“Kill A Celebrity”

Perhaps a bit heavy handed with its ending soundtrack (I do not condone suggested violence against anyone) – but the overall attempt at exposing the blatant hypocrisy of Hollywood elites who cash paycheck after paycheck glorifying gun violence in movies and on television now telling Americans this gun violence thing is out of hand and to demand Washington D.C. save all of us from the very violence they so often depict in the entertainment industry is quite effective – and truthful.  How about these same Hollywood elites demand Washington D.C. censor their films and TV shows and fine them retroactively for all they have done to contribute to the culture of gun violence in America? And how about they no longer be allowed to carry guns for protection themselves?  And where was the mention of Fast and Furious in Hollywood’s laundry list of gun violence tragedies – you know, the gunrunning scandal that has killed HUNDREDS of innocents?  Oh wait…that was Barack Obama responsible for that one…

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    • ShainS
    • [Being uninterested in watching this video, I can't comment on it.]

      The only point I’d like to make here is that we need to be more cognizant (and I’m looking at you: conservative, libertarian, and Republican thinkers) of how successful the Left has been at creating or altering the language and subtly crafting the political words/terms used — obviously, a relatively easy feat given their academe, LSM, and entertainment media propaganda organs — to the extent that we who oppose them often unwittingly and mistakenly use those very terms.

      “Gun control” is one of a number of examples. We should never use that term in political discussion; we should always refer to that concept for what it really is, at root: “Victim disarmament.”

      For example: we oppose and are fighting gun control victim disarmament advocates …

    • ShainS
    • Oops. In the last sentence above, the term “gun control” was supposed to have a strike through it — but the HTML tag used didn’t work. The correct reading then is:

      For example: we oppose and are fighting victim disarmament advocates …

    • Justawhoaman
    • I am sure that I am not alone in receiving malware alerts at the choice of the website and at each entry here, on Ulsterman.com. “They” don’t want our dialogue or any input from UM or his “insiders”.

      We let it happen by allowing the inaugeration of this criminal to go on. I can’t see our military defending our Constitution here at home so it is hard to imagine what will happen after they collapse the economy and attempt to disarm us. Our military is too disciplined for a coup….

      Are we truly “on our own”? Have we been so dumbed down that we will take it like sheep: running, following the crowd into the pens?

      Have you met with your local Sheriff’s department to see how they will handle any victim disarmament /gun confiscation order? Maybe that would be a good start. Then discuss with him what the community can do in the event of economic collapse to ensure that everyone eats, that the community is “safe” from “outsiders”….

      Via the Radio Patriot, I recommend reading the pledge of Stewart Rhodes, Oathkeepers, with regards to gun confiscation, found at the end of this article: http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2012/12/19/my-personal-pledge-of-resistance-against-any-attemp-to-disarm-us-by-means-of-an-assault-weapons-ban/?cp=1

    • Barry Soetoro the MOSLEM
    • UM, I just clicked your website (I have it bookmarked) but before it could load, Google popped up a warning page, saying THIS SITE HAS BEEN REPORTED AS AN ATTACK SITE.

      So then I clicked “Ignore this warning,” and was finally allowed to visit your site.

      Looks like those free-thinking communists are up to their usual tricks.

      Your posting of the “Movie Actor Gun Hypocrites” video probably rustled their (red) feathers, so be on the lookout for more brownshirt stunts.

      • Jules
      • Same here with the warning. Those big dumb thugs. Heck yes, ‘ignore’ ‘em!

        They really think we’re stupid. Yahoo is a marvelous example of the herd-the-sheeple-muzzle-those-who-speak way of thinking by the way, not only Googley-eyes.

        They can kiss my heiney. It is actually rather fun to follow the odd, desperate things they do, though, yes, I know they’re “playing for keeps,’ the Obamunnists losers.

        Today’s book recommendation: The Bolshevik Invasion of the West
        Louis Francis Budenz, 1966

        Happy New Year, Ulsterman Army!

        How I miss Guy Lombardo.

    • Seen
    • I can’t comment on the video, but I saw one in which featured their violent movies in which various celebrities in Demand had made resulting in a good portion of their pay.

      Also, google is claiming this site is an attack site.

    • Mark Anderson
    • I ran into the malware interruption, too. It would not give me a real option to continue. I switch from google to yahoo to browse and didn’t have a problem getting here. In fact, the page loaded much faster than usual. I think I will use this browser in the future. Happy New Year, Americans! may justice prevail in our great land. It’s 10:03 EST where I am.

    • Kat
    • Ran into the warning when using Google. No warning with Yahoo. Funny thing is that when I clicked on the link from Google to explain the warning for the ulsterman site it gave it a clean rating! No malware! So it does seem that Ulsterman has been given the attack treatment by somebody who didn’t want people accessing the site. Hope it gets resolved soon. Watch out UM, you are making them mad again. And I saw another story today that said some other conservative sites had the same thing happen including the Daily Caller. Could Obama be testing some kind of Internet ban using his friends at Google to try to shut down conservative sites?

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