BREAKING: – Republicans Preparing Coup Against Boehner? (UPDATE)

Several news sites declaring a possible attempted coup of John Boehner’s position as Speaker of the House:


EXCERPT (via Hot Air)

Report: Group of 20 Republican congressman to block Boehner’s election as Speaker tomorrow?Update: GOP meeting tonight on leadership?

American Majority Action spokesman Ron Meyer told Breitbart News late Tuesday that enough House Republicans have banded together in an effort to unseat House Speaker John Boehner from his position–they just need a leader to take up the mantle.

GOP caucusing from 5-7 pm tonight. Topic: Future of House GOP leadership. Hear Boehner may resign there.   LINK


I have received NO confirmation from Republican Insider regarding this breaking news, though given their repeated indications that a challenge was increasingly possible against John Boehner, and that they were personally involved in that challenge, it is understandable why they are either unable or unwilling to respond at this critical time.

Here are the earlier updates from RI that outline their focus on removing John Boehner from his current leadership position within the GOP:

Republican Insider: WARNING – Obama’s Second Term Third Year Agenda


Republican Insider: “Tell Speaker Boehner he can go to hell. “


UPDATE via R.I.:  (not quite what I wanted to hear but here it is nevertheless…)

I haven’t received anything specific regarding impending Boehner resignation.  Not sure where that came from.  ???

There is a group of us opposed to John Boehner continuing as Speaker.  I’ve already told you that.  We are attempting to gather support but doing it very quietly at this point.

Boehner’s office is conducting some personal surveys as well.  That’s a fancy way of saying he’s counting the votes.  So that means he is genuinely worried he could be challenged and lose.  That remains unlikely, but possible.




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17 Comments to BREAKING: – Republicans Preparing Coup Against Boehner? (UPDATE)
    • MEL
    • JUST HEARD THIS ON HANNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAME HERE AND SAW YOU HAD THIS POSTED. REPUBLICAN INSIDER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT COMING UM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE THEY DO IT. NO MORE BOEHNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOEHNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FloridaMomma
    • Ok. Wasn’t so sure about your Republican insider U-man but they sure delivered the goods for us on all of this. One of the news programs had a guy who just laid out how things were going down and it was almost exactly like the RI put it in the message to you earlier today. Almost like they were reading from it! I would love to see Cantor in there instead of Boehner. Not that I think Boehner is a horrible man or something. I just think he has been a horrible Speaker. That whole golf thing with Obama? Nope. It was downhill from there.

      • charlotte
      • I think Boehner was being blackmailed by Obama over something.(an affair with 2 lobbyists?) I mean playing golf and socializing with Obama is a NO N.We need a GOP speaker that has a SQUEAKY clean past. I am wondering- is that even possible in America today with so many corrupt politicians and machinations behind the scenes by unseen people to alter the makeup of the GOP [and Dems for that matter too-as RI said in that last of 3 articles where he revealed he knew of the behind the scenes manipulation of US politics by (for want of a better word) the cabal]

    • Perceptible Future
    • This is what happens when well-intentioned, although misguided Republicans thought that supporting the “Establishment” candidate was sufficient enough in securing a coveted nomination regardless of the fact that they would desert their moral responsibility of doing the ‘Right’ thing, and go along with the disastrous results which have transpired. I’m afraid you all know who you are.

      How will this be fixed? By going back to first principles…


      Exclusive: Joseph Farah notes accuracy of his 2010 prediction about Dick Armey
      Published: by Joseph Farah of World Net Daily

      I hate to say, “I told you so.”

      I really do.

    • Mark
    • Hopefully they don’t replace one lackey with another (Cantor) who is just another establishment man.

      Ryan’s name was being floated before…a week ago or so and I suppose he has shown his true colors in last night’s vote.

    • Essa
    • DO IT!!! Select someone who will best represent the interests of the people this time. We are all tired of the crapola and grow angry with the games being played at the expense of the people. We expect the bills to be read before a vote is taken. We expect transparency, and the right to view the bills which are supposed to be made available to the public for three days in order to read them.

    • ShainS
    • The should elect Sarah Palin, if only for the sheer pleasure of watching the heads of Dems, RINOs, and the LSM (but I repeat myself, twice) explode!!!

    • Anonymouse

      Ulsterman, will you please forward to RI this letter that Boehner wrote to Obama?  It was published in November, but no date is given for the letter itself.

      The RED  RED  RED quote (emphasis added):

      Piggyback an IMMIGRATION REFORM bill and a Hurricane Sandy supplemental on top of this piece of must-pass legislation, the same way you did student loans on Obamacare.

      Question: Will a re-elected BOEHNER hand to Obama carte blanche to declare AMNESTY for ILLEGALS??

    • AmericaTheBeautiful
    • Boehner must go if for no other reason than strong GOP leadership must not be seen as “weeping”. There is no crying in baseball nor in politics…It sends a looser message…like it or not.

      Not certain who exactly should be the speaker but I would consider a woman for the simple reason to detroy the lie there is a GOP “war on woman.”

      Michelle Bachman comes to mind. She understands the Republicans won the House…

      The American people voted the Republicans into that one leadership position to protect against a profligate prez and his coterie of Dem spenders.
      If the Prez can preen over his win and bloviate over his rights from a won election…it seems only “fair” for a little turn about in this Dorsey Doe…

      And while some of these simps are afraid to speak up and come back hard at the Won…best they understand one very important thing about Americans …Americans love a Winner…and do not like aligning with Loosers…it is really puke-worthy to align with the likes of McConnell.

      Many of us cringe at the constant humiliation the Repubicans continue to suffer…the GOP is suffering because of the optics. Obama and his gang understand this…thus the humiliation of rubbing their nose in the dirt…,Many voters simply don’t want to bend over for Obama. It does go back to the playground. It’s basic human nature…it is why many will say nothing to the bully..but so too they will not align themselves with the humiliation of the bullied…that is why the only one who can stop the bullying is the bullied.

      We need a new speaker to stop the sick dance that Boehner and Obama do..

    • Kay112
    • RI is right – Cantor would be a better Speaker than Boehner. At least Cantor doesn’t cry with a drop of a hat and he is more conservative. We’ll soon find out though!

    • cobra
    • Did you just believe the repubics really had the stones to do it?
      The weeper was re-elected.
      This party is lost.
      Don’t doubt me.

    • Kat
    • Looks like your republican insider got it right. There was a fight but in the end removing Boehner was a longshot. Wonder how Hannity got it so wrong? Looks like your sources are better than Hannitys UM! :)

    • Mark Anderson
    • Well, moving past the dog and pony show of who’s the speaker of the house…
      Now that Boehner is still in, looks like we need to get out our cattle prods and go to work.

      Apropos of the announcement on WND re: Obama is the First Muslim President. From Drudge –
      I wonder if these stupid/foolish/deceived women will wake up from their fantasies and realize that they are being treated EXACTLY like the women in Arab countries?!? Ostracized and marginalized. Is there a woman out there who is willing to put her life on the line to go preach the truth, take the abuse and possibly help set these captives free?

      Let’s go all conspiracy theory here…are these killers shooting themselves in the head? If so, does that destroy the evidence of being radio controlled. Or like Jared Loughner, did they just push the plunger and mush his brain so that he would not be coherent?

      I am not surprised that they are going after the ammo. It was the logical next step.

      Let’s hope that the Clintons are mad as hell and are ready to do some payback after Hillary’s near death experience. I also hope she has a video secreted away with instructions that it be distributed to the mass media if anything happens to her before the testimony.

      BTW, I got my first pay stub for 2013. Thanks to the tax increases, even with a raise last year, my take home is reduced back to the level of when I hired in two and a half years ago. Viva, Obama!

    • Mark Anderson
    • It appears that a chunk of what I wrote did not appear. Before the paragraph starting with “let’s go all conspiracy..” was another paragraph about when Obama returned from his vacay, he and his villiens (sic) would be back on the hunt to find another incident to keep up the pressure to declare martial law and take guns away from private citizens. I then opined that it was very convenient and helpful of these crazy people to go out and shoot civilians in such a dramatic way.

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