting empire abroad…..this has been disastrous for us as it has not been a shared cost among trading partners….it’s the US footing the bill. The globalization business was shoved down the throats of the voters by politicians who were bought and paid for by international banking / industrial interests ( Captians and The Kings did have sources from where Taylor Caldwell sourced her information) which were / are unconstitutional. In short I’m not concerned with protecting ‘global trade’ I am concerned with our political leaders following the US Constitution and not dancing to the tune of internationalists. I am concerned with preserving the US Constitution.

      To answer your excellent questions and points made about hostilie nations intending to do us harm, I agree with you that we can not afford to be perceived as being weak on defense. I think that we have shown in the past 100 years that we will fight for our interests and will go to extraordinary lengths to do so. We have thousands of nuclear weapons for God’s sake….how weak can we be perceived to be?

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Yes Jules…LC strikes again…

      Posters for your consideration …China buys most of our scrap metal…think about that …
      and the Wolves are our protected affirmative action animals of choice and rights…the wild herds are being decimated by the wolves with rights …the Elk of Yellowstone can no longer reproduce the herd …as the doe of breeding age and calves are fodder for the wolves…

      Consider the overview of facts from the lamecherry

      As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter……..

      My children, you have not noticed this in the full context of a reality that Matt Drudge has been informing you of something in this Age of Obama in people are stealing huge amounts of metals for resale as scrap.

      No one has told you the reason for this, beyond people are desperately poor, but I can tell you that there is no difference from a street thug cutting utilities for copper wire and Barack Hussein Obama’s Cash for Clunkers, which this blog warned stripped America of necessary used cars for the American poor to drive.

      There is a nefarious nature in all of this and it is beyond the law of supply and demand.

      I can point you exclusively to a period of history in which thee exact same thing took place in America was voided of metals, and I can tell you that there were people at that time too buying up tracts of land in America in not allowing a free flow of deflationary prices, and I can tell you exactly what followed all of this.

      But first, this reality. Now do not think I’m changing the subject or you should be feeling you are being denied of things, as this is more of your education no one is offering to you, as they do not want you to comprehend what is planned.

      My neighbor is a scavanger from Minnesota. He was a nice guy when I and my Mom befriended him, but as the years have gone by, he has become a real cut throat bastard who is a liar.
      I have observed him from a distance as he has over the years picked thee entire multiple state area clean of junk. His first choice was automobiles, but now there are no junkers remaining, except the ones I refused to sell.

      He has now moved onto scrap metal, and industrial and agricultural junked equipment. He is picking batteries to any metals he can, as he literally siphons all the stored wealth of this part of America out of America.

      I know very well where the metal is going, as I have kept an eye on this trend in watching it develope. It is going to China, and exactly like 1935 when Japan started buying up all the scrap metal in America, the same result is going to follow.

      What you do not understand my children, but have seen it, and have not connected the dots in this, but tons of gold and silver are flowing out of America too in these dealers as they offer to buy up that old jewelry and elegant ware you have.

      There is not a reality in this where China could afford this kind of trilliions in purchases in balance of trade, so that means a like model is taking place as before World War II, that the very financiers in the west, the cartel, is behind this, voiding the west of wealth, and making the east wealthy all for the purpose of another global war to create the final version of the global feudal state being run as this blog has only exposed out of the Neo Roman Empire in central Europe, the managing Caliphate of communist Muslims in the mideast and the New Eastern Order being centered in Peking.

      You now have the punchline in this, and you do not realize the sucker punch you are being hit with.

      You must understand in the things I hint at in here, that you do not understand fully as it is not cryptic but plain as the nose on your face when I mention that Chinese cast iron pans require twice the amount of heat to cook with than American cast iron.

      Are you getting this my children, in everything coming out of China is inferior from their poison foods to their metal products which fatigue ?

      I was with Tiger Lily in her home and doing dishes, and turned the facet on, and was stunned when the handle came off and a geyser of water shot up. I had a mess as the valves would not turn off and I was trying to stop 160 degree scalding water from going all over.

      Short story in this, it was Chinese manufacture and these facets are all breaking in multiple places due to being inferior.

      You do not get it that Americans like Andrew Carnegie made superior steels. American metal manufacture was thee best. It was like German manufacture by Hitler in those metals were all sound.
      America had a stockpile of this superior metal in junk piles and as you do not know as you were not there, Franklin Roosevelt stripped those piles in recycling for his war effort.
      Those piles accumiliated until around the year 2000 and then all of that superior metal started going out of America.

      America is now a nation of junk metal in the foreign metals which are being dumped inside these United States.

      I have a Dearborn Ford digger frame, that I have been trying to turn into a digger for my garden sans the tractor as this same cartel has wiped out all the old tractors in America also.

      It minus the front mounting bracket and I could not find two of them even from the “experts”. So I sat fuming over this thing for about 4 years. I decided that I was going to build a bracket and drill two new holes in the frame.

      Know what happened?

      I couldn’t get through this Henry Ford steel. I got about a quarter inch into this metal and dulled 3 modern drill bits and one previous generation drill bit. Yes we are talking about the horrid new steels too, but the point is the steel in this frame, which did have holes drilled in it by Henry Ford could not be drilled into. It is that hard, but it is not brittle so it cracks.

      The Holy Ghost finally told me to build the brackets in I had two pieces of old steel with holes in them, and I then welded washers together to make these things and it now sits here, but the point is America has been voided of metals which it is going to desperately need and when that time arrives, all you are going to have are these inferior metals with massive impurities to make your implements of farming, eating and war.

      You have no reserves my children as America did. When the wars come, it is not going to be Japan dropping shrapnel metal bombs out of your junked cars, but the Eurasians running over you in the mechanized metals the cartel stripped from America for the past decade.

      Yes, there is nothing sexy about junk, but when one comprehends exactly what has been taking place, it takes on a sexy appeal as it is the basis for the Great Eurasian War.

      America has been voided of the best metals the world has ever created. That is what that weird recycling push was all about decades ago when the liberals bit on that save the earth nonsense. For those who do not remember, one day America had plenty of everything and the very next, America suddenly needed little kids hounding their parents to recycle.

      Have news for you, things were always recycled in people threw things away, and the junk yards picked through it all and scrapped it cheaply. Suddenly though the prices of everything inflated and a rag market was created which started impoverishing Americans, so that they finally have been selling the last bits of their jewelry for a few dollars as America is being picked bare of all wealth.

      Now you too can be the always expert in something so easily seen, but no one except this blog has explained exactly what was behind this and what will be the outcome of all of this.
      You are being weakened so a global war will come which will murder you in mass.

      agtG 273

      PS: For those who require further explanation, after the cartels had shot off the American bison in creating a market for them in hide and tongue to deprive the Indian of food as a war implement, the bone pickers arrived, who took all those carcases off the plains leaving absolutely nothing.
      The wolfers followed exterminating predators, who had nothing to eat by people and livestock. They too were sold traps and poisons, as the ranchers and farmers were sold things in this newly created market.

      It is a pity you do not live with me in the future to know these things. It is worse you have not lived in the past as I also do to have seen these things.

    • Montanagal
    • AmericaTheBeautiful,
      I read LC, but definately have a hard time “reading between the lines”. I know LC has alot of interesting things to say, and for the most part very accurate, but how do you read his posts? Is there some secret to figuring out his writing?

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