Hypocrisy Thy Name Is Democrat…

Hypocrisy thy name is Democrat.  The party of Big Government has for several weeks now waged a war of words demanding that Republicans save 98% of the Bush tax cuts – the very tax cuts they demonized when George W. Bush was president.

(Democrats now love those Bush tax cuts)


EXCERPT:  (via Washington Post)

Democrats push for tax cuts they once opposed

Democrats seeking a deal to avert the year-end “fiscal cliff” are trying to etch into stone the signature economic achievement of Republican President George W. Bush by permanently extending tax cuts enacted during his tenure.

President Obama has put the extension of the tax cuts for most Americans at the top of his domestic agenda, a remarkable turnaround for Democrats, who had staunchly opposed the tax breaks when they were written into law about a decade ago.

…R. Glenn Hubbard, dean of the Columbia Business School and an architect of the Bush tax cuts, said it is “deeply ironic” for Democrats to favor extending most of them, given what he called their “visceral” opposition a decade ago. Keeping the lower rates even for income under $250,000 “would enshrine the vast bulk of the Bush tax cuts,” he said.  LINK


What the Washington Post barely touches upon of course is how beneficial the Bush tax cuts were to Middle and Lower income Americans – adding thousands of dollars of savings to millions upon millions of households.  Democrats have always understood this of course, and now that they control both the White House and the Senate, they have done an astonishing about face on tax policies they strongly opposed just ten years ago.  Tax the rich but don’t tax anyone else because taxes hurt people and hurt the economy – so goes the current and quite ironic Democratic Party mantra during this Age of Obama.  It is an odd and dangerous mix of class warfare and idiotic economics that leaves the country teetering on complete insolvency.  Some are saying it’s “all according to the Obama plan” of course.

And Lagarde’s IMF waits in the wings, her toothy wolf grin growing ever wider…



Excerpt: “DOMINATUS” – A Novel By D.W. Ulsterman…

May 19th, 2037


Going through the door of the aptly named Freedom Tavern was actually a movement of stepping back in time.  I had seen photos or film depictions of places like this in America, and was just old enough to recall actually walking past them as a child –  locations where people gathered, paid for alcoholic beverages, sought out conversation, companionship, or simply a moment away from the countless other distractions and responsibilities of life.  Environments of rough-hewn communion where both the best and worst aspects of humanity were openly on display.

While the actual practice of owning a business that served alcohol had never been formally prohibited by the United Nations mandates, the taxes and unavoidable fines levied against those businesses made their existence increasingly prohibitive until, inevitably, they simply died out, at least privately.  Government-run establishments now existed in their place, but the entrance fees and “character” requirements were such that only the highest ranking government officials could afford, or be allowed, to frequent them.  The last privately owned drinking establishment I had personally seen was nearly fifteen years ago when I was not yet ten years old.  And even then it was only available to the very wealthy as the cost of alcohol had increased multiple times in just a few short years following the U.N. mandates and resulting taxes so that only the rich could afford to purchase alcohol.  Everyone else was left like me – looking at pictures of an America that once was, but would never be again.  Of course, it wasn’t long after that those who still enjoyed private riches had that wealth stripped from them in the name of the common good, and made to live like the rest of us – servants to the planetary power of the new United Nations.

Here in this remote Alaskan town of some 500 people, a tavern still stood though –privately owned and its doors open to the public. Music came from an antique contraption I knew to be called a “jukebox”, where a song from generations before titled Sweet Home Alabama played in the background.  I am certain my face registered visible shock when I took in the unmistakable smell of burning tobacco, and saw no less than three men seated at the bar smoking IN PUBLIC, with open bottles of what was likely beer sitting in front of each of them.  These men were smoking cigarettes!  Unlike alcohol, cigarettes had been banned outright by the mandates  – cited as dangerous public hazards and “prohibitive to the well being of society”.  That was just over 20 years ago.  I remembered lessons on the ban in school, the teacher reviewing all of the reasons supporting the ban, and how it was our responsibility not to question, but to simply accept these newly developing rules of the world society.  We were also instructed to turn our parents into the authorities if they continued to smoke inside their homes because by doing so, we were told,  they were putting our lives at risk and were in fact guilty of serious child abuse.  One of my boyhood friends in fact did just that – his father was charged with the crime of smoking/child abuse and spent six months at an adult education facility.  By then the government no longer used the term prison, or jail – almost all forms of discipline were simply called “education”.

Apparently these men with cigarettes dangling from their mouths didn’t get the lesson.  The tobacco smoke hung over them like their own personal clouds of defiance.  Each of their faces, weathered, worn, and hard, also appeared quite content.  One of them laughed at the ending joke of a story told by another, clapping his hand on his shoulder and shaking his head while the third of them gestured to the person behind the counter…the “bartender’ if my memory was correct, for another beer.

It was all so remarkable.  As I said, I was convinced I had somehow literally stepped back into time.  An America before the U.N. mandates.  An America where personal freedoms still existed in some form and all those rules to protect the “well being of society” were not yet fully implemented.  An America that still governed itself.

An America before Obama…


Coming In 2013


A novel by D.W. Ulsterman

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    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • A repost of pertinent info re Lagarde from June of 2012:

      June 14, 2012 at 4:24 pm
      I posted this yesterday under the last WSI post about Laguarde:

      Who knows something about AFS (American Field Service Association)? That’s the first missing link.

      After graduating from her French High School, Lagarde got a scholarship from AFS to study in Holton Arms School in Bethesda for a year. After a school year there she got an internship for few months (summer?)with Cohen’s office. Who did she impress so much within the AFS as to have that kind of internship?

      That the stepping stone number one.

      Several warning flags most Americans would not see: Parents both in Academics. Mother high school teacher, father at the University. Mostly socialists. Academia back then was the bastion of socialism and progressivism since the events of 68.

      Father dies when she is 16. Money had to be tight. She has 3 brothers. Yet she goes for a year abroad…

      She is not an exceptional student. The French schools and universities she graduates from are good but second tier. She fails l’ENA. Very difficult to enter there. No shame in failing but most people try again if their ranking was close. She had to fail “enough” to apply to Law School.

      Nanterre: HUGE red flag. The seat of the unset of the Events of 68 which were nothing but a comunist revolution attempt. At the time she is there studying and teaching (chargee de Travaux Pratiques: meaning in charge of small classes explaining in more details and testing students on the subject Professor en Chair taught) At the time she is there, the red flag is still flying on the school of Law building. Most Academia is red. To be teaching TP there you have to have connections with Academia. Most students coming from L’IEP de Paris would not go to Nanterre for their Law School. Major setback in prestige. This had to be money motivated and connections arranged.

      While she is teaching she is also running for a post-graduate law diploma: Droit social. Another Red Flag. It is basically labor law.

      The second missing link is between 91 and 95. She is working at the Parisian branch of Backer and Mackenzie. She is establishing herself well and is partner of the French Branch. Yet she made a move to Chicago.

      That kind of move is ALWAYS generated by a case or a client interest. Whose case did she brillantly managed in France to be called to the Headquarters? It has to be an American client probably headquartered in the Midwest with substantial interest in France. Considering her area of expertise is labor law….

      June 14, 2012 at 4:27 pm

      It has to be one of the most important client of the firm because after only a couple of years she seat on the International Committee of the Firm. Astonishing for a foreigner and unheard of for a Foreigner who happened to be a woman. In 99 she becomes president of the Firm at a quite young age for that kind of position. She is said to have brought 50% more business during her presidency. Who are those new big fishes she bought in?

      This other missing clue is found in what she is doing on the side:

      As soon as she arrived in Chicago she is associated with the Think Tank Center for Strategic and International studies (CSIS). There she shares the presidency of the USA-UE-Poland Action Committee with Zbigniew Brzezinski (Oh YEH that ONE!!!!!) and is most particulary involved with the interests of the Defense Industry within the US-Poland relationship. (Cohen again???)

      June 14, 2012 at 4:38 pm
      I think I connected the dots on Laguarde and why she frightens the Old Man.

      The globalists are a movement much like the Tea Party. Groups of diverse importance and power sharing a common goal: The New World Order.

      This new social experience they want to impose on the world has one major obstacle. The American Experience. America has to be fundamentaly transformed as a prerequisite to the NWO full implemenation.

      The Means of attacks are coming from several fronts but mostly from pushes by International Labor, International Currency/Finance players and International Corporation boards

      International Labor: Gerard seats at the IMF. He is not alone. Many of his cohorts are.

      International Currency/Finance: On the American side: Bernake and the recently much out of the picture Geithner and many others in key positions.

      Big Corporate: Too many to talk about. Yet a special attention has to be given to the defense Industry which does produce the ultimate tools of control.

      And who do you find at the center of this web?


      Areas of Expertise: Labor, International finance/currency, Defense industry.

      June 14, 2012 at 9:51 pm
      Nice BM…
      She worked for Cohen while he was in the Senate…she helped to put the EU together… It seemed to be a move to collapse Europe into the global scheme… she is the wolf in Sherpa clothing pictured in the stained glass window
      that Tony Blair rededicated in 2007 in the London School Of Economics…they are all Fabian Socialists…go back ease and read about it at 6/13 Obama Golbaliization almost done…
      The entire economic issues adds to collapse thus the fabians can then remold the globe …without the US Comstitution or Capitalism, or rights to own property or manage your own children while taxed into submission …They are redistributing the USA and putting an end to liberty and freedom.

      June 14, 2012 at 9:54 pm
      Lagarde is a Fabian Socialist..

      June 13, 2012 at 5:06 pm
      Boston Fabian Society member, Stuart Chase wrote ‘The Road We Are Traveling’ (1932) in which he details events that were occurring at the time that would replace the free enterprise system.

      A strong centralized government.
      A growing executive arm.
      Control of credit, banking, and security exchanges by the government.
      Underwriting of employment by the government either through armaments or through public works.
      Underwriting of Social Security by the government; old-age pension, unemployment .
      Underwriting of food, housing, and medical care.
      Use of deficit spending.
      Abandonment of gold.
      Government control of foreign trade.
      Control of natural resources.
      Control of energy sources.
      Control of transportation.
      Control of agricultural production.
      Enlistment of the youth corp.
      Heavy taxation.
      State control of communications.

      Look familiar?

    • ShainS
    • Democrat hypocrisy Example #212,000,000,000,001 (in just the past 5 years):

      “The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents – #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.

      – from Barack Obama Presidential campaign speech on July 3, 2008

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