The Obamas Spending Your Tax Dollars Before Raising Them…

Barack Obama is scheduled to return to Washington D.C. to finalize a tax and spend compromise with House Speaker John Boehner later this week.  Michelle Obama will stay in Hawaii to continue vacationing and then fly back later on her own plane.  Or perhaps Barack Obama will once again return to Hawaii and to add on a few more vacation days himself – all on the taxpayers’ dime of course…

(Squeeze those taxpayers for MORE  Barack!  Happy dance time!)



If Obama strikes an early deal on the fiscal cliff and then returns to Hawaii to finish up his vacation, the tab for taxpayers would be extraordinary. Air Force One costs about $180,000 an hour to fly, and the roundtrip taxpayer-funded ticket for the nine-hour flight would amount to about $3.24 million.

Obama plans to fly out of Hawaii Wednesday night at about 10:00 pm local time, which would get him to the White House at around 12:30 pm ET on Thursday.  LINK


What’s another 3.24 million dollars between friends, right?



Excerpt: “DOMINATUS” – A Novel By D.W. Ulsterman…


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One Comment to The Obamas Spending Your Tax Dollars Before Raising Them…
    • ShainS
    • Four visceral observations:

      (1) Too bad an audio recording of Nero fiddling doesn’t exist for playing in the background while Moochelle dances and parties (maybe Obama himself can break out the fiddle like ol’ Billy Jeff used to break out the saxophone?);

      (2) Three Moochelle’s (“I’d rather stick needles in my eyes”) is three too many;

      (3) Who, by law (for what little that’s worth in D.C. anymore), funds and has oversight over Executive Branch spending (rhetorical question, obviously)?; and

      (4) Couldn’t one easily characterize both his Presidency and his “transformation” of America as, and wouldn’t we all be that much more better off if we could instead just get Obama on, “a slow boat to China …”?

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