Obama Tells America To Hand Over Its Guns…

In a tone very similar to that voiced in the months prior to the Obamacare battle of 2009 and 2010, Barack Obama is now openly advocating for greatly increased federal regulations to be imposed on American gun owners, and he is using the deaths of children to do so.

(Peasants should not be allowed to defend themselves) 


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Recalling the shooting of 20 first graders as the worst day of his presidency, President Barack Obama on Sunday pledged to put his “full weight” behind a legislative package next year aimed at containing gun violence.

“Will there be resistance? Absolutely there will be resistance,” he said.  LINK


Make no mistake, just as Obamacare has little to do with actually providing health coverage, and everything to do with controlling how Americans live, so too is Barack Obama’s latest push to remove guns from citizens yet another in an ever increasing series of Big Government power grabs under the guise of “helping” treat a problem.

The hypocrisy of Obama’s claim that the Sandy Hook shooting was the “worst” day of his presidency is proven by simply using Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago as exhibit #1.  A just released report indicated Chicago logged its 500th gunshot death of the year last week – a city that has among the most stringent gun regulations in the entire nation.  LINK

Of those 500 gun violence deaths, 60 were children.  Here is an excerpt from a report published just last week:

A young girl and her mother were shot inside their home while sleeping on the Far South Side on Calumet Avenue early Thursday.

Overnight, a 1-year-old child sleeping in bed was wounded in the head by a bullet fired from outside.

Another child is being treated at Christ Hospital. One-year-old Jayilah Allen has a gunshot wound to the head.

“This is ridiculous,” Katina Allen said. “Kids come shoot up your house. My little niece is one year old, battling for her life.”

Two boys, 12 and 14 years old, were playing football Thursday afternoon in the Roseland neighborhood when they were hit by gunfire.  LINK


How much concern has Barack Obama shown for those 60 children killed by gun violence in his hometown of Chicago in just the last year alone?  NONE.  It is likely Obama knows well the very restrictive anti-gun policies of his own hometown, and how those policies have failed miserably to protect the citizens of that city – where law abiding citizens find it increasingly difficult to arm themselves as effectively as the criminals.  LINK

Obama states he is dubious about the effectiveness of schools hiring armed guards, or allowing teachers to take gun training classes and arm themselves.  This statement is a lie by Barack Obama – one of many on this issue alone.  What the president doesn’t want are individuals, schools, and communities taking the initiative to protect themselves.  That takes the authority AWAY from the federal government rather than give it TO the federal government.  Barack Obama is a devout advocate of Bigger Government at the expense of freedom for the individual, the community, and the state.  Federal gun laws are designed to promote Big Government.  If such laws were truly effective, Chicago would be among the safest cities in the country.  The opposite is true.  Barack Obama and his cadre of hand wringing liberals in Congress and the media know this as fact – but when an opportunity such as the tragedy of Sandy Hook presents itself, they are quick to promote their Big Government agenda.

I would propose a very simple request of Barack Obama on this issue.  If he truly believes further federal regulations against gun owners will make Americans safer, then he should simply travel to his hometown of Chicago – well known as the gun regulation capital of the United States, and walk its streets at night without armed Secret Service protection.  Surely a city that still bans gun ownership from its citizens would be a place of such safety that Barack Obama would feel fully confident to travel about unprotected, right?

So go ahead Mr. President – prove to us how effective you believe those gun regulations really are.


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It was all so remarkable. As I said, I was convinced I had somehow literally stepped back into time. An America before the U.N. mandates. An America where personal freedoms still existed in some form and all those rules to protect the “well being of society” were not yet fully implemented. An America that still governed itself.  

An America before Obama…


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      • AmericaTheBeautiful
      • http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2012/12/arab-money-and-purchase-of-president.html?m=0

        Arab Money and the Purchase of a President

        Guest post by John A. Shaw

        In the run-up to the 2012 election, a story surfaced about an Iraqi billionaire who managed to buy access to Washington policy makers while funding a Chicago Pay-to-Play scheme that helped produce a Governor, a U.S. Senator, and, ultimately, a President of the United States.

        The story was eight years in the making, yet despite the extent of his political influence, this Iraqi’s name remains largely unknown. He wants it that way. In fact, he has spent a significant sum attempting to hinder the reporting of his activities by the news media. The lack of attention paid to him, however, is inversely proportional to his level of importance.

        His name is Nadhmi Auchi.

        Auchi is now a British citizen. He bought respectability in Britain and in Europe through both donations to charities and self-serving gifts to politicians.

        He was once Saddam Hussein’s arms merchant. He morphed into Saddam’s main financial operative in Europe. Today, he is one of the richest men in the world, and has, over the last few decades, been a player in nearly every noteworthy, corrupt, international deal involving Europe and the Middle East.

        He was convicted of fraud in a $504 million corruption scandal — the Elf Aquitaine case – the largest corruption trial in French history.

        He was a central figure in one of the largest corruption cases during the Iraqi reconstruction, involving $3 billion dollars.

        His U.S. visa was revoked for his alleged facilitation of $30 million in bribes to American and British officials in Iraq.

        Auchi was a primary beneficiary of the widely abused and notoriously corrupt U.N. “Oil for Food” program while he was the single, largest stockholder in the merged French megabank BNP Parisbas. The bank was a major conduit for the funds flowing through the U.N. program.

        He also reportedly gained access to the White House over the course of four separate administrations, beginning with George H. W. Bush, through the Clinton era and that of Bush 43. And it goes without saying that he was intimately involved with the political career of one Barack H. Obama.

        Auchi’s Chicago proxy was a man named Tony Rezko, best known for his curious land deal with Obama. At the same time, Auchi staged his worldwide operations out of London. But Chicago was the Alpha and Omega of his empire.

        Rezko reportedly used Auchi money to grease political skids and buy access into the shadowy world of the Chicago political machine.

        With Rezko on the ground there, the Auchi-Rezko combine created an Arab-American network linking Chicago and the Middle East in ways that brought financial support to two promising, Illinois politicians: Rod Blagojevich and Barack Obama.

        Rezko and Blagojevich now sit in federal prison convicted of corruption, but Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States, thanks, in no small part, to early financial support from Nadhmi Auchi. Both are said to expect early pardons from Barack Obama.

        Meanwhile, Auchi is believed to have maintained ownership of significant assets in Chicago, where Rahm Emanuel, once Obama’s Chief of Staff, now serves as Mayor.

        Valerie Jarrett, a member of the Auchi-Rezko network, was part of both the finance arm of the operation and, having been born in Iran, also part of Auchi’s Chicago Arab-American coterie. Jarrett is now the principal advisor to the President and, reportedly, was recently discovered to have clandestinely negotiated with Iran on Obama’s behalf.

        Auchi is said to have spent many years serving as a protégé of British Intelligence, brokering its needs in the Middle East and beyond. That connection, and millions of dollars, enabled him to bring his problem-solving capabilities to the attention of U.S. policy makers at the time of the First Gulf War.

        The connections he developed during the war positioned him to become a key advisor to the Department of Defense (DoD) during the Reconstruction planning for Iraq. Auchi eventually leveraged his advisory role into becoming the central figure in Iraqi Reconstruction,which was plagued with corruption.

        I learned these facts while assigned by the DoD to track illegal arms sales in Iraq. In that role, I learned that Auchi appeared to cover his tracks using his intelligence and political connections.

        In 2008, the files which documented and confirmed what I had learned were transferred to the Chicago Office of United States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Since then, that office has taken no action to pursue Auchi, or his network.

        Similarly, the Chicago media has demonstrated only occasional and cursory interest in Auchi’s role in Chicago politics.

        But then, Chicago is accustomed to accepting such skulduggery, seeing as it’s the home of Al Capone and the Daley Machine, for starters.

        Nadhmi Auchi has gambled very successfully on his investments — questionable or not — around the world. Has Nadhmi Auchi gotten a good return on his investments in Chicago and D.C.?

        It could be said that Auchi has considerable sway over Chicago City Hall and the White House. My guess is that his aim is to make a lotmore money and to influence policy. Don’t bet against his ability to do both over the next four years.

        John A. Shaw, a former senior official of the Defense, State, and Commerce departments, served on several White House staffs. He is a specialist in international technology transfer and arms sales, and in the economic development of the Middle East.

        Labels: Crime, Democrats, extremism, Obama, War, World
        1 comment:
        Anonymous said…
        Did you not know Valerie Jarrett was the managing executive for Paul Volker during his official role of Principle Investigator for the official UN commission appointed to uncover the corruption and fraud suspected in the UN Oil For Food Programme?

        Did you not know that Auchi-dominated BNP Parabas enjoyed the involvement of Jacques Chirac?

        Did you know that googling wikileaks exposed documents claimed as evidence of 8 major stories had been quashed or censored to protect Obama, Auchi and cohort interests? Build your search from that sentence. It was easily found.

        Did you not know that BNP Parabas enjoyed a patronage monopoly granted by Kofi Annan as the only official international settlements bank for the UN Oil For Food Programme vouchers? These vouchers spread round the world could only be formally redeemed via the official monopoly granted to BNP Parabas.

        Did you ever consider the possibility of the world’s largest international criminal syndicate that could be operating behind the veil of the multi-nation, transnational Socialist International and its official affiliate, the Democratic Socialists of America?

        Did you know the relationships between Scytl and the murdered founder who created the software code so elections could be liberated from fraud; the ownership of Scytl by George Soros and the contracts and licensing involving Obama? Or the relationships between Scytl and Auchi?

        Have you looked into the alleging links that tie Scytl to Chicago to Rezko to Auchi to Rothchild to Khashoggi to Obama to BCCI?

        Chicago and the dark clouds lawlessness some fear roils from the underculture of CBOT/CME is the malignancy in metastasis destroying the American nation. Washington D. C. is merely one of the diseased organs being rendered to worthless, lifeless protoplasm in the final fungal bloom of decay. Wall Street is but the morgue, selling off the remaining organs and bundling body parts to optimize selling to the highest bidder.

        If we indeed face an transnational criminal hegemony expanding their control of infiltrated national governments, we should also admit there is nothing new here. This was the same reality faced by founding generation of America in 1776.

        Today, all roads lead to Chicago; and from there, to everywhere but the American people. Today it is the Americans who have been fattened up, dumbed down; now being led to slaughter. And for the same old reason by the usual suspects: To be rendered into “a greater good” in the name of Social Justice.

        The nearly 2,000 episodes of serialized murder in Chicago during the Obama Presidency is but a metaphor for the nation. Moreover, they are the story of murder-by-neglect in Benghazi foretold.

        In the era of Obama, we are all Christopher Stevens.

    • ShainS
    • What are the odds that armed guards are present at the school(s) that Obama’s children attend? Oh, I’m going to go WAY out on a limb here and surmise a particular three-digit percentage value …

      [Can we propose a name change to one that's more accurate for The Left? How about The Hypocratic Party, whose members take -- and have apparently already taken -- an oath to (1) first, do NO harm to THE PARTY, (2) second, do MAXIMUM harm to THE NATION, and (3) third, never let "... a SERIOUS CRISIS to go TO WASTE. And what I [Rahm Emmanuel] mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”]

      /Long, Single-Sentence Rant On

      Just like those parasites who — sans human decency, dignity, and respect — monetarily profit from EXPLOITING either individuals (both guilty and innocent) involved in and/or a calamitous event itself to “gain” essentially a little corrupt “blood money”the Greatest American Parasite of All has no qualms about exploiting a single mass homicidal incident (forget all the other innocent children and individuals murdered throughout the U.S. primarily by domestic terrorist gangs, not to mention his personally supervised drone attacks in the Middle East) to “gain” essentially a little corrupt, feel-good “blood legislation” WHICH WILL HAVE THE PREDICTABLE “UNINTENDED” CONSEQUENCE OF DRAMATICALLY EXACERBATING AND MAKING WORSE THE ROOT CAUSE (that being: the present LACK of a voluntarily responsible, law-abiding, well-trained, and well-armed citizenry to act as THE ONLY possible primary deterrent and active defense available DURING and likely to STOP/MINIMIZE the damage in commission of such crimes), further destroying one of the last remaining strands of the Constitution that’s not already been shredded — and punishing, by denying essential and Constitutionally-protected liberty to, over 300 million otherwise law-abiding U.S. citizens as a result.

      /Long, Single-Sentence Rant Off

      O-ba-ma: E-bon-ics For “Pa-the-tic Scum-suck-ing Low-life!”

    • Rurik
    • It sounds as if the Emperor wants to do this by executive order if possible. Strengthening the prerogatives of rule by decree would be a twofer.
      But if he can’t find twenty million Illegal intruders, who tend to stick out because they don’t speak the language very well, how can he secure eighty million legal gun owners? And who’s he going to get to go door to door and do that?
      Betcha he does not plan on starting with the Crips-n-Bloods, Disciples, Vice Lords, or NBPP. Time is getting short.

      • SueK
      • Mark, I’m with you.

        Taking a firearms safety course shortly, getting licensed and then, making a little purchase.

        As Perceptible Future said in the first post, they can come and take it…bullets first.

      • RyanMN
      • I can’t overemphasize the importance of Mark’s comment. We need to show the forces that would see us disarmed that we are anything but.

        One problem right now is supply. I have an extensive pistol collection as well as a couple of assault rifles but I did not have an AR-15. A good friend of my brother is a licensed firearms dealer and typically gives us wholesale prices when we purchase from him. In the past two weeks, he has sold as many AR-15′s as he typically would in a year. I WAS able to get a lower receiver from him (For those of you who aren’t familiar with firearms, the lower receiver is the part that the government considers the actual “gun part” of an assault rifle.) but only because he said aside two for both my brother and I.

        My understanding is that this situation is representative of the supply across the county for AR’s and high capacity magazines. There are other options out here of course, but if you want an AR, I’d suggest you start looking as soon as possible.

        Our 2nd amendment is what gives teeth to our other amendments. If this attack on our rights results in several hundred thousand first-time gun owners, it will send a very strong message that we aren’t just going to roll over and be ruled.

    • Canadian Conservative
    • This is simple.

      We are going backwards to a monarchy government.
      The only rational thing here is that outsiders have infiltrated the USA Federal Government for the sole purpose of destroying America and it’s constitution.
      America, in the minds of the world, should of never been allowed to exist.
      It was defended by it’s might(political, military and economic) from these outside forces. Therefore the only way to kill it is to do it as the Aids virus does to a body, kill it’s ability to protect itself by masking itself so that the body no longer recognizes that it is a foreign body that will weaken itself from the inside. if you don’t know it, or can not distinguish it from a good body then trying to take it out does more harm than good. If you let it stay it slowly deteriorates oneself until it dies anyway.
      That is America today.
      This is deliberate.
      Take away the power to the people, political, economic and military, and take control.
      As Kissenger once said, to paraphrase, create a crisis and show them security, even if that security takes away their freedoms, people will choose security over freedom.

      They will go for the guns.
      They will also cause the economy to tank. The IMF and world body is waiting in the wings. America will NEVER pay off it’s debt. That debt is used to fund the take over. the economic breakdown will cause chaos which will allow the use of force to so call quell the unrest. Security for freedom. The US Constitution will be shredded, as the others wanted it done for so long now. And they will be made beholden to those that create security.
      Is it the UN, the tool of some hidden groups and their plan of world domination? Maybe. The UN was already in the US ensuring Obama won the election. So is it so hard to imagine a multinational
      force on US soil to help “keep the peace”?
      2013 and 2014 will have big changes in the world.
      And it will start in the US.
      By it’s collapse…

    • truthandjustice
    • HEADS UP PATRIOTS!!! Is this real? Is this our answer? Is this you, “Enlightened”??? (past poster)


      November 5th 2013 we the people will march on Washington DC peacefully and unarmed to arrest all members of congress, the president, and all supreme court justices where they will be held without bond until a full independent investigation and trial have been completed. We must re-elect our government within 90 days in order to stave of unrest.
      The rEVOLution to Restore the Republic of the United States

      First of all please know that this is not a Protest!!!!
      …This is a Citizen Action.

      We need to organize a citizens arrest of all parties involved in the various criminal acts that have put our country as well as our world in jeopardy. This is going to be a lot of people but none the less it must be done. Hopefully there are some Sheriffs, US Marshals, and military personnel that will remember their oaths to this country upon the taking of this action by the people and lend their support and expertise in bringing known criminals to justice.

      What we must do.

      The time has come. There are many, many reasons as to why it has come to this but the most important ones are as follows:

      First of all it should be perfectly clear that the voting system is not only rigged but also criminally negligent in the handling of our elections from at least 2000 if not further back.

      Secondly it should be abundantly clear that the US government has declared war on the American people via such illegal acts as the Homeland Security, Patriot, and National Defense Authorization acts as ALL of the aforementioned acts violate the plain english of the Constitution in one way shape or form.

      Third the Supreme Court has failed us in their duty to hear such Constitutional violations much less put a stop to them.

      Fourth the President has made himself dictator through various presidential signing statements.

      Fifth the US Government has allowed corporations to give orders to America via wars of aggression for resources as well as the many bank bailouts which essentially amount to strong armed robbery of North America as well as the rest of the world.

      And finally the police, military, courts, politicians, etc. have failed us in their duty to protect us from tyranny and to have stopped this tyranny from ever having taken hold in the first place.

      ****We will be meeting at the Washington Monument at 8am
      on November 5th,2013****

      See our Website here:

      My note: Posting FAQs to this in next post

    • truthandjustice
    • FAQ’s (re March)

      Q: Is this a protest?
      A: No, this is citizen action to organize a citizens arrest of the
      criminal element within the United States government.

      Q: Is this a violent event? Arresting people sounds like violence.
      A: No, this is a peaceful action for the people of the United States of America to regain control of their government, arrest and investigate any & all wrong doing, and to bring the guilty to justice. While arresting is a form of assault in this case its justified due to the nature of the crimes.

      Q: Doesnt the Congress and the President have immunity to arrest and most prosecution?
      A: They have diplomatic immunities they have given themselves over the years as well as protections in the Constitution. Due to the nature of the crimes being high treason we believe that all immunities should be voided temporarily until a Congressional review can take place on such immunities. In any case once this action takes place and is successful the Unites States government will be temporarily suspended in order to facilitate a transfer of power back to the people. We believe this period should be no more than 90 days.

      Q: What gives anyone the authority to attempt such an action?
      A: The Declaration of Independence having been adopted by the
      Constitutional Congress not only gives we the people the authority it also gives us the responsibility to act: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      Q: How are we supposed to arrest government officials if we are unarmed?
      A: If we have large enough numbers nothing is impossible. The Colonies defeated the British with only 3% of the population being loyal to the rebels.

      Q: Wont they just arrest or shoot us?
      A: Yes they will attempt to arrest or shoot us but they are already doing that at many protests around the country. If we can gather just 3% of the population at the Capital this amount will be far too many for them to be able to arrest or shoot easily. Lets hope they are stupid enough to tryand arrest or kill that many Americans as we believe this will bring the Oath Keepers, sympathetic military, and general armed populace to our aid securing the moral high ground with the people.

      Q: Wouldnt an armed revolt be a better idea?
      A: In this case no. They only know how to fight armed people. They only understand how to control violent attack as when they are attacked they can claim the moral high ground as it has been with the last few illegal wars claiming Iraq and Afghanistan had been a threat to the US. The Hopi Indians have defeated the US government in this way as a Hopi will not attempt to stop one from killing them. Through this tactic the US government has found it difficult to find mercenaries to kill a group of people who would not fight back.

      Q: Should we not fight back if they begin murdering or arresting us?
      A: We are not suggesting that we not ever fight back in the face of violence. We are merely suggesting that this action remain peaceful until the government becomes violent and begins arresting or shooting the people. This is when we will call upon the armed populace, Oath Keepers, and military to protect us.

      Q: Will we be arresting the government officials, or are we just detaining them?
      A: When we gather at Washington DC, we will organize either an arrest or detainment, depending on what The People have chosen at that time. An arrest will require placing charges before the march, whereas a detainment can give us time to place charges on the officials.

      Q: What charges will be brought to the criminals?
      A: Treason, Extortion, Racketeering, Conspiracy to commit crimes against Humanity, War crimes, Breech of the Geneva Conventions, Violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, along with other violations of International and Domestic Laws

      Q: We are going to arrest All government officials? What about those who have not done anything wrong? Some voted against all those bad laws and got marginalized for it. Should we arrest them too?
      A: Yes. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and if the official has done nothing wrong, then they will be released and given their position of office back to them.

      Q: What about the fact that Washington DC is not a part of the United States of America, but is only a District, will that hinder our goal?
      A: No. There are two entities running our country, the United States of America is the Republic government created by the states, for the states, created by the people, for the people, and there is also the US government, which is a corporate government, or corporation. This federal government, should be called the United States of America, Incorporated.
      Our Declaration of Independence gives us the freedom to abolish any governments that have sustained oppression and derogation of the People, “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      Q: Is this part of the Occupy or Tea Party Movements?
      A: No, both movements mentioned are protest movements as this is not a protest but rather a citizen action. This is a response to the US government ignoring the petition of redress of grievances put forth by both of these movements.

      Q: Who is the leader of this action?
      A: This is a leaderless action. There is no individual or group that speaks solely for the action.

      Q: Is this part of the Anonymous Movement?
      A: No, there is no Anonymous movement. There is no single individual or group that is Anonymous. Everyone is Anonymous and yet no one is Anonymous. Anonymous works in cells and individually and this is why Anonymous cant ever be stopped.

      We are Legion, Expect us.


    • charlotte
    • Every time I open this page a red banner pops up saying this is an ATTACK PAGE. I think that the D–H—S— is playing gams and do not want people to read this. UM please can you sanitize this page again and your website too?

    • charlotte
    • UM every time I open this page a red banner pops up and says this page is an attack page and infected with malware. It is obvious to me that the –D–H–S— has done this because of posts. please get your website sanitized ASAP. Also I cannot post–it keeps disappearing

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